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Aug 26 [Topic of the Day] What’s your favorite Base Decor or APC Decor?

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          1. The animation is too distracting when trying to play. It isn’t necessary. It detracts from the game.

          2. I buy for just the aesthetics. Perks are just good to have, probably the wrong reason but skins are what they are, SKINS! Eternal palace is so serene and the ice cream truck APC, so fun, terrible perks but it’s an ice cream truck rolling around the waste land; what’s there not to love about that.

          3. I love the look of the battle mech and has great perks but I also love the look of blue dragon 😅

          1. crimson sky and ethernal palace are my favourite ones, but quite every base skin is awesome!

        1. Dragon APC skin looks great but the space shuttle is awesome, if you done a landing pod for apc skin to go with the shuttle 😁

        1. Agree. Eternal palace brings good buffs for battle to benefit all formations. Infernal is very good on top mixed formations that currently are using two lines of vehicles. At Eden of course any deco with DD might is good, but that implies to be 1st or 2nd the previous season 😂😅

        2. Eternal Palace and the Halloween skins are the best. The look the animation sets these 2 apart from the others.

          1. The Halloween skin are pretty neat, the base skin reminds me of the Adams family home

    1. Ice castle but would be better to make the ice chat box and profile frame more able to be brought

    2. Blast to the sky is best base for me
      APC…I like robots
      Nice day developers 🖖🏻

      1. Agree, Castle of Spooks is great. I love Adam APC, would be cool if there was a base to match

    3. I like the lucky cat base and the money bonus is good too.
      There isn’t an apc skin that I like best in appearance but the bonus to march speed is one of the best bonuses in the game – ie allows you to score more points in less time with any apc activity.

    4. definitely the ice castle since it’s so pretty and as for apc skin, it’ll be sky breaker since it’s the only one i have

    5. i like the floating city in terms of buff and ice castle in terms of appearance

    6. I would love to get castle of spooks but buying the base skin packs are way too expensive with this luck meter, price needs to be lowered and luck meter needs sorting

    7. I really like the way the Halloween decor looks, not sure on the overall benefits because I never had it.

    8. Hi y’all best there base is the gold one all the new styles and thems are ruining the game. If your going to keep creating more dumb stuff you should be making the old styles (themes) easier to obtain for people who won’t steal their parents credit cards.. Still think a GreySkull Castle would be awesome, but stick to your unicorns and flower theme’s like we know you will 🙄

    9. I like the new mech skin, looks like Iron man; hope they continue to bring more skins out similar

    10. I’m a fan of the trick box, it’s grown on me and for the apc, I’ve always liked the ADAM-I, reminds me of ghost in the shell.

    11. Always will love the dragon bases. The rainbow base is fun to use when an ally has the paired one too.

    12. The monster looking one.. with the claws.. somewhat recent skin.. forget the name.. definitely the coolest looking skin so far.

    13. Adam APC is definitely my favorite one. I love how it walks across the landscape. My dream base would be the pink rainbow house and Adam.

    14. Ice castle is cool but maybe you guys can come up with a cool base skin with fire power like a Phoenix and it gives you healing power or something like that when it gets hit, only when it get hit the heros inside defending game 10% healing troops

    15. Battle mech and gear snai. It looks good and have great attributes

    16. ALL base skins are being made too tall They hide the tiles behind them. They put form ahead of function, which is bad.

    17. I hope i can get more rewardssss ! Sometime i missed it ! Love when it gives out free legendary ticket

    18. when it comes to design i like eternal palace it is so epic! infernal apc is good too.

    19. icecrown castle and adam-1 is cool for me..it would be best to get those cool skins as a rewards for some events

    20. Don’t know enough yet to comment in more detail, but to me, the Default base looks great from a purely architectural perspective.

    21. Dragon apcs is coolest. While dragon base skin is coolest. I like robot base skin also!!

    22. I love any base and apc decors just don’t have enough money for them. Now i am happy with the Skin that i got from donating of Roses

  1. The Invasion Beast is my most favorite one along with Battle mech (permanent), they are beautiful.

    1. I like the battle Mech and Invasion Beast as well, just haven’t been able to get the permanent version.

  2. i want the brand new mecha the changing suits skin is so cool wish its easier to pull them from boxes

  3. Since my persona so many years here is Lucifer I love the Anubis base skin that can be the doors to the underworld aka hell. 👿👿👿

  4. The crimson sky Base skin and And Eternal palace , both my favourite but don’t have 😹😁

  5. I like base decor. I particularly like the ones that make your base look intimidating.

  6. The train is the best and the most realistic apc decor. When sending all vehicles/fighter apc together it does look like trains.

  7. My favorite base would be the pink candy castle. Matching my stellar personality 🥰
    Fave apc skin would probably be the beetle or ice truck, just because they look cool

  8. Floating city, i hope theres a comeback for that skin, so i can buy

  9. I like the spooky house. Reminds of halloween when I was a kid everytime i see it 🤗

  10. Base skins will always be Ice Crown Castle and the fluffy Eternal Palace. Both has good buffs and just really fits my taste.

  11. I still like best Mol-class Detector, we got two seasons ago in DD. And a a nice base skin is the one you get from daily rewards, the small square one, with bridges. It is deceiving:)

  12. Battle Mech Y. And for the APC. This last season one so far is my favorite. I have the space shuttle base skin and they match well

  13. Meow House! The whole state gave me flowers to have it 🙂 and infernal apc I really want it even I don’t have it.

  14. Ice Castle for the base skins. The last Eden reward APC skin for the APC looks very nice and buffs are good 👍

  15. Light of the Past is the nicest looking base skin for me. Icecrown Castle would be my other option especially for its attribute. Sky Breaker is the best looking APC skin in my opinion for its futuristic design.

  16. I like the dragon festive ones to look at but really I want Adam apc skin 😬 but I keep praying for the ice castle on my main account

  17. Blast into the sky should be the best base skin for me. Dragon boat for apc skin.

  18. Blast into Sky and all battle mech akinek are great. Unfortunately I dont have any of them 😁

  19. Sadly all decors are gamble system based purchase, I would love to buy a skin but I don’t want to gamble.

  20. my favorite base skin is Floating City, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get it yet.🥺 or your favorite Apc skin t Crimson Hawk, I really like it!🤗

  21. Eternal palace for base and blessing lantern for apc, looks like a pair physical outlook, but I don’t have it 😂😅

  22. Battle Mech y for the base and heavenly dragon for the apc decor looks good for me. Both that I dont have.

  23. My Favorites are Ice Castle and Mammoth, nether of which I have. Are you giving skins away?

  24. It seems as if people’s favorite is the one they gambled the most to get. But the crimson sky and dragon boat are my personal favorite.

  25. The new skins just created for rose event look absolutely amazing. And eternal palace looks beautiful

  26. The most beautifulls skin for me is frozen castle skin…you could be so nice and give me one🤗😘

  27. I want the robot with the big gun that looks like gundam. And for the apc i want dragon boat

  28. Mech α , the first robot as a base skin is your best design and buff and dragon boat a.p.c skin… – beast invasion i owned for 30 days free, was good at fights* i know, its just a dream for giving it free to us permanently* … never mind b.t.w.

  29. Blast into sky y battle mech are my favorites in base skins. Apc skin all are nice, but the ones that offer speed are very cool and handy.

  30. Eternal Palace is my favourite put of every base decoration, im not too bothered about apc skins.

  31. Best base design is the big robot…..not only is it cool looking but gives you the advantage of buffs. But I must confess I rock the old school look.

  32. Ice Castle is my favourite, wish there was an APC that complemented it. I also like sky breaker and dragon boat though.

  33. Sometimes I wonder if we must comment on our comments to get reward…..the game does have glitches but the dev’s are good at correcting them and always provide an interesting game play as much as we complain. Good show.

  34. I like the Ice Castle base skin. I hope there will be an APC skin with an HP buff soon!

  35. Mech α is great as design and buff 👌🏻 and dragon boat as apc skin is great too. Give us free the old ones please ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻30 days is … :((

  36. My Favorite Base Decor is the “Crimson Sky” and my Favorite APC Decor is “The Adam”

  37. Battle mech and red godzilla atacking city my two favorite once. I find gathering apc skin cool too🤭

  38. Definitely Crimson sky.. Spent the most money gambling for it and haven’t got it until now

  39. Definitely a fan of the endless nightmare base! And the infernal apc is just awesome. It’s a cute little tank!

  40. My Favorite Base Decor is also the “Crimson Sky” . But it’s hard to get one 🤷‍♂️

  41. My favourite APC skin is mammoth chariot and favourite base skin is battle mech-y

  42. Definitely the snail APC even been slow, the 5% might is awesome. For base skin, the Halloween one looks very cool!

  43. I will use the ice Castle because it reminds me of my heart, or if I’m feel extra circumcised, I’ll go no skin

  44. Icecrown Castle is my favourite Base skin. ADAM -I is my favourite apc skin.

  45. All the designs are cool but all of them are pricey hehe. I hope there will be a time or an event that you could freely use any of them 😁

  46. I like the mech robot base skins, but some are too big or distracting. Any APC skin is good for a bit of variety!

  47. Most effective base skin is Battle Mech-y. The best looking is Eternal Palace. There is no way I am paying $300 for one though. It would be nice if you gifted them to players lol

  48. Base Skin – I like Dragon bone camp due to boost in matching speed
    APC skin – Adam I due to the boost in marching speed and might

    Both these skins will help in Eden and KE

  49. Mole class detector is the best one I’ve got….good for Eden because of speed and it looks cool

  50. For sure ice crown cassette ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  51. Hello developers! Like the game a lot. Battle mech a is my favorite. Thank you

  52. Of course the one i have the Ice castle. It looks so elegant and calm but mighty too. I like the one which was given as a reward in the rose event too but no available in store. Wish you would also make a personalize base with our initial in it. That would be coolest 😁

  53. The Invasion Beast is my favorite one and if it is with Battle mech… 😁😁

  54. I really enjoy the skin that looks like a super speed train!
    I do wish more base skins we’re available from events… Even the temporary ones

  55. Trick box for me 🤡 Don’t you all think it looks just like a cake ?! 😋🎂🤗

  56. I think i like floating base.. but i never spend enough to get them.. after 1 or 2 tries.. i give up.. not worth it after that.

  57. I like the Ice sculpture base skin. It’s the only one I’ve got. I really enjoy the skin!

  58. Eternal palace is my all time favorite. It has a decent buffs. But I commend it’s features for being almost realistic

  59. Lots of very cool base design at the moment… I like crimson sky and love and promise the most…. Same goes for the apc… I like crimson hawk and infernal apc the most… of course never will have any of them 😕

  60. love the looks of: castle of spooks, eternal place, desert oasis… BUT: i don’t like the stats that come with them. i’d prefer faster travel times…

  61. I really like the new apc skin we got from eden also I’d like to see more robots as apc

  62. My favorite skin is crimson and favorite apc
    Is the spider one but don’t have both haha

  63. Base decor definitely Ice Castle
    Apc skin Dragon Boat
    Too bad you have to sell a house to get them lol

  64. Dragon bone camp looks the best and has the stored buff. And apc wise I actually really like the harvester from a few edens ago

  65. Crimson sky base skin is the best 😉 well thats only because its the only one i have . But i love it

  66. I have only one skin. It’s too expensive skin with too small advantage 🥲

  67. Most skins are nic trick box, the research station, blast in the sky, flouting city and the mechs just to name few but would love to have the Crimson sky for both

  68. For the.base,.i.like the xeno and for the apc, j like the crimson, hope i spell them right

  69. I like ice castle it’s like a fairytale, but I would love to have a robot they look pretty fierce . In fact I would love to get base skin tried so many times but never get one 😔

  70. I would love any of them if I can get any. But from design I like Spooky house the most or Frozen Castle

  71. I like most Eternal Palace and Infernal APC.
    But to get a permanent Skin… chances are way to low. I don’t believe in so much bad luck.

  72. I like the dragon boat and the imperial palace. I wish it didn’t cost so much to get them. Devs, can you guys please lower the cost of some of the skins and apcs?

  73. I only use the free ones, all others are far to expensive for me to even consider so don’t have a favourite

  74. Eternal palace base skin looks the best and has some of the best buffs. Adam-I APC skin or crimson sky (not bad for a dd reward)

  75. I have wanted eternal base forever but will be happy with my tanks apc and rainbow base. Eternal just wasn’t meant to be. 🤣

  76. Ice castle.. can you make an apc skin that has +hp too? And goes with the look of ice castle?

  77. My favorite base decor is blue beast and my favorite apc is the infernal tank. These were my first attained.

  78. I’ve tried once a day, every day to reply to this topic. And I keep getting error messages that it’s too soon to reply. I like the look of the Desert Oasis.

  79. My favorite is Castle of Spooks 🥰
    Have Siege defender might 3% and siege defender resistance 3%

  80. My favorite base decor are the new ones Love & Promise, and Starlit Night. I also like the Eternal Palace base decor.

  81. Ice Castle is best looking to me. But i dont have any base skin permanent 🙁
    One i bought 2 packages but didnt have a luck. Maybe sometimes.
    And its great at the end of eden to get a skin for apc with bonusses, that makes me happy

  82. I love eternal palace skin and sol beetle APC. Can you put them in the silver dd shop next time??

  83. Not sure why my name is showing as DonateMeSugarDad. I changed that last season back to my real game name. Now on to the question:

    My favorite Base Skin by far: is the Desert Oasis. It is a very small (petite) base, easily movable when trying to jump in or out of trouble. 😅
    For buffs: probably Ice Castle
    It has minimal moving parts to it; which seems the going trend is to have this large looking base and everything moves. It actually turns my stomach to see so much movement on the screen.

    My favorite apc skin by far, aesthetically is the ADAM-I skin
    For buffs: probably the dragon apc skin

  84. The ice castle is my favourite base skin but apc skin, the reindeer sleigh is pretty cool still

  85. Having limited knowledge of the workings of the game I would have to say the free ones.

  86. About base skin sure Crimson Sky, i love It ehehe
    About apc skin heavenly dragon boat,it’s too cool!!
    Even if Infernal apc Is cool too

  87. Eternal Palace, Ice Crown Castle, the cat base that generates extra cash and ice cream truck.

  88. Base skin: level 23 had a sense of accomplishment. All of a sudden you had a bigger base

  89. Noone interested with decor .
    And give people nore buildings, which is not possible to upgrade last 2.5 year .
    GAME DONT GİVE ANY BUİLDİNG But every month new decorss

  90. I’m hoping that with Halloween coming soon I get a chance to have everything Halloween related!!

  91. Sky breaker for the apcs and Xeno base for the main base are my favorites. Of course I don’t have them because they are behind a pay wall but I still like them.

  92. Love the fortune cat for the skin itself but the bonus is meh. Love the mech that you get in eden rewards but I’ll never get it

  93. My favorites are mécha skin from Eden reward and snow castle.
    Please don’t design so big skins it takes so much place in the map and is sometimes difficult to see shields

  94. Eternal Palace and apc breathing dragon! Too expensive to get thats why I still don’t have base skin😫

  95. I like the space shuttle blasting skin and also the robot skins. However, i wish there is an option to make them stop moving sometimes.

  96. I like train decor for APC and for base I like recently added robot 🤖 decoration

  97. Defenitely Skyscrapper, impressive design and being one of oldest APC skin, good to collect

  98. The Halloween Haunted House looks amazing, but for me it’s the Ice Castle. Such cool little details on it.

  99. I like the castle of spooks because it’s the only Gothic style skin. The bobbing pumpkin APC is cute

  100. I wish developers can redesign the “go back to your base” button. It’s so hard to not accidentally touch it especially when you play on a cell phone.

  101. I like the Japanese house/temple base decor but it is not for free :(. I like my new red flying APC.

  102. Crimson Sky and Xeno base
    For the APC Adam1 and Infernal apc
    That will be great if you plan events where we can get permanent base and apc skins this is as rewards for our loyalty to your game

  103. Dragon Bone Camp looks absolutely insane! The marching speed tops it off as well as seen as it reflects what the games about in defeating zombies, etc.

  104. Favorite base and apc decors are free ones. I don’t like decors which must be paid. So give us more free decors and then I will chose favorites

  105. I like the Moulin Rouge because I hear the song “Girls Girls Girls” in my head when I see it. Hahaha!

  106. I do like endless nightmare. But it’s buff sucks. Visually is great though.
    APC i like few ones not much there for me.
    But I don’t like to pay get much for a nothing chance 🙁

  107. Ice Castle & Space shuttle.
    But don’t worry I don’t own any. Lol. They are too expensive.

  108. Ooooooooo! There are just so many! My Winter Crystal Castle is my favorite base Skin by far. The wedding cars and Adam are my fav Apc skins.

  109. There are just so many!
    Winter Crystal Castle is my favorite base Skin by far.
    Adam are my fav Apc skins.

  110. There is lots of skins now…choosing favorite is very difficult
    Winter Crystal Castle is my favorite base Skin
    Adam are my fav Apc skin

  111. Heavenly Dragon skin. But my foreskin is quite attractive too. I’m looking at it and can’t get my eyes off.

  112. I like the battle mech apc skin, but I wish there was a better way to get them rather than $200+ CAD to buy those “chance to get” skins….

    Base skins and apc skins are mostly only available to those who spend a lot.

  113. I really like the black steel core base skin. Apc skin I like the best is Adam-1, I have neither.😔

  114. Many of the skins look very cool. Unfortunately they are to expensive for many to get. Maybe you should offer weaker skins for eden rewards.

  115. Sky breaker looks very nice and useful.
    Crimson Hawk could be better if it also were useful for sieges and not only Eden.

  116. Agreed. Eternal palace brings good buffs for battle to benefit all formations. Infernal is very good on top mixed formations that currently are using two lines of vehicles. At Eden of course any deco with DD might is good, but that implies to be 1st or 2nd the previous season

  117. Can we get some grass? If we have the capability of making chips and parts, surely someone can plant grass in the base.

  118. The rainbow candy house pink 😍, so I can match my friend who has the blue one 🙈

  119. Sky breaker is my favorite because of marching speed. Unfortunately I don’t have good luck and have zero permanent skins

  120. Nightmare is the ugliest and burn it is the most useful in combat that I’ve seen in my testing. The -5% to might works both on defense and offense and I can actually see the impact in battles

  121. I’m a fan of multiple skins. I usually stay away from the siege skins unless I’m actively fighting. Anything that adds might or resistance is a plus. Waiting for a tech speed buff skin. 🙂 we have training.. Money.. Better coz points. Give us a tech boost. 🙂

  122. ICE Castle. Hp buff is must. Ans it gives wintery vibes even in summers. Also blue is my favorite color

  123. I’d prefer less animation heavy base skins. Really distracting playing next to them on map, and makes it hard to see tiles / targets.

  124. i like speed so my favo Sky Breaker.
    and i wish i can get Battle Mech-Y as my base skin. its looks more powerful.

  125. Base is the Shuttle Launch pad. So bummed I don’t have that.

    Best APC is the crabwalking robot (also don’t have it)

  126. My favorite skin is the rainbow base because when it’s next to another base it looks like it’s shining the rainbow on it.

  127. I like the mech skins and eternal palace skin as far as looks go. I only wish you could grow/evolve your skins and get coz points doing it.

  128. Castle of spooks and heavenly dragon are the best game base and apc decorations

  129. The best APC and base skin in my opinion is inferno. It takes up less space, doesn’t block tiles or base behind. And it looks very hot.

  130. My favorite Base skin is Eternal palace and the best apc skin is the Heavenly deagon. But I don’t have any of them. 😢

  131. The luckiest thing for me is actually unlucky. I had 7 DD rewards tickets. I chose to sx I pool, which I have only 2 of them maxed. So out of so many heros, 2 maxed, 2 very bad heros, my chance is good to end up with a good hero or 2. Against all odds, I ended up all either bad heros and already maxed heros. So statistically I am lucky.

  132. The game is not fair. Often pitching much, much weaker allainces and states against very strong super alliances or states. In eden and in coz. Many cannot keep up with it, and left the game.

  133. The perfect design would be the hero system. The battle system is deist well. But its formula is a complete woodoo to me and many.

  134. I like the Egyptian bases they are simple and fitting for the wasteland decor.

    Imas for the app. You really have not made one I like yet. I guessed because I don’t have many of them. Lol. But thanks again for the great game

  135. Definitely the Anubis base skin. I’m an ancient Egypt enthusiast and I was so happy when you guys released it. May I suggest you make an apc skin with chariots as design inspiration? I hope you’d also release a greek or roman inspired set soon. Thanks

  136. Jack-o-lantern apc skin. The +5% fighter resistance goes really well with my hero, Wanderer.

  137. For me the Battle Mech @ and the Harvester T3. Because I love a bit old fashion sci-fi mechanics.

  138. Ice Castle is my favorite. Best bonuses for me and the kids think it’s Elsa’s from Frozen

  139. Base skin .. what’s that ? Been playing 2 years and never got a skin because the only way to get them is pay pay pay ….. some people dont have money to pay to get 100 diamonds and no skin

  140. The latest battle mech looks real cool, I love it. But getting it is really based on luck, and can be costly. Wish LSS could lower the cost.

  141. Base skin .. what’s that ? Been playing 2 years and never got a skin because the only way to get them is pay pay pay ….. some people dont have money to pay to get 100 diamonds and no skin , but the Xeno is amazing

  142. My favorite skin is the kitty skin from a past rose event. It’s the cutest skin ever

  143. I like all the skins but won’t pay to win so…..Maybe you could bring back some skins that we could win with play performance!

  144. I like Eternal Palace for looks the best. Runner ups to Temple of Anubis, Steel Core and Mechanical Dragon

  145. All I’ve ever wanted was the blue Dino. Everyone knows it. Can you bring back the dinosaur event please

  146. Don’t really have a specific favorite. Do prefer the Halloween base skins more though.

  147. It’s the Eternal Palace in combination with the Blessing Lantern. It’s the most tranquil base and APC skin and I love it!

  148. I like the most is Battle Mech base skin and Gear snail apc skin. Both have great buff attributes and grwat lookkng.

  149. Moulin Rouge is my favorite because I like scoring points in Clash of Zones. I hope a new event, Clash of Alliances is added so my points will help my alliance get better prizes!

  150. My favorite base skin is Eternal Palace and my favorite apc skin is Heavenly Dragon. Perfect combination.

  151. I like the old school base looks. It would be nice if they came with some kind of “loyalty” boost. Say, if you have been playing since the launch or near it, you get an extra battle perk.

  152. I wouldn’t know since I haven’t gotten any skins from the packs I bought, but the 1k diamonds for $20 sure is a great deal…

  153. I dont like Base and APC skins in general, they are just too expensive for less value xD If I need to go for some, I would Take ICE Castle and the Dragon boat

  154. Always found eternal so cool when it came out. The fog and the Vibe of the whole skin creates a calming zen

  155. Crimson sky and ethernal palace ate my favourite ones, but quite every base skin is awesome!

  156. None because I had zero luck on getting one. But the Dragon palace and mammoth chariot are really nice. Last base skin I hate the most it’s so disturbing with all that animation

  157. Ice castle looks the coolest, but crimson sky buff is pretty cool… I like to switch between the two

  158. I currently don’t have a favorite as I dont have any new ones unlocked. It would be helpful if you guys made it easier to get different designs

  159. Latest APC decoration from Eden is my favorite. It boost actual fighting power and can be gained through hardwork .

  160. The free ones?! Ha! Failing that, rather fond of my rainbow castle, but I’d love the spooky one for when I’m in a mood

  161. My favorite base skins are the Haunted castle and the Ice Castle.
    My favorite APC skin is Adam

  162. I would settle for any. Never had one..🤣🤣. But the beast invasion is my favourite