Sneak Peak of Valley Defense Battle

Against the landscape of the valley, many Defense Towers were built to form a solid defense line and safeguard the Base.

“An ear-piercing siren, however, went off in the peaceful valley. Soon, the Radar detected that an unknown number of Zombies were heading towards the valley from somewhere close to a city.

If the valley is fallen, the Base would be the next target.”

For the security of the Base, the valley district was declared to enter the emergency status. The Commander even went to the front line himself, to inspect and deploy Defense Towers.

To be or not to be. It all depends on this battle. Do whatever you can, to DEFEND THE VALLEY!


11/08 – 11/14




  1. Build Defense Towers to fend off Zombies. Drag the Defense Towers to merge them into the one of higher level. Place the Towers onto empty Sites to let them attack Zombies automatically.
  1. You’ll get Defense Coins after defeating Zombies and the Boss (appearing every 5 stages, like at stage 5/10/15). The Coins can be used to purchase more Defense Towers.
  2. New types of Defense Towers can be unlocked at some stages. There are four types of Towers in total. They are the Artillery Tower, Cannon Tower, Flame Tower and Electromagnetic Tower. Each has its own feature in attacks.
  3. Merge the Constructor Fragments to raise the initial level of Defense Towers. Merge the Site Fragments to unlock more Sites.

5. The Constructor and Site Fragments can be obtained by defeating the Boss (appearing every 5 stages, like at stage 5/10/15) or completing daily missions.

  1. From stage 30 on, you’ll get the Auto Merge item by defeating the Boss. It can also be obtained in daily missions. With the item, the auto-merge function of Defense Towers will be activated, lasting 5 min.
  2. When defeating Zombies, you’re also collecting power for the Missile. After being fully charged, the Missile can be launched to deal damage to all Zombies in sight.
  1. The Defense Towers can also be recycled to have a portion of Defense Coins returned to you.


Artillery Tower: High Fire Rate

Flame Tower: Setting Target Range on Fire

Electromagnetic Tower: Mass Slowdown

Cannon Tower: Massive Damage


(*Please refer to the in-game content for final info.)

  1. Finally this game started to roll out lots of event which actually gives warbadge and super cores.

      1. 100% correct. Man I miss the days when I first joined this game. No skins with unfair buffs that can only be bought with money. No hero skins. Could make cubes for parts and finish boxes for courage medals.

        I firmly believe this game is what is wrong with mobile gaming. Everything is pay to win. This is killing the game (as well as atrocious dev support and lack of any work being done, aka events and game improvements) and they are now scrambling to keep their low IQ whales from leaving.

        Everytime they make it so free players can finally start catching up, is when you know these greedy shits are going to release a new paywall that make it impossible yet again. Whales won’t be happy if their thousands of dollars didn’t let them win 100% of the time.

    1. Agreed, about time! The Development team really slacked off for the last 6 months, hardly any events at all, no Rampage zombies or events hardly at all for needed CE and Supercores. Finally with allaince VS allaince they have added some CE and super cores to boxes!! I’ve been mailing the Devs about putting them in svs boxes for over 12 months.

  2. ,,😅 Hiranyakashipu just to get them you will spend much more like you would buy them lately that game going just for more and more money

    1. Why everyone quit below b25 in last year, and now those without maxed reconstructed heroes

  3. Needs more base relevance. Event looks completely detached from the game. Heroes don’t matter, tech doesn’t matter, buildings don’t matter, alliance doesn’t matter, apcs doesn’t matter, troop type doesn’t matter. Same as the Bouncing game. Has nothing to relate to the base game.

    1. The ads that made me join this game were clearly fake and false advertisments. They finally have an event that lives up to what I was looking for 2.5 years ago, zombie defense mode. 🤭

  4. When people bitch, devs gives them TIME-OUT events for the poor suckers to stay IN the game hoping to save their lunch money into a piggy bank to share to the devs.

  5. Hey,hey,hey… Finally, something is going on. I’m very happy and excited about new events. You finally decided to make this game interesting again. Well done. Hope more events will come soon. Nice work, congrats…

  6. Looking forwards to see how this games plays, and hope that us lower lvl bases can get some kind of good rewards

  7. These Devs are really delusional not realising that 50day Eden is more than enough to keep everyone busy but, instead of fixing main issues they create stupid distraction such as this like who the hell wants to kill zombies… Money sucking leaches qnd when you highlight any bugs ot concerns or complaints they always send a generic response Sorry blablabla

  8. This is like evry tower def from the old dota costume maps …. , And i agree with a user that Say the event has nothing to do with the game , no teck no apc no heros …

    1. That exactly what i was thinking! Reminds of borrowing my little brothers phone to play tower defense 12+ years ago!

  9. A Suggestion: Dev should make recruiting heroes percentage higher..i have lots of useless heroes..Change the recruiting lucky meter from 1000 to 500😂

    1. 10000000%. I should have quit when I realized the tiny percentages, would have saved a years or two of my life for better things

  10. Just updating default base skins regularly, would make me happy. Since the ones we buy don’t really make a real difference in performance anyway 🙈

  11. Almost 3 years ago, while playing a game on my phone, i saw an ad for what looked like a cool tower defense game. It was called Last Shelter Survival. I installed it. To my dismay it was not a tower defense game at all. I gave it a shot anyway, joined an alliance, met some cool people, grew my base, and decided i would keep playing.
    Now finally after 3 years, a tower defense game is introduced. 😂

    1. Yup! My thoughts and experience exactly. Too bad they’re killing the game now. Since BaneBlade and t10, the game population has dropped like a rock. Add in the pay 2 win skins now and eve I’m about to dip.

      Maybe I’ll stick around for these desperation events and modes they are adding. Only took them 3 years to start trying to keep people interested in their rip off game 😅

  12. Everyone is always complaining there is not enough side games… finally they make side games and people still complain lol

  13. I’ve been playing for over 3 yrs now and spent money trying to get a new base skin,no luck, so devs if your reading this can I have a new base skin ive spent enough on this game

  14. Just sell this game while it’s worth something devs, soon we will all login to find the servers shut down and spam links to new”free” games

  15. Sneak Peak of Valley Defense Battle can’t upgrade due to lack of Constructor and Site Fragments

  16. How can i restart the “valey” ?? I did something wrong when merging and does not getting started

  17. Site fragments are full and cannot merge. there should be a option to discard a few….my game is stuck on the same level.totally hopeless

  18. I would really like to congratulate the developers of the game . You have by far managed to make the most retarded tower defense event in the history of mankind

  19. Why are you complaining with account from China Korean and American wait strong with your time just with me I can’t understand with every dick hackers and every dog’s professional damage account bank I will do wait is importan snake from Google and last shelter Rss and from line and from Facebook are you serious with me Korean of your bad and China

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