[Blog] Reply for Rewards

【8.23 Reply for Rewards】What’s the luckiest thing that has happened to you recently?

About the Daily Topic event in the in-game Blog of the Last Shelter (All the time mentioned below is the Game Time):

  1. From Aug 23 to 29, there will be a new Daily Topic posted each day and valid for one day.
  2. The time of post will be 00:00. The deadline for reply will be 00:30 a.m. the following day.
  3. Commanders who post replies below the Daily Topics for 5 days in a row within a week will get 3 Super Recruitment Tickets, 100 Polymer Crystals and 500 Diamonds. The rewards will be delivered via system mail within 3 days after the event ends. Remember to check you mails.
  4. Replies (such as “hahaha”, “great”, “first to comment”) merely containing content irrelevant to the topic will be deemed as invalid.
  5. The Studio reserves the right of interpretation for the event.
      1. I was lucky to get 2 of the new dawn hero from my eden rewards now to pray to get 2 more 😅

        1. Along the same lines, I was lucky enough to get 3 scorpions after last Eden using Rewards and SRT’s

          1. Smart speed ups are the best thing in the vip shop. It saves your fingers on troops training day. The vip shop is very beneficial.

    1. I got 70k once in the VIP shop. But as far.as hero recruitment goes I don’t get lucky. Two Lone wolf’s back to back, Patriot etc. Still have yet to get an orange dev hero and almost 2 years into the game

    2. I once got 2 Heacens Redemptions in a drawing once got 2 Heavens Redemption in a hero draw

      1. If you save all your tickets, you should have 10-15 per week on average just from coz, open up vip shop and get to level 2 and you can buy gold tickets with diamonds daily, also the packages on hero day and certain events are very expensive if you get the smaller packages.

        1. packages aren’t very expensive on hero day if you get the introduction package. kinda worth it to me. We all spend money on less frivolous things daily.

    3. Recently I was using tickets for x heros and was able to get 2 x heros with one pull.

    4. Get retrograder and scorpion with additional huntress and siren in game. I am still waiting some good heros to make my apc strong

    5. Rewards are great- I agree with the request for VIP points / draw or something along these lines.

    6. I wouldn’t know because every time I pull a hero I get duplicates of heroes that I already have no new ones and it’s starting to get monotonous. The game is not giving me new heroes go figure you’re being stingy with

    7. I lve getting the green heroes they enhance the quality of the game so much. I know Iam lucky when I get multiple annoying kid then split him just to get rid of him and the others🙄

    8. Somehow few players in our alliace recieved 10k 15 min training speed ups. That helped a lot. 😅

    9. Definitely vip points but I would prefer more luck with heroes. Appears very difficult to obtain dupes to max out heroes.

    10. I haven’t had any luck 🍀 so far. Hope this rewards will be the first luck i got from this game

    11. Bla, bla bla bla blaaaaa. Blaa blaa baaadbaa, blaaa blaaa bloooooowblaaa. Booooooommmm chhhhhiiiiikkkaaaaa ppppooooooowwwww. Blaaaa blaaa blaaa, woooaahhh waaaaaaaa, duhhhhhhh blaaaa bla du blaaaaa. Pppppooooohhhh daaaa pooooohhhpops graaaahhh bla. 🤔 Bla bbbbblllaaa..

    12. I gotts the hero kid fellow again, so excited when I get him. Its like Christmas without any presents and seeing Santa naked with my mom.. It really hurts I have bite marks in my pillow from crying myself to sleep. Oh why LSS do you poke us with molten hot iron rods letting us down week after week with green and blue useless heroes. But their is hope steal your parents credit card and buy some hero packs.. Ohhhh yessss… Then you may have the luck to draw one hero the only hero that matters YES the great all powerful (Annoying KID) what a crock of pooh.. Still a stupid GAME.. 😆

    13. That’s super lucky. I don’t get how the most common number in a scale from 0-10 is ZERO but I get a lot of 00365 type rolls from VIP.

    14. Been a long time since I saw that type of VIP raffle myself. I finally got the Organic duplicate I needed from DD rewards

  1. Im not so lucky in VIP shop freedraws but i got orange hero from free super ticket. 🤭

  2. I do say is finally gettint Death Rider? Have been trying for months and finally i have gotten him. Hoping to get his dups now!!

  3. I look forward to free draws and vip ticket draws because I’m a very optimistic person. Keep up the good work! 🤞

  4. Don’t know how about others but I can’t wait for next eden 😁🤭 Hopefuly for getting scorpion from rewards too😉🤞

  5. Luckiest thing was getting a second duplicate of the hero I wanted from the concluded Eden card draw. Now it’s usable.

    1. I’m lucky because I am still on holiday and Jambo got all the Annoying Kids leaving better heroes for me🤭

  6. As dues are the hardest thing to get … At end of the eden season i got 3 x hero maxed… That was the luckiest thing

  7. For sure maxing death rider and heaven redemption on one day,, 😍😇😁😂😂

  8. Is there a possibility we could get some kind of event to do in the coz breaks?

  9. I’m feeling lucky today that I’m able to use VIP points to exchange war-badge which is useful for tech.

  10. I have been somewhat lucky with heroes recently. Not by quality, I still get very less heroes but they have been atleast non-duplicates. Cheers.

    1. Getting hunt in LC combat three time in a row cuz someone couldn’t distinguish ally bases ( with white name-tag) and enemy bases ( with red name-tag). People have money to pay for digital thing but cure for eyes and soul. The worst thing is not troop lost, it is nothing happened later. No care, no sorry, etc. Sometime I think Thanos is neccessary.

  11. Had my best eden season rewards pull with 4 scorpion and 3 retro. Hopefully the game will continue to love me.

  12. Its my birthday today. I was hoping for some surprise gift from players and devs😅

  13. Was able to max 3 more X heroes with eden rewards (best rewards from any season to date) an able to make 4 competitive apcs

  14. The luckiest thing was getting scorpion maxed and retrograde with duplicate in this season

  15. No luck at all in this game, every hero pool i always get the heros i dont want 😂 but i guess alot of players have this 😅🤣

  16. In the last concluded eden from my reward I drew scorpion back to back and now I maxed it. Very lucky because most of my friends either got a hero they already maxed or the one they dont need or want

  17. I have maxed two SX heroes and feel very lucky. Guess what! Lonewolf and Patroit. Thank you, LSS. 😍😅

  18. Becoming daddy? avoiding Covid? Defending my base for 4h in a row in eden without falling? Nope the last one was not about being lucky 😎

  19. Busy day Monday but my spare parts for Vulcan Nomad just came in….gonna ride soon.

  20. I got 2 of the season heroes I wanted from random s4 tickets so now they are maxed.

  21. I didn’t get any Wanderer from my pulls after Eden AND I was finally able to max my DR

  22. I was very lucky to gamble on a bane blade part a few days ago and hit gold to finish a set…. Also in the draw for Eden rewards I got a Scorpion which was really cool.

  23. My luck meter got filled with only 30 legendary tickets and got Kamikaze dupe which i needed

  24. Hello 😅
    New blog event, why not …
    I’m stuck on the dead state 328, the blog is more active than 328 😆

  25. I hope for more events coming and in a much more regular schedules, as well as more rewards for free players.

  26. Got my farm account to level 25 without spending money. Will continue to build my farm account.

  27. Luckiest thing that happened recently was when we lost in Oblivion but received 8 super tickets for the glitches! Hahahaha i hope we receive more tickets in the future 😁

  28. Nothing lucky lately but happy to be back in game! I’m far behind in specialty points though.

  29. Luckiest thing recently eh? I got one of our rudest players in state chat banned several times in 1 day from multiple commanders

  30. It’s not game related but the luckiest thing for me lately was putting an offer down on a house and having it accepted. Also got some good draws with Eden rewards. 😁

  31. Luckies thing happened to me might be finding and trying this game. Seeing people from different country, different culture is very interesting and having friends in LSS.

  32. In this game, I got so lucky on getting my final copy of Retrograder from DD tickets. In real life, I finally found a very near and accessible supplier of my shrimp farm needs. This would definitely save up a lot of money rather than travelling long distance for supplies.

  33. Super lucky that I clicked this link for the 1st time ever . Also donut under couch 🤤👍🏻..

  34. It would be great if weekly or monthly packages give diamonds too. I would love to buy them for double value events. Like you get what you purchased and on top of that you get more awards due to reaching “purchase diamond” goal.

  35. Luckiest thing that hapend was end off eden,hopeing that we will not have such luck next time when matchup is done and we will have fair matchup were we can compete and feel unlucky to not participate with super state on same map.

  36. My luckiest moment was 2x Glutton cards in one draw. Hope this happens more often to me 😁

  37. have not been particularly lucky on this account, hopefully luck will change after this post 😄

  38. My luckiest when I found out I got duplication and I can max my hero’s full 8 skills. It really made my day.And I’m thankfully n grateful my state being active and trying to push more points to win COZ.

  39. Awesome, lucky I found this, have shared with XoV, hope those guys take advantage of this great offer!

  40. Had 3 Sx tickets reward from last Eden. Fortunately I got Scorpion, Nomad and Dawn 😅

  41. Not much luck in game at all but I did save in my car insurance with geico

  42. This time I got last dupe of scorpion without using all my tickets. Of course I was very lucky.

  43. It is so sad. I have no luck here. The best thing I got is 3 of 5 SX tickets from DD rewards last season can open my heroes missing skills.

  44. In game luckiest I’ve been lately is getting an SX hero on average 62 orange tickets.
    Out of game luckiest I’ve been lately is my son been born 🙂🙂

  45. The luckiest thing that happened to me was being able to max Kamikaze and Tech Priestess from DD rewards. And I didn’t get any copy of my maxed heroes

  46. One thing most important, You guys tell us that if we will draw 10.super tickets than their will be 100% chance to get super recruits heoroes but sadly you are not implementing on it…??!!

  47. The luckiest thing that happened to me recently, lastweek when i got free migrate from a died state,😍

  48. Someone who borrowed money from me paid back recently. 😍 Felt lucky because I am almost out of money. 😂

  49. So far nothing lucky have happened to me. 🙁 I only wish that my eden reward will give me the hero I really need. Please increase my luck

  50. Managed to actually pull a new hero last week. Of course that was using last season of Eden tickets.

  51. I use my tickets last week hero day to get a 1 more copy for my tech priestess but got caesar instead 😑

  52. I got a copy of Ivanov with just 30 super tickets on my second account. That’s luckiest I’ve ever been. 😂

  53. the luckies i had in this game is best recruitment rate of season x hero (the hero i want not randomly)

  54. All this talk about allstar… where is Total War? I know a lot of players that are quiting becUae they dont like eden and are quitting because its the new normal and they dont want it.

  55. The luckiest thinf that happened to me lately is just yesterday, free dev, I chose Hero Day. Luck meter is at 70 but after pulling 20 tickets, I got Scorpion duplicate 💃💃

  56. I got a dupe of glutton and last dupe of nomad on the same draw… I feel lucky 🍀
    Also, from time to time I get more than 50.000 vips and free orange hero when open gold free tkts… Thanks lss 😊

  57. I was able to get a complete wrath and retrograder with 700 tickets. Looking forward to getting scorpion and death rider next season.

  58. I am generally not lucky in-game but yesterday I got an orange hero from a normal(blue) ticket.

  59. I never feel lucky when I pull out hero ticket, all is a lame hero I got,

  60. Lucky i read my msg from XoV leader. I Will be entering blog for 5 days now, Thanks lss i look foward to the reward at end😊🙏

    1. All this total war speak, clearly people don’t remember how bad it truly was. And for good small states even worse 😓

  61. I didn’t know this blog existed until a fellow player mentioned this event. I’ve been playing for a couple years now. Derp.

  62. I would appreciate it if you added a “Reply” link at the top of the blog page since it took me awhile to figure out how to do it. Much appreciated!

  63. I was able to pull wrath in 1 try from hero group where i already had all the heroes maxed.

  64. Luckiest thing that happened recently was getting a duplicate for a hero I wanted, and that was from free daily draw 😄

  65. I only got member rewards instead of the promised powerhouse last eden but was able to pull heroes whose duplicates i needed. That made me feel very lucky.

  66. Hello when will new heros be announced? Will one of these blogs detail it in the coming days? Pleade advise.

  67. I got lucky enough to migrate to the state I wanted before it closed. Couldn’t be happier

  68. I have had a really good week on vip draws. Seems the amount received daily is much higher. Guess I am lucky 🍀.

  69. Luckiest thing was getting a legendary hero with a free normal recruitment ticket. I felt great. 👍

  70. I got 3 heroes from free draw for 3 consecutive days. And two of them were S1 heroes while the last one was the unique purple farm support hero. 😁

  71. I got lucky with eden tickets last season🥰🥰. Only got one that was full already

  72. I got 1 panther from the last ticket on that 25 days hero subscription, then one or two days later, on the Eden rewards i got the last copy of him need to make 8/8.. Maxed poison APC 💪😅

  73. Been a while since had luck on something worth while as keep getting unwanted hero pulls but suppose 1000 diamonds in explore is lucky ,

  74. I was robbed on arms supply. I didn’t get any arms supply today and my auto renew is on for tomorrow.

  75. i got a gold hero from normal recruitment card for the first time since playing this game lol

  76. Felt lucky after getting last copy of Wrath to max from last 8 tickets with luck meter at 890. 😂

  77. I think having both heaven redemption and death rider 8/8 skills on one day was a great luck 😂😂

  78. would be cool, if next DD elite challenge level 50 reward would be a base skin. something like with +50 destruction power bonus.

  79. Luckiest thing would be splitting wanderer and getting two more from Eden rewards this was totally satisfying from all hard work

  80. Getting Captain Ivanov on a free daily ticket pull Teo months ago. Other than that, not much luck lately! 🥴

  81. I am not the luckiest player here but I got one X hero for 30 cards in the last éden season

  82. I got good hero pulls this Eden after so many seasons I finally can compete hoping for more good hero pulls

  83. End of season in our State and we heated with finishing quests and gaurdian structures.

  84. After months of averaging 1 sx hero in 110 tickets, I had only 35 tickets and pulled out of boredom, and slight frustration, and was lucky to hit hr and Scorpion in 1 pull, this was the first I’ve ever been lucky enough to hit 2 sx heroes with 1 pull

  85. Strangers become an alliance, an alliance become friends.. Friends become family..😁💕🙏 I’m a lucky girl everyday.. 😁
    MzF 787😉🖖

  86. My luckiest recently is getting a orange part from 1 orange material and other 3 at lower rarities

  87. I shredded my maxed Patriot because I needed Sx heroes in hopeness lab. But I was so lucky that I a week later got 3 new Patriots from my Eden reward. Lucky me.

  88. I got a caeser last thursday with my first 10 draws, needed only him, so that was really lucky…

  89. Luckiest thing that happened to me is maxing Glutteny. Though not the hero I wanted to max at this time. Wish I was luckier with Wrath or Organic…

  90. My gatherers were not attacked during Sunday.💪

    I’ve forgotten that next week is a warm week and no gathering day 🤣

  91. For me, the luckiest thing was having a good friend who had disappeared from the game message me that he was back in game and ok.

  92. The luckiest thing that happened to me was finding money inside pants I didn’t used in a long time. That was good 🤣

  93. Actually nothing lucky happened to me in this game in the past 6 months, no matter how many times spent £1000s lol. RNG is the worst, compared to anyone i know who plays. 🤷‍♂️ VIP free draws giving me 1000-2000 per day, once last week even got 972 😅 ticket pulls are just absolutely disgusting.

  94. Really lucky I met state 58 couple of seasons ago. Don’t regret my move here at all.

  95. Who’s ready for All Star Event? This is going to be so much fun. I love Eden. ✊✊

  96. I got DR copy at the beginning of last Eden. I’m never lucky with DR copies, so this was a change 😊

  97. I crashed on my face mountain biking and walked away with just a chipped tooth and a few scratches.

  98. Getting a copy of Death Rider from a random season X hero recruitment ticket. I managed to unlock all skills except number 7, this way I can use him in formations. 😀

  99. I once pulled 99998 on VIP free raffle. Mildly upset at missing the final 2 points. 😅

  100. last month i have got two seasonal hero from free daily gold ticket draw. One is Captain Ivanov and other is Panther. That is the first panther I have got. Luckily panther is also available in the
    tokenshop at that time. So I exchange it using tokens and opened 8th skill. It helps to force tile with less troop loss. And that Ivanov medal helps to open last skill of that hero.
    That is my lykiest month for free daily gold ticket draw.

  101. The luckiest thing that hace happened in the Game is to Open an SX ticket wishing to get My first copy of Death Rider and actually getting

  102. I got an orange hero on my free daily draw. It’s a huge morale boost to know 600 medals just dropped in my lap!!

  103. Started 3rd set of BB set which is going awesome ,already got 3 pieces ready✌✌✌

  104. Pulled a TP dupe from a few tickets on the recent seasonal recruitment which was a big help!

  105. The luckiest thing it winning the Anubis base decor with the first package purchase that was great Same for the snail apc that was great on the second purchase But not lucky teying to get others.. another cool thing to add to thr VIP store decors

  106. Recent thing is to see get 1st rank MVP on Sunday Coz against stronger state at last hours

  107. Parts gamble. Usually I’m never lucky, but this time I was. Got a gold part 😊

  108. Before last season I had a single wrath, but this time my luck was awesome and I have him maxed already… But he isn’t most useful hero now, it’s scorpion 🤣🤣🤣

  109. Got really “lucky” with eden rewards drawing: 7 useless medals from a ~33% usefull heroes pool.

  110. Luckiest thing that’s happened to me recently is an investment paid out right before our family vacation and made our vacation a lot nicer. I swear I didn’t spend any on the game 😉

  111. Recently? Nothing. Two Edens back I got 3 Canoness duplicates off my Eden rewards.

  112. Luckiest thing that recently happened to me was an investment paid out right before a family vacation, which made it much nicer. I swear I didn’t spend any on the game. 😉

  113. I got core reward in last Eden though I joined a week late. Luckiest day in LSS

  114. I pulled 2 dups of TP in the Hero Return with about 80 tickets. Pretty good draw for me.

  115. I agree with the big guy , need more core upgrade events. Don’t listen to cez , that girl is loony tunes

  116. I was very lucky, I opened my reward tickets and got all wanderers… This luck has inspired me to stop spending money in this game 🙂

  117. Got nice sx heros in eden rewards though it would be nice to get all dups in all the sx i got 😅😏

  118. I didn’t get zeroed for 24 hours so that was nice

    I didn’t get zeroed for 24 hours so that was nice and I got my 24th warhound

  119. I got countdown on free gold tickets and luckily got death rider on my last ten tickets.

  120. I pulled my first copy of Farseer from my daily free gold pull! And it wasn’t on my farm!!

  121. I wish I could pick something lucky. But my luck in the VIP shop and redeeming tickets has not been good lately.
    Probably the luckiest thing is finding a great group of players to play this game with.

  122. Today was a slow day. No Eden, no COZ. Keep the game interesting by always having some events!

  123. The luckiest thing recently? I logged on yesterday to hit hourly boxes and saw that someone from the other state in KE had just started to missile all of the bases in my hive. Five minutes either way, I would have missed it and they would have been dispersed across the state. Very lucky.

  124. Recently I am getting a lot of not so important SX heroes from my eden rewards, namely betrayed….. The irony!!!….. lol

  125. I have been very lucky with heroes lately. I am getting draws I can use rather than junk. Also having good success in Hopeless lab. I know luck will change but I am happy for now.

  126. I really like this idea. Especially of what you post becomes current and not just pipe dreams.

  127. Luckiest thing for me recently was getting 2 Caesar’s in same pull with my farm once hitting 1000 on the luck.

  128. I’m lucky because despite being mild covid-19 positive twice this year, I am still able to work as back end support and help the frontliners at our hospital.

  129. Luckiest thing recently… becoming MVP by being friendly with KE. Not that our state won. 🤣😂🤣

  130. We need to have different activities like Oblivion…with give sx tickets as rewards. Eden is too long.

  131. We’re lucky we don’t have rogues in our state despite having different opinions.

  132. The luckiest thing that happened to me recently is getting duplicates of dawn, scorpion and retrograder.

  133. Luckiest thing recently… meeting this great bunch of people last Eden and finally reached a playable strength.

  134. Bad luck and luck were very close. I was forgotten with the Eden rewards. Got lucky I could get it after all. 😅
    Great people I would always play with again. 👍

  135. Finally got to maxed wrath. I have been waiting for 1 year to have his dups.

  136. I survived Eden with a young base in an old state and I’m being lucky to play with these people. 😊

  137. Getting Farseer on a free ticket was the luckiest thing. Not so lucky is this showing that My base name change hasn’t transferred to this blog!!

  138. Luckiest thing – My alliance I’d full of good people
    Unluckiest thing – DD starts again so soon. Give us more time off, you are driving players away because of constant DD

  139. Luckyest thing is this post being valide even though the deadline is past ! But more serisouly it was getting the sx I wanted with 10 tickets.

  140. I couldn’t write down here for a while. System said the reason is it’s too quick to post🤷🏻‍♂️
    Well I’d like to know when lvl30 will open.

  141. Got 4 countdown hero in a single season draw, got her and maxed her in a single season, consider myself extremely lucky for that.

  142. It seems that blog need to be improved
    Have not expose at all and isn’t comfortable to come and check post and comments

  143. And own community is a good idea, but need a lot of work.
    This blog isn’t designed properly

  144. I got my wife Pregnant!

    But sadly i dont have good luck in LSS. A skin or good hero draw would be nice!

  145. I pulled a scorpion and a retrograder in the last eden rewards, that was pretty lucky

  146. Luckiest thing ever since i started playing. I got 1 (one), yes ONE vip point at free draw!!! What a lucky guy I am

  147. The luckiest thing to happen to me recently was landing in an awesome alliance. Good, honest people are hard to find!

  148. The luckiest thing that’s happened to me recently is getting an elite medal for COZ!

  149. Luckiest thing happen earlier at reset is getting a S1 hero the jannisary ,in a free draw..🤗🤗

  150. Luckiest thing to happen is consistently pulling 2-3k vip points in the free pull every day

  151. I got lucky in heroes and heroes hopeless lab during daily free reconstructions. That is good and I hope it will continue.

  152. I got gold in reconstruction and got above 50k in vip shop free raffle. I hope i will get lucky more often

  153. In hero pulls absolutely no luck at all, in life remembering my car tax had run out 6 months earlier and didn’t get confiscated

  154. Own a dog, American exotic bully. And when playing this game there is him who accompanies me.

  155. I would appreciate if you bring Total War back sometimes with the same quality rewards as Eden 🙏

  156. I think we should be able to lock alliance technology donations so members can donate to technology that’s not marked.

  157. For those with plenty medals the devs should do a way to exchange them for cores or other items.

  158. I found out I’m against my old state in our upcoming coz bracket. Gonna be a fun ke.

  159. Hi all. Can anyone say if we have 24 and a half hours to reply, or just 30 minutes? Is reset the first or last moment of a day?

  160. Lucky draw at the end of dd, maxed both scorpion and retro…didnt happen in a while to be lucky with heroes 😂

  161. Luckiest thing that happened recently was getting a gold skill for hero from a free spin at hopeness lab🤩

  162. I got my 4th heaven redemption copy after 50 tickets on a pool of 7. It was the only hero I didn’t completed on that pool!

  163. My luckiest thing that happen in last shelter was, I’ve got to max a season hero in one eden season.

  164. I havent had any luck in the game for quite some time but the last thing was when i maxed retrograder with 550 tickets

  165. The most interesting thing that happened this month is I survived from Virus Covid 19 and still alive now, really grateful with a chance to live and breath and also to play game again 🙂

  166. Well, if we talk about ingame luck i think I dont have it, but if I reach very deep in my memory it was drawing Kami with just 60 tickets 5 months ago – I really needed 1 more dupe. Its really hard to post anythin its my30 try

  167. I got Light of the Past. I was longing for him since a long long time.. I am so happy. He has killer looks. 😁

  168. The fact I woke up this morning to a beautiful day is the luckiest thing that happened to me recently

  169. I got the only missing S4 hero that I needed from 1 DD reward coupon. The game is usually not that kind to me.

  170. Luck is hard to come by but i met new friends in eden so i guess that’s lucky enough 😊

  171. Is this a game or a social community? Why are there mire and more events and rewards for rather forced commenting on blog posts and stupid stuff on Facebook and Discord, but no special events for game activity? Are you devs so lonely that you rather “pay” people for interacting with you instead of bringing more fun to the game itself for everybody? This is so lame.

  172. Vip ticket spin rewards are top low usually. Need more frequent higher points earning daily

  173. Deathrider, its too bad that i can’t max him.. i am very likely to get some dupe of a hero already maxed.

  174. Death rider was the best hero for a long time. Wrath and Scorpion have been good additions, though.

  175. I’ve never really had good luck on this game, unfortunately. But I’ve been lucky to meet some pretty awesome people in this game

  176. Luckiest thing was to grab Death Rider with one ticket ( i need one copy more*) and another lucky thing was to get gold skills at Hopeness Lab

  177. Season before the latest, got two tech priestess from two guaranteed S3 season tickets 😅

  178. Got tech priestess on a free ticket, been thinking about spending a ton of dd points to get, but now I can complete her quicker

  179. The luckiest thing that happened to me recently was that I found $20 in my pants pocket. I then spent it on this game 🤦🏾‍♀️

  180. I like major Anastasia. Only the problem is to awaken. I hope i can get 3 this major anastasia

  181. luckiest i am not sure… but the unluckiest is for 4-5 season of drawing wrath, i only manage to get 1 with no duplicate at all

  182. I got my third copy of scorpion from my Eden rewards, usually get nomad over and over again.

    1. Same as me 😂. Good players immigrated to our state 👍👍 want to say to them you are welcome

  183. State 1049 is a dead state, and the best thing I heard is devs are merging states like 1049. It is implied which state i am in.😞

  184. That is a great thing, i can use alk the rewards i can get, really need some better heros and dups

  185. Death rider is the best for me, he is very useful in eden for extra destruction, it gives lot of points , and chance for top 10, if we taking the city😅

  186. I can’t afford to spend alot, now I can’t open the VIP, there should be other ways to open the VIP shop.

  187. I got 1 copy for organic, so i can maxed him, then start to reconstruct🤗

  188. I used my dd coins to purchase a sx ticket from the lab and I pulled Heavens Redemption, the hero I wanted. I couldn’t believe it 😂

  189. Luckiest thing after playing 3 years with crappy hero draws was getting 3 Retrograde heroes in a row.

  190. After 1st eden I got crusher heaven redemption death rider betrayed and koschei from super ticket pulls, once dd coins came into play I ended up having enough coins for 2 x pulls and got crusher both times which was awesome for me at the time cause I don’t spend much of anything on here

  191. Always recruited around 90tikets before i got sx
    Even the luck are higher not lucky to have one sx hero need to make the luck around 90percent and above

  192. luckiest thing in 98k vip points on 2nd base. 2 sx heroes in 20 tickets on farm. 2 scorpion in 80 tickets on farm base. can i call them lucky

  193. The luckiest thing that recently happened to me is I pulled 3 Scorpins with 250 SeasonX tickets.

  194. On my x hero pull, i pulled Lust on the first try. Then the next day, i pulled again and got another Lust.

  195. The luckiest thing that had happened to me is getting my hero wrath max and worst thing that is from my recent eden rewards and I got 3 wanderer.. and already had 1 so I could max my wanderer which is the least wanted hero at all times .

  196. I’m a newbie so honestly it was finally getting The Arsenal from the super tickets. Spent alot of super recruitments tickets and that was the first gold hero I got. Also I didn’t see this until the 24th so I hope that this can still count as me posting each day for this reply thing

    1. I shielded for KE with 30 seconds left of the start of KE against state 545. Would have been zeroed in a matter of seconds lol.

  197. Luckiest moment was after a bad luck moment… Burned my tickets in small pool n got nothing to help me with almost every single time needed to go 100% to get an x I stashed fast 80 tickets again n went to try in a big pool that I only needed one death rider to max him n out of all heroes was who I got.

  198. A decent gold skill on hopeness lab. Seems to take forever but when you get one you want is decent

  199. The luckiest thing to happen to me recently was making a no-look basket from half court. 🏀 🏀

  200. Is there such a thing in lss as luck not sure I’ve found it. Although vip points when you hit 10’s of thous is pretty cool feeling but not sure that’s luck 😬

  201. Gambling 3 orange and 1 gold part for baneblade and ended up getting gold 😁😁

  202. I am so lucky that I got 2 wanderers from recently eden rewards, my almost 2 months playing the event didn’t wasted at all, because I got 2 wanderers I can use him to gather, I got maxed gatherers apc now.

  203. My house did not burn down in one of California’s wildfires. Got evacuated and hundreds of homes in the area are gone.

  204. Pulling 60k VIP from the raffle was the best thing in game lucky to happen recently

  205. I got a gold part by gambling with one gold material and 3 oranges, at first try, two times in a row.

  206. No luck for me. I have been playing for 3 years and I can finally build a second bane blade part. Lol

  207. Nothing lucky ever happens to me!! Can you give me next week’s lottery numbers !! Thank you

  208. Definitely not getting lucky on boxes or rolling vip. I only get lucky outside of game.

  209. My luckiest I was this dd season got about 5x heroes in 30 tickets spread over the weeks never been that lucky

  210. I got tech priestess on my free daily gold ticket then next day got the janissary on my free daily gold 😃! Normally I get the ‘back up’ 😂

  211. I spent 1,000 tickets for the last Hero draw. Didn’t get a single Dawn. Then got all dupes from Eden rewards. If that isn’t luck…..

  212. The luckiest thing to happen was losing first 2 times I gambled on gold parts….this way I will never try again and save tons in the long run.

  213. And why does this comment box come up every time I post a comment? Is first one not being counted?

  214. Not killing myself after using all reward tickets in the same pool, and getting the wrong hero three times

  215. I’m almost 2 years, i haven’t good luck. In 2 years i have only 2 X heros without full skills full. It’s very hard, without spend money, get full skills enables.

  216. My guild doesn’t get occupation rewards, and i only got guild development and personal rewards. But from those two sx ticket I got my last dupe of lust and second retro. No unused extra copy from other hero that I already maxed.

  217. I got my final copy of DR from the big hero pull in 50 tickets and he was the first hero

    1. I only got 2 SX Heroes from eden and it doesn’t help because i don’t have duplicates
      So please give me more SX heroes

  218. The luckiest thing that happened to me was getting scarlet, and valktrie, and and also huntress dupe and toschei dupe.

  219. I would like to see were you could not see battle
    attack and defend a attack wish there was clear button like we had before and the helicopter its really not that good I wish we could go back to old one

  220. PLEASE, place our blog reply text box at the top of all the replies, or sort the blog so the latest are at top. Too many pages of blogs to scroll up, just to get to the .reply. text box. Thank you kindly.

  221. I think the luckiest thing to happen to me recently is to get complete scorpion with around 650 tickets. I wish that was the case for all hero’s 😄

  222. I wish that dev let people select the hero they want from the season rewards Because for last 2 season I have played and the rewards I earned gave me heros that I already had so my whole season was basically a waste of time lol

  223. Sadly, nothing so far. Been unlucky with hero pulls. Also with unlucky with reconstructions at hopeness lab. 😢

  224. I should learn to keep tickets but the season pull from last season was great got two I wanted the same hero twice

  225. I got 2 copies of retro in 200 tickets and my nomad I wanted from DD rewards.

  226. I’ve been chasing a hero dupe forever and finally picked up a much needed copy.. One more to go but should see it in the token shop soon. Was very lucky with my tickets that day though. 🙂

  227. Ainda não tenho nenhuma skin . Jogo há mais de 3 anos . Já fiz 2 migrações e ganhei 1 DD em 1º lugar .

  228. Nothing, hero pulls haven’t been good, vip rolls less than 10k, wish parts were easier to build

  229. Only luck I have is constantly pulling wanderer from tickets and then he appears in coin shop 😑

  230. I’m not sure I’ve had any great luck lately. 2 seasons ago my ticket pulls were awesome

  231. Not lucky so far…having average luck with heroes pick, same with the rest. Never e.g. got base skin if not go all the way. So if it is 10% chance, I will get it in 7-9 times usually

  232. I finally got 2 of Deathraider. Game has been unlucky for me that I did not get more of him. With enough gold tickets I hope to have him, when he is next time in seasonal recruit.

  233. Drawing the exact hero duplicate during Eden last season I to significantly boost my APC’s strength and conversely, followed by the bad luck of drawing three redundant duplicates. Lol.

    P.S. to Developers and such: Put this comment bar above the comment section, not the below it. It is both tedious and off-putting to have to scroll past every single comment just to drop my 2 cent opinion. 🙂

  234. Not Lucky so far in this game 😒 i hardly get legendary hero’s in this game i used more than 500 super recruitment tickets and seasonal tickets i get Only 3 season hero’s 1 from each season it’s really very irritating

  235. Lucky, hmmm, have to think hard on this one. I got a season X hero on a 10x ticket roll with 980 on the luck meter the other day.

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