New Hero | Glowblade: Helen

If the darkness wishes to consume you… Then tear it to pieces. After waking up in the “Fearless Legion” Specialized Rescue Center, this phrase is all that’s left in Helen’s memory.

One year later, Emily encountered Helen once again on the front lines. The young girl that once nearly died on the hospital bed charges into enemy forces with full speed, and with her violet blade, she instantly demolishes the last bit of hope the enemies were holding on to.

Though it’s clear that Helen has received a body far superior to that of an ordinary person, it made Emily feel an unspeakable sadness instead. She saved Helen’s life, but indirectly pushed her soul into the dark abyss.

Glowblade: Helen

Troop Led: Shooters

Role: Damage Dealer | Ranged


A powerful weapon made of special materials. In combats, it gives off violet light, blinding the enemy and allowing her to give the enemy a lethal blow in the blink of an eye.

Artificial Spine

The artificial spine is invented by one of the top scientists in wasteland. Despite the great manufacturing cost, it enables people to have another life.


Double Slash

Skill 2 (Combat Skill)

Launches an attack with huge Damage; there’s a chance to launch it again (deemed as casting Combat Skills twice).

Targeted Stab

Skill 5 (Combat Skill)

Triggered once each round. Deals huge Damage to the enemy squad with the lowest power. If the squad under attack is in special status, deals additional Damage to all enemy squads. Meanwhile, gains some Combat Speed (stackable; effective till the end of the battle).

Lethal Blade

Skill 8 (Status Skill)

Increases the Skill Damage dealt by the Hero’s squad in battles (To be determined each round: If the Hero’s squad is the first to move, the Skill Damage bonus will be raised significantly in this round).


The Shooter squad led by the Hero gains much in Might, Resistance and Marching Speed, with the effect of the skill “Dictator” remaining the same.

Recommended Formation

Dawn + Scorpion + Glowblade

Heaven’s Redemption + Scorpion + Glowblade

Retrograder + Scorpion + Glowblade

Recommended Abilities in Particle Reconstructions

Common Ability: Tactical Might/Damage

Special Ability: Preemptive Strike/Distance Strike/Tactical Conversion

(*Please refer to the in-game content for final info.)

  1. Marching speed is meaningless for just one squad, like putting vehicle in with fighters and shooters, they move at rate of the slowest. Got excited at first it might be entire formation, all squads, but no.

  2. She got a hot buttocks tho in that skin-tight feline suit (whistles). But those claws of her could scratch one’s itchy back with ease. If they could just give her an ability called Mesmerized, so when attackers stare at her a$$ets, they will be stunned until the end of battle. BTW, I didn’t know light sabers can shoot.

  3. Nice new heroes, the exchangeshop is good aswell keep it up give it more often.

  4. What about her awaken? Maybe wrong translation, but looks like she has no 250% director skill? to get double the troops?

  5. Some of us would not mind seeing some male heroes with their a$$ hanging out. Come on devs….throw us a bone…🤷‍♀️

  6. Skill 5 is listed as a combat skill here and a prep skill on the hero’s profile. This is a very important difference if we are recommended to use her with scorpion.

  7. I was fortunate enough to recruit this hero and a duplicate . However when I look at the duplicate it has a question mark ❓ on it . Is this an error or does it have some significance ?

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