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【8.24 Reply for Rewards】Which hero do you think is the most perfect designed in Last Shelter: Survival?

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          1. Major Anastasia. She is still relevant in newest meta, eventhough she is just S3. You can use her in strong attack formation with Huntress and Tracker, or use versus Scorpion in “Kami+Huntress ” formation, or boost shooters.

        1. Death rider is definitely one of my favorites! I am very sexcited to see what dawn can do if I can get her maxed though

        2. Depends on who you mean? Like in looks or overall with looks and skills? For overall I like Venom Walker. He is creepy looking, but does a great job bringing down my foes.

    1. It is clear that basically each season’s heroes are better than the next making season X hero’s the best at the moment. As stated below Death Rider ☠️ Is probably the best at the moment.

      1. That is very true. Caesar was great until SX heroes came out. Now, he doesn’t even compete. Death Rider is one of the best of not THE best.

      1. I don’t know. I don’t have many X heros and Death Rider isn’t in my list. Not very lucky on hero draw. So can’t really give fair assessment

        1. I’m in the same boat. I have seen scorpion do some damage. So I can’t say from experience but any APC with him crushes me. I was lucky enough to get retro maxed.

      1. I like the fighters, especially Sven…when all else looks hopeless he continues… he’s not the strongest, but he’s not a pushover and the other commander’s loses reflect his determination even in defeat

    2. I think RetrogradeR is the best because of his healing! (◔‿◔)

    3. Agree. Death Rider skill 8 allows it to keep doing damage and be unaffected by most ailments.

    4. The most versatile hero that can be used in almost any formation, and its a must-have, due to its healing abilities, is none other than Tech Priestess.

    5. Major Anastasia. She is still relevant in newest meta, eventhough she is just S3. You can use her in strong attack formation with Huntress and Tracker, or use versus Scorpion in “Kami+Huntress ” formation, or boost shooters.

    6. I agree with Death Rider. He is amazing and I really like the destruction boost

    7. Anna and death rider are the best meta heroes.
      Scorpion is also slowly becoming the new meta hero

    8. Death Ryder, Scorpian, Dawn, Tech princess. These Heros are extremely versatile in Apc’s and make any apc better. I can get into more details but it would behoove you to read and comprehend all there skills.

    9. Death Ryder, Scorpian, Dawn, Tech princess. These Heros are extremely versatile in Apc’s and make any apc better. I can get into more details but it would behoove you to read and comprehend all there skills. Its unfortunate that some heros skills on paper look amazing but do almost nothing in practical combat or event’s. (Patriot) for example skills look great but do next to nothing close to what is suggested.

    10. It is between Death Rider and Heavens Redemption which is often over looked but in the top formation for vehicles with Death Rider . Amazing hero.

    11. There are many Great Heroes in the game. I’m still trying to unlock their full capabilities. I like the impressiveness of the close range fighters. ..Hunk for his smashing ability and Sven for his continued attack when all else fails

    12. I hope i still make it !!! The game always gives rewards!! I like it ! The contents are always news

    13. I think kami is the most versatile of all the heroes and may be considered one of the better heroes

    14. No, I don’t think Death Rider is the most perfect design hero. Hummingbird with bikini is the most one. Sooo hot 🥵

    15. That kid is the best hero in the game, maxxed he is a beast among the other green useless heroes. Just kidding he still sucks 🥺

    16. Dr. Is pretty epic, not only skills, but the visual of the hero. I don’t want 1 in a swimsuit

  1. Retrograder has helped my setup a lot but Death Rider takes the overall win for me

  2. Obviously Scorpion and wrath for their skills, but Ivan and Tech Priestess as they are much older season heroes and can still be used in very good formations 👍

  3. Let me think… Hummingbird… she has gOOd proportions 😁 Now she even has bikini 😂

  4. For me annoying kid are the most well design… i mean cant you see how cute he is? And i am sure everyone owned annoying kid

  5. For me while death rider I would class as one of the strongest, I like the fact there are no one APC formation to beat them all, everything seems to have a counter,, I would say Tech priestess is the most balanced for 2 reasons, 1 she is main staple as an S3 and I have her maxed so until I get some more death rider dups hint hunt she takes the cake.

    1. Best hero is about best formation. Best formation is siren, scorpion, dawn. Single hero probably death rider.

  6. I like Death rider but Dawn is getting surprisingly good too. She can be used for defense, attack and force tiles and that’s very good.

  7. I would pick Hummingbird for a hot design, especially with the new skin 😍

  8. Most heroes are greatly designed, but if I have to pick out one, I’d say Kamikaze, he looks badass 😬

  9. Juggernaut..hes the only one that makes sense for me. Thats how I would dress/equip if fighting Zombies in a wasteland 😅

  10. The best for me is Death Rider as he is the only ranged hero who doesn’t get confused and doesn’t require other support hero to provide Clarity status on him. This reducing the support required and can flex other heroes with him.

  11. I like the design of nearly all heroes. With their skills… Death Rider is the most essential one.

  12. When S3 landed, Tech Priestess was a game changer, but not sure about the more recent SX heroes.

  13. Sven. The undisputed king of doomsday. Without him wouldn’t be able to force tiles

  14. Perfect design would be Iron Guard. One of the first heroes, he is even useful against SX. Has a unique skillset.

  15. There is so many good heroes in this game. But I like huntress and Lust more than others

  16. It should be Tracker/Predator. As she enables the kill skills of strong damage heroes. She is a must have and a lot of my friends is actually wishing they can have 2 of Tracker for 2 apc. 😅

  17. My opinion is must have now is Wrath, Death rider and Scorpion….those are really badass heroes

  18. For me it’s Hummingbird and Tech Priestess. Very useful in many formations

  19. Undoubtedly the Annoying Kid because despite being one of the weakest heroes in the game it still has everyone’s attention 😂

  20. I think its captain ivanof because we need leader to lead and make decision for better option on survival

  21. I want death rider or the nomad i have just one copy each but i will be happy with another one of them both 😁

  22. Hero that has great influence in the team is Death Rider , he’s a complete hero with great skill and can be mixed with most of the heroes.
    Nice one

  23. Tech-Priestess, cause she is an early season hero who still after several seasons are highly useable. And her skin actually looks like something related to a Zombie Game.

  24. The look of the Flash is great. Not that it is a useful hero. Essentially it seems to be Death Rider is designed best.

  25. Deathrider. Great combination of destruction power unique to him, attack power and anti status skill makes him usable and valuable in any event.

  26. Its hard to choose since one hero wont work at all but if youll stand me by the wall i would say Retro.

  27. Hummingbirds is a beast, never came back Empty hand , always gets massive amounts of kill

  28. I think death rider is the best ,
    1. Can still be used in the best APC combination. Doesn’t get old.
    2. For DD and Eden it’s extra 300 damage point makes it the most important hero.

  29. Death rider and wrath are certainly the best hero of all time, they fits in almost every formation

  30. I like heroes which unique skills, like an activation skill (war boss). or hummingbird with skill 4.

    most well designed i think will be major anastasia

  31. Death Rider is one of the best for the game. But can’t forget that little Annoying Kid. Back when I started we didn’t have x hero’s. Or s hero yet either. It was purple and start of the orange hero’s. Can’t wait to see what hero comes out next.

  32. Best hero? Scorpion because he is just overpowered. Plenty of damage, has up to 100% antiheal and up to -60% damage which is a combination that doesnt make a lot of sense. Oh i forgot he has supress as well. He is just getting better by the second. So maybe not the best design, but most broken one for sure 🙈

  33. Tech-Priestess!!! goes along the way. Love her with mix formations TP/Wrath. I also love Death Rider always in my attack APC

  34. Tech Priest is a never “old” hero. She was first introduced in SS3 and still fits in any formation along with lot of new X heroes introduced

  35. I think Dawn. You will be captivated by her looks and healing power! Kudos to her designer 🙌

  36. Predator. The exo-skeleton is nice, the fact that she has a crossbow makes it clear she’s an archer hero.

  37. Scorpion, his combination of damage, enemy damage reduction and troop recovery block is well rounded. Still he can be countered by control effects which is good for balance.

  38. Death Rider. Being able to take enemy tiles in one attack is amazing

  39. Huntress as far as design goes. I like Retro, Prophet and Dawn “Snowy” as well. In terms of the Best in the game Ivanow and Tech Priestess are pretty high up there – since they stay relevant pretty much through most of the game time.

  40. I think death rider is the best designed Hero in this game which is equally effective in all kind of tasks like siege, town attacks and tiling.

  41. Wanderer looks the coolest and has the best design. Lone woldf second. Please make a wanderer action figure the reward for All start eden rank 3.

  42. For me it’s Lust! She is sexy and looks like she can kick those boys hero with her power and sexiness..

  43. Tech Priestess is still the best hero given that it’s released on S3 yet still widely used on many great APC formations. 😊

  44. Secret keeper, he’s the only one to have a group buff. All the other green heroes are just irrelevant now and should be removed. They weren’t even relevant when we were new players

  45. Death Rider because he adds 500 destruction power.
    Design wise is hands down Scorpion

  46. My favorite hero is actually Tech Priestess because she can be used in multiple formations since S3 and will help you in most parts of the game.

  47. I think the one of the best Hero’s in game now is Scorpion the new hero that’s the great hero by now 💪💪😁💪

  48. It is Countdown because of her post apocalyptic looks and her appearance also goes well with her skills

  49. It seems that Death Rider is the most useful in the game right now.
    I wouldn’t know myself since I only pull the basic orange heroes. By the time I get him, there will be 17 more that are more effective. 🤣

  50. The best hero i my opinion is retrograder. He support all troop types, and work well with many other heroes. He’s a good allrounder.

  51. Best one is death rider. He really fits in à post apocalyptic game, design is great and he is an awesome powerfull hero

  52. For design as in looks its got to be scorpion or possibly glutton.Design for game use is got to be wrath possibly over powered but most effective.

  53. For me, I think it is retro because he can use any troops type. We need more of such hero

  54. Scorpion, only because I have him and have used him. Very short on xheroes and any other sheroes. So I am forced to roll with basic orange heroes instead.

  55. DR is the only hero with good amount of damage, and a very useful one in dd/ eden to take tiles in 1 hit

  56. I would agree with most that death rider is the best suited hero. Does a lot of damage and great for one hitting tiles in DD.

  57. Wrath is my favorite with his futuristic look. BTW please consider giving voices to season3 heroes and above.

  58. Death rider in my opinion is still the best designed. Just look he’s been around since the beginning of SX and is still at the top even when introducing new heroes. He does a ton of damage, can’t be crowd controlled, and can take tiles in 1 hit in DD. I don’t see death rider falling off the podium anytime soon.

  59. My preference so far is Reaper. I like the death looming feeling the look and name bring.

  60. DeathRider is the best hero suited for this game.
    He is amazing in Killing Events and with the best combo gets a lot of kills. in case of Eden, he is perfectly suited to get more destruction points. I’ve used him strategically to get more points and this get more rewards and be competitively placed in the Guild

  61. Death rider. He is the closest apocalyptic war avatar in the game with that horse, police gear and self made weapon.

  62. As many stated, Death rider for damage and extra destruction is a must have.
    Not sure many mentionned, but panther is a very useful heroe too.

  63. If you are talking about aesthetically pleasing, it has got to be the oracle. Shes soooo yummy.
    But if you are talking skillset, then yes, i can get behind death rider.

  64. Scropin seems to be in the top apc unit but DR can also go first in that unit both strong heros

  65. Many strong heroes there. I think Hummingbird’s 1800% massive damage puts her in the first place for a Hero that is in almost in any Shooter formation.

  66. I really like Anastasia! She looks powerful and ruthless… and she’s a very good hero to use for vehicles… hummingbird is almost at the same level for shooters!

  67. Grandma the organizer is the picture of perfection. While her hip may be shot (hence the cane) she makes up in a 40% chance of nagging the enemy squad, and a 20% friendly squad might boost from her sugar free candy!

  68. Death rider 💀 because it’s so scary you should animate it to be a real nightmare 💀

  69. The annoying kid… lol let’s send him as a distraction to the enemy while other troops steal their loot 😄

  70. To me it’s Tech Priestess….. the game is not all about attack….in any case she excels in attack or defence.

  71. Death Rider!!! Can be Scorpion too by the power he have but is not much suitable with many heroes, so Death Rider is the winner 😃

  72. I think Dawn is the best support hero for her 100% ability to recover troops and among the hero who does most damage death rider is the strongest.

  73. The troop development ones. You can never have too many troops and they help with production.

  74. Tech priestess has been relevant since season 3, a hero that has been good for so long is well designed.

  75. I agree with many above. Death rider is an all around good hero. Many heros work well in different combinations. My second would be tech preistess

  76. I believe the best hero is the one you’ve unlocked all skills.
    But since I have to choose one, here is my favorite: Anastasya!

  77. Death rider has become a hero that can’t be competed with. The new skills make him unstoppable.

    1. The new hero Scorpion is is my new favorite. After that death rider because of the extra demolition power.

  78. Overall Death Rider for sure! But now i saw new heroes like dawn, scorpio, retrogader can form good combo.

  79. Death Rider, Kamikaze, Wrath, Techpriestess, are among the choices i want to register. But only one name comes in my mind for this blog, none other than Cpt. IVANOV. Right from S2, he still is counted among the best APC combinations.

  80. Death Rider hands down. OP skills, damage, CC, anti debuff, what more can you ask for. Looks and hero design style wise is also on point for a wasteland theme.

  81. Scorpion, perfect hero to counter all healer which were dominating every single base formation.

  82. From an aesthetic point of view Death rider, he looks fitting for an apocalyptic wasteland scenario

  83. Death Rider. Would love another hero which increases destruction power. Very usefull for Eden tiles with vehicles.

  84. Death rider is the best for me, he is very useful in eden for extra destruction, it gives lots of points then chance to top 10😅

  85. I would say death rider, but Scorpion seems to also be the talk of the town lately too

  86. Most perfect design meaning how the hero looks like or the performance of that hero?
    1st: TP
    2nd: HR
    1st: Scorpion
    2nd: DR

  87. I would have to say HummingBird. Even this hero has new skin released which makes her even better

  88. Death Rider.
    I really like Glutton’s skill set, but the effects of them don’t seem to be as strong as they look on paper.

  89. So many new ones….in 1201 my favorite hero was Curator 👀, his skill combo was great. Here I like Hummingbird.

  90. As far as graphics go, Dawn is really impressive with her intricate design and features. Skill wise, I would have to say Cannoness or tech priestess because of their healing.

  91. Death rider is for sure the one you have to have but tech priestess and wrath are top notch too

  92. Death raider is the best on attack, tiling and sometimes defence too. wrath is the second best.

  93. Death Rider, awesome added destruction power. Tech priestess healing and I have a soft spot for major too, S3 heroes are cool.

  94. Kamikaze, it’s the only hero that consistently stops my apcs from killing troops in other bases besides baneblade apcs

  95. It’s been said a million times, but Death Rider is the best design followed by Lust.

  96. I think iron guard is most perfectly designed, he is strong and more human like, he is one hero which is stronger than most of S heros

  97. Scorpion! He is the guy at the moment (even if getting CCed). However death rider and wrath are indeed very solid heroes

  98. Of those I have, I’d agree with many commanders here and say Death Rider – awesome hero. However, I would really like one day to get even one Wrath – he seems to be one of the heroes who can beat mine.

  99. Farseer Yuu’chen Haa’m
    She actually looks like she would live in a desert wasteland, without too much fantasy elements such as masks, steampunk, robotic or cybernetic augmentation.
    Although other heroes look cool, they have much less survival vibe in my opinion… Aside from pitchfork survivor.

  100. I’m unsure because it’s not very intuitive when you first start playing. I’m hoping as I level up all my heroes have value.

  101. Well it depends on which kind of design.
    Death Rider is kind of scary looking which Works great for a Hero, wereas Lust is pretty but not very scary.

  102. Tech Priestess is a great all-rounder who’s been useful across multiple seasons so good longevity and good value.

  103. Everyone will say Scorpion right now, but I don’t have him. My most effective hero is Ana.

  104. Scorpion was too strong, I’m glad you weakened him a bit, but he is probably the top hero. My favourite hero is still Death Ryder, The best looking hero is Valkyrie.

    1. I’m relatively new to the game and have been enjoying War Hound but after reading all your comments I’m now looking forward to unlocking War Hound! Thanks for the input everyone.

  105. Captain Ivanov. Strong season 2 and even into early sx, great in dd and vehicles allow quick tiling or raiding.

  106. I’m relatively new to the game and have been enjoying War Hound but after reading all your comments I’m now looking forward to unlocking War Hound! Thanks for the input everyone.

  107. I love Death Rider! The extra destruction power in Doomsday is awesome and during Kill Event he is great!

  108. There is a lot of heroes with different speciality
    But Wrath is a great one that can be used in all kind of formations

  109. Scorpion seems to be OP at the moment. He crushes me every time I face him, no matter what lineup I use. 😐

  110. I would honestly like to see The Annoying Kid have an “upgrade” a recruit hero that grows up the
    Annoying Kid to be very useful and Hardened Survivor of the Wasteland. As we get different season on a show the characters evolve so to should in these “season

  111. The best designed hero is Nomad. He is one of the few heroes that looks like a human. You are going to far with heroes looking like Robots.

  112. heavens is the best!!
    becauseeeee he is the only sx i have maxed and can use polyners on

  113. Death Rider is the best! Scorpion, Wrath, Kamicaze, Tech Priest, Hummingbird and Anastasia also are pretty good and the reason is because these heroes have many combinations. This in my opinion.

  114. Death rider is the best. Nost useful in all forms of combat. Dd he is a must bc if his destruction. And a good combat hero.

  115. Death Rider for sure! He his both the best combat hero and the coolest looking character.

  116. Retrograder is awesome! He looks like someone I would date for sure 🤣 he’s also a good hero and badass, my personal favorite.

  117. For me its tech priestess because of her versatile skills and can place in any a lots of combination in apc.

  118. Death rider as he is a beast and I really like his destruction power

  119. Tech Priestess definitely combines well with a lot of formation. However, I personally like Retrograder due to his versatility.

  120. This question is tough. There are still a plethora of heroes that you showered players which most don’t own or can’t use. The probably of winning on a slot machine is probably higher. For the time being, I found that healer heroes, like Kamikaze and Tech Priestess are very well balanced heroes.

  121. It seems many are confused between a balanced hero vs a strong or favorite hero. A balanced hero can do a certain decent damage, have healing capability, meta support, versatile with different hero formations and troops. To date, there isn’t one that can do all of these.

  122. It would be Deathrider for me. Both the look and he is just around great hero. Plus he shares my game name ☠

  123. Nora is for me best, when i met her when we forced our freedom we spend some night together 🤣🤣

  124. Death Rider is great. I am hoping to get the final copy of him that I need so I can play with him fully maxed.

  125. Retrograder as he has the nicest body amongst all… look like a real hero..

  126. I think Death Ridern is the best. I really like Predator but I just have one copy from her.

  127. TP is very versatile and can be countered with according formation. Very balanced.
    Snowy has great artwork

  128. Death Rider for me. I like him because he is a very good hero and his art is very nice,specially his horse design.

  129. Design not Skill the Reaper looks nice and Death Rider and all Heros with a Gas Mask.

  130. Honestly, Death rider is the best hero: speed for tile battles in eden, destruction power and he looks badass.
    But I also like retro versatility: he is unique because he works with all kind of troops. This are my 2 favorites heroes.

  131. Tech pristess what u can say about an s3 hero still super strong vs x heroes. That is what makes heroes legends.

    1. William the Marketer. Never had to worry about cash after that. Best coin I ever spent in the DD shop.

  132. Kamikaze is a very good hero due to the balanced healing and damage. He often gets over looked for hero’s who do more damage but they also don’t heal nor can they frontline without having support such as Dawn or perhaps Canoness.

  133. William the Marketer. Best coin I ever spent in DD shop. Never had to worry about cash after that.

  134. Tech Priest and major both are pretty Impressive heros, can be used in multiple formation.
    We need to have immune feature for couple of more hero’s, immune feature makes Death rider more deadly

  135. Has to be Death Rider for me, most useful sx hero I think. Although Wrath is pretty close second.

  136. DeathRider is designed well and stays in formations. Most other heroes fade out over time.

  137. The annoying kid. His name is perfect and he does very little. He feels super annoying

  138. Death Rider, without doubt. It’d be great to have another vehicle hero capable of such high damage, even if it’s weaker than him. Solo tiles in Eden is fun.

  139. For a zombie war game the best designed hero would be scorpion for me. Crazy and scary. Also very powerful in battle. A great addition 👍

  140. I vote wrath. I always lost to wrath formations before I acquired him myself. I still do, just.. slightly less than always 🤡

  141. Easily tech priestess, just about the only hero than can be paired and improve any apc setup, no one else comes close to her.

    1. Character design, where skills are concerned… Scorpion 100% at the moment

  142. Death rider probably he is my first maxed sx heroes and he is very versatile, he don’t need support to be a killer apc.

  143. Death Rider. No question. And one of the few i still couldn’t max 😩

  144. It took me a while, but Retrograder has really shown to be a great hero. He’s not the strongest, but extremely versatile and can be used for many purposes.

  145. Death Rider is the best… IMO. Destruction power is unmatched. Developers should make more like him.

  146. DeathRider for sure. Not the best but still makes a difference and works as intended.

  147. Tech Priestess because she unlike all other S1-S4 heroes she can still be used. DeathRider is also a good one.

  148. Accidentally replied to another user.

    Depends onhow you mean? Like in looks or overall with looks and skills? For overall I like Venom Walker. He is creepy looking, but does a great job bringing down my foes. I like over time skills.

  149. Lust in design, pleasing to the eyes. As far as structure design probably Scorpion.

  150. Retrograde. The only hero that can be pair with all kind of troops and it still provide good combination

  151. Death rider, the best hero in game now and works well to pair with other hero to make big kills.

  152. Death rider overall, he add destruction for Doomsday and a good killer hero

  153. Tech princess as she was one of the older generation heroes that still able to perform well with other newer generations hero

  154. Heaven’s Redemption is a very good support hero for crowd control and debuff management.

  155. Retrograder brought a new approach to the hero formations, if his ability with shooters and with fighters are boosted, it would make the formation crafting even more complex.

  156. There is no similarity of starting and ending of the topic. There is nothing about Last Shelter heroes in the topic. We wish topic will be relivent with the starting.

  157. “Most perfect designed..” hard to choose, i like the crazy look of Scorpion, but are others good to be mentioned.. DR, HR, even the girls.

  158. Everyone tells me that annoying kid is the perfect hero in the game. Super strong and unbeatable!

  159. Perfect Death Rider, he has all the unique skills such as damage, immune, demolition

  160. I think the heroes are all designed to have strengths and flaws that in combination with certain heroes are extremely strong and opposing with other certain heroes are meant to be able to exploit. As per usual it’s all designed to be an endless cycle of growth mostly fueled by money. If a perfect hero was created it would cause stalemates in the game which would be the s of the cash cow.

  161. Death Rider amd Tech Priestess, imho. This is a very close call……then Death Rider is the one.

  162. I like the design of hero kami the most. simply beautiful. and good hero quality heals. fights back . Takes on teammates’ attacks. that makes me like him more than ever

  163. Hero wrath is also a strange reading design. bring a new trend to the game. Get weak, hit strong, counter attack with very good quality

  164. Have to be retrograder for me. Appearance wise, its every girls’s fantasy and every guy’s dream. Ability wise, needless to say, its a healer the best attribute in thebgame atm. The all troop type just makes it the icing on the cake.

  165. I dont have Death Rider at all, so i cant say as most of you. Wrath is not maxed by me, so i dont have experience, but apc i was fighting with, lost almost every time against Death Rider, Wrath combination.

  166. DD matchmaking should be more justified.. silver league states should not be in same map as legendary states.

  167. DEATH Rider. But after spending a serious amount of money for 1 copy of Death Rider, 800 tickets later, I still can’t max him. I feel violated lol

  168. As it stands i think Tech Priestess is the best designed hero because along with Major Anastasia they still play a part in the Meta since season 3. Retrograder has also an amazing design but needs a bit of tuning to be awesome.

  169. Design wise I really like Dawn, even though her outfit might be too thick for wastelands unless there’s air-conditioning in the barracks. Skill wise DR is nice.

  170. Deathrider additional destruction makes vital in Eden plus part of many meta combos and looks super cool

  171. Majority said death rider..I don’t have him tho😕 so I’ll pick tech priestess and ana

  172. I agree with most ans I think Deayh Rider is a great hero. Always contributes kills it seams.

  173. Death rider seems to be top pick but kamikaze might be more useful in the end….surprised nomad not named more.

  174. Death rider when it came to what are the abilities… and wrath when it came to good looking

  175. Death Rider would be my choice. Nice game. Enjoy that I don’t have to pay to play.

  176. The new map update is awesome. I hope the same map will work in Eden for better view of the bridges and cities

  177. Kamikaze and ceaser got the best overall design for a wastelands setting. DR and tech p are the most well rounded built heros.

  178. Death Rider was one of my first maxed heroe and has been solid in a lot of formations

  179. Currently for being op it would be scorpion. I like cannoness as she looks like she takes no trouble from anyone

  180. Death rider and Anna, both still relevant after much time they are out. Both Good in many formations

  181. I wish when use speed up package, I can have option to set how many packages to use. For example, I have 20k+ 1 minutes speed up package and I really don’t want to click it 20k times to use all

  182. It depends…. In about how does it looks like its kamikaze if it’s about power and versatility then death rider

  183. The death rider is one hero which is super powerful.. there should be some hero to break his immunity..

  184. Wish there is a faster way to get baneblade parts. Wish I can get death Rider and wrath.

  185. I think death rider is so unique to the game because it’s attributes and look. Also scorpion brings a whole new feel to the shooter category

  186. Let us exchange curage medals for Red core and dimonds – please send me a birthday gift