1. Our developer should create more chances for small, developing bases as well. They can consider to allow whole alliances at so death stales to immigrate together. Anyway thank you for sharing this information

  1. The spreadsheet is very small and cannot be viewed on a phone screen. Please make it bigger.

  2. That’s nice spender and spender and make a eden for f2p vs f2p this time☺️😉

    1. you really think only 30 alliance will cover all spenders.. What a dreamer😂😂😂

  3. What ryuugi sad spreadaheet can not be zoomed, but all stars looks awesome now big states and big spender can have a big equal war to see who is the best or who has most active players. Good luck to all it will be a chalenge for all and rewards are nice

  4. Let’s hope among that all star n rest of the normal maps are fairly matched…. Not legendaries vs silver n 10 20 g clans vs 5 6g clans…

  5. good rewards. Stronger player will be stronger more and more.
    Olz think to others which are not spending money like all-star but who are playing a lot.

  6. I use mobile phone to read your blog. I found I can’t read the rewards tables bcos the font is too small…

  7. This Looks much fair now for top alliances to go ahead and participate in All Stars !! Glad there was adjustment done to The rewards system

  8. Good rewards, good luck to everyone. Hope y’all have a killer of a season 😆

  9. Good Balance on the reward system .. should adjust the dd coins a little more evenly as they are all top alliances and entering in all star battles! Good To all Star Participants

  10. I am very glad to know about the reward policy. Very positive developer of the game. Thanks.

  11. the rewards looking good. but considering for those who have no possibility to participate it’s a step back and enlarging the gap between players/alliances

  12. If you pay me handsomely, like my good charm and wits, I’ll think about joining the All-Star newbz.

  13. Wow this is going to great. I wish there is a way non-participants can watch the battles.

  14. Really hard to read what is it, poor quality, max zoom in and it’s blurry:)

  15. Hmmmmm posting a message for rewards seems to be getting harder without the daily blog from devs. Good luck everyone else

  16. Nice event. I think more events should be scheduled from the devs to make the game even more entertaining.

  17. Rewards are great and encourages Credit Card warriors to spend to compete. Great strategy by the Devs!

  18. The all-star tournament is a joke again. The strong alliances get stronger again and we don’t get anything …

  19. HI … we need rewards…. , not them* with 100 polymer and 500 diamonds,we can fight against them, to create content ☆☆☆☆☆ they are maxed, with 15 DD/eden skins unused inside,.. – you know something? A deal will be done again, and no content you will see – 🙂 trust me…

  20. Good luck. It will be an awesome competition. Wish we could watch it live or check the Eden state there would be in.

  21. I can’t wait to see the war. Or maybe they will pan out rewards distribution on day one of all star Eden 🤣

  22. Awesome, so spenders get rewards for just being there. And they don’t even need them rewards and we f2p players have to fight for 60 long days to en end up 3th or higher to even get the same reward (that is even core). Reward system sucks and have always sucked…equal rewards for whole guild to start with!

  23. Its sad to see we cant participate or have a watch mode were we can see top players going against each other

  24. This is good. You want all the alliances that have been taking first in eden to join. The lowest reward you should offer is the reward for first place in eden

  25. Last place rewards should be similar to top rankings in normal eden. Large alliances are turning down invites so they can beat weaker players

    1. Eden is just becoming a bullying ground for the spenders, i spentvthe whole of second eden fallen, no tiles or pad and some days rienforced tiles around my base – the excuse was one of our guild members said something disrespectful in zone chat. So yes lets reward them even more 🤦🏿

      1. We had sfb and hx1 on our map last eden and we ended with 2nd tier rewards. A guild of 200 active players can do great in eden if you all coordinate together and stay diplomatic.

  26. Why do I have to scroll all the way past all the comments to make my own? Is it so I will read them all before I speak freely?

  27. Events should be balanced for weak n strong players to enjoy..not just for strong ones

  28. could we just shutdown skill ” invisibility” of specialty setting 🤔

  29. Looks like the all star teams will become even more powerful. Similar rewards should apply to all.

  30. What’s wrong with you guys, doing a tourney just for the best that have all the stuff they need now you are giving them more. Your not creating and even playing field like this
    Y don’t you help the smaller ppl put to maybe increase the % on getting s heroes for the members that don’t have them. I never see a competing fight between 2 players its always 1 guy getting his ass smoked while the other has 0 damage taken

  31. What about more Rewards for those who didn’t spend ? Time isn’t enough we gave all day to this game developer’s have to think about those who spend there time here

  32. What about more Rewards for those who didn’t spend ? Please alos give to players like us who loves playing here and spend time here good luck to developers hope we get some rewards

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