LS Developer Program

“Last Shelter” has been listening carefully to the commander’s suggestions for the game.

For the commanders’ suggestions, we have also carefully considered the feasibility.

Today We will give the commanders a news about the iterative plan related to the season and gameplay.

Q: Will there still be the Total War in the States in the middle of Season X? I’ve been playing Eden for ages…

A: In fact, there’s an ongoing renovation of the Total War. The rules will be optimized to ensure the balance, with more territories and season rewards offered in the future. The new edition of the Total War will be unveiled in the season after the next season.

Q: In Eden, the “hack” of blocking the way with the Base has been overused, like blocking the way either with a fallen Base, or a Base with the Force Field on… There’s no way to get past it. Isn’t this a waste of time?

A: In the LS All-Star, the fallen status of Bases was removed, and we already saw a visible improvement of the issue. The practice will thus be applied to the following regular seasons gradually. Meanwhile, from the next season on, the Force Field will be deactivated when Commanders teleport in Eden, as a way to stop Commanders from blocking the way by teleporting with the Force Field on. In so doing, we believe, the path in front of the Checkpoints will be wider and it would cost much more to play the “blocking trick.” Moreover, the Guild skills will be available in the next season. Commanders will be able to break the blockade with one of the Guild skills. For more info, please stay tuned for our upcoming posts.

Q: The players participating in Eden are not actually living in the same time zone, which means, it’s gonna be so exhausting to go online to take back the territories whenever they’re occupied by enemies.

A: We noticed and have been working on the issue you mentioned. Yes. It is not what the Eden gameplay was originally supposed to be. In fact, some new functions, such as quick combat and authorizing the Legion to handle troops for you, are under development to optimize the mode. We’ll finish the development shortly and make your gaming experience easier and better.

Q: The grouping in Eden was not that balanced. The power gap between the two sides in the X – Eden: Conflict was way too big. You could even see some participants surrender and fight internally on the very first day of the season.

A: Each season, we would be optimizing the algorithm of matchmaking. Yet, there still are some unbalanced matches in some groups inevitably. To address the issue, we’ll introduce the sign-up system, enabling Alliances to select the gameplay they want. Alliances will also be able to mark the friendly and enemy Alliances, making it less possible to encounter them in the season.

Q: In battles for the Checkpoint in Eden, the Checkpoint will go to the one that makes the last strike. It’s more of an issue of luck. It sucks. When the Checkpoint is defended by another Alliance, others need to wait until the next siege day to attack it. That also sucks.

“A: With the Guild skills coming soon, the conventional tactics will face a huge challenge. You’ll have an idea of the new gaming experience brought by Guild skills in the next season. If you have any ideas on how to design the Guild skills, don’t hesitate to share with us. We’ll be updating you with the preview of skills and open to more of your great ideas!

Moreover, we’ve noticed that players are not that impressed by the battles for cities and Checkpoints as they were on day 1. That’s why we’re working on new season gameplay to weaken the roles of cities and Checkpoints.”

Q: In the LS All-Star, one can get Honor Points in PVP battles. Can we have this rule in other seasons?

A: Definitively! From the next season on, you can get Honor Points from PVP battles in the season! The rule will also be similar to the one in the LS All-Star.

Q: The variety of the existing gameplay is not enough. Only one Operation: Oblivion was held so far. And it’s only available every other week. There’s not much to do in the offseason period.

A: We’ve been working on all sorts of special gameplay. In early November, a new gameplay will be unveiled. More info will be disclosed on it. During the off-season, there will be some new leisure games and limited-time events, where you can get points to exchange for in-game items.

Q: Among SX Heroes, Shooters are the weakest. Players are basically using Fighters or Vehicles. Among Shooters, only the Scorpion can actually compete with others. When will the dev boost the Shooters?

A: We will see to it that the new Shooters in the following seasons are boosted in power. They will be designed in consideration of the overall power of Heroes in the current version. Meanwhile, the relatively weak Heroes will also be boosted in their skills.

    1. Im having problem moving my farms to different state..i have immigration tickets but i get error you can’t do it during dd or eden event..which is really dumb. Farms are in 68 will be moving them to 61 and 64 .none of these state have event going on ..wake up and fix your bugs devs .

  1. It had been found that during LS All star, the guilds have different colour tiles which looks good and interesting. Implement this in normal eden to make the game more interesting

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. Mostly because I have a visual impairment. It would be nice to see contrasting tiles. They might want to show when certain alliances are working together as well. This way you can make a decision without having to pull up their profile every time.

  2. Pls do something about base level … we heard lv30 will come for years and not thing happen

  3. I can’t see the game changing at all, so many people are quitting because lack of support from the devs, constant bugs in the game, lack of real wars as apposed to just having to surrender to the big spenders, rewards suck in eden unless you finish in top 3, and the total rip off for base skins and also win percentage for base skins totally unrealistic. Save your money and don’t support anything until you ALL see change from the devs

  4. I love the idea of Clash of Alliance. That makes the match making a lot evened out. Hopefully, this season can be more fun for everyone

  5. Please make us able to create red cores and badges why would we have 5 buildings who make cores but not red ones. Lore says we can’t teleport in eden but need a pad, we actually have missiles in real life though now…

  6. I am having gaming problems I have been sent an invite for an alliance but I clicked on join but nothing happened

  7. Clash of alliance is a concept I wrote to devs some time ago. Also this should be done just before eden ends so the rankings can be given before the next war event. But we all know that guys will move big bases in weaker alliances so they can get the upper hand in wars. One maxed base can stop an entire alliance. So here’s my advice. Please give more reward to bases with less power. Badges and super cores are important amd super tickets. So give quest to get these rewards

  8. It is possible to change the Lost troops after finished Eden it will be nice if we recovered troops the day we get award on the end of Eden.

  9. I want to see a better way of using our 1min and 5min speed ups, built into the game. I’m not paying for a clicker app that’s stupid. We should be able to click once and use many speed ups per click.

  10. why didn’t you leave at least one building… At least a statue of a general so it can be built? What do we do on the day of construction if we have all the buildings finished? how to collect enough points to open at least the first three boxes,??

  11. I really hope they fix the matchmaking this time. It’s the one thing that make this game so broken and unbalanced. Player quit because either they keep getting bullied by big spenders.Don’t waste time on coming up with new event unless you fix the lousy matchmaking system.

    1. Or me that I am maxed n always have to be in bigger guild than my guys to find them home matching is big issue

  12. Good to hear that shooter hero will be boostsed . That include old hero ? I have given suggestions about this for long time if only new hero thats still not good because i never get any good heto as my name showing here

    1. That shooters are weak is a lie. Shooters will always be weak cause we’re countered bi the defence fighter heroes. One guy said only scorpion is strong and devs fished in it. Why nomad is bad? Lust? Hb? Lots of decent shooter heroes my second mix is tech wrath lust to save death Ryder for cars n cannones for defence que my first is scarlet scorpion dawn so 2 out of 6 are shooters not bad at all

  13. Why don’t you fix the issue of LC battle which takes place at reset? European players are garbage for you?

    1. THAT’S IT! I was waiting from the beginning! There are working people, not only gaming people in the whole Europe, we need a way to be involved in LC battles!

  14. Who ever has the credit card always wins. Blocking with bases was one way that you could slow an attack down if you lost a last hit on the gate. However I do like that luck comes into play on the gate. It the one time a weak base could actual win something. Guess that’s all gone now. I like strategy and being able to make unexpected moves. Can’t do that now with the outta map. Although it’s great for seeing map better. Game used to be fun now it’s just yet another day in Eden. Matching to better maps. Heard that for years. Could not do it then but now you can. Don’t believe it I write you many times about this every season and players quitting but now your doing something… don’t believe your hype 🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. 1.Why u guys cannot fix lagging issue while attacking city or town?
    2.why base skins price is to high? Any solution for this one.

  16. Total war is utterly unplayable in small or dead state. It’s only an event for the big spenders to bully the weaker state. Please stop this nonsense.

  17. How about back to the basics? English translations that make sense, descriptions of the skills the zombies have since they all look a like of the same, sharing a oicture where the troop and power numbers arent mislabled, a bottom up rewrite or skills decriptions using the same terms so we are clear.

    English is the a very common language, i hate to think ehat others see in theirs

  18. All talk, no action. Your game is riddle with bugs since day 1. You don’t even play the game. That says it all. Stop milking people from your greed and maybe it could get better. I know lots of people in this game who literally hate you
    devs with a passion. Hint: Alot of them are your paid players. Since you don’t give a shit about them, they will not give a shit about you not your game.

  19. Before making this new game play focus on unpopulated states and combine them so people have a good fighting chance as a state, not letting players get bored on less populated state then eventually quit, you need to take care of everyone not just the big spender states.

  20. So when will exchange shop be coming back since that doesn’t require anything new? That would be something nice for you to bring back.

  21. I’m really looking forward to experiencing the new Eden gameplay. The possible options listed, sounds promising..

  22. Dear ones Developer,
    Many player quit this game because you developer make eden again eden again, i know you make a lot money from eden but you have to think about comfort by presenting an event that’s better, I suggest event doomdays:total war that’s better, dont eden again and again.
    Thanks you.

  23. Thanks for Sharing Q&A session in LSS development program. I’m more happy to read your last question’s anwer as you working on weak shooter hero and its synergy with upcoming heros to enhance existing weak shooter hero’s skills.

    I have serious question and expecting LSS to answer on this, i.e.

    Q: what you have any plan for The Wanderer – as I experiance many players comments and making fun on Wanderer due to his weakness in any formations, even he worst than any ordinary orange heros. Why you can’t accept as it LSS failure while designing such hero. what you have mitigation plans to enhance his skills to lead apc in upcoming game. Lets shows what wanderer can do magic in future game play.
    Thank you.
    The Wanderer Fan Club

  24. Matching is the biggest issue. Plus the conqueror should be able to place buildings before he goes n apoint heroes. It’s sad we fight like crazy some times n we only offer it back or lose it and get nothing. The big base should keep his conqueror buff but he should be able to apoint heroes. What is a king without good enemies????

  25. Cores and batches for ce are badly needed … Is a discrimination that u only provide it for free in frontier states ….
    Why only there ? ..
    In the meanwhile you keep giving courage medals which 90% of the player don’t use anymore

  26. It’s not fair to boost skills of already existing heroes. Commanders plan based on what they have.

  27. I smell BS! You all been promising changes for years and all we get are base skins and pay to win content. Keep it up and keep losing your strong player base.

  28. Lots of promises, but basically it will all depend on how much more money the people will have to spend, because, at the end it’s Pay To Win game…

  29. With the game becoming stale and the repetitiveness of the day in and day out change is always good. Glad to hear you are all listening.

  30. I think there have been loads of positive change recently. Keep up the great work devs 🙂

  31. Free 2 play shouldn’t take this long to get strong. I’ve been playing for 4 years, a new base can spend $25,000 USD and become a maxed base and be stronger than me on day 1 of turning Base level 25.

  32. it seems every doomsday at the end of the season I get heros I already have maxed
    why should I bust my ass for months to get heros I don’t need . It gets frustrating

  33. Some functionality got broken for the last two versions of the game. I am seeing message “loading resources “ but nothing loading and then some error message pops up. It happen for example on attempt to recruit. Please advise. By the way it was working fine before

  34. A few new buildings to produce red cores, war badges, and polymer crystals are needed it is to expensive to buy packs daily with little reward. It could be as easy as a permanent exchange shop or a few new buildings.

    Also, would love to go back to the old way of recovering troops with resources so your alliance can help you recover if someone experiences great loss. Only whale players have the money to spend on their team mates. So, if a Big alliance takes on a smaller alliance and kills all their troops or if someone forgets to shield they can get their hours of producing troops back easier and newer players are less likely to quit out of frustration of learning the game times.

    Reduce the time to build T10 units to something reasonable maybe 1.5x-2x what it takes to build T9 so we can use them. Even many people who have invested time and money to having them at their capacity don’t like using them as it’s too expensive and costly to build more or heal them in a timely manner. We have invested a lot into cutting edge technology and really can’t use the stats for the troops we have built.

    Less time for recycling cutting edge technology would be nice or at least for the top part of the tech.

    Will the scientist hero ever come back? Have seen him an old videos and looks very beneficial.

    Put the Great Engineer and the Oil tycoon back in the project hero and change up seasonal hero at the end to a rotating cycle like S1 then S2 then S3, S4, (SX😘) it would make it worth the purchase for most.

    Please release the VIP privilege for marching formation presets. This is something I really am looking forward to seeing.

    Lastly, state migration should be cheaper or easier.

    Thank you all for the hard work you put in fixing and creating an enjoyable gaming experience.

  35. Last Season that is conflict, devs start eden sooner than we expected, and we did not got time for people in group 9998 to immigrate if they want to immigrate to group 1001, today dissidia eden just finish in group 9998, can you please devs give us few days more after tally is finished so that we can immigrate those who wished, otherwise we will get this message always” cannot immigrate during doomsday season…” there will never have a free pause to move if you never get us the time to move.thanks for your support

  36. Please. New research. New base builds such as level 30. Need game modes to keep playing.

  37. Hi.. Why can’t I purchase the Arms supply in my others account? It keeps telling me that I had purchased, but in fact, only 1 account has it, while others do not have. 😢😢

  38. In Eden after 4th week, all are friendly fight. Eden fate is deicided after 3rd week. There is more excitement in DD. Hopefully developer enrich DD.

  39. I have to clean 🧼 🔜 every. Problem thank you for which with rental income 👍

  40. Kami distate 1100 tidak dapat bermain Eden kerana terlupa mendaftar,bolehlah ANDA membantu kami

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