New Event: Clash of Alliances!

The new inter-Alliance event, Clash of Alliances, will be launched on Nov 1 in States 1-480. The event will be accessible in other States gradually.

Below are the important facts that you may want to know about the new gameplay — Clash of Alliances.

About Clash of Alliances

The Clash of Alliances is a weekly event where Alliances of the same rank will be having an all-round competition against each other.

The [Clash of Alliances] will NOT be held at the same time with the [Clash of Zones]. Yet, when the Clash of Alliances is ongoing, Commanders can still go to enemy States to kill enemies through the [Clash of Zones: Battle for the Launch Center].

Clash of Alliances – Alliance Showdown

The event is held among Alliances. The ones of the same rank will be matched during the event and have a one-week duel.
After the week-long duel, the Alliances will change in their ranks, which will be considered in locating better opponents in future matchmaking.

Ranks in the Clash of Alliances

The Clash of Alliances lasts 8 weeks, with 9 ranks for Alliances. They are, from low to high, Sliver III, Sliver II, Sliver I, Gold III, Gold II, Gold I, Legendary III, Legendary II and Legendary I.

Generally speaking, a Silver Division contains 8 Alliances, Gold Division 4 Alliances and Legendary Division 2 Alliances. At the end of each week’s event, an Alliance will be promoted/demoted based on its ranking in the Division.The promotion/demotion ratio for different ranks varies.

The Alliances will be ranked by the total Alliance points on a daily basis and receive the corresponding Victory Points, which will then be measured in weekly rankings.

When two Alliances are of the same Victory Points, they will be ranked by total Alliance points. The rankings will determine the final ranks of Alliances.

How to get Victory Points?

At the beginning of a new round of Clash of Alliances, all Alliances will be reset to Silver III. The higher the rank is, the more rewards there will be.

Alliance will get packs when getting promoted to a new rank. There will be additional Legendary Alliance Packs for Legendary Alliances.

Clash of Alliances – Today’s Event

The daily events of the Clash of Alliances are the same as those of the Clash of Zones. That is, resource gathering on Monday, building upgrade on Tuesday, tech research on Wednesday, Hero growth on Thursday, soldier training on Friday, cross-State competition on Saturday and free development on Sunday. There will be more items offered in the 9 tiers of rewards.

Among the series of events in the Clash of Zones, the [Clash of Zones: Battle for the Launch Center] and the [Champion Duel] will be retained. Commanders will be able to go to another State to kill enemies in the [Clash of Zones: Battle for the Launch Center].

The [Clash of Zones: Battle for the Launch Center] will last for 2 days, starting from Saturday. The grouping and matchmaking rules are the same with those of the Clash of Zones.

During the warm-up match of the [Clash of Zones: Battle for the Launch Center], the event on Saturday will be soldier training instead.

In the next post, we’ll be looking at the season rewards of the Clash of Alliances. Stay tuned!

There’ll also be a guide to the Clash of Alliances – Dawn Mission in our upcoming posts!

(*Please refer to the post for specific info.)

    1. Besides all P2W topics, rewards and details…for me the basic idea of playing ally vs ally sounds much better than state vs state. Up to now it was the formula…grow your state to the max and you win in coz…this will not work anymore

    2. The day I got screwed on map 900051 by LMS kicked on last week of Eden and was ranked 87 out of 200. And the Devs cannot do anything about it

  1. in last fortress also im30 game its alliance against alliance, and sometimes we dueling with same state alliance but mostly outer states

  2. The prizes look AWFUL … Why do u keep giving courage medals as rewards ? … Mostly of us have zillions … Where’s the exchanging event ?

  3. Sounds Interesting, but give better rewards. State 1 to 480 has lots of courage medals and blue prints and the normal items. Give us parts, badges orore of the items that that are currently used

  4. Advanced (purple) recruitment tickets? These became obsolete by the time your base was in mid teens!

  5. We will be able to spend huge amount of money for packages?? Bcz thats gonna be the only purpose of this game..

  6. Load of bull just another way to get clowns to spend 100s pounds on silly packages that are rubbish

  7. Better rewards or not worth it. Any player who has played for long enough in these states has more Courage Medals then he has uses. And blueprints? Get real…. Give us War Badges, Super Energy Cores, and more Super Tickets. Nothing else matters. P.s.:The moment a $99.99 package comes out to bypass a critical role of this event, is the moment this event becomes mud. Bring some integrity back to the game.

  8. 9 weeks of event and such depressing rewards??? And kindly do the match making based on alliance power.. most of the times alliances with 2g power gets opponents with 20g power..

  9. Well, thank you for making me to keep playing YOUR game, but it’s NOT what will retain me, personally!!!
    I have accumulated like 1200 hrs + more tyan 20K by 5 min in technology time……shiiiit I have no war badges to develop my technology tree UNLESS. I buy it…..FUCK IT!!! and there are more itemes that needs to be converted so to make me playing YOUR game….not this. a new mode/ way of competition….FUCK IT!!! So come back with better ideas that will keep me as playing YOUR game and NOT as killing time…..see the difference?!
    Thank You in advance.

  10. Why the rewards are so awful? No need medals. The rewards should contain: war badges, super cores, polymer crystals, decoy, super tickets

  11. Like doomsday only the money players will compete whilst everyone else just shields.. Enough with the greed.. base and apc skins every week then you’ve got hopeness lab.. just another thing for those bored players who do nothing but KE and spend $$ on hero’s.. How about you increase the level cap?

  12. So this will have building and research day? Um, so you are releasing new buildings and research along with this too, yes? If you don’t, what’s the point of those two days, you might as well call it clash of farm cities.

  13. What can I kill with T7s? If you can match us up with a farm alliance, then I will join your Clash of Farce. You can keep your cheap and crappy rewards. I just want to inflate my ego that’s all.

  14. Give more & better rewards to people-
    Give old PERMANENT skins.. no point to keep them in L.s.s museum* 😶
    Make new buildings to help old players to be active.. i.e : 1) a lab to gain heroes guns ( radiation lab i.e)
    2) a New vehicles garage i.e ( to gain speed or might/defense poeer
    3) a building to boost heroes healking vest’s i.e again..
    4) a new mini technology for eden, for teleports or might defense..
    There are tons of ideas.. come on, work more on it! ♡

  15. This is pure money grab and kills the players that are playing because they like the game. I don’t like the idea and the rewards less

  16. Rewards need to be improved to get player’s to want to invest more time and money in the game. Im only interested in war Badges, Super energy cores and High level recruitment tickets. That being said it sounds like people will be needing a lot more troop power and that can be a down side. If troops recovery is similar to to eden and we can get free serumd tonreplace troops that could possibly work. I dont really want to fight my own state personally.

  17. Nice idea. Just change the rewards.. make it better and worth the time and money invested. Thank you.

  18. Alliance vs alliance sounds great. But we all know only the super states and all star alliances will win. We have 40 people. Guessing we will be matched against 100 and have not chance of winning anything. No way we would get top prize which is almost nothing. So bottom rewards are probably five diamonds and one normal recruitment ticket. Is there a way to opt out of this? I don’t want my guys to waste there time.

  19. Ooooo Blueprints, 5 min speedups, and a half day’s worth of RSS on a bad farm! I could really use more 8hr Peace Shields too! 🙄

  20. The rewards are not good now we need more super recruitment tickets , war badges , and polymer crystal as well in 9 tier rewards also the Wendell super energy core is very less it’s hard to make one bb parts in 6 months don’t be soo greedy and give some good rewards

  21. good reward… good reason to finally quit the game.. devs not helping us(f2p) players.. we’re struggling already!

  22. Dear L.s s dev… Silver states Need : crystals,badges red cores and etc. Legendary and gold states mostly are complete- give strength to small bases to make active the game. Reward new bases,to aboid them been unactive.there are bases 21 23,24 that quit… act now please!

  23. Why there is still building day if most of us don’t have buildings to upgrade 😅😂😅😅

  24. Does the alliance need to be set before the event starts ? Will players be able to join or
    leave the alliance during the event ?

  25. I have no more building to build, i am unable to research my tech as you are unable to claim enough war bages in a single day and can only buy the with doomsday coins while the event is going on. Give us more badges and more way to claim them!


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