7. Codes of Conduct

  1. Communication: In the spirit of “friendship first,” participants shall be civil and compliant with laws and game rules in chats and behaviors.

If any of the violations are found, the individual (or alliance) concerned will be handled in accordance with the User Agreement. The punishments include but not limited to warning, muting, removing access to the gameplay, suspending log-in or permanent ban of the account. Meanwhile, the Studio reserves the rights to disqualify the participant and freeze the account permanently.

1) Improper remarks or behaviors found in chats, aliases, bios or guild announcements.

2) Any ridicule or insulting remarks (including but not limited to offensive, aggressive or cursing remarks) made through any channels.

3) Releasing unverified info through any channels (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and other social media platforms) without the permission of the Studio.

4) Any improper gaming conducts (including but not limited to violations of national laws and regulations, sexually explicit info, violence info, provoking conducts, publicizing other games, and unethical or immoral behaviors) in the contest.

  1. Waiver in the middle of the contest: Participating alliances are not allowed to waive in the invitational game. If the alliance insists in waiving, the Alliance Commander needs to submit a request. Individuals are not able to waive. All members in the waiving alliance will not obtain the awards of the contest. In the case of any disagreement or disputes, the Alliance Commander shall handle them properly.
  2. Personal Waiver: As to participants who are no longer willing to engage in the contest, or are not able to continue the contest due to force majeure, the Studio will evaluate the issue and make decisions according to the actual circumstances.
  1. well i think the conducts needs to be scrutinised . as some of the aliances in some of the guilds have been buying the extras from another source other than The ones from LSS. …and guilds joining guilds to make a very big and strong guild to wipe the wasteland and every one in the wasteland. which the game i thought was limited to how meany alliances to a guild and how many guilds could join to gether. with what is happenning the gamers are getting richer . but and members are moving from this game.. if nothink can be altered i think the ones that whant to come out of the game should be reinburst with what thay have spent through your shop only.

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