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In the next season “Eden: Dissidia,” two new elements will be added: Guild skills and season techs. We believe the season will be more fun and challenging, with the two elements added.

In this post, you’ll be able see the things you might wanna know about Guild skills. We’ll be offering you some info on season techs in the next post.


After entering your Guild in Eden, you’ll see a new icon for Guild skills.

The skills will be unlocked gradually as the Guild upgrades. They can be made available by members of R4 or above in the Guild.

Guild Skills

100 Miles a Day

One is one step closer to victory if one could march faster. The skill is what you need to break the limit in Marching Speed. Since it’s only effective within 3*3 tiles, you may use it at key locations such as checkpoints/cities.

However, it also comes with the “side effect” of doubled Stamina cost, like an “overload.” Be sure to use it at a good timing to avoid unwanted waste.

Fast Teleport

The skill is to use on a target Sector. It can greatly shorten the time required for each Guild member to build a site for Base teleport to the target Sector. When you are to launch an all-out war against a Sector, a flash deployment with this skill will make the enemies caught unprepared.

Say Commanders from Sector A would like to speed up the teleport to Sector B. Select Sector B as the target. Then build a site there.

Emergency Rescue

The skill helps you heal some wounded soldiers in the Immunity Research Facility instantly (High-level ones first; for soldiers of the same level, Shooter > Vehicle > Fighter). ZERO resource or Regeneration Serum is consumed in the instant healing.


Like “Fast Teleport,” the skill is also used on a target Sector. A 6h prep is required. When it’s in effect, you may occupy enemy territories or Bases within 10*10 tiles without extending your territory all the way there. Yet double the APC Durability will be consumed. With this skill, you may break through the enemy’s “defense line” made of Bases with Force Field on. Please note that the skill is only effective in the target Sector, and cannot be used on more than one Sector or neutral territories.

Strategic Weapon

The skill allows you to use a Guild skill one more time, offering you more room in decision-making. It can only be used once in the season.

How to Use Guild Skills

  1. Tap “Guild” – “Guild Skill”
  2. Choose the skill you want to cast
  3. Choose the target area it works on


Q: My Guild used “Assault” on N Sector, but some of the 10*10 tiles are in NW Sector. Can we occupy the territory in NW Sector?

A: No. It’s only effective in the target Sector.

Q: My Guild used “Assault” on N Sector. Can we occupy those unoccupied territories within the 10*10 tiles?

A: No. It only allows you to occupy enemy territories of Bases in the target Sector. To occupy those unoccupied territories, you need to extend your territory there first.

Q: Within the target range of “Assault,” would it cost extra Stamina to occupy or attack territory by extending my territory there normally?

A: No. You won’t be affected by “Assault” when occupying territories in the conventional way.

“(*Please refer to the in-game content for final info.)

  1. Skills are useless if the matchmaking is uneven to start with. More fluff added to the crap that haven’t been fix. You devs are a genius. LMAO.

    1. Right, like Wonders and 2nd base. Devs don’t realize all they do is consume more time for players in Eden and that’s not what people want.

  2. Please do not mix those who had all stars eden with the rest of us. Throw them in their own eden. Fighting strong guilds does not make this game enjoyable anymore. Most guilds don’t have maxed bases. S

      1. I agree also matchmaking is definitely way too uneven to be adding Guilds. Besides most people that join an alliance I to get kicked out in a few days or leave because the game seems too hard for them and they don’t take the time to learn how to play.

  3. With limited exception to Conflict, within the first 24 hours, negotiations are made by top guilds over map rules. This means no major battle! There may be small skirmishes for those who oppose to the ruling and they shall be crushed with ease. These Skills are a joke, when time and time again after so many Eden events devs add shit that would only help top spenders against each other and the rest are fillers like pawns. What a bunch of idiots. Haha.

  4. Dev must delete dissidia cuz reword is nothing at all, I play only for coin but I think I will pass it see you in conflict 😅

  5. I agree also matchmaking is definitely way too uneven to be adding Guilds. Besides most people that join an alliance I to get kicked out in a few days or leave because the game seems too hard for them and they don’t take the time to learn how to play.

  6. Don’t you devs have a code to find the big spenders and have a league of their own? Matchmaking would be better. 😅

  7. developers should rethink of rewards, rewards are not at all good as compare to time and money wasted here

  8. More fluff, I don’t understand why matchmaking can’t be all bases of the same level . In the beginning the game was fun because there wasn’t such a power disparity. I have a strong alliance but you throw a 30g alliance on anyones map what’s the point?

    1. Agreed! Already must b25 to build extra base wonders whatever, make them open to everyone and change the ras needed by level like coz. Non b25 only useful for fake enemy tile trading

  9. Two side need to be match evenly before we use those kinds of buff. If one side is stronger then no use of all those.

  10. Such a let down … sad…waste of time minor tweaks usable once in a while, game will be over before then

  11. One change this Eden’s option R5 no choice members distribute rewards. Why think R5 choices same state members and friends rewards. Not send any other members contribute rewards

  12. Need to have it more fair for non spenders as well as spenders game isn’t as fun when non spenders get the shaft

  13. I think the original DD was better. Even those that don’t spend money were able to advance over time. State vs state seems better than guild vs guild.

  14. Fuck you devs, you are all stupid to put assault skill the game are trash now,what’s the point of mountains and gates if there’s a stupid skill that could use to jump …..fuckers



  17. All player try to insulting my . I am just discuss to other player why mute my message option

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