New Hero | Dawn: Snowy


Snowy was born in an ancient family with its own belief. The day she’s born, the blizzard haunting the North Reach for months somehow ceased miraculously. She was then worshipped as a treasure bestowed by the almighty power, and was even made the candidate for the Maid.

Gentle and smart, Snowy impressed others with her sharp senses when she was a child. She could not only talk with animals, but sense the flow of elements in the nature.

Troops Led: Fighters

Positioning: Support

Wand: Contains marvelous power, which can only be controlled by Snowy herself.

Waist Pendant: A treasure handed down generation by generation, exclusive to the Maid.


No. 2 Ancestor’s Blessing: When the front-row squad deals damage, recovers some troops as many as a certain share of the damage dealt; when the Hero’s squad is in the mid-row, some of the damage taken by the front-row squad will be shifted to the Hero’s squad instead.

No.5 Dancing Snowflakes: there’s a chance to recover some troops for all allied squads.

No. 8 Iron Will: The two effects are applied independently each round: a chance to reduce the damage caused by two random enemy squads; a chance to increase the damage taken by two random enemy squads.

*The desc above was only an account of the overall effect of the skills. Please refer to the in-game desc for their final effects.

      1. You obviously haven’t been paying attention to the heros. There is a mix of POC heros including Black, Asian, and Latino.

      2. Good grief… Stop with race thing… Please!!!!
        Are you blind to all truth?? Go look at the heroes!!! Damn that gets tiring!!

      3. There’s more than enough racism found in game chats for you to NOT be showing off your own blind ignorance, thank you.

      4. Omg…🤣😂🤣
        There’s always that person that cares about colors..
        Fyi… there are women, men children grandma and every color person you can think of in this game… take your BLM propaganda somewhere else!

        1. First off, get educated BLM means treat my life as precious as your own. Period. Racial equality if you are anything other than caucasion is a real struggle in the WORLD. Propaganda is folks thinking BLM means we think we are better than you. We just want to be treated like you, with respect.

          1. Words like WE and YOU promote segregation…. Implies you and I are on different teams. I thought we are pushing for equality…. Making You and I on the only team….TeamHuman

          2. Omg so only white ppl are treated fair?? Give me a break this crap has gone on long enough. All colors are racist ok it’s obvious you have problems with white ppl yourself. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. Its the 21st century dam get over the crap we all human we all want the same things in life. Sooner everyone understands this the sooner we get past this crap. All life’s matter ok

      5. I’m as white as you can get but I don’t go around saying shit that shows how stupid I am!

  1. I want to know why it matters if she can talk to animals, since… There are all of ZERO animals in the game… (Shrug)… There’s a thought devs… Give some of these heroes “familiars” that enhance certain skills… I know you’ll charge out the a$$ for them, but it’s a cool concept… Oh, and maybe, just maybe, let players actually pull these freaking heroes instead of being so dang stingy! 😡

    1. They are like that so you will spend hundreds to get the heros you want or mostly extras of the ones you don’t care for

  2. So It Helps Front Row a Lot 🤔. Means If we Put Cannoness in Front Cannoness in Front Supposed to Heal Front Row Twice % In other Rows. And She’ll Help more. So Cannoness Nearly Get Immune to Anything. Then All we Need is a Anto Healer to Counter So their healing is not affected.

  3. There are no zones with show on the map. We have desert, Forrest and Jungle( Mud Area?). Don’t know where is the area she was born.

    1. It says she was born in a blizzard in the North, that miraculously stopped, therefore, no more snow.

      There was just a snow storm ~30 years ago.

  4. Where is the Snow in Map..May be in Dev’s Bolt where she bourn …New hero’s has been introduced every now n then..them make some justicen respect with your own job Dev…you are Still throughing Stupid green hero’s in Golden tickets…So oweful.. show some respect to Spender and Non spenders too..all are Humans

  5. Is there any point winning new hero now?the big spenders will max the combat base on day one and put these new hero in it maxed and the rest will just play for the scraps like last eden..

  6. Need a damage dealer for fighter
    Vehicle have death rider, shooter have Nomad, need 1 for fighter

  7. Shes pretty, but I thought this was an apocalyptic game.. when did we go into heroes talking to animals hehe. I’m sure it’ll be good though.

  8. Yeah my thought too. Maybe will be the new TP. Depends on the actual % that show up in game.

  9. this is always entertaining i spent $500 on hero tickets plus all the ones id earned and saved and out of 568 tickets guess how many were new heros……..? 0 not 1 dam new hero so i messaged developers. there reply was sorry its all random and luck is about to change but another 400 tickets still 0

  10. its been 2 edens since i pulled a new hero and only 2 tickets earned in eden only gave me duplicates so almostm1000 dollars and 800 tickets not 1 new hero i dont beleive the odds of that . Guess therea a limit to how powerful that were allowed to get before we eget struck with bad luck

    1. Ive been playing game for 3 years w/o spending alot of ca$H, money or no money, it’s all just a tease, I never get any new heros period.

  11. I love duplicates. But at this rate I’ll never open all my heroes 😅 she looks awesome though

  12. One planet-One race
    There will always be haters.
    Help others, don’t be such a selfish greedy fuck head.
    Try learning
    to understand different

  13. Ive been playing game for 3 years w/o spending alot of ca$H, money or no money, it’s all just a tease, I never get any new heros period.
    This game is nothing but an income generator for Devs that probably already have enough huge luxury boats, glorious mansions, private planes & jets, and army’s of servants, do they really need even more money?
    Of course they do.
    Don’t be stupid.
    Work on yourself first, then respect, honour, support, nurture,
    every other living thing.
    Life is short and fleeting, don’t waste it being an asshole.

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