4. About the Season

4.1 Gameplay: Eden – Dissidia. The gameplay is built upon that of a regular season, with some necessary adjustments made.

4.2 Opening: When the season kicks off, the invited alliance will enter the same guild with its allied alliance by default. Alliance members will NOT be allowed to quit the guild during the season. Commanders participating in the invitational game will NOT be also to participate in regular seasons at the same time.

4.3 The 32 alliances and 16 guilds will be distributed evenly in 8 spawning states. The list of spawning states will be determined by the Studio.

4.4 Items applicable to regular seasons can also be applied in the invitational season.

4.5 Each of the 16 guilds will have a designated and unique color for its territory.

4.6 Participants engage in PVP combats to win Honor Points. The amount of points obtainable will multiply as the season proceeds and the week number get bigger.

4.7 Fallen state removed: Even if the durability drops to zero, the main base will NOT be fallen. Rather, the base will be teleported to a random spot in the spawning state, but some of its territories will be lost with the Force Field on automatically.

4.8 The conditions to claim different tiers of rewards have been loosened overall.

4.9. In the contest, there’ll be coverage made by both official and amateur journalists. From today on, you may contact the customer service team to sign up to be an amateur journalist. After being approved, you may enter the contest with your own account or the account offered by the studio.

  1. Could someone please tell me what the Pulse Wave feature in the DD shop actually does. I can not find any info at all.

  2. It would be interesting to see whether more honor points are given (PT 4.6) if you’re able to defeat more troops. This would influence how we play.

  3. The best event moment is eden. Do you know , in eden is the safest places and hiding places. You can put shield too. Eden will give huge rewards then DD.

  4. It would be nice if out of eden, you could see your guild tiles instead of only your alliance tiles

  5. No choice.. every event have its pros and cons. Nothing can be the perfect to suits everyone of us.. but would prefer shorter period of event and not so close as timing back to back.

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