[Blog] Reply for Rewards

Considering the tense situation in the wasteland, Commanders need to keep an eye on what’s happening in the wasteland.

As an important channel to air Wasteland News, the in-game Blog deserves your attention.

You may tap the billboard next to your Base, then tap Blog to participate.

About the Daily Topic event in the in-game Blog of the Last Shelter (All the time mentioned below is the Game Time):

  1. From Aug 23 to 29, there will be a new Daily Topic posted each day and valid for one day.
  2. The time of post will be 00:00. The deadline for reply will be 00:30 a.m. the following day.
  3. Commanders who post replies below the Daily Topics for 5 days in a row within a week will get 3 Super Recruitment Tickets, 100 Polymer Crystals and 500 Diamonds. The rewards will be delivered via system mail within 3 days after the event ends. Remember to check you mails.
  4. Replies (such as “hahaha”, “great”, “first to comment”) merely containing content irrelevant to the topic will be deemed as invalid.
  5. The Studio reserves the right of interpretation for the event.
      1. I would like the ability to deconstruct buildings then reconstruct for building day

    1. I found this daily blog award.. thats the luckiest thing that ever happened to me. True story.

    2. I can reply but not write. But to me was to have my 1st maxed hero and i think 1st set of gold parts.

    3. I see what you’re saying but it doesn’t matter how u say It because in a minute after reading this it still won’t make any sense 🐇

    4. My blog kept glitching, I couldn’t even reply to the blogs tell the event was almost over

  1. It would be happier for everyone if we had more luck with the Heroes of Eden Reward. and it wouldn’t just be about money!

    1. Eden needs to be better. That’s a lot of days of doing it and the rewards are not the best.

  2. I have maxed two SX heroes and feel very lucky. Guess what! Lonewolf and Patroit. Thank you, LSS.

  3. Hi thanks for another opportunity to gain rewards and to start another communication line.

  4. Dictatorship of guild leader to distribute the best rewards to their mates and alliance members rather than deserving players based on merit.

  5. Daily blog with state news on other alliances oblivion events or eden season would be interesting

  6. My luckiest moment was 2 times a Glutton card in one 10 tickets draw. Hope this kind of luck is gonna happen more often to me 😁

  7. It was a day last week that I would say was my luckiest of them all! When I logged into game and with my heart knew today was the day.. I dashed right over and clicked with delight as I said three wishes before the VIP screen could see the light. I eagerly pressed the raffle button to spin, spin,spin and a whopping scored flashed in a dash.. i had won 000007 in the VIP. Raffle. How do you say? No one would tell, but i knew it was because it was my luckiest of days

  8. Very good news about new blog about rewards 😉rewards always good. And good luck getting all what you wanted. It’s just game and get some fun 🤗

  9. We should be treated fairly, if someone is not spending than he should also get some previliges, don’t make game difficult for that player that he leave the game after being bored and irritated..🙂

  10. Our state is dead and i’m just wasting time playing with few inactive players is there a plan to merge dead states soon otherwise i’m out of here

  11. Off season normally gets boring, hope you guys starts considering our suggestions that will greatly improve our gaming experience. I alone submitted a few and will keep doing it for anything else that can come up that will this game more enjoyable.

  12. Check M suggestions 👆🏻
    This is my suggestion: In off season you should make an oblivion championship… like DD but about oblivion.

  13. Im in the verge of quitting as its all about money and very little about skills now. I do not mind spending a bit but some are spending extreme without any knowledge and yet they seem to overrun most times. So basically i feel game is just sucking money in and fun out. Never been so stressed cuz of game. Feel bad playing it now. Many has quit due to similar reasons cuz we spend in limits and we dont get proper heroes. Cant keep spending to just do rat-race. Not fun. Sorry!!

  14. I’m nog lucky really with hero pulls, and I don’t why. But I try to work best with the hero/es line up I have. Hopefully Lucky charm will smile to me soonest.! 🙏🤞🙏

  15. Is this where we are supposed to “participate” in the event. The wording was very confusing to know where to go…

  16. The luckiest thing that’s happened to me is this game. I wish to get better heroes in the next set of draws, then I will be lucky!

  17. There should be more ways to earn war badges, and convert other speed ups to something else because once your are max at build or tech day there is no other use for them.

  18. Not clear if we have to respond to this post of the first topic but I agree with most comments about those who don’t spend being at a disadvantage

  19. Please make it easier to obtain skins! They are so hard to get! Like zhu mentioned, elite challenge reward!

  20. I hope this post is not being part of those we have to reply, but if it is well I’m already interacting 🤪

  21. Eden rewards should have base skins as well. Tired of APC skins. Please include permanent base skins as rewards .

  22. In the next eden rewards, we want a S1 to S4 100% ticket but choose from the list.

  23. My sister an wife recently tested positive for Covid, but are recovering nicely.

  24. Tôi chưa bao giờ có nhận được nhiều hơn 25k vip khi mua trái tim vào ngày thứ 2😪

  25. I got lucky in heroes and heroes hopeless lab during daily free reconstructions. That is good and I hope it will continue.

  26. Luckiest thing to happen for me recently was crafting 3 purple 1 gold and got purple 🙁 I guess I’m just not that lucky.

  27. The luckiest thing that happened to me in the game lately is that I pulled a copy of Wrath. Now I just need 1 more 😁

  28. last month i have got two seasonal hero from free daily gold ticket draw. One is Captain Ivanov and other is Panther. That is the first panther I have got. Luckily panther is also available in the
    tokenshop at that time. So I exchange it using tokens and opened 8th skill. It helps to force tile with less troop loss. And that Ivanov medal helps to open last skill of that hero.
    That is my lykiest month for free daily gold ticket draw.

  29. It will be nice to have better chances in hero selection. Not having luck getting x heroes Also when will there be a new hero? Or heroes. More items in VIP like X tickets

  30. I was riding in a car with the windshield down and a bug got in my mouth and I swallowed it.

  31. Before the lab updates i filled 8 heroes with full gold. Now the cost is easily 10x the original lab cost. Unfortunate.

  32. Honestly knowing that one day you will fix the game is the luckiest thing to happen

  33. Luckiest thing that’s happened to me lately is someone paying for my coffee in line at Starbucks. I returned the favor to the person behind me 🤗

  34. I was lucky to pull 2 Cann in my eden rewards to be able to max her to finish my maxed fighter apc

  35. I won 2 different base skins just this past week in a raffle and in an alliance contest

  36. If you don’t use all your Eden reward SX heroes within one week then they disappear?

  37. It is hard to get good heroes in this game and I have a suggestion about zombie seige please make this little interesting and give some good rewards

  38. My reward sucks (member one) ans my luck is gone (get Patriot)… How Dev can satisfy me

  39. Free stuff is always good. Unfortunately your going to get alot of feed back from people who spend little money and expect the world. This is a pay to win game, you should expect to spend alot each week just to be competitive.

  40. Alwayds unlucky with hero draws. I never win a seasonal on free ticket. Also, single 1x ticket draw for seasonal is broke and a fraud. If you don’t use 10x you will never win. I tried 130 single tickets, no win. Only win on 1x is when you reach 1000/1000 on the luck meter.

  41. I have not been playing for very long but my alliance has been saying that death rider is who I would want so I would say death rider at this time. As I advance I am sure I will be able to give an answer based on my experiences.

    1. I love the game. Maybe you guys should focus more on zombie actions like zombie bosses and the ultimate zombie boss in Eden to race who is the better guild to defeat the ultimate zombie boss. Just my opinion. Thank you for your time.

  42. Base skins are expensive, there should be a flat rate option for sale, and the attributes aren’t all that great to spend on an average 280-300 US dollars.

  43. The new map zoom in is great can easily see adju. Now, but they should do it like wendell etc. Idk why they won’t add adju?

  44. I love Death rider. He looks cook and love his destruction value in Eden and his fighting capabilities .

  45. Why don’t you sell base skins instead of tickets with a 1% chance to win a base skin? This creates a black market and it seems you are always trying to combat it.

    If you sell base skins for $100, more people will buy skins and you will open up to a whole other category. This gives you a bigger target of customers instead of the same ones buying skins.

    It seems like you are losing out on money.

  46. More reward from event. And helicopter, make it random, don’t limited it like these days

  47. The biggest problem in this game is that we don’t receive any mail notification or blog posts while we are in the game or not.

  48. Love the new zoom function… hate that it is nearly impossible to get a full baneblade set without getting old

  49. Love the new zoom function, hate that it’s impossible to get a full baneblade set without getting old

  50. It would be nice if unused super recruitment tickets would keep their luck from week to week instead of resetting…I.e….1000 points gets an x hero. Also I have mentioned before to dev’s but my main account doesn’t accumulate purple tickets the way it used to or even the way my farms do.

  51. A lot of difference between cash spenders ande the free players. Maybe LSS needs democratics ways to do minor differences.

  52. I havnt tried the new zoom function yet, can’t wait to try the new functions and more to come

  53. For Recruiting usefull Heroes, like Chrome and Drill sgt. , the chances are dismal. A LOT worse they were about early last year. Maybe we could a way to exchange heroes between commanders, to help. Thank you kindly.

  54. I opened so many tickets but the probability of getting good heroes are rare *sad*…I want more super heroes…

  55. We need the probability of tickets to go higher. Otherwise players will lose confidence

  56. Coment in blog to get a more reward for me is good because we have a lot player free to play (ftp) need more reward to build base & apc strong.

  57. Hopefully next season dont start so fast.. too tiring.. almost spend time in gaming instead of real life matters…

  58. From this game I know about diplomatic, emotion control and all about how to be a wise man👍🏻🙏🏻

  59. I hope there will be more events with better.
    rewards like zombie swarm etc rewards as bad

  60. Please can we have base skin as elite eden reward…that would be awesome and will so much fun 😀

  61. actually there’s almost nothing to do on building day of coz, will we have more buildings for upgrade in the future ? (excluding combat base of Eden)

  62. New to the game , cant find support & want to know, Why has my base moved, I have not used a Teleport.!?!

  63. Please give us a free permanent base Skin and merge our state with other zones it’s almost dead otherwise give us free migration

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