Rewards in Clash of Alliances

The Clash of Alliances is a new inter-Alliance event, where Alliances compete with each other for the supreme honor.

The Clash of Alliances will be launched on Nov 1 in States 1-480. The event will be accessible in other States gradually.

Alliance Showdown – Daily Alliance Ranking Rewards

Alliances will be ranked by total Alliance points and receive rewards each day. After the tally each day, Alliances will also receive some Victory Points, which will be used in the promotion/demotion of the week.

Silver – Daily Alliance Ranking Rewards

There’re 9 ranks for Alliances in the Clash of Alliances. They are, from low to high, Silver III, Silver II, Silver I, Gold III, Gold II, Gold I, Legendary III, Legendary II and Legendary I. The higher the rank and ranking are, the more rewards there will be.

Gold and Legendary Alliances can also get additional Gold Alliance Pack and Legendary Alliance Pack respectively from daily Alliance ranking rewards. There are tons of items in the pack.

Today’s Event – 9 Tiers of Personal Rewards

The Clash of Alliances have the same daily events as those in the Clash of Zones, but with more to offer in the 9 tiers of rewards.

You’ll get personal points by completing missions in Today’s Event. When having certain amount of points, you’ll get great rewards. The rewards vary in different seasons.

In S4, additional Super Energy Cores will be added to personal rewards.

In season XIII, additional War Badges will be added to personal rewards.

9 Tiers of Daily Personal Rewards

Rewards in Daily Personal Rankings

Top 20 Commanders in personal point rankings in the Clash of Alliances will get tons of rewards.

In Silver Alliances, there will be Super Recruitment Ticket *5 for top 1 Commander in personal rankings.

In Gold and Legendary Alliances, there will be Super Recruitment Ticket *10 for top 1 Commander in personal rankings.

Clash of Alliances – Season Rewards

Upon the end of the season, all Alliance members will be able to get personal season rewards, based on the Alliance rank and personal cumulative contribution ranking.

The higher the personal contribution ranking and final Alliance rank are, the more rewards there will be.

The season rewards contain the Super Energy Core, War Badge and Alliance Medal that lasts 28 days.

In the next post, we would be illustrating the gameplay of the [Clash of Alliances – Dawn Mission]. Stay tuned!

(*Please refer to the in-game content for final info.)

  1. Hi Guys igott Some problems with my recruitment tickets i want to use on my item list if i touch iT And want to use That ticket than a message shows up with loading resourses but nothing happen so i cant use my tickets and the app is Very slow .. Please i need Some help

  2. Legendary states war badges + super cores? …. 🤔😒😏😏 silver states need those things* 🤯

  3. Does the Alliance need to be set before Clash of alliances starts ? Will alliances be able to add and remove players during the event ?

  4. So the daily rewards for silver, while having more courage medals, will give us less super recruitment tickets compared to the same daily rewards for a coz win? Why would you reduce rewards if this replaced coz?

  5. i like more old Coz prize. better reward. this new idea, clash of alliance it really really really nad idea. please change back to the normal one

  6. I’ve had problems loading resources for 2 months now…nothing gets done about it. The new COA is to get rid of smaller alliances the rewards on the Old COZ where much better. It’s now going to take 8 to 10 weeks of saving courage badges just to complete on tech upgrade….not good…wonder if I will carry on playing. If i was paying for this i would cancell my payments.

  7. Well played Developers!!!!! Looks Like you have Found MORE WAYS TO RUIN WHAT WAS A GREAT GAME…..🤔🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😡🤬

  8. Rewards are very less. Dont even have enough courage medals. Cannot even research now.. very bad move developers. I only participate now on gathering, rest is not worth trying also. Please revert back.

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