Clash of Alliances – Dawn Mission

The Clash of Alliances – Dawn Mission is a gameplay developed out of the Clash of Alliances. The Dawn Mission will be held in turn with the Operation: Oblivion every other week. The Dawn Mission will be held at 11:30 (Game Time).

The Alliances in the same group in the Clash of Alliances will enter the Lockdown Region together in the battle for the massive destructive weapon – the END.

You may also gain points in the Clash of Alliances by killing enemies in the Lockdown Region. The Lockdown Region will be inaccessible after 23:59 (Game Time) on Saturday.

Commanders who switch to a new Alliance within three days before the event will NOT be able to enter the Lockdown Region with the new Alliance.

After the event starts, the fight for the END will begin at 12:00 (Game Time). By 14:00 (Game Time), if the END is still not under control, it will be unavailable.

Unlike the Battle for the Launch Center held in the original State, the combats at the END and around the its tower will have a 20% upper limit for the share of dead soldiers.After entering the Lockdown Region, the cap of Hospitals will be raised by 500%.The soldiers wounded in the Lockdown Region will still get treatment, rather than die directly, even if the amount exceeds the cap of the Hospitals in the original State.

If the END is still not fully controlled by any Alliance by the time it shuts down, the one that occupies it at that moment will be deemed as a successful controller.

After entering the Lockdown Region, there will be a bar, for each Commander, indicating the Morale of the troops. When soldiers are wounded or dead in the Lockdown Region, the Morale will drop accordingly.

The Morale cannot be restored. When it drops to zero, the Base will be under protection, which means the Commander cannot march or attack others in the Lockdown Region. After the event ends, tons of rewards will be offered based on the personal ranking of the amount of enemy Morale lowered.

The Alliance makes it to occupy the END will get double the points, whether earned or to be earned, in the Clash of Alliances on Saturday.

After the battle for the END, the rewards will be calculated based on the amount of enemy Morale reduced by Commanders.

Ranks in the Clash of Alliances – Dawn Mission

The Commander in Chief can not only get powerful bonus, but also appoint other positions such as the Colonel General and Vanguard. The two positions will also offer bonuses.

The titles and bonuses for different ranks vary.

(*Please refer to the in-game content for final info.)

    1. Oh great another event that will be one sided they will place alliances that are 8-10 g in power and we will have one that’s 30 g to win it all 🙄🙄 these developers need to start making these events more of a fair competition place all of you monster states and alliances in the same in against each other for once

      1. This is a joke! You start with no morale and can’t do a damn thing! Great job developers 🤬

  1. Wtf. +12 ???? Thats the middle of the night here,,, half the world cant participate,!

    1. It was aboyt tkme for +12 half off us olso wake.up at 4 or 3 or dd wars and so on

      1. Finally an event I can join an enjoy. Always waking up at 3am for dd or lc was tiring. Thx developers for thinking of the other side of the world for once.

    2. At reset the other half of the world can’t participate 😅. Looks like you will have to set an alarm.

    3. Hum…. Probably to compensate the KE and LC battle at reset, when the other half of the world can’t participate!

  2. LC battles are at reset which is the middle of the night for the other half of the world….. So its about time players I Europe had something decent they can participate in.

  3. Good to see some changes. Wonder if you get troops back at the end of the event similar to oblivion. But come on devs. The rewards are terrible.

      1. Troops will die (not sure the percentage as the 20% upper limit mentioned is not clear). That’s why the rewards contain material to clone troops

  4. Should be like oblivion, pick your time. Just highlights the problem with fixed times. They could find a way if they wanted.

  5. Why not hold it the week where Oblivion is not on and allow the alliances to choose a time. The fixed time is carp

  6. I think the rewards for 11-50 are better than the rewards for the higher spots. Who still needs courage medals? Lmao 🤣

  7. These days we have more troops than we will ever need except t10 might as well use them

    1. This Eden has players with over one BILLION power, not 100,000,000 but 1,000,000,000 and many close.

  8. Rewards are trash and troops die, why would we even entertain this event? Count me out when it comes to this.

  9. Oblivion rewards are way better than this.
    Troops won’t return, 1st rank gets only 2 gold tickets… Not worth it

  10. Return our troops back ( we need them for eden*) + give more cores instead of 1 or 2 tickets.

  11. Should have more rewards. Every event one has to compromise either sleep or something else.

  12. Oblivion has to best rewards to time commitment ratio, even with all its problems, tickets and coins whether you win or lose or even participate for the whole alliance for an hour or two of time and no troop loss is amazing. I do everyone oneryone and the r5 always signs up.

    1. Just wish r3 can build too, more than once we had no r4 playing so couldn’t build anything, guaranteed loss

  13. I really like the concept of this event, an alternative to a 3am reset is music to my ears. The single biggest objection is if I understand the instructions above, even with the adjustments to hospital, this will result in losing troops for average rewards at best. If they made the event where all troops returned at the end of the event great, otherwise players need to retain troops for Eden where they are paramount and the event rewards are superior. If they resolve this hopefully there could be greater battles than the normal peace negotiated.

  14. I got tonnes of questions. Is it an compulsory event or optional? If compulsory, can you shield your base If you don’t want to participate? ( Half the world is asleep at that time). Otherwise every 2 weeks, you will lose troops for nothibg

    1. Per issit like oblivion, you can enter to participate? Can you exit anytime? Or you’ll get stuck till end of event ?

    2. you don’t have to enter the event map if you don’t want to also you can enter it with your shield up. The map looks the same as the state map but it’s much smaller and the troops are marching way faster there

      1. Ok, so we can enter anytime from 1130 to 2359. lC battles commence at 12 to 14, is that right? And you can shield and exit anytime?

        1. yes you can enter with your shield up and also you can reinforce your alliance members, but after joining the event there is a 5 min CD to exit –
          just think about Dawn as the KE – got the same rules – guns and fighting over the center.
          you can attack not shielded players at 11:30 but center itself at 12 and you can join the event anytime untill sunday 00:00 but the most action is in the first 2h.
          much smaler map – it’s easy to find a targets
          troops are marching faster:
          if you teleport next to someone not in the mud it will take you just 1s to attack with the vehicles apc

  15. Gia raises a good point, all these except Oblivion the outcome is negotiated, starts with real battles quickly turns to safe, lossless events. Soooo boring.

    And darn farms, haha lol

  16. There is 1 out, eh. Farms can move to a second Farm Allance during the 3 days before the event. Also, anyone that doesn’t want participate can Also, move to a Farm Alliance during those 3 days, too! 😉

  17. Finally an event with a fixed time that is not taking place at reset 🥳🥳🥳👍👍👍

  18. Is there a free teleport? Apc speed up?.. What if i leave alliance before event start can i join another alliance is there a cooldown?

  19. I’m ready to send my T7s to Heaven. Maybe you devs can design an event call Farm Wars: Rise of the Hoes. This way, bases smaller than 25 can get some yummly treats, like a few SX tickets. We know you care about our farms and all those super heroes we get that our main can’t.

    1. You have disabled my contact us button. You still have not fixed the Google Play problem because your code change in 1.250.222 was to stop illegal selling. So now you just want to silence concerns
      Ain’t that the truth. Mybframs had SX hero long before main

  20. This needs to have alot better rewards and no troop loss. It’s simple! But when have the devs listened to the people who actually play the game.

  21. Yippee….. more pointless gameplay for unworthy reward!!!! 🤦‍♂️ Another new Low for Last Shelter players of experiance..🤷‍♂️

  22. Let us gamers design future events since you devs have very little experience in game design (ironically). We can better design the events with innovated concepts and balance with worthwhile rewards; something you can’t do time and time again (which is the reason for the birth of Frontier states as slaves to your betas).

    In return for the unmatched gamers’ designs (as they have direct experience and you don’t), you shall give the designer residual incomes like royalties (to be discuss later; my lawyer is ready). This will promote better content by gamers for gamers and you can gain a larger profit for in game purchases.

  23. I’m seeing a money grab here. Now you give away very few super tickets. No more saving up tickets for new heros, because unless you are in the top 2 you don’t get any…you are hurting the lss community

  24. You have disabled my contact us button. You still have not fixed the Google Play problem because your code change in 1.250.222 was to stop illegal selling. So now you just want to silence concerns

  25. The rewards are to poor and the biggest issue is the lost of the troops , 20% is huge…
    KE plus this at the same time, should be a minimal rate of troops lose

  26. Why you dont made a fuction to get down fallen after a while or with Diamond or resurce? If for example I enter game, I sent attack and after game blocked and when comes back I was already fallen
    Restore with something fallen and game will be more fun, I have only 1 min to play and after blocked for all day because fallen

  27. Absolutely a complete waste of time and energy. Like the normal rewards are not bad enough already? Who’s the genius that thinks even less will make it more interesting?

    1. Easier for them to get you to buy more of their overpriced packages if you can’t actually win what you need.

  28. Game vừa bị lỗi shield khi đăng nhập vào Clash of Alliances – Dawn Mission.
    – Tôi đã bị mất 20m pow khi bị lỗi. Yêu cầu Các bạn khắc phục lỗi này

  29. Absolutely the worst rewards of all time for an event. Seems like they will try anything to make you have to buy their extremely overpriced packages. FAIL!
    I just won’t participate in the stupid event.

  30. Now we get so much less courage medals in CoA, it hardly worth trying. I will stop playing soon… Very bad move developers

  31. Yeah, im stay at b24 for awhile, my b25 has been long enough its safe, but b25 is just a very expensive farm if its new, really b20+w

  32. We are from statr 362 unable to enter Dawn Mission. Please solve it soon. Date: 5 February, 2022.

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