5. Rules

5.1 Overview

Participants agrees to the rules of the Last Shelter All-Star and any possible modifications made by the Studio to the rules. The Studio reserves the right to make necessary modifications to the rules according to the actual circumstances. In the event that the rules are modified, the Studio will inform all participants as soon as possible.

5.2 Winning/Losing

The result of the match will be decided by the system. The Studio reserves the right to make judgements on any behaviors in violation of the fairness and completeness of the game.

5.3 Handling of Unpredictable Bugs

When an unpredictable bug occurs in the game, the gamer needs to report it to the Studio as quick as possible. Our customer service team will follow up the feedback from each Alliance Commander regarding the contest and inform the latter of the result. The handling methods include but not limited to rollback, suspension of all actions or reset the contest, based on the severity of the issue.

The unpredictable bugs include but not limited to:

i. Issues with obtaining or consuming resources.

ii. System exceptions occurring to servers of the states where the contest is held, or bugs occurring to game clients, which have an irreversible impact on the contest. In either case, the Studio will make judgements accordingly.

5.4 Cheating and Other Violations

1) Participants shall not take advantage of any bugs found in the contest. When an unpredictable bug occurs, please do contact your Alliance Commander to report it. There’ll an exclusive customer service specialist for each Alliance Commander to follow up the feedback from participants.

2) During the contest, all alliances and gamers shall not conduct any behavior affecting the fairness of the game. If any gamer (or alliance) is found to have violated this rule, the individual (or alliance) concerned will be disqualified, with relevant rewards cancelled, as the punishment for “in-game cheating.” Meanwhile, according to our User Agreement, gamers violating the rule will face punishments including but not limited to taking back in-game items, deducting illegal revenue, forced offline, suspending log-in or permanent ban on the account.

The following behaviors will be deemed as violations of fairness, and will be punished by the Studio:

i. Manipulating the game through collusive actions, or undermining the fairness of the game through any agreement indicating financial or material interests.

ii. Any unjustified or unreasonable methods employed in competitions to impair or thwart opponents.

iii. Passive gaming or any behaviors against the normal proceeding of the contest.

3) In the spirit of esports, participants (or alliances) shall not affect the fairness by involving game boosters or running any third-party auxiliary apps. Once found and judged as solid violations, the violators will be handled according to the principles for “abnormal data” or “using third-party apps” stated in the User Agreement. The punishment includes but not limited to warning, removing access to the gameplay, suspending log-in or permanent ban of the account. Meanwhile, the Studio reserves the right to disqualify violators from the contest.

4) In the event of an occurrence of bugs, or any other issues found by the Studio, the Studio has the right to add new rules either prior to or in the middle of the game and notify the participants.

5) In the case of any unexpected occurrences, participants need to report to the Studio as quick as possible. The Studio will make decisions accordingly. Participants agree to conform with the decisions; if not, it will be deemed as a waiver.

  1. Can we add a waterfall or river to the state map? And the Gian monster comes out from the river likes a Wendell? And we can use missiles to kill them as a team. Would be fun!

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