New Hero | Collector: Edwin

Edwin wears on him a bunch of gadgets he collected from the wasteland world, with his “favorite” being the mechanic ball that he often fiddles around with in his hand.

Collecting treasure is Edwin’s interest and way of survival. He has a lot of money, and he loves money. There is nothing he hates more than to place his money into someone else’s hands. Not even his most frequent customers have a chance at the better side of the deal when dealing with him. His behavior and attitude have earned him another nickname, “The Stingy One.”

Collector: Edwin

Troop Led: General

Role: Support

Mechanic Ball

The ball is one of his favorite gadgets. It’s said to have some magical power. Yet, no one has ever seen how powerful that ball could be.

Vest Jacket

To keep his treasures with him all the time, Edwin had the top tailor in wasteland make a special vest jacket for him. As you can see, the jacket is dotted with countless treasures he collected.



Skill 2 (Prep Skill)

Counter effect the Hero’s squad suffers drops. Deals huge Damage to two random enemy squads each round (A certain portion of the Damage will be used to restore the power of two random ally squads).


Skill 5 (Prep Skill)

Effectiveness to be determined each round. Visible increase to the healing effect on the ally squad with the lowest power. Starting from round 4, various ally units will make the back-row squad have more chance to cast skills that require prep.

First to Move

Skill 8 (Prep Skill)

Starting from round 4, one less round of prep for the prep skills of back-row squad. A great chance to rid the squad of the burning, poisoned or bleeding status.

Recommended Formation

Formation 1

Front Row: Retrograder/Dawn

Mid Row: Collector

Back Row: Death Rider/Hummingbird/Scarlet Siren

Formation 2

Front Row: Collector

Mid Row: Organic

Back Row: Lust

Recommended Abilities in Particle Reconstructions

Common Ability: Group Might/Group Tactical Might

Special Ability: Efficient Treatment/Tactical Conversion/Greed/Killer or Magician

(*Please refer to the in-game content for final info.)

  1. What we use for this general hero? I mean vehicles, shooters or fighters what’s best?

    1. Like retrograder i assume. More than his formation buff apllies to all not just one type of unit.

  2. I got excited too quickly, let see numbers and pray for decent english wording because so fsr neither is much a real shocker. He seems different blocking poison as the only one who csn, but she is probably just gonna have larger numbers making her one most boring upgrade or replacement if not word for word indentical as weed have seen in the past.

  3. Organic-mecanic-too much heroes !!!
    Even when i spend really alot still cannot catch dupes for xheroes that i already have.Imagine now will be even harder😳

  4. This hero season no luck for a epic one even , don’t know anyone around me having any luck I wounder need hero of luck first 😷

  5. Developers could stop making new heroes for a while, or at LEAST improve older ones so players could have a slight chance on anything

  6. There is still alots of heros still not complete and the system not giving us 😂

  7. Im not a spender, i keep my tickets draw it whenever there is good hero. And im in a good alliance getting good rewards and eventually maxed the new and good heroes. Just keep you tickets and go to a good alliance.

  8. Hero hunting is the best option. May I have two or three. What a wish huh huh huh.

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