Last Shelter All-Star

  1. About the Season

The battle among the strongest is looming on the horizon;
Who will be the real owner of the Eden?

Ever since the Last Shelter was released, countless alliances gathered and thrived together in the defense of the wasteland. Everyone has come a long way from being a rookie soldier to a real commander, from fighting against opponents to developing solid partnerships, from tricky silver-class combats to tough legendary-class combats, from the total war in the defense of the states to the concerted efforts to conquer the Eden…

Among these alliances, there’re some top ones whose names are well-known across the wasteland. They pushed themselves to aim higher with their relentless efforts, unyielding spirit and solidarity. They not only won the recognition from others, but also left many a legend. Their names will be remembered in the history of the Last Shelter.

For this reason, we’re excited to announce that we’ve invited all the top alliances to the grandest contest ever, the Last Shelter All-Star, where they’re going to have breath-taking competitions and celebrations.

There’ll be coverage of the event in the forms of videos and reports, keeping you updated of every fantastic moment.

  1. Mechanism

2.1 Overview: The invitational game lasts from Sept 6, 2021 at 00:00 to Oct 25, 2021 at 00:00 (Note: all the date and time mentioned in the announcement are Game Time) for 52 days in total. There’ll be 32 participating alliances, grouped into 16 guilds in advance with two alliances in each guild.

2.2 Schedule

1) There’ll be four phases in the contest: waiting for the invitation from the LS Studio, confirming registration, inviting allied alliances, and online contest. The schedule and rule for each phase are subjected to official announcements of the LS Studio.

2) Detailed Schedule (All the time mentioned below is Game Time)

On July 15, 2021, the invitation plan will be released with the invitation rules and deadline unveiled.

As of Aug 25, 2021 at 00:00, the Alliance Power at that moment will be taken as the final figure to be ranked for the invitation. Members in the alliance at that moment will be the eligible members to participate in the invitational game.

From Aug 25 to 26, 2021, the Studio will send invitation letters and back-up invitation letters (if necessary).

On Aug 27, 2021, the alliances being invited and confirming their registration will be able to select allied alliances. For those without alliances, the Studio will invite the back-up alliances in the order of their rankings.

On Sept 1, 2021, the info on the 16 guilds will be released.

From Aug 30 to Sept 5, 2021: Matchmaking period.

Sept 6, 2021: The contest kicks off.

Oct 25, 2021: Postgame breakdown unveiled

  1. Instructions
  2. About the Season
  3. Rules
  4. Awards
  5. Codes of Conduct
  1. Other

1) The Studio reserves the right of final interpretation to the rules, qualifications, schedules and plans of the contest, as well as the decision-making right regarding the punishment on any improper conducts.

2) Any losses caused by force majeure shall not be borne by the Studio. The force majeure includes but not limited to: natural disasters, revisions of laws, regulations or government orders, reasons associated with the nature of Internet-based services, such as breakdown of domestic or overseas telecommunications operators, technical flaws in computers, mobile devices or relevant technologies, restrictions on Internet coverage, viruses attacking computers or mobile devices, cyber attacks or other unpredictable, unavoidable and unresolvable issues.

  1. why don’t you provide us sending pictures service in Alliance chat .plz make provide new update for sending photos in chat

    1. Right on bro there are Too many bugs in the game. Horrible gameplay nothing works .

  2. Pay to win. Not for majority of players. I have gold heroes in apc for year and half. Nothing from cards only with tokens you can have one hero a year. Developers are lame. Bad game.

    1. I mean if you play smart, learn the game then restart from the beginning with all the tricks you learn, you can be a very successful free to play player. If you learn doomsday and play it well, your rewards are great. It requires some luck but what doesn’t.

    2. Pay to win for sure, however the rest of your statement is false. You should try saving tickets. Being in a state that is good a winning coz helps too!

  3. You’d think with the flood of negative comments they get on here, Facebook and well….everywhere, that they would listen to their players. I guess not, this is just another event to exclude the normal players, like Eden didn’t do that enough anyway.

    1. Why listen to players who spend nothing and complain vs players who enjoy the game as it is and spend thousands a month

      1. I’ve spend some on the game but if you’re not willing to throw heaps of cash to the game you will get fucked over by the big spenders. It’s a black hole which sucks up your money if you’re not carefull. That’s why i quitted the game.

    2. I wouldn’t call free to play normal players. I would call them casual players. Bottom line you can spend no more than a monthly subscription fee on this game and build a strong ass base. And many top alliances have free to players in them. You just are probably in a shitty state and won’t migrate. Your gaming experience is based on how you play. Bitching about how it is unfair that people who spend money on the game are able to beat you is probably not something that is going to make the devs do anything.

  4. due to greed developer already collapsed the game.poor are those who spemd 40k doller and still at silver zone lol

  5. Silver states vs legendary for many seasons in a raw the gap between big payers n normal players grew lots.Big players get easier the heroes, regions have way better offers for packs is all that fair? The only fair event 100% is oblivion but I am sure to make payers happy they will ruin that too. 50 days u need to play for 20 hours n at the end some that payed n hit 16s from day one with money win n u get nothing that’s Eden. Make fair war events and provide gifts to actives we still get courage medals and we only need war budges… Why? We have maxed our part building n we get blue useless cores… Why? So u make the payers get everything n the actives struggle…? Make changes cause the payers will always pay but u lose the normal ones. If u don’t care just say so we quit. I have so many friends that give up n more will follow. Start caring for everyone n not only for some

    1. Their focus on millionaires and developer profits are quite well , but i still have feeling after evry rise there will be fall

    2. Why shouldn’t the game developer/administrator pay more attention and give the advantage to those who pay the most for it? Makes sense – an incentive for players to spend more. I haven’t spent a nickel and don’t really care. I play for the challenge and to see what comes next.

    3. I agree with this. Courage medals and blue cores are worthless. They should update coz rewards to be reflective of where regions are in game progress.

  6. I’ve been muted twice without breaking any stated rules and after several queries no one from game can even tell me why other than discrimination??? Poor communication

  7. ‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’
    George Orwell – Animal Farm

  8. “They pushed themselves to aim higher with their relentless efforts, unyielding spirit and solidarity.”

    No, they dumped truck loads of 💰💰💰 into the game.

  9. I really like this game although it would be so much better if the most important parts were not a “gamble” with incredibly low “odds”. Years of hard work, determination and large sums of regular payments are offset by terrible “luck” in the areas needed most for all but a select few. This ruins the experience for a lot of players and leaves many feeling taken advantage of. It really is a shame because this game could be so much more.

  10. Stop pretending that this is a game of skill, it’s a game of spending money. You guys are just trying to gouge money from wealthy players. The more money you spend, the stronger you are, period. If you want this game to survive and be successful for the next years to come, you need to reward active players more than those who spend money. Your game will tank, eventually the wealthiest will get bored of you.

    1. This company is already making billions. There is no need for them to reward active players. Those players that spend a shit load of money are the ones that are going to get the majority of everything.

  11. I know hundreds of players that have left the game. And that’s just me. They all spent money too. As I’ve said many times the devs got greedy an targeted the big $ spenders and left the guys that buy a pack a week in the dust. I love the game but pretty over it. No events for the smaller guys as Eden is bargained out in the first 2 days.

    1. I firmly believe that if enough of the large bases go to all stars it will change eden dynamics so that bargains won’t be as automatic. Hopefully there will enough super alliances taken out of the mix to unbalance things.

  12. Once a year everyone should have an Eden where we have only certain sectors we can go to and the whole map is guaranteed the same rewards. No having to fight for tiles and no having to fight for cities, bridges, gates or capitals. This would be a great way to show appreciation for your players. Rewards should also be much better for Eden

  13. And what about smaller alliances? Big spenders will get even bigger, small will remain in dust. As this current eden event, so unfair… No chance of getting anything just because you are small, unfair.

  14. Your eden sucks. Stronger players become very strong and weak players can’t do anything for development. It’s already two seasons and no guild accepting me with 60 million power. All of them fucking Chinese assholes. In eden personal reward must be equal to guild reward. Otherwise it sucks. Guilds must be interested to attracting players not kicking out weak ones. I hope I will delete this game in near future.

    1. You do know with just 1 hour a day in a weeks time you can make 20 million power in troops and roughly 200k dias. After two months you will have enough power to get accepted. Troops are sooooo easy to make but your lazy ass sits at 60 mil power because you won’t log and do dailies. I can not spend a single dollar in this game and in one month make 80 mil power just doing dailies.

  15. Jeez! I don’t know why all these people whine so much. Yes this is a free game with lots of in-house purchases. The developers need to earn money to sustain this game, they didn’t create thist for charity. So quit whining and complaining. The money spenders definitely have a mighty advantage over free to play players. So if you are a f2p player, then stop comparing yourself to those big spenders. Play the game as it is, try to enjoy the game. I am not a big spender, I hardly spend money on online games. The only time I spend money in this game is for Elite rewards during doomsday season (trust me, it’s worth it), but other than that I ve never spent money in the game and never will. I know I can’t compete against these super bases who spend recklessly. But if you play it smart and show some patience, you definitely can grow strong. I am not a weak base by any stretch and I am mostly f2p player.
    So quit whining, quit complaining, quit unfair comparisons and start playing smart, show patience and try to enjoy the game. Cheerio!

    THE END.

    1. When developer are too greedy, they just care only money spender. Thats why this game will die in future.

  16. Their focus on millionaires and developer profits are quite well , but i still have feeling after evry rise there will be fall

  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it’s normal that a game is made too make profit

  18. Worst season of Doomsday yet, everything sucks, map is too small and all the high level tiles are taken, the way the alliances were placed is BS, one alliance is so strong they can tell everyone else what to do or they can destroy everyone else. This was a shit show from the beginning.

  19. Game is rigged. Every season is the same . If you don’t spend money on this dumb az game you won’t get anywhere. If you’re not Asian don’t bother playing , you won’t get good hero’s or good rewards. This game is FIXED!

  20. Can I get reward by taking a capital 6 in Eden? Reward will be given for taking two capitals of 6.If you take capital 6 one then you will get record or not?

  21. Cool, another awesome event that I’m going to be left out of if I don’t pump money into it

  22. Developer even mix DD and Eden. I think that will be useful our Missiles, and alliance rocks.

  23. I used to spend but now only get the eden subscription. It is possible to complete enough tasks to get 15k personal rewards without hitting L16 tiles. It is a grind but can be done. Even a smaller guilds can get rewards. Last season I ended with 4 legendary and 2 elite tickets. So will get some more season X heroes when I trade them in. Play for fun, avoid hits when you can and even a zeroed base is retrooped fairly quickly.

  24. Eden must be fair between alliance power that joined. Let say, if one alliance got 10M power, all in that eden map sbould be around that.. If you put 10M power with 100M power.. That’s not fair play.

  25. Seems a good idea its a shame not everyone will experience all stars though.🤗🤗🔥❤

  26. Would be neat to see this as an inclusion of any alliance over a certain power level..leaving normal eden for us small ones.

  27. I think good fight between big alliances and great entertainment to watch

  28. But its very limited and just for the spender… Should have more for all

  29. Why only strong players could participate in here….? Should play for all players…

  30. So what kind of reward will await the winner since it is all stars and not just a normal competition

  31. Looks intresting at least at once most powerfull alliances will face on same map and see who is the best. All eden map should be like this and matchup should be done without sign in so eden maps are more fair and possible to play.

  32. Can’t wait for the all stars to begin,, fingers crossed that we get picked🤞🤞

  33. I love the idea of the All star, gives all big guns the desire to play with full power, also give mid and small players reasonable maps to go mad, love it

  34. It’s not a good ideea towards the weker bases. What will others do with weker bases since they cannot participate?

  35. I’m weak but our alliance is strong🙈
    ..wish we will have the opportunity to play this new event

  36. The pay to play players actually pay for us to play….can’t complain or we wouldn’t have game to complain about if no one paid for dev’s to hire employees or buy servers for us…..great job on game very happy to play.

  37. I think that 1 Eden in Alliance or DD layout and one current Eden season, mix where could be provided benefits to individual base in one season and group/alliance in another one. I think that will be useful for resources and alliance and base rocks.

  38. The game should give the prizes not the leader since even if you have a good position, the prizes are always distributed among their friends. they should also hand out more hero x cards.

  39. Is opening now the Operation message for the all the rewards I have it from last shelter and any Different rewards please 🙏 thank you for sending

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