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Aug 25 [Topic of the Day] What are your wishes?

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      1. Like a new shop system where you can exchange courage medals for war badges and so ..

        1. So much this, I have thousands of courage almost maxed technology but few war badges, sh**ty hero’s and nothing happening in the hopeless lab.

          Let me exchange!

        2. This would be wonderful. I have so many metals I can’t use. It would also be nice to win a base skin without spending $200.

          1. Blaaa blaa blaaaaaaa.. I don’t say this blaaa blaa blaaaaaa.. I wish I got more blaa blaaa blaaaas but i know and you know it won’t happen unless you spend lots of blaaa blaaa blaaaaaaaasss

        3. I like that idea. Courage medals when you maxed out everything is a waste. I have like 500K unused.

        4. That would be great, or if they would just bring the exchange benefit around more frequently than every 6 months or so.

      2. I wish to max heroes, quicker bane parts production and completed CE tech. I am sure there is more but I don’t want to be greedy🤭

        1. Wish is for during regular DD, that the alliance matching doesn’t get determined by 0.05 seconds depending who clicks on an opponent first. Understand that the current range is +/-5 and then you can force to someone much lower. Perhaps it should be either random for the +/- 5 or if you force, random as well. You already introduce a randomness to the game with hero tickets, add that concept to DD matching as well.

          1. Upgrading facility help in it and technology plus others heroes can help reduce cost of part

      3. The game needs to update like bases, missiles, add some new troops maybe. It would be nice to have more features and not just new hero’s

      4. One way we could get access to SX heroes in a different way would be a place to trade hero fragments earned during hourly tasks for other hero fragments. The exchange could be similar to using hero tokens. This would also help players get the hero badges they need to max out heroes they have recruited in other ways

      5. Make upgrading S1 to S4 heroes easier. Most of them are no match for X heroes anyway. So why not?

      6. Make it easier to upgrade ns1 to s34 heroes. Most of them are no match for the X heroes.i agree

      7. The game favors the players who spends money. There should be an option to buy Courage medal in commercial centre

    1. I am still new to the game but so far so good !! The game has different mechanics systems compared with other game

      1. I wish for more events, events that last for a few days that don’t require money spent but time invested and teamwork

      2. I wish the game had better ways to tell what heroes were going to be available in recruitment pool and token shop.

        1. I agree, maybe once a week a rare zombie you can hit for diamonds or for tripe resources.
          Like the game Evony

        2. I wish the developers would care about making the game good instead of only making money. You can do both you know

    2. I think it would be nice from time to time some bonus super tickets and diamonds as there are very few rewards to reward loyalty

      1. There’s definitely something to be about how heroes are obtained. I would suggest a more balanced approach to close the gap between the spenders and non spenders to make game play more competitive. Spenders dictate everything in this game which makes others eventually leave the game outright.

    3. Me too. I also wish that super spenders weren’t allowed to dictate outcomes of eden. Super spender states should challenge each other during eden

    4. my ally have full 4 sets of baneblade. i have 2 parts , been playing for a year. it is so hard to catch up without spending so much?

    5. Íf only one could purchase super hero tickets, war badges and super core on the commercial hub(max 25)..

    6. I wish they’d put all Chxnese guilds in same Eden and let the rest of us play in a different one.. ya know, keep the civilized people together and the Communists separate

    7. Wish for an Interactive tool where you can test apcs with full stats and not loss any troops

    8. i wish for more luck in recruitinf x heroes.. perhaps an option to choose certain heroes in a pool of your choice.

    9. The game should be moved from money to win to actual skill to win for better success of game population

    10. I wish to have events where you get super recruitment tickets super energy core and war badges like earlier seasons

    11. I wish I could witn into one of my farms. Lost access to it a while ago, do to no longer being able to sign into that email after I did the password change. 😭

    12. I wish that the gambling mentality has an end. More possibilities to earn season x heroes, baneblade and war badges without spending so much money

    13. I agree with the comment of more chances to earn season X heroes. Maybe some of the special events can give tickets or even partial tickets.

    14. I wish for a present from the devs – super hero tickets, war badges, and super cores…

    15. Need to have small events in between eden and total war to keep everyone interested in the game

    16. It would be great to get totally set up. I feel like every time I get plummeted it takes a while to recoup.

    17. Need a shop where we can exchange courage medals for other items.
      Also some buildings which has no maximum so maxed bases can earn COZ points during building days.

    18. I wish i can get base skin… i have spend so much but still not get any base skin…😢😢

    19. I wish I wasn’t stuck on the Chinese servers for no fault of my own. There are so many states unavailable to me that have majority English speaking players who are active at the times during the day that I am. I am in state 425. It is completely unfair that our state is locked like this.

    20. I wish the game didn’t require so much money to enhance tech seems like I’ll never complete zone tech without spending 100s

    21. I wish for superheroes tickets, courage medals to echnge to war bdges, n super cores n polymers

    22. I think the majority would like more ways to be able to trade, anything and everything, between commanders of same alliance, anyway. Could be expanded to anyone in the zone later. Good game.

    23. Mee too and better earning fox x hero and easier way to get bb parts

    24. I wish for total war doomsday again, duels have always been my favourite game play experience with the alliance working and fighting together against one enemy.

    25. I just wish our developer should revise DD Total war. Its reward is too poor. But its concept is quite interesting. Thanks

    26. Make it easier to upgrade ns1 to s34 heroes. Most of them are no match for the X heroes.

    27. MAKE the heroes in the token shop cheaper based on which level they are. X heroes the most expensive and S1 the cheapest

    28. Easier to max S1 and S2 heroes. It costs just as much to max them as it does X heroes

    29. I would like to recruit heroes that I choose / wish to have. Now its just a lucky draw . It would also be nice to choose another cos for a day exsample if you do mot have a lot of tech you may vhoose another event for Cos for that day.

    30. I wish for more development options for maxed bases and more defensive specializations for the Farmer class.

    31. I wish our state could migrate with another state to gain more population to raise the nq level

    32. We must be able to play with each other’s base on times others are a sleep. Lc battles

    33. I wish it were easier to understand how the game works from the beginning. And make it easier to join an alliance

    34. Give me my wish for more duplicate heros so i can unlock what i have would be a nice start

    35. need to think twice before spending money
      cause this game have expensive previlages for rss and others

  1. Death Rider And Dawn good hero.but hard to get duplicate for open their skill.Hope Devs give a chance for F2P so we can compete with big spender

  2. I wish for more events that reward you with super cores and war badges. Happy playing everyone!

  3. I wish for fair eden matchmaking and better odds at heros I want to be drawn when pulling heros

    1. More events, mech war unit (Gundam style) , new skins for units when fighting on map. More zombies like the clown.

  4. I wish that the dev can help us enjoy the game more by letting the President of the state habe some kind of power to stop rogue activities.
    And ofc some ‘help’😉😊 in getting heroes. Lately, I drew copies of maxed heroes. I felt that is such a waste of time and energu after many weeks of DD.

  5. I wish the devs would introduce a “test mode” which would allow you to test formations without losing troops. In return, you get no kills added to your tally. Similar to Eden (in regards to lost troops) or Duels.

    1. I wish to end world hunger, so everyone can eat at the table with Jesus. And get HR without spending

    1. I Wish everyone do more for our planet so that our children had her a future to.
      I wish I get the needed dups off hero’s and more events where we can win super Cores.

  6. I wish there was a way to at least unlock the VIP building to at least level one for free to play players. At least give regular people a chance.

  7. Better mechanics in dealing with rogue players that can ruin the game for a lot of people. Updated buffs and de buffs at LC as well as National Quests specializations.

  8. I wish that when pulling heros I wouldn’t get the same hero dupes that I have maxed already seem to get same dupes and can’t pull anything else

  9. I wish there’s plenty of events or activities after every season of Eden with rewards giving like war badges or super cores.

  10. I wish everyone more luck on getting the heroes and dups they need.😊 (and wish this “you are typing so fast, slow down” thing stop 😒)

    1. Well I hope for lots of hero dupes like everyone I’m sure. I also wish to see my state grow more or the devs to give my state as an option for the states being closed to be able to live here with a free migration option

  11. I’m praying and wishing for a meaningful life.
    I’m also wishing for free tickets, red cores and base skin. Lol.

    1. More hero’s dupes and more red cores and war badges 😍 also hope 649 will be added to the states that dead states can pick from to move with their free migration ticket 😊 send them all to us! 😅

  12. Hi I wish that you add more tech because most of us are maxed already. Function is not yet available for some tech you should already decide on these tech

  13. I wish I could max both of the newest upcoming heroes with 250 tickets… If that is too much to ask, lots of super tickets, super cores, and war badges would be great!

  14. I wish the devs would add some kind of fight ring within the state or within an alliance no prizes unless the 2 fighting make a wager anyone should be able to watch the fight and also wager on the match this would give us something to do thank you

  15. Nice day, sun is shining, a bit sailing with kids, great day!
    My wish to have some items a bit cheaper😁

  16. I WISH that the developers can maybe increase the chance on getting SX heroes when we are opening tickets. Small time to moderate spenders like me are really working hard to save tickets and it really breaks our heart and wanting to quit the game if our 500 tickets just gave us 3 or 5 SX heroes… The 100usd pack gives 30 recruitment tickets, so why cant you just make it for every 30 tickets, randomly guaranteed 1 SX hero? This is just my humble wish.

    1. Been playing this for 3 years… It used to be people would spend hundreds of tickets and got nothing.. no good heroes at all.. and took almost a year for ftp just to get a decent awakened SX hero. so pretty thankful it’s already made easier compared to before.. now almost everyone can get SX heroes. And even get duplicates of them from token shop.

  17. I wish for better draws from super tickets. To many original good hero duplicates. Needs more season heros.

  18. I wish for harder you work,more luck you will have by your side, everyone stay safe & healthy.
    Happy gaming🤗

  19. I wish more people would participate in kill event. It’s a war game and troops are easily trained.
    To the devs I wish that we could trade extra dups among alliance members

  20. Better matchmaking in Eden. Put the big alliances with the other bigs, medium alliances against each other. Let folks battle against alliances they’re similar to instead of just having a big alliance run the show.

    I also wish the comment section would stop telling me I’m posting too fast. Wtf?

  21. I wish the game recognized heros you already received and cut down the likelihood of receiving maxed heroes. It is frustrating to receive 20 Gluttons and 0 Nomads.

  22. The rewards for completing the daily rewards needs to be updated to include some of the new items.

  23. 1) better random chances at hero recruitment, get a hero after 20,30 tix pulled sometimes (I always have to max out the luck bar after pulling 90tix to get an sx hero)

    2) more events that reward super cores and war badges

  24. 3) an event to clear out remaining unnecessary items out of inventory for example defensive plans for garisson, stationing plans, candy etc

    4) the ability to earn diamonds on build day, when you finished all your buildings have nothing left to upgrade – maybe allow points for gathering on this day too

    5) Events that give you permanent apc skins and base skins (even if they do not give buffs) – just for looks

    1. 1. The rewards for Eden should be equal to an event that takes 6 weeks to complete.
      2. There should be a way to trade heroes between alliance members.
      3. Pay to win should be eased a bit. Not everyone in this world has throw away cash.
      4. More events like Oblivion.
      5. I have played 10 seasons of DD/Eden and still don’t have some of the basic X heroes and I buy the packages.
      6 Baneblade is ridiculously hard to build and expends too much in resources and time.

  25. I wish game would be more ven between spenders and non spenders, like it was in early game. Now difference is just too big.

    Better Eden pairing

  26. I wish devs will find a way to make game more fair for people from poor countries so they will be able to complete without selling their liver

  27. wish to get more daily free gift such as red core, war badge, super ticket, etc… from dev. 😉

  28. Really wish skins were easier to get.. spending $20 or more on a near zero chance to get 5% of some dumb low value attribute.. seems some people suggest that this could take a few hundred bucks.. yeah na…

    1. More events , more rewards, more chance to get tickets and I like to have DD switches with Eden. Please….

  29. Replace building speedup with research speedups as rewards on 3-4 days of CoZ.
    Also allow merging existing 5 minutes speedup in our inventory into 1 or 2 hour speedup at our discretion.

  30. Wish that developers could come up with DD event that is as tactical, fast paced and exciting as Total War or at least fix the problems with it. The best teams can even stop the strongest enemy (even when ganged up by few other alliances) in their tracks from advancing to their AC. Even if they have 8 doomsday missiles they can’t win so easily against truly skilled underdogs. Eden is too much politics, too much tiling and dont rely on strategy and personal skills as much. Only the prizes are good.

  31. At present the app is crashing badly on iOS after a minute or two . I wish y’all could fix that a.s.a.p 😅

  32. Wishing devs reduce crystal cost for lab attributes, and remove useless skills

  33. I wish the game had more options for earning x hero’s and super energy core without spending so much money

  34. I wish to get a base skin. I have no luck on that. I wish that leaving a comment would be easier – im not posting comments to quick, this is just broken.

  35. I wish for more war badges and super recruitment tickets…and to be able to unlock the VIP shop without having to spend money. To get duplicate X and S4 heroes is almost impossible to be able to unlock them.

  36. I wish I could afford the packages that are offered. I wish that the game was more balanced in a way that it was more competitive instead of one sided, especially in eden.

  37. I like this game, I wish for more war badges and super tickets. hahaha, great. Thank you for all you do for us.

  38. I wish these fingers of mine would stop posting so fast and wish state 314 continues to grow and thrive!

  39. My eternal wish in this game was some permanent skins on bases or on a.p.c’s… at least some random skins,.. but permanent please. 🙂

  40. I wish for a new game mode for dd. Any eden game is boring and regular dd doesn’t have good rewards and oblivion doesn’t happen often enough

  41. I wish for new events and changes in coz. It’s been the same thing for ages now. I also wish for north vs South in Eden and to never get total war again. I wish for eden rewards that allow us to choose the hero we want so we don’t work that hard only to get dupes.

  42. I would love to see new and or expanded player classes, you have hinted at them for years. Veteran players are in need of buildings and tech in order to be able to compete in CoZ. Improved city defense structures and tech. Programmable actions, such as deploying a shield from inventory if attacked. DD matching that pairs alliances based on current power and overall spending

  43. I wish the devs would show they actually care about the quality of the game and not the money. Produce a better draw on heroes and rewards for the nonmoney player. They are the true fan base and core of this game.

  44. I wish that all activation tickets such as COZ tickets, gathering bonus, attack and defence can be made more visible

  45. In later stages of the game it seems like 5he only fays coz is relevant is Thursday to Sunday.
    It makes it much harder to get diamonds and when there is no dd going there is almost no reason to play.

  46. I’m ok with spending money in this game, but it is too expensive. My wish is to make packages and subscriptions more cheaper. At a cheaper price, more players will spend money and developers will earn more as well. And there will be a healthy competition between players.

  47. I wish i have thousands of Diamonds… 😚😊😊😊
    I wish i have more wisdom medals to upgrade more heroes…

  48. 3 tickets in coz boxes
    Quest for a s hero’s tickets
    A auto-refill troop button on the world map

  49. My wish is that all loved ones around me have happy and peaceful life…and of course super tickets ,war bages and cores too😆

  50. that you have (four) apc formation schemes to choose from, which can be set and saved before.

  51. Hey Devs, It’s me again. While some may wish for better game play, fair pairing in DD/Eden, better handling of bullying and rogue players, or better yet greater draw probability for heros. I wish for the reward of recognition of effort. Time spent, effort spent, achievements accomplished to be more consistently rewarded on Eden. While life can sometimes become a popularity contest. Math is a great tool when measuring effortt level in Eden when it ces to rewards.

  52. I wish im not posting too quickly which im not 😅 i wish we could find use to these useless extra courage medals

  53. That the time for LC battles would rotate weekly or monthly. One week 0 GT, next week +8, etc….

  54. i wish to get useful stats for my hero reconstruction and correct heroes for ticket pulls

  55. I wish Developers become a good developers .So they implement good logic for hero recruitment if i had one hero maxed than why i got 5 more copies of maxed hero.

  56. Eden seasons can become boring very quickly depending on the map you’re in. More events with rewards would be fun, or improving the rewards of those already available (like zombie siege).

  57. I wish for more events where the normal player can have a change for nice loots. Its no problem you have to play for it to get it. (Not made easy) also that posting off a reply isn’t bugging all the time…….

  58. The game is dying from states 1-400. With that said 1-160 are losing players at an astonishing rate. I wish you would open migration up to higher states. Force merge dead states along with an free migration option. I understand you are force merging but you need to increase the number of states involved. Second, you need to change the game so to speak, more oblivion’s with better prizes. Add more time slots to better accommodate the alliances.

  59. I wish that when updates like adding polymer crystals to commercial hub were done that there was an announcement and that it was done for everyone’s account equally

  60. I wish we would get old DD back, but that it would be changed/fixed so it would be mire fair.

  61. I wish there was inclusion of war badges in CoZ boxes 7-9 for states lower than 801. Since cutting edge requires those. And courage medals just getting wasted. Also difference between CoZ rewards in Silver, Gold and legendary leagues.

  62. I wish they would fix the hopeless lab – it’s now way to hard to get the right skills

  63. I wish to also have a lot of cool events during, but especially between the eden season. Many are very bored in between the seasons and they quit the game. And I wish that we could get new players as we’re only losing them and no one joins our state anymore

  64. Please make many more events like Oblivion. Coz and Eden are so boring. Eden is so much about politics, talking about who is stronger and so little fighting.

  65. It would have been a bit easier to get Baneblades and CE tech, without spending fortunes on it. Also better rate on X recruitment and once you have a duplicate the chance to get that particular hero should be very less

  66. Wish to add war badges and gene fragments on the 3rd box of hourly challenge and bring back or modify the clone center to use certain % to revive troops.

  67. I wish there was more incentive to war. Eden and the states have become one big snuggy and its super boring. We need to fight! Make use of the heros.
    And i wish we could eliminate farm bases cause theyre lame.

  68. First of all, I wish that the pandemic would end and people around the world can go anywhere safely again. And secondly, hope devs would give hero or skin gift on birthday and christmas time 👀😂

  69. I wish we would have more free oportunities to get/exchange for red cores and war badges 😁 You know like it used to be some time ago 😏 And more wendells lvl 25 would be great too in more populated states.

  70. I wish we could have more events where we could obtain super cores and war badges. Also more hero tokens daily..

  71. End to the pandemic. Shorter time for ce reseting. More oblivion, at least weekly.

  72. I wish, non spenders have chance fight non spenders in some event as equals. Some event where money isnt factor to win.

  73. 1) Account suspension to people who, who really deserve it. (Racism, Sexism, Pedophile) instead of muting.
    2) Change S Hero luck. Increase the amount of tickets you need to use to 50-70, instead of 70-100.
    3) Match making needs to get changed. I don’t need a Chinese State for 4 Seasons straight with the double amount of power and money money spending ruling the and abusing their power to dominate the rankings and nobody else has a fair chance, even tho you put every spender of non Chinese states into one guild.
    4. Chinese States should only play against other Chinese states, to obtain a more fair play, same goes for superstates.
    5. Longer break between the seasons, to get a better chance to grow.
    7. Try to close the gap between spenders and none spenders. It’s already massive.
    8. Get more small events such as Oblivion, to be able to get freebies.

  74. It didn’t let me Post a comment yesterday saying “I need to give sometime because I’m being to qick ” hopefully I still get the rewards

  75. I wish to get at least 3 copies of death rider from my eden reward and better odds when recruiting hero

  76. I wish you guys give me a free skin or any permanent skin in eden elite pack

  77. Wish to have hero’s duplicate and chances of getting it should be bit easy and different in simpler way.

    1. yes. we sit around and do nothing outside of eden because everything in this game is for sale and not earned.

  78. I wish I have some luck in game…I wish this some development can see these comments and implement in the game

  79. Balance the leagues. The legendary league should get mor golden tickets then golden and silver one

  80. Exchange of raw material such as wood, food, oil, iron for red cores or war badges would be great and the game would be less pay 2 win.

  81. Wish to lead my own guild to 1st position in eden instead of playing under someone’s command and hence getting the R5 reward😁

  82. you need to merge active smaler states together and bring back events like the yeti 😁

  83. My wish is to developer to merge some of the empty or quiet state so we as a active players can have the fire again to play this game .

  84. I wish the dev could lessen the required resources for upgrading buildings…more combat and develop heroes

  85. Wish the seeding and ranks deciding Eden maps were a bit more fair 🙂
    And that I win 100 billions of $

  86. I wish this game had no bugs during lauch center battle. This way more people would actually fight instead of hide under a shield and trade kill. No bugs would definately make the game more money.

  87. A opportunity to earn red cores ND war badges on a daily bases.
    Like earning recruitment tickets

  88. I wish that X heroes were easier to obtain. And that gold abilities in the lab were more frequent 🙂

  89. My birthday is soon, I wish they will finally send me one of those loaded birthday gifts 🤞🙏😁

  90. I also hope there will be more things for no paying players so we can get faster bb etc and more tickets so those people will also enjoy the game. More

    1. I wish we had the helicopter pad like it used to be where we could call it and sell water for cash.

  91. I wish Dd events would be even more balanced.
    And shorten down seasons… 3 weeks are more than enough.
    Most of the time it’s finnished in 2…

  92. I wish developers would have sent some gifts on my birthday last month and a permanent base skin.

  93. The game is becoming part of the life for more and more people. They have the tendency to forget the fact that real life is the one that matter and the game is supposed to bring fun and relaxation. I wish that from time to time, let say every 6 months the game servers to be closed for one week and everyone takes a break 👍

  94. I wish T10 were easier (cheaper) to get. That is was linked to building a new building rather than spending money on war badges, making it more fair for all

  95. I wish two things first war budges n red cores for bases that are maxed could be produced n gained and with natural ways like for example produce red cores but with high amount of in game money needed to put in not only real money n luck. and bases with all other tech maxed should get war budges in boxes not courage medals. Second thing I wish we could have an exchange hero event between clan members but with restrictions in number of exchanges n activity of the base so it can be legit for the exchange etc etc

  96. i wish my country flag was in the flag section. Malta (EU) flag. please add it. 🇲🇹🥰

  97. Find a way somehow to stop terror on weak players in every way and give them enough time and chance to grow. I dont know, some kind of protection for weak ones, or debuff for attackers where is a big difference between strength

  98. My biggest wish is to rotate Reset hours, for example: move reset with 1hr each week

  99. I wish for Eden matchmaking that more closely followed CoZ scoring, rather than having a pair of legendary alliances divide the state up on the 3rd day.

  100. I wish to increase the percentage of chance to get Season heros with super recruitment ticket.

  101. I wish that Eden matchmaking is more fair and alliances with equal strengths play against each other rather than whales

  102. I wish developers could make an ingame tool which suggests you the best formations you can have based on heroes and parts you have.

  103. I wish that the battle dynamics such as how damage, might, tactical might are calculated so we can hold the devs accountable to fixing bugs that are so common in the game

  104. I wish to have X heros in the free daily draw and to have a fair battle in Oblivion since the match making is not equal.

  105. I wish there was more ways that small players can catch up to big spenders. More events we can play to get badges. Cores. Tickets.

  106. I wish for better luck on recruitment tickets. I also wish for 4 baneblade sets and 100% CE tech 😂

  107. I wish you would separate the base skin from Eden from core rewards. Many players don’t need core rewards and would pass them to other players if it wasn’t for the core skin base. Make it separate.

  108. I wish we have a preset button in APC menu so we can switch all formations with one click. It’s been hard to manage during work when you have occupation or war and you waste time in switching heroes,parts and troops.

  109. i wish to have more way to get super cores and war badges from game. exchange, events etc.

  110. Wish that the failed mail from dev about “untreated soldiers in Immunity Research Facility will be killed directly by %” would not come true …meh

  111. I wish you balance the game in a way spenders dont have a huge advantage in game and just spend more to win, make the game fair enough and we could do tournaments just like EA games does

  112. I wish to have more ways to get x-recruitment ticket, super recruitment ticket and super energy core

  113. I wish for more smaller events that give rewards like super core, war badge and crystals

  114. I wish eden was not such a political nightmare where the rewards are decided beforehand and you just end up getting bullied and wasting your time

  115. I wish the rewards for frontier states and regular states are the same. People sell their bases from frontier back to the regular states because it’s easier for people in frontier to complete the requirements for bane, cutting edge tech and hero reconstruction which is very unfair.

  116. I wished to get missing medals of my hero to maxed them and start reconstruction. And also some new building and research to get token daily.

  117. I wish x-hero vouchers, easier and faster way to get Baneblade, better matchmaking for oblivion.

  118. I want to have a fair Eden season where everyone has an equal chance to start, not those who are full of money to decide the end result

  119. I wish we had an Arena where we could make our heros fight each other for the purpose of increasing their xp and skills. That way our unused heros can advance without sinking xp and wisdom points into them

  120. I wish for more events that last for a couple days and only require time and alliance assistance!

  121. I wish i can max out my heroes so i am stronger.. and less repeats of heroes i already have.

  122. I hope the all star competition is for all the alliances in the state instead of only top alliance

  123. I wish that this game could be like in the beginning only few thing you needed to buy…but now you devs are becoming really greedy…I wish you start upgrading things that they dont cost real money

  124. I wish that Clash of Zones boxes are Updated to include some super cores, war badges and in the future Polymer crystals.

  125. I wish that devs would take game hacking more seriously and not come up with an endless list of excuses why they won’t do anything about it.

    1) your account is brought.. no it isn’t look at the history.

    2) we can’t reinstate your hero’s as we have no record… here’s some battle reports to prove hero’s..

    3) sorry it would cause data confusion… what the hell does that mean? 🤣

  126. my wish is to have a new ke event more interesting for all players.
    For zxample with in 3 rounds to be ablentonparticupate for all time zone and not inly at reset.

  127. I wish for happiness and wellbeing of all people.

    As for the game, I wish for my state to remain as friendly as it was.

  128. My Wishes-
    I wish it would have been easier to get X heroes
    And Making baneblade parts should take lesser time

  129. Once a hero is full, there should be zero chance to get another – unless all other heroes in the pool are also full

    1. Very smart or at least give an option to completely disqualify a hero from each pool.

  130. i wish some modifications on kill event at the end of week to be more interesting with more rewards able to play for all time zone and not only at reset

  131. I wish it was possible to gift excess hero copies to an alliance member who might need them using diamonds or VIP points. Also, and i have been mentioning this to customer service for the longest time, we hope that the bracketing in doomsday is fair because matching was never fair for my state.

    1. True specially Eden matching is completely unfair legendary states vs silver ones…

  132. Having to scroll all the way to the end to reply is tricky lol.
    Will the Devs run Q and A for each blog day on the top 3 topics?

  133. My wishes are more events like oblivion and more rewards including crystals,badges and cores

  134. I wish Every 3 tokens shop resets we should get 1 free Specific Hero of our Option to buy. ⭐️

  135. Have the option to exchange courage medals for war badges. As we maxed our tech, courage medals become useless but still get those everyday from coz rewards.

  136. I wish that X heroes were easier to obtain. And that gold abilities in the lab were more frequent 🙂

  137. I wish kill counts in oblivion remains after oblivion is over. Just like eden. Your troops get returns and you retain your kill counts. It is only fair

  138. I wish I could be luckier with hero’s and skins. Some hero’s just elude me for so long 🙈

  139. I wish that when you use 10 orange tickets on season recruitments that you actually got season heros. Also I wish that there was an exchange system for heros that you don’t need or have multiples of. Like exchange 3 orange hero duplicates for 1 season hero

  140. I wish for some interesting mini events for a short time with orange cores, war badges or super recruitment tickets as rewards.

  141. I wish that cost for all you want to buy is same regardless of where you live, so that players from certain world areas do not have advantage

  142. Have more ways to earn a base skin except spending 300 dollars or more. These are insane amounts. This equals 4 PS4 games for a mere skin!

  143. Wish a more fair matching mechanism , in order to avoid ending in Eden maps with crazy super alliances full of big spenders, where the result is predefined since day one

  144. I wish to increase the percentage of chance to get Season heros with super recruitment ticket.
    Decrease the time required to produce the parts Material.
    Decrease the eden season duration.

  145. I wish a happy life and good health. Also to play without paying 🤣

  146. The rewards for losing in legendary should be better than the rewards for winning in gold league. Players are rewarded for trying to lose at the moment.

  147. I wish for better luck with hero draws and less duplicates needed to develop them.

  148. My wish in game… It’s get a skin with none shoot, or a little bit more lucky in recruiting heros.

  149. I wish for the next step. Not the complicated, unachievable one, but a more building and tech, so all CoZ days will filled with some success. Also I still wish for more balance at the events.

  150. I wish Eden rewards were distributed automatically on contribution and taken out of the hands of rogue R5s that can either not give rewards you have earned or boot you from a guild on the last day of a season

  151. I wish the game allowed more option to develop the base without the need to pay money.

  152. Introduce extra 4 Super Tickets as rewards on COZ évents on box 6 and box 9. Plus introduce VIP points ans Gold for token shop also as rewards on COZ évents…., please need to upgrade the game many players reached the maximum on Building & Tech event juge impact on game continuity

  153. New Tech (no badges) and buildings, there is no Coz on those days for some bases.

  154. I wish for a way to earn permanent skins without spending.. Log in streak reward maybe? Put a year on it.. Keep people playing..

  155. I wish for health for my family and that we may overcome Our struggles. I also wish for some good battles in next eden 😅

  156. More events where we Can trade items of no use, like courage medals. But also events whe people who dont spend money have the chance to trade to wars badges and red cores

  157. I wish for a more balanced hero recruitment chances, there are bases with average of 65 while others have an average of 85-90 tickets per hero

  158. I wish that T10 would be as accesibile as T9 and more buildings/tech be added to the game for the maxed bases.

  159. I wish that the developers of the game would bring back balance to he game. Recent items that have been added to the game such as war badges, super cores, and crystals are only accessible in a meaningful way by spending. The gap between big spenders, and regular free or moderate spenders keep increasing. These new items need to be more accessible in COZ, Hourly, or even for trade with diamonds in the store.

  160. More ways to earn red cores, war badges and all the other things to grow without buying packs

  161. I wish to have a better matchmaking system so Eden isn’t impossible to play without spending 10.000 euros

  162. I wish that The lick meter wouldn’t take so many tickets to fill up (I’ve gone through 140 orange tickets and still had more left on tve lick meter), the devs would release more tech or base levels. Make it easier for F2P players to get war badges and orange cores. Also that you’d fix match making….you put in vastly more spend happy alliances in with little moderate spending alliances in Eden making it nearly impossible to get decent rewards

  163. I wish I could draw some good heroes at the end of eden after hard work, not like the previous seasons …

  164. It would be great to have an cleaning event of all the dead states. Make a great merger with an minimum of population in the states. There could be an event around that.

  165. They fix the hopeness lab and make it easier to get the recommended skills . Right now it just seems impossible regardless of how much money you pour into it.

  166. I wish the hero tokens are increased per day in the hourly task and for Eden the r5 should not have the power to distribute rewards. The rewards should be individual points based

  167. I wish there is an option ou coul kill all by yourself the Wendell the Cloun so I coul complete the daily rewards hehe

  168. I wish dev can give more events and opportunities that can help us players get what we want, like skins, heroes, items. And help us implement our suggestions to make this game more enjoyable

  169. I wish that a Grouo Migration feature is available so that alliances or groups of friends can migrate all together without risk of anyone getting left behind because migration quotas got met before the rest of the group is able to migrate. Whether it be for frontier states or regular state migration.

    Also would be great for free group migrations to be given to states with very minimal main pkayer population (excluding farms).

  170. I wish more free rewards like tickets, red cores, skins to keep the interest of players in this game.

  171. I just wish for some general balance in the game. Just a chance to survive a fight and not destroy the work of months in a single moment.

  172. Wish for better matchmaking in eden . Also make eden more of a conflict zone …..too much politics and deals at the moment…

  173. I wish the probability of getting the heroes you already have maxed would go down compared to the heroes you dont have maxed yet.

  174. To get the 2nd BB fast with more option of getting super cores for free

  175. I wish for more events for free to play and smaller spenders to get more of the premium items (War Badges, Super Cores, Polymer Crystals)

  176. I wish the game should be less pay to win. More chances of getting red core’s, war badges & other stuff & the cost of pack are too high that needs to be less costly.

  177. I do wish first we get rid of the music box, it’s useless with so little reward, zombie sward event to be optimized it’s also very boring, and to make events like oblivion more common because it’s fun war .

  178. I wish for more events and benefit tasks that give material rewards such as super cores and war badges.

  179. I wish devs would test and use the shit they produce, then they woulnd’t need to come up with stupid surveys like this.

  180. I wish the hero that you stationed in the research center would be brought back. It is unfair that some players have him and the rest have no option to get him.

  181. I wish that you give people a little more time to catch up that are f2p or cheap to play! Red cores, war badges, t10, hopeless lab etc etc all get released so close together no time to catch up!

  182. I think in terms of reality this game has been the most realistic game in comparison with the other strategy games although it needs some worj on visuals
    to make the game more lively

  183. I wish I can max out my current x heroes in particular dawn, scorpion, heaven redemption and organic. 😉

  184. I wish Eden matching is more fair payers vs payers ftp vs ftp the unfair matching just open the gap of power between us and destroys the whole game play.

  185. I wish for more class perks for the Trader class. All players are Raider or Builder, and that’s kind of boring. Add more boost for the Trader class.

  186. For items such as war badges, polymer crystals and red cores were easier to obtain. An for new research an buildings to be introduced so players have something to do on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

  187. Balance between spends and none spenders. The game is very unfair and unbalanced. It makes good players quit.

  188. I wish there was a building that could produce polymer crystals as a trade for resources. Kind of like the chip factory’s. Likewise for super cores, and hero badges. The consent need to spend with only little reward outcome really could be better as well. With doomsday investment required weekly wish these were a one time purchase. Lastly, base skins much easier to obtain and way less expensive. There are so many now we need better ways to collect them.

  189. I wish for fair matching in eden or total war, making more events and make t10 troops faster to be produce.

  190. To be fair atleast one event should be held inbetween spenders vs spenders
    And non spenders vs non spenders.

  191. I wish for more events that would be fair for us non spenders. I also wish to get duplicates for my heroes.

  192. I wish there were some way to handle rouges. They are ruining game for so many.. so maybe a de-buff which makes the player visible on the map for all..?

  193. How the the lick meters work in hero pool. ? It seems my meters increase slowly all the time. 😭

  194. A trade option should be available. We have too many unused items that holds no more value to the game as it progresses

  195. Wish devs updrade the game data smoothly and effectively. And, doomsday season will be refreshed every season, make gamer feel happy and intersting then login to the game. Also the arrangement of each season is fair to all alliances

  196. I wish that you make the package cheaper and add more speedy cards 50% and more recruitment tickets in the coz daily rewards

  197. Adding more variety in the rewards… war badges are very difficult to get and so are the Crystal polymers!

  198. I wish there was something to use all of these courage medals that I have for. It’s useless speeding up to gain so much of something that is now useless. Maybe you could release some more technology that we can use existing courage medals for??

  199. Maybe you could add some more technology that we can use the existing courage medals for or at least allow us to exchange courage medals for war badges or crystals maybe instead

  200. Game specific: a more equal distribution of alliance powers on Eden maps, so not one or two alliances can dominate a map.
    In general: i wish that the powers that be could work together for the betterment of humanity, and more immediately cooperate to try and limit the projected rates of climate change, so our children and grandchildren do not have to suffer and try and fix our mess.

  201. A feature to exchange courage medals for war badges. Maxed bases have no real use for them anymore we but still get them from boxes every day! And the same with blue cores. Let us swap them for red ones!

  202. Let us exchange courage medals for war badges. Maxed bases have no use for them anymore! And the same for blue cores to red cores. And blue and purple recruit tickets. Who ever uses those?!

  203. I wish dev let me merge the farm…with the main….to get all the goodies

  204. When Elite Military and Master City Defence tech is completed the zone rewards 9 boxes should give war badges, super cores or crystal polymer instead of courage medals

  205. Be able to buy super hero tickets, trade chips and other items in helicopter exchange. Also increase the amount if items.

  206. i wish there are more season hero plus x hero as along the way, in addition merge all the low population states and gives us back the DD than EDEN

  207. I wish you would allow some migration out of region locked servers. We have friends who would like to immigrate to us but they are in those servers.

  208. New shop system to trade courage medals for war badges, speed ups for other types of speed ups

  209. I wish there was a way to gain more war-badges, red cores, and polymer crystals from the daily free events.

  210. I wish there should be more ways of earning cores and war badges. I wish that skins are more affordable so that more and more people can get them.

  211. Save an APC Setup of all 4 APCs. So it’s easy to switch between fighting and tiling/gathering for example and not having to change formation every time

  212. Courage medal exchange event would be nice. And with more and more players has maxed normal tech it would be great to be able to choose which medals you get from coz, so instead of courage medals you could get red cores or war badges for example

  213. my in game wish would be allowing us f2p players to exchange our courage medals for war badges or crystals.

    my real life wish is to earn enough and migrate to a place like Canada or Denmark.

  214. I wished the support would actually *read* my questions. 50% of the time the answer is useless and doesn’t even fit my message!! 🤦‍♂️
    Oh and other 3-4 generic messages that precede or follow the support’s “answer” are useless, too, because … waiiit for it … they are AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED 🙄🙄🙄

  215. I wish for better luck when recruiting heroes and an option to deal with rogue players that terrorize an state.

  216. I wish certain nos of golden recruitment ticket can be exchange for a direct selection of hero recruitment

  217. I wish that the new heroes are not that hard to get to level up the game against those who spend too much and those that spent a little, only thr tech and part may difffer as they are very hard to develop, and expenssive too.

  218. I wish we had more events with war badges and red cores as rewards. Plus more frequently those events to trade the research medals to something usefull

  219. I wish to get back the daily events ehich used to give warbadges,supercores,seasonal tickets and speeds up which used yo start in the third week in the season till the next season also wish to get exchange shop event

  220. I wish that speed ups cam be traded with other speed ups or diamonds or super core. All my buildings are max up so i have tons of build speed ups that are useless.

  221. I wish for 60,000 red cores, 500,000 war badges, 100,000 polymer crystals, 100 selected X heroes tickets 😂

  222. I wish maxing out heroes not post every Eden new heroes, and tech to be more easy to max out .

  223. I wish that players who are playing this game for 3 years or more have loyalty perks like, free VIP unlock, or other things like regular supply of 20 super recruitment tickets, or better packs or or free skins

  224. I wish that we could have some days of unlimited dura/battery in Eden. Perhaps on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. You could have different purchase packs on these days that perhaps increase your strength and speed for a limited time, (say like a 100% coz ticket but this will give you 50% or 100% speed or dura for say a period of 4 hours or something), instead of purchase packs of dura/battery, and keep dura/battery purchase packs for objectives day when dura/battery is as it is now.

  225. I have so many wishes, but the most important of them all is that loyal players whos been playing this game for a long time, spender or not should have weights to the dev for their loyalty

  226. i wish we can get super energy core, red crystals and war badges in our daily coz rewards

  227. I wish for everyone to get along stop the bot farming and be happy to play a free game that people who invest in the game developers can do better things,and it does not matter where you are from race and politics should be put aside,we all bleed the same colour regardless of your culture, my biggest wish is for a free draw to win anything from heros to experience points

  228. I wish getting season heros wasn’t so hard for no spending players. More events with more chance of getting heros would be good

  229. I wish for more ways to obtain war badges, super cores, and polymer crystals without having to spend money

  230. I wish we could exchange the 8 hour peace shields for longer ones. Also be able to exchange the courage metals for war badges. Oh and that people would actually follow the agreements that the leaders make.

  231. I wish this game would spend time on new content instead of heros or base skins.

  232. There should be better odds pulling a season hero in super recruitment! I have stopped using tickets on super recruitment because i have never got a season hero their! Maybe have a luck meter on super recruitment For seasonal hero’s! That would be great!

  233. I wish normal DD is scrapped….weak states have zero chance….the strong states will just get stronger…. life is miserable for those weak states during the whole season and most just sit it out.

  234. Fairness between f2p an p2p, at least we donate time than money. Fixing bugs in eden and oblivion. Migration costs lesser

  235. More options for key games times for battles and taking objectives as everything seems to happen at reset, but that’s not good for me

  236. I wish that we can really work with our buy/obteined heroes.my case is that i have almost all heroes but they are worhless cause i cannot get dupes for them.

  237. I wish we can get more war badges for free. Or put it in the clash of zones. Maxed bases can’t upgrade any tech now!

  238. I wish I could get more tokens from the rewards not only 60 per day from hurly rewards

  239. My wish in this game is that at least give more benefits for free user. The gap between spenders and normal players are too big. Just hoping for more events that can help the free to play players

  240. I wish DD is more evenly matchen with alliances of same power level measured over the course of 2 DD’s this to make the battles evenly matchen as you do with allstars

  241. Wish devs updrade the game data smoothly and effectively. And, doomsday season will be refreshed every season, make gamer feel happy and intersting then login to the game. Also the arrangement of each season is fair to all alliances

  242. I wish for more options to obtain various items without spending real money.
    Hard work over a period of time should be able to award more badges, red cores,chrystals, gold tickets for example

  243. More options for red cores. VIP cores. Or maybe an exchange shop blue to red cores along with other exchange items such as five min speed ups to one hour etc.

  244. I wish for new buildings to help in combat, better rewards and the ability to be more competitive without spending money.

  245. I wish for more super reqruitment tickets, war badges, courage medals and sx heroes , red cores

  246. It would be great if the X heroes earned from Eden events had a much lower propensity to be duplicates of maxed heroes or the undesirable heroes such as wanderer. The same applies to those purchased from the DD Store

  247. I wish that somehow devs could make it so that players that have maxed buildings/tech can still earn coz rewards somehow

  248. Small Hero pools of Max 4 heros. Very hard to get desired hero. Thousands of tickets are wasted in current pools without any chance to get desired hero.

  249. The ability to trade/exchange dupe heroes to someone who may struggle with their hero pulls or can’t afford thousands of tickets to try and make game slightly more balanced (understable the more u spend the better ur base is but still lol)

  250. I wish for Eden to go to a pure points based system, so that smaller guilds can still have a chance for rewards by working hard and collecting points.

  251. Zombie swarm rewards where increased. Currently they provide no benefit to do. Plus increase the amount of waves to really test how people do

  252. My wish is that we get better rewards from Wendells than just speedups. Like how about add cores or warbadges to the mix.

  253. I wish you would actually make this game what it used to be. Now it is just Doomsday, I am sick of DD, and I see more and more people who helped you grow this game leave because they are tired of it too.

  254. There must be buildings, which processes blue core to red core and courage medal to war badges.

  255. I wish it wouldn’t be that unfair to get the correct heroes… some got the right ones with just a few tickets… I used hundreds of them and still didn’t got the ones I want

  256. I wish the dev’s would sell 1 gold part a week…maybe even 1 gold baneblade a month?.

  257. I would welcome the possibilty to trade heroes between bases/farm bases as usually waiting for a dupe of one hero is a pain.

  258. Sx hero drops are getting bigger everytime new sx heros are released. This means as the weekly pools get bigger there is less chance of getting duplicates. Suggest keeping pools from getting bigger.

  259. Need to work towards making every item in game attainable through gameplay and make the p2w aspect for those who wish to support or have no patience to grind. Get rid of paywalls please, they ruin the game. Thank you.

  260. I wish the game had more technologies and buildings, and also had more ways of developing without creating too big a gap from f2p and p2w players

  261. I wish there was an option to buy migration tickets with in game currency(diamonds or something), it doesnt have to be cheap, but would be nice to have option to get them without spending money or at least allow to buy migration tickets for cheaper instead of 1 cheap every month then the rest are expensive.

  262. Well I have many, for DD to return and Exen to take a break. Miss the battles and missiles. Have more X heroes chances. Also would like new events everty month. Like Ruins, roses. A new one monthly. More items in the VIP shop.

  263. Reducing gap between free to play and pay to play players. This can be done by increasing number of super recruitment tickets in coz boxes and changing game style to refuce bullying during eden.

  264. My in-game wishes are to have more a d bigger discounts of various packages as the game becomes money eater, the possibilty to trade heroes based on some reasonable rules and that game time adjusts so that for most of the EU players the game reset is not very early morning when a lot of actions usually happens.

  265. War badges inside coz boxes !
    War badges inside hourly boxes.

    For low/none spenders the tech day is worst day, no tech possible anymore. And 20€ for one tech is unbelievable expensive!!!!!!!!!!.

  266. I wish that you start allowing people to change their email adress. Too many people have their personal or work work bounded

  267. Because of your insatiable greed, you’ve made the game horrible riddled with bugs with unnecessary introductions of beta tools, concepts and events added, imbalances in gameplay in every sense of the word especially for promotions of pay-to-play.

    For all these reasons, and more, micro management of this game is absurd beyond belief; consuming more time than needed when time is THE key factor in this game that many lack. Instead of fixing old dirty bugs, removing unnecessary and useless content, simplifying the game rather adding bloated pay-to-play features for your data collection and constant beta testing with cheap gifts for rewards.

    When your greed stops, the game will improve.

  268. Cliche, but world peace. And not in the Cold War sense, but actual peace where people actually care for each other instead of looking out for their own interest.

  269. I wish for the ability to exchange blue core for red core. Some people can’t afford to keep buy super cores.

  270. It would be nice to have a search function for adjudicators during DD or Eden Season.

  271. Wish the luck meter wasn’t such bs. Wish the hero pools weren’t “a secret” till the week comes to reveal 🤷‍♂️ Wish zombie siege wasn’t such an utter nonsense. Wish that people spending in GBP wouldn’t have to spend 30% more compared to people spending in USD. Wish there was higher lvl of Wendells, and better rewards.
    Wish crystals were added to arms supply. Wish that useless heroes wouldn’t come to token shop, time for dr, wrath, etc….?!
    Damn the list is so long

  272. Wish to have events for exchange blue core with red core and courage medals with war badges, or adding new events that can help on optain them easier

  273. Whish for fair doomsday events matchup based on tech power,state divisions and power, so fair fight, more times in choper excange off blue cores for red ones,more chance to get heroes that you need to max then to get already maxed sx hero 2-3 times.

  274. I wish all Eden maps were equally balanced so it could be played as intended & not through back room deals with the guild that can overwhelm most other guilds dictating to the rest of the map.

  275. I wish the devs would do a blue core exchange for super cores…..I have 2 million blue cores

  276. I wish this game wasn’t so expensive and that you could have extremely powerful bases without spending 10s of thousands of dollars

  277. I wish that this event will work properly , I need to post several time , and get the spam answers …

  278. I wish once a hero was maxed. The chances of getting more duplicates was significantly lower. Unless the entire pool was maxed.

  279. I wish for developers to actually consider ftp players. Would be great to receive war badges, super cores and polymer crystals for coz rewards and hourly challenges. Or at least an exchange of courage medals for war badges and blue cores to super cores more often. It’ll probably never happen but seems to be what a lot of people want

  280. Replace eden. It gets pretty booring since its always rigged and the top spenders always gets top3 rewards

  281. I wish I did t have to go close to 2 years to draw a hero. Make them a little easier to get, not give me 85 war hounds and 1 heavens redemption out of a LOT of gold draws.

  282. I wish more ways to get Season heroes and a button in th blog to scroll to comment form

  283. I wish the developers stop being so greedy and more generous. This would fix all kinds of issues so that this very format wouldn’t need to exist.

  284. My wishes. I would like to see a tweak of some of the hero’s to make u more competitive.

    Plus. I like the bonus that the hero gets be and parts and tech be better calculated


  285. I wish I had known before
    that you have to scroll this far to leave a comment

  286. I wish to have additional ways to obtain Doomsday coins since its the only way to obtain seasonal heroes and red cores without spending real money

  287. i wish for better awards of red core and super recruitment ticket.. maybe more events for this

  288. I wish to have a “Leave a Reply” or just “Reply” button or link at the top of each of your postings so we don’t have to scroll through 1k plus comments.

  289. I wish you could select the heroes you wanted and select the upgrades in the hopeness lab for more customization.

  290. I wish that even a middle of the road base didn’t need constant money thrown at it each week…

  291. I wish the game devs to allow f2p players grow significantly otherwise they would just leave the game.

  292. I wished Devs would release base lv 26 or higher or release more building, i have nothing to upgrade on building day, nothing 😪

  293. I wish dd maps had more options for alliances to pick which Quadrant they play in

  294. Life is good. I wish for good things for my friends and family, and for people generally. I wish for happiness and prosperity for people I know, and the same for those I don’t know.

    1. As for in game, I wish the next DD or Eden event will get here soon. It gets too quiet😂😂

  295. Nomads 2nd skill wasn’t set as “the same target” but instead changed to “front row”…the amount of times i’ve seen in battles he kills the row with his basic attack and then his 2nd skill is just wasted. Or raise the frequency of the skill

  296. For the game to be more balanced between super spenders and everyone else. Have other ways to earn things since the average person can’t afford to spend the same way.

  297. Better Eden matchmaking or signup with no super teams. Another way to change states without money. Assigned Eden teams.

  298. I wish that there were more events for free to play or casual spenders players. Wish for more meaningful rewards for those events.

  299. I wish that there were more supporting events going on around Eden – there used to be certain daily events in ‘benefits’ that would give cores and especially s4 tickets. These have stopped in the last 2 Edens – I’m stuck with 7 s4 tickets and looks like no way to get any more unless I want to buy them.

  300. Not sure why my comment didn’t seem to post, but my wish would be to have REAL world peace. There would be no billionaires, no elites. Everyone would be fed and have a home. And everyone would be looking out for each other.

  301. I wish for a season of regular dd and one that you can only declare war on an alliance once.

  302. i wish for normal dd. its time for it to happen. eden is fun but normal dd is the king

  303. Red core added to coz boxes and blue prints for base skins why do we have them if we cannot use them for anything after you get the 2 base skins maybe you should let other base skins be bought with these blueprints

  304. I wish that you could reply late to the 1st day and still get credit.
    I also wish that there were better rewards for the weak guilds in Eden as last time I didn’t get a chance to move.

  305. I wish for more events with gold tickets between edens. Can’t get enough to pull new heroes

  306. I wish the elite had war badges instead of courage medals, more exchange shops for courage medals to war badges or polymer. Anyone state beyond SX1 should have regular orange hero’s removed from recruitment except for development hero’s and more events for S recruitment tickets including SX hero’s now that there are so many of them

  307. I wish I don’t have to scroll all the way down to reply . Comment box on top👌🏻

  308. Wish for more exchange shops to buy red cores, hero tickets, and war badges with in game cash (not real money).

  309. I wish a change In coz or more tech and buildings to upgrade. I’m on my limit on both and not enough war badges to do tech and get 9 boxes unless I spend a lot. VIP and helicopter are not enough. I don’t know about clash of alliances, because is the same problem: we have to compete on building and tech day with almost nothing to upgrade.
    Also, I wish for a contest for oblivion during off season and to have it oblivion more frequently.

  310. Buildings to upgrade, once everything is max level there is nothing to do on coz building day

  311. I wish to have more free event to collect rewards during off seasons. Otherwise it will be boring

  312. A performing stage base decoration with live strippers. Troops need ❤️ too 🥺👉🏼👈🏼

  313. I agree with Seph, once your base is maxed building day is impossible outside of using the combat base, so I wish for more options to get 9 boxes on building day

  314. I wish I didn’t migrate to 83. FNS split up everyone for dumb reasons that came over

  315. I wish I didn’t migrate to 83. FSN split up everyone for dumb reasons that came over

  316. I’m with I’m a flag, 495 is a dead state, merge it or free migration

  317. There are many things on wish list. Make is easier to develop baneblade parts 3 parts in 3 years is crazy. Easier to develop hero’s, maybe have all the heros in token shop but only refresh them every 2 months so you can’t buy 4 copies of hero at once. Have different saved APC settings so it doesn’t take so long to set up gathering, fighting or timing apcs. Maybe add new skills to old hero’s to make them more relevant.

  318. Would like the COZ rewards for Legendary to be updated for better prizes if you win. This would avoid good states staying in Gold.

  319. I wish you would lower your prices or have more more 5$ and 10 $ packs with more items in it. And also take more care about the free to play players.

  320. Ways to improve that don’t involve spending so much cash. Hero’s and baneblade could be achieved without spending, but it would take a really really long time (and luck with pulling hero’s) so ways of having to work hard, but earn rewards quicker so smaller spenders can remain competitive

  321. My wish is to get BB set as early as possible but that require lot of spending which is blocking my progress

  322. I wish older states got something better than courage medals for coz… Clones, badges, crystals…. Anything.

  323. I think most of my wishes can be summed up with I wish the free to play part of this game was easier. I am always behind because season heros are hard to get then they are even harder to max. Parts take an eternity to craft because the materials take 3 eternity to make. Iron and money are requirements are too high for buildings with the lowest income rates.

  324. I wish the skins for bases had a more reasonable percentage drop, 1% is not good and feels like you treat us in contempt……. Wish wish wish

  325. Base skin, polymer, red cores on eden elite package. Also more events to exchange courage medals for war badges

  326. I wish for updated coz boxes rewards. RSS is basically obsolete. Less RSS and more crystals, cores, and war badges. Even if the amount is small

  327. Exchange stuff you don’t need like courage medals for badge, red cores, wisdom medals, universal Exchange shop. And some chat boxes, name plate. Death rider and wrath in token shop.

  328. I wish the development team would stop saying they will do something and dont. What happen to the monthly mails for the token shop so you can know if you need to save tokens. What happen to Total War?

  329. I missed a DD, play with whole state and all alliance works together and help each other…so much fun
    Please bring back if you can.

  330. I wish to be able to choose in COZ rewards whether I want courage medals or war bagdes as a reward. Simple and clear. Or exchange event courages medals for war badges. Got 1milion courage medals and they are unusefull for me.

  331. My wish is for Eden to be shorter. It lasts way to long, especially since the last couple of weeks are pretty boring.

  332. There should be quests in the game to award permanent base and apc skins. Game lacks content and every new feature that is released has to be bought with packs.

  333. I wish to be able to do more research and building for CoZ. I spend $ enough should not have to spend just to do research for CoZ. Buildings are maxed. PLEASE reset researches and buildings.

  334. I wish there would be easier ways to get fast super cores. Not only buying them. Probably introducing some kind of exchange rate between normal cores and super cores. Same way as corage medals and war badges exchange event

  335. All of my closest lss game friends who quit the game before coming back and fight side by side with me. Nothing is more important than this!

  336. I want to be able to pick season x heroes at the end of eden when you earn tickets. I am tired of the bad randomness of earning tickets just to earn mediocre to poor heroes. I want to have the rotation of heroes to be flush out in 1 week instead of 3 weeks or add 3 more season x heroes to choose from and buy 3 copies of the same heroes

  337. Ability to earn everything through events, allowing F2P to obtain everything- albeit more slowly than the pay to players

  338. Change coz warm up week rewards they aren’t as good as normal coz weeks and you face more states.

    Both state and individual rewards need to be improved

  339. I would wish for a randomisation of the reset time. Having the in-game time reset following different time zones. This might spice up the tights as we would have a more random game approach.

  340. My wishes are to have more opportunities to exchange courage medals for war badges

  341. Wish there was more ways to get all the speeds up, eg Building, training troops, research etc

  342. I wish for more heroes like Retrograder. Powerful but multi-functional. Not locked to one troop type.

  343. I wish that the helicopter would have materials for trade that more focused to my base needs & less of things I no longer need and that t10 weren’t so expensive and slow to make and heal.

  344. Balanced match making, base level 30 or new buildings for base 25, another way to earn war badges and crystals that do not require real money

  345. I wish for death rider. I wish to trade blue cores for red. I wish for more X hero chances

  346. I wish for the token shop to allow everyone a universal hero of our choosing. Perhaps costing 5000 token coins as it will be our choosing.

  347. Make base skins purchasable instead of 1% chance. Also, there need to be more for super cores. Since Bane Blade was released, I have only built 2 parts.

  348. I would like for gathering to be shorter periods of time. Easy or more ways to earn cash without paying cash.

  349. Hoping for easier ways to earn warbadge and red core

    P/s: i tried to comment yesterday but it didn’t let me comment lol

  350. I wish for the developers to keep incorporating ways to get cash. It’s hard to come by and I look for every opportunity to earn it.

  351. I would like to increase the base level out to 30 and bring some more building and technology upgrades. Potentially a different unit type beyond the 3 we have.

  352. I wish I can use advanced teleports in real life, and then use it to bring mit48 to Croatia. There is a movie we two want record. We would show it to developers too

  353. More accessible ways to gain super cores, war badges and polymers. Maybe through VIP like super tickets

  354. I wish developer would focus on making the game better instead of just making money! You can do both you know!

  355. I wish we could have DD again. It’s been nothing but Eden back to back for almost a year. Would be nice to sprinkle DD in again.

  356. I wish the seasonal hero return was a better percentage especially when paid for tickets.

  357. I wish there will be one button to perform rapid production on all facilities in the base instead I click it one by one

  358. I wish it would cost less money to purchase the items. Please consider lowering down the price.

  359. I would wish for a fixed price skins not just the 1% chance. I think the more you buy in this game the harder you get what you need.. i wish to have a fair chance in all. I know you guys put so much in this game and i appreciate that. And i put so much effort to play this too. 😁 i also wish not to have so much activity at a time. My back neck arms and hands are in constant pain from playing. Thank you lss from hearing us out.

  360. I wish for an event that we can sell or exchange some of our extra parts or pieces of everything.

  361. Give us super tickets instead of purple ones in the warm up week.
    Noone need purple tickets!

  362. I wish we could go back to reviving dead troops with resources instead of that green stuff.

  363. I wish Eden / DD was more evenly matched. Two of your all stars were on our map last Eden, our alliance score is nowhere near.

  364. Allstars was better planned and my hero draws actually gave me hero’s I needed

  365. I wish players could earn more super cores, war badges and crystals without spending real money.

  366. Long time allready level 25 its time to upgrade that to 30 or 35, and make an option that ally members can Exchange duplicatie heroes to eachother, and change packs its allways the same

  367. Wish the legendary states don’t compete with gold state in Eden.

  368. I wish the devs reduce hero pools to 3 or 4 so that we have a higher chance of getting hero we want. Split the weekly pool into two and give option to user to select the pool we like

  369. I wish we have special events where we get super cores and hero Recruitment tickets

  370. I wish we could heal in state Troops with regular resources again. Troops are too important for events to waste in state and that makes me sad

  371. I wish we get some material free of cost. And also we wish to some more interesting things to added in game.

  372. I’d like to be able to build something on building day and get mine 9 boxes as well as change courage medals for the useful things at fair rate

  373. I wish there wasn’t such disparagy in obtaining/completing things, between PTW and F2P players.

  374. I wish i could get strong enough to burn a bully in my state cause he is an idiot

  375. I wish someone could give me the castle of spooks skin that looks amazing

  376. I wish you would scrap guilds abs force alliances to fight. Too many deals so eden becomes an exercise in tiling for 3 months. Also, how many years should it take to get x heroes??

  377. Alternative ways to get X hero cards and war badges. Like some New exchange System for courage medals or long lasting (1 month long) quests with great rewards

  378. I wish more individual events, more ways to obtain gold tickets, more events humans vs zombie and of course i wish my wishes come true .

  379. I wish that we could have all the original style bases and use our blueprints on them. Blueprints just sit there collecting dust.

  380. I wish devs would make more skins readily available without paying an arm and a leg. I wish there are more chances to win x heroes outside of dd and eden and lastly i wish there were more fun events outside of eden or dd because it gives players things to do and it creates a fun atmosphere for the game. Christmas events and other holiday needs more bang…it used to be more fun like beating up the yeti. Please bring the fun back into the game.

  381. I wish to get a break from always have to shield EVERY darn week-end! Give us a break, a global truce for a week-end a month. Thank you kindly.

  382. I wish eden is for less time, 45 days is way too much time.. Anything between 20 to 30 days is okay

  383. I wish there was some way we could exchange our x heroes for the one’s that we actually want & need

  384. Also, ever since the Wendels higher than lvl 15 were introduced, we get pityful amount of resources now from them. Same thing for the resource building… we have to spend a lot of time in it gathering. And at the end, we return with ridiculously low amounts of the resource.

  385. I wish the comment Box was up and not in the butom of all the coments. Also more events to get Red cores war badges and ticket. And more war in eden not all diplomatic arranges from Day 1

  386. I wish for some kind of favourite apc setup which will allow you to quickly change them – troops and heroes

  387. I wish Eden seasons were shorter. Wish I had better luck with hero pulls. Wish I could exchange courage medals for war badges. This list could go on and on.

  388. I wish there are more ways to earn hero tokens, and to increase amount of tokens earned per day.

  389. I wish I could save APC setups of selected troops/heros/parts/skins and name them for the different tasks I would use them for, to make them faster to switch out.

  390. I wish the end off this topic is on the top not on the button damn scrolling. I wish everyone doing more for the nature.

  391. I wish we all get daily one super ticket and can safe it every day do the hero event.

  392. More Events with rewards for hero progress. Especially the warm-up weeks are quite boring. More Events like Oblivion with decent matchmaking.

  393. Love the new map mode. That’s probably what I would have asked for. For a. Rand new suggestion, what about heros or skins where you have to accumulate pieces. Either through goals or tasks.

  394. I wish developers can introduce new themes or new buildings/ tech for the daily COZ. Most players have maxed or close to maxed out all buildings and techs, Tuesday and Wednesday COZ seems pointless.

  395. I wish to receive a birthday present from developer on my coming birthday in September.

  396. can we swap blue cores for red cores at some point. what’s the point of having them 😕

  397. Honestly some overall rules regarding rouges destroying states..
    But some x Hero dupes is also ok🤗

  398. Still think you guys should setup something so we could exchange our hero fragments for others, that way you could build on your existing hero’s a little easier, well at least when a hero you are wanting appears in the fragment shop.

  399. Wish Lists:

    – Freely to move to any states within said groupings without cost once/calendar year (state power limitations still applies).
    – Increase chances for S1-SX hero selections and omitt any duplicates if a hero is maxed, except for regular Orange game heroes.
    – Increase higher level tiles in non dark green areas in Eden and even more so in DD events.
    – Move all Chinese players servers out of China and to another country so they can be intregrated into non Chinese states.
    – Increase rewards for Personal Points (PP) in Eden.
    – Eden reward systems should based on individual accomplishments and no longer a group based systems. This will prevent top guilds from negotiations and dictate for the rest of smaller guilds what rewards to have, if any, for the season.
    – Hire me as a paid consultant (in real local currency; crypto not accepted) and I will give you more concepts, methods and data that will add a smile to your face.

  400. I wish to trade those courage medals for something at least, i have 1.5 millions medals 🤦‍♂️, and i wish we had more fun events similar to oblivion.

  401. 1. Courage medal exchange for war badge
    2. Specific speed ups like tech to be able to be exchanged for any other speed up
    3. Usual cores for red cores

  402. Wish the odds for getting anything good and useful not be so low and not take away stuff that was good such as the events for S1-4 tickets which we had in the past and more chances to make exchanges for unneeded items.

  403. I wish for all commanders to strengthen their bases and for a more balanced wasteland! We need more commanders joining the fight.

  404. I wish I can get death rider, wrath, huntress and predator. Wish the game will bring back the core exchange and war badges.

  405. I wished dev could give us more ways to earn red energy cores and war badge as the daily Wendell to earn energy cores is too little ..you can’t even get a part of baneblade even it takes a long time as each day you only can earn 150 super energy cores ..and also make the VIP shop cheaper to buy..or ways to earn the vip badge.

  406. I just wish a fair matching in events in last two Edens f. E we were vs two clans that are going to all star… N we are in silver league. Do the math 😔😔😔😔

  407. I wish I could have more X heroes and more token medals. 👌

  408. I wish there was a way to exchange courage medals for war badges. They are so hard to get and we sit in useless courage medals.

  409. I wish I didn’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to post a comment. Also wish Eden was fair and rewards got handed out for your score and not who the guild leader likes.

  410. I have a few in game wishes;
    – immigration prices should be on a sliding scale based on money spent (if you have spent a lot of money, then you can afford to pay more and if you are a non spender then it should be a reduced price or free every so often),
    -Players should be able to trade supplies, heroes, troops, decorations or whatever for free,
    – dd should not be determined by the strongest in the first 1-3 days of a season. Don’t have a solution, but it is a problem I wish could be resolved.
    Those are my three wishes for the game. Please grant them my Dev Genie

  411. Wish we had a fight room so that either 2 members from the same state or alliance and fight each other

  412. I wish for Oblivion to be a tournament so the more we winm the harder the opponents are and inn the end we get reward based on ranking and win/losses ratio.

  413. I wish I could save more diamonds. Also wishing we can transport them to other bases. Lol

  414. My wishes are to see the game evolve to keep an edge for minimal spenders and whales delta (of course you all have to make money) but a balance would be nice. In life I hope to prosper and to of course continue gaming 🤗

  415. I wish for less alliances in All Star and participation rewards above a regular map’s control reward to suppress the temptation to refuse the invitation in order to get better reward.

  416. I wish for total war doomsday just to experience again the total fun of duels game play with your alliance working and fighting together against one enemy, using tactics and strength.

    1. I wish that Courage medals can be exchanged for Polymer Crystals, Wisdom Medals, or War Badges on a regular basis to provide players with a more Holistic gaming experience.

  417. Better rewards for hourly boxes, also some sort of appreciation for us who spend real money. Such as a surprise pack for every $100 and a bigger surprise pack for every $500 or something along those lines.

  418. I wish that one day I will have set of bonablade for my apcs. Not easy task for FtP player

  419. I wish that all reported hero bug or broken issues are fixed so that they wirk as advertised.

  420. I wish for more balanced of hero skills, and make hero levels affecting each skill. just like how level is affecting dictator skill, all other skills should be affected too. It is too funny to see some level 25 SX hero without any duplicate are beating up maxed out S heroes easily.

  421. I wish it would be easier to make parts in general. Maybe more material at the same time would be great. Especially for the free to play players. It’s not a huge change but just enough to help us poor people have a little more strength.

  422. My wish is to add more chance for free players to be more competitive. Currently, spenders have way too huge of an advantage with no way for free players to even hope to match up. Maybe give it a better matchmaking for seasons and events, and give good rewards to those who work hard

  423. My wishes for the game are to have a better match making in Eden. Legend vs Legend state and Gold vs Gold State should be the match making criteria. Wish to get Red Cores and War Badges easier with out spending so much money. Like getting them from Coz. Should change warm up week rewards as well from purple ticket to gold ticket

  424. I wish skins were more accessible for free to play players. Maybe an Eden reward where players can choose one permanent base or APC skin.

  425. I wish for free migration tickets if a Base is below L15 on a once in a Lifetime basis.

  426. I wish for better hero’s in token shop and not having to wait 2 weeks for different ones!

  427. War badges red core and particle reconstruction material become part of daily coz reward, what the point of doing daily with no compatible reward, medals are useless