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Aug 29 [Topic of the Day] What’s the most memorable experience you had in the game?

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    1. The day I hit someone bigger than me and I won 🤭, I’m not very good at attacking. I’m learning little by little, so to actually win a straight on attack was epic

          1. I just want the anniversary celebration to work right can’t donate candles this sucks

          2. I’ve beening playing for 25 hours 8 days a week 40 days a month 375 days a year?

        1. Some camouflages were hit me and zero me during i was sleeping and forgot to shield up!

        1. When I hit a guy over and over again stealing his iron. He was so mad. Then he ended up joining our alliance and we been together for 2 years now.

      1. I have a couple.. one was knocking a certain player camps with over 4.5 bil kill and massive power off of garrisons. 😳 I was only about 230m kills at the time 😅
        I got screenshot of battle reports to frame my victory 😅

        The other was our rogue battles against super high power rogue and beating him down by tag teaming 3 weekends in row.

      2. I learnt English from this game and improve my development. I have give advice to my friend to download this game

      3. When I got the big guy who killed him when I got the big guy and killed him Is great

    2. Probably getting 2G score on KE 😁 for a free player to atleast score that high against big players of another state was a great feeling

        1. Yes so much this…it is amazing how it brings people together the way it does…pure gold

    3. The KE event is great since the requirements are not too high to reach !!!! But the rewards are awesome

    4. I got to enjoy the reward that i got from KE event! This is the first time i finished the event

      1. Getting to base 25. 😁
        My first time as Vice President and First Lady. Anytime is great and memorable. I still get excited when I win a battle or even when I lose and battle was fun.

      1. Yeah realizing that your whole alliance is being attacked by zombies because you hit a button is a little stressful when you don’t know it would do that 😅

    5. that time when we fought against strong alliance in Oblivion but we still won. it was one hell of a war. but we managed to win it 😃

    6. When I was killing and a higher base teleported in to slaughter me our commander Moon read the news and zeroed them

    7. When our alliance and part of the old state immigranted to the new state within the same hour

    8. The day my apc beat a super strong base in eden to make it fallen and save the day. That’s one of the best memories I have here besides the wonderful folks who are my gaming family.

    9. This day, that i reached b23 so far. Wish that i will reach b25 in the near future.

    10. In s2 DD when we were beating kitty/elephant in duels and then they migrated to our state mid season as rogues. We never thought they’d actually do it.

    11. That would be the time I reached base level 25. I thought i was gonna become strong but i learned that i’m just starting. Thanks LSS, Pandemic had become alittle more exciting with the game.

    12. I remember the day where we needed to lose for not going to legendary and for that few of us send farms to another state and we’re feeding them with points for wining, but they did the same to us and it was actually epic how we won in a 300 million difference point while the score was 30g to 30.4g, that was epic!!!

    13. The day were my recruiting meter stopped at 893…with two legendary pack didn’t help😭

    14. The day, when its was my first Eden and i won by supporting my alliance members, even my base was weak than any of them 😄, i made allies on my own and fought the competitve Alliance guild

    15. Hello LSS,
      You have to bann The guild F11 and there farm guild F11, because he takes all bridge and wall,that other guild stuck in the game.Hope you find some solutions

    16. When in doomsday we were about to loose but won due to working together. It was not the game but the working together that made the whole experience memorable

    17. The day when I can, again, report errors in my game, from the in-game interface, would be epic.

    18. Devs you guys remember when you muted me for for posting lyrics from the song Walk by Pantera. Gr at memories.

    19. The day I became vice president… clueless at the time but everyday a learning experience

    1. First time i saved up tickets. Around 1k tickets and pulled hero in for s3 the three sisters

  1. Oblivion battles. We lost but I put a good fight and got the 1st place in personal score

  2. The most memorable was when the game was had only basic gold heroes and war between alliance during the first KE.

  3. DD Total War, we used to use all our bases blocking enemies going backdoor of our AC2. 😂

  4. First seven day rewards and chapters rewards. Now getting rewards is very slow and loads of hardworking.

  5. Meeting my soul mate. After playing together for a year and a half before we started talking and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

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    1. This is so true. I have met so many good people in this game. These are some good people. Some of them have left the game and others are years strong in the game

  6. Pulling Sven 3x from my eden ticket rewards this season, even if i maxed him long time ago 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 thank you Devz 😭😭😭😭😭😈😈😈😈

  7. Day I recruited the heroes I wanted and most oblivion events.. Win/loose doesn’t matter

  8. Teamwork. Helping my Guild destroy a location, going to sleep, and waking up to a fight, joining in, going to work, coming back and seeing my Guild destroy other folks all over again.

  9. My most memorable moment was migrating from 1032 to 1030. Maybe a new contender will be the migration happening tonight. The hype!

  10. Friends made in the game and unfortunately with the good comes the bad part of dealing with bullies and the developers who are too scared to punish the bad actors.

  11. My most memorable experience is playing kill event with my friends. I like playing this game to be with friends from different regions.

    1. My most memorable playing in the game is when we get more points to competing the MVP

  12. Learning new things, skill, culture & sharing experience from different people across the glob.. That’s memorable…

  13. Eden tallying rewards day ,I’m the top 7 contributor and got powerhouse rewards . On top of that I got 2 wanderers 1 seven and 2 nomad,a day I would never forgot.

  14. When I first my friends in the game. We’ve been playing together since then. It’s been 2 years.

  15. In all honesty, i met a second family in this game. Built trust to give each other access to accounts up to planning a vacation together even we are from different countries. Really an unforgettable one. Also, met a lot of friends in dofferent events.

  16. Memorable day is when my team took presidency for the first time against entire state , we were only 6 bases against all other alliances

  17. Most memorable experience is when I won oblivion yesterday with just 2 accounts playing 😂😂

  18. The day I got T9s finally, this was a huge achievement for me. After T9 things are much harder since future achievements require spending large amounts of money in order to achieve them.

  19. Happy moment – Getting to know people from all around the world.
    Sad moment – Realising not to trust anyone blindly

  20. Played oblivion yesterday and won with a very narrow margin… All my team mates played there part to get this win..

  21. Over a year ago getting wiped completely of troops in three hits. Some players you can’t compete against lol

  22. There is a lot of memories which i still remember
    ❤ When i reached Base level 25
    ❤Whenever i become MVP for the state
    ❤When i got my 1st rewards in DD

  23. Most memorable for me is when 109 vs 66 got lc war that is a total war and most of players join the fight

  24. My most memorable experience is when in my first Eden I was in the winning guild and received core rewards

  25. My most memorable event in this game was migrating to 972 state! They treat all commanders as family!! Best state!!

  26. It is when I teleport to other state for KE, got network problem and cant login for several minutes. Next time I log in, the base already zeroed with a lot of hospital full messages 😆

  27. Most memorable,, 🤔
    I guess it is when I spent almost all my super tickets for Hero Day, and realized that CoZ wasnt started yet 🥴

  28. The most memorable is drawing scorpion back to back with eden rewards. I really wanted to max him and I did it easily

  29. A S3 DD fight when opponent made a mistake, and made a space in their defense. and a loosing fight became a winner

  30. My most memorable experience was and still is, the friends that are made from all corners of the world.

  31. The day i was in 392 state and holding up Lc against Chinese vs svs. They attacked me endless but i hold on to it. Troops loss is huge but i enjoy it

  32. In DD total war battles when we have fair fights. Even if we lost sometimes we have grat from the other aliance for the good fight.
    When we won and we made the same IT was even better 😁

  33. My most memorable experience is getting my first Orange Hero on my first free Daily try.

  34. When GG (mother) migrated and took our lc, and finally ousting GG after 2 weeks of chaos.

  35. First Edan when EVS dominate the whole map, was a tough learning experience about what to be active and collaborative means in this game, and how the team work can accomplish great result

  36. My most memorable was during my 7th day in the game when my base was just lvl18 and i got attacked anď zeroed. I told my attacker that I was new and just building my base, she invited me to their alliance and it turned out that they became my friends, even after now after almost 4 years

  37. When i was Newbie, and my base was at lvl13, i was zeroed by Lycurgus, then he was lvl19 player, now plays in state 264. I informed our alliance, New Brown, leader. He tooks initiative and then top 15 alliance becoame nap. He left to play in this state a long ago, that time my best game player King786, a Pakistani british friend seems inactive. My old alliance also vanished. But i am still playing.

  38. Memorable times is when im still a noob and got everything wrong for almost 1 year. 😅

  39. Getting zeroed for the first time by Harleyquinn… didn’t even know what killevent was by that time… I was so upset I even considered to stop playing… unfortunately for my bank account I didn’t

  40. Gaining friends and miraculously keep them. Wouldn’t have met them if not for thos game.

  41. open eden ending gift, seven recruitment tickets x can’t get the hero you need

  42. The day when game had a glitch and won 3 death rider….at the end was only one

  43. A commander in 526 had passed away. The entire state paid tribute to him, scouting his base and like LOTR farms where burnt in each cornor.
    I was a new player in game and this really told me that friendship and respect was in game and state.

  44. Competitive total war fights. Last fight of the season was always intense as it generally decided rewards

  45. Quite a few, some are when i reached Base 25, completed T9s Vehicle research and First X Hero 😊

  46. Time I turned up for oblivion with no one else from my alliance, luckily no one from the enemy alliance turned up either so easy rewards

  47. Everyday it’s memorable. But for me its the time I was migrate from 259 to 207. After this time the game change na lot for me. The team work in kin it’s awesome.

  48. Actually being lucky enough to max lut a hero I was after using tickets in a single day. Not normally lucky at all s we hen using up my tickets!

  49. Denying the entire guild from taking down checkpoint by occupying 3 tiles at the very last minute.

  50. I think it was Eden season 4 when we fought against a few very strong guilds who were bullies from the very start, and we managed to keep them away of any objective. They finally got 0 points and that was a very huge satisfaction even if our rewards were bad aswell. I think our guild got 4th or 5th reward then.

  51. When 175 took on some of the strongest alliances in the game during total war and we manage to stop them many times and their DD missiles. until they brought in other alliances from other states against us for final duels (more than 7 alliances Vs 3 alliances from 175). unfortunately the game mechanics were changed and no more RSS plost can be built. We can hardly ever win after that just defend. It’s the truth since we were acknowledged by quite a few strong states for our strong TeamWork and skills. They didn’t have an easy time despite all their advantages. Can’t wait to see what the new total war will be like.

  52. the first time i was president off the state and needed to find out how it all works;)

  53. When i have chosen gathering in free dev and went to enemy state joined KE because forgot 😂 base level 19 i was at..also i found awesone friends in LSS..

  54. Most memorable Was when we were AT baw and for some reason dont knw why, wake up all baw and gua burning wkn and
    Si6 hahahah and loved those sc cries 😂😂

  55. The experience is the unforgettable memories and good moments we make everyday playing with friends and making decisions and so on

  56. My first eden season. The map was smaller, matchmaking was fair, no politics and a lot of fight.

  57. first day of Eden season. No one had an edge. Everyone had to fight for what they had.

  58. Downloading the game thinking its a zombie defence game, only zombie is see is a level 1 – 25 clown

  59. My first Eden. It had some faults but it was new for everybody. Lots of action and not much politics.

  60. First DD total war , it’s most memorable when all players were still noobs and learnt something new in the game

  61. Nothing really memorable, always feel like I m playing catch up to strong money spending players..

  62. There is not just one thing! However my favorite would be north vs south and north defected and it was us and one other guild against the whole map!! It was epic none stop fighting

  63. We fought an Eden war from the beginning till the end. And left with 30 point award. It felt bad at that time but later on that Eden war made me felt it was the most memorable

  64. My most memorable experience in the game are having friends all over the world. I thinks the social aspect of the game if one of its best feature. Hope to continue enjoying this game and meeting new friends in the years to come.

  65. finished zone comm research and getting 2x rewards for coz competition. I was too exited on that day to get two super ticket daily for opening 3 boxes. Since then I never face rss shortege issue.

  66. My first season with Hsy. Did was watch me of only a few non Chinese players and didn’t know what to expect. Season ended with me I top 10. This also earned to respect of everyone in the group! 🥰

  67. Last Eden, 5 players including me were in top 20, but the guild leader gave us only member rewards. This is the most memorable experience I had in game.

  68. One of our players died in real life. Most of 961 surrounded his base for two weeks before it disappeared. His real brother took over the account but then deleted it. It was a sad day but good to see the entire state come together.

  69. first doomsday wars when apc’c were slow and not so powerfull, were more like tactic game.

  70. What most memorable experience in this game? Hmmm….I remember quite a turn comedic of events while placing an AC1 for a farm alliance. It had all the things a great story has.

  71. The couple of times its taken me less than 100 tickets to pull a hero in a pool. These days it seems standard

  72. big player hit me and i won, because he hit me from far. minus 70% damage. and that big player is bokbok 🤣. btw i am non spender player with 300M kills only at that time.

  73. Most memorable moment in this game is when P1F merge with BDE and take WC and kicking JAR rear end 🤣

  74. My memorable moment is getting hero cards on roles from dd eden rewards at the end. Also whn I got on the hopeness lab a free role and got a gold skill

  75. My memorable moment is getting hero cards on roles from dd eden rewards at the end.

  76. When I left my first state #203 which was a dead state full of rogues. To then find a new home was pretty cool

  77. Was the first month of game..
    My state faced a super strong state in the final week of coz. We were both trying to lose to avoid going to gold league.
    A bunch of us started making bases in opponent’s state and started killing ourselves in order to make points for the opponent. Caught them off guard.. Sent them to gold.. One of the best moments in game for me

  78. My most memorable moment is when I was told I was going to receive Core Rewards from Dooms Day. It was a really good feeling!

  79. When all my friends gave me a warm farewell before i start my journey on another state.

  80. When we can play by strategy, organizing and leadership skills. Using our talents and unity to win against opponents. But now victory can be bought by money. Easier to win. We got beaten by who can afford crystals, red cores, tickets, buff skins, unlimited troops, etc. There is no limit. Like you can raise a small base to monster base just after 1 night, depending how well you paid for the game. North and South match making was not balanced. 1 side was super active and high power, other side was not.

  81. When you finally realize it’s not about luck it’s about how much money you want to waste 🤣

  82. My first migration. Feld awesome, can only recommend. Keep buying those tickets! You never know what will happen

  83. The most memorable event I’ve had in game was either being able to be president of the state I loved or making it into the top 4 duel finals

  84. One Eden we were betrayed and I helped lead the counterattack to destroy the traitors.

  85. Friends I met in the game and with whom I kept playing in one alliance and guild is the most memorable moment for me.

  86. No rewards for the last participation. It is like always in this game. Only a few are honored. And if you ask for some information, the support has its offtime

  87. Probably my second Eden, where we figured it out better and merged with a strong alliance and won

  88. When I newly migrated to 177, playing DD against 222. Suker was buying durability packs for many-many hours. Basically he was alone fighting with our whole alliance.

  89. Play this game for three years. I experienced several frustrated times. I used 95 tickets and didn’t reach that 1000 to get a x hero. This happened several times.

  90. When I hit level 20 fairly fast. Was trying to keep up with alliance but so happy to get to 20.

  91. Seconds season of dd. Holding off most of the enemy alliance with a forsaken destroys shotaman apc.

  92. The 1st time i saved the lc from being taken by the enemy state alone while my alliance slept and winning mvp in ke from all the kills best feeling ever.

  93. Getting my first skin : crimson sky – was first in my state that had it. Finishing Coz research and getting my first official position thnx to it. Epic tile wars and duels in dd1/2/3.

  94. Playing without friends would make this game boring so yeah, once I will end up playing this game friends will be whom I will never forget.

  95. First KE with full T9. Heart was pounding like crazy hitting other bases. That feeling was and is still memorable 😊

  96. Please fix 1x single recruitment ticket. It does not work. I never win a x hero on 1x.

  97. The day when I made it to the semifinals of the duels in my state.. it was a proud moment..

  98. First time we ran a zombie siege one member had his alerts on his phone, woke up panicked he was getting attacked, slapped his phone across the room, and fell out of bed.

    Funny as hell.

  99. When the state leaders finally recognized our alliance is as much as a threat as they are.

  100. Having a what i can consider aa a family in-game. Also, losing an important member and hoping that member would return each time that member leaves.. Memorable part is that member keeps coming back feom hiatus and says he does come back because we are family.

  101. When a blabber mouth, said bad things about my state members, she hit my base and she lost big time.

  102. Becoming a b25 in 3 weeks after we migrates from being a b21 for so long due my previous state’s civil war.

  103. Becoming a b25 in 3 weeks after we migrated*, from being a b21 for so long due my previous state’s civil war.

  104. Attaining state immunity or NAP inclusion for my team from the rogues of my old state who happened to be the state leaders and meeting new friends, some of whom i have met in real life already

  105. Becoming the state president for the first time and having friends who got my back when i cannot go online for long.

  106. I would say zeroing as b19 bases b25 when they gathered. Always stayed in state after coz ended and attacked all bases and got ton off rrs. That was epic and most memorible for me couldnt fight againts them but could steal them alot :)))).

  107. Is always a good feeling when you get the hero you want from a pool with only 20-30 tickets. Happened only once to me, but it felt nice

  108. The day I realized this game was about more than killing zombies. Definitely was not as advertised. Lol

  109. Winning championship duel for my state to clinch a COZ win during a very tight race against the top state

  110. My most memorable moment was when we took a city from a annoying alliance on the last day of our first eden.

  111. Most memorable experience of this game is first time playing dd. 1st season playing with an alliance that involved teamwork and it was completely new to us all. I miss the teamwork and my old state

  112. my first state and my first year of playing is still something i like to think about it. had a lot of fun with some cool players

  113. The day when the friends I met on LSS are no longer just virtual friends. ☺️☺️☺️

  114. 2nd Eden where we started so bad and went to bottom yet still finished first and got great rewards!

  115. Fighting against all chinese players with their 6 max season X heroes and I have only 1 max season X hero. This game is so unfair.

  116. The day I got a decent meta apc. But but the time I got it. It was no longer meta lol

  117. Those memories are from the very beginings of this game when we had civil war… bad times but now love and happynes 😂

  118. All my heroes got split by someone i trust the most.. that was most of the most memorable day of mine

  119. The most memorable moment I have had in the game is meeting all of the friends I have made along the way. Cant beat that. They keep me here honeslty.

  120. Every first times where memorable, the first time you defeat a lvl 15 zombie, the first time you survive the swarm, the first time you complete an orange hero skills, etc etc

  121. Group of people leaving the game because of some pirates, there should be a way to kick out pirates

  122. When my friends gave me their roses as a gift for my new life milestone, very sweet people.

  123. Alwasy the best game to escape from reallife or have a lot of fun and interactiin with people during lonesome times, especially since the last year of working from home

  124. Reaching base 25. That’s was really rewarding. After all the endless upgrades and battles i finally got to reach level 25. I can’t for get that day. 😊

  125. Its always been the very 1st time we all fought for LC presidency. We became enemies, but later on, we became friends.

  126. The momerable thing, I did not expect that we will enter into the golden league.
    Now we are inn

  127. Most memorable – how the main alliance in state 571 bullied everyone else for months, and then fell apart overnight. Interesting to watch

  128. Vip skill to group speed up training and tech is life saving. Our poor fingers may have long term damage from before

  129. when I played this game the first time it was at 847 and 842, at 842 I was getting beat up and then it was svs time and i got my revenge at 847 vs 842😁

  130. Just started playing the game. Building my fortress, building my military and trying to expand as rapidly as possible!

  131. being fun during the first months of the state and when time passed by state becomes dead just sad

  132. On my earliest game I was hunted by whole alliance because I zeroed one of their members as they are bullies of state.

  133. Working together as a team with other players around the world, who became friends from just being no one

  134. Making friends from all over the world. Tragically one in our alliance passed away a while ago 😢

  135. First Eden in our state. It was all warfare 24/7 and so insane and unbalanced. So we fought alot and had fun as well as frustration.

  136. When I was level 10 and no one wanted to take me into their alliance except the alliances I’m in now.

  137. Last Eden: Conflict I didn’t sleep much. I didn’t brush my teef and I smell like a dead rat. This is the result of leadership in your game. You are bad.

  138. My friend and I won a dd S2 war with a much stronger alliance when my whole alliance lost all hopes on that war. We both became heroes after that war 😁

  139. When I realized that our leader had abandoned us without promoting a successor.

  140. My most memorable day was when I finally got my first legendary hero from ticket.

  141. Fighting NaO during S3 eden in state 329. Epic battles with them. They were the best times of the game.

  142. My very first eden met some of my now best friends during that eden thank you LSS

  143. My most memorable experience was the first Doomsday. I have no idea how to tile, I have no idea how to use DD facilities, I was clueless.

  144. Saving my sr tickets for two seasons and using them in the second season of sx to finally get some decent heros!

  145. It is when the 2nd Doomsday event when my friends migrated to other state..

  146. There are lots of memorable moments in this game, our first Dd, first Eden..first BaneBlade. The best moments in this games are those with our team members. We’ve seen cancer fights, won and lost. Marriages and divorces. Deaths and new babies. The most memorable thing about this game are the players..hands down.

  147. Pulling Scorpion, Huntress, Retro, and Scarlett siren at the beginning of last season and maxing them all. That was fun.

  148. My first eden was super cool. We pulled a strategy at the last moment, which made our guild famous.

  149. They day when I became MVP for the first time was most mamoriable day of this game for me.

  150. My best memory was from doomsday season 1 when 1030 fought versus everyone and did really good.

  151. Defeating all 4 Alliance center from ZeR 297 alliance in a 4 hour Total war duel. They were already spread out throughout our darkforest and immediately destroyed AC4 , 3 and 2 when the duel started. However our defenses at AC1 were organized and very strategic making them waste all of their Dura and DD missiles. We then launched an all out attack on their ac1 because trust me they were strong but we had something they didn’t! DURABILITY AND THE WILL TO FIGHT TO THE DEATH AGAINST BULLIES.

    We ended up winning the duels with less points by got all 4 of their acs.

  152. All the battles I went in with my berserker s249 team.. They are like bullet ants attacking from all 4 directions.. Small but fierce and feisty

  153. My most memorable event was when X1N from state 677 finally came in top 3 a few seasons ago in Eden, yep it was a big deal because I need tickets!! Lol 😂

  154. Hero Day after Eden. It’s like Christmas morning. Love seeing the alliance get heros

  155. My son having limited funds and using them to try, and succeed, in getting me skins.

  156. I want fourth hero In apc as an addtional hero but it has choosen one skill necessary for additional skil in one apc example vehicle heroes kamikaze,wrath,dearh rider,i want use war boss and choose marching speed skill for it

  157. I miss DD in state. I hate having to keep switching between Eden and back to State. Then you cant transport like you used to, you have to build a pad which takes 2 hours and its annoying.

  158. I have enjoyed dd2 and dd3 more than I am enjoying wden. But guess will like it eventually.

  159. Randomly came here and became addicted to this game. I really enjoy LSS.

  160. Starting over again in a new state with friends has been the most memorable experience.

  161. There’s 3 memorable moments for me in this game 1st one was when i join this game everyone was talking about the orange hero’s and wasn’t aware that is orange hero’s lol than i got know that super recruitment tickets give us a Orange (legendary hero’s) when i got my Hero i got too excited In
    2 when i got T9 without having farms it it’s really very hard to get T9 without Farms

    3 was State 97 And 83 LC Battle

  162. Getting tfour tickets in the angel bear, pulling max Kami and then eden in a good map with great rewards.

  163. When my girl MW migrated overnight to play with me. I woke up to unexpectedly find her base next to mine

  164. When I first started playing trying to figure out the game and making new friends doing it

  165. Massive Launch Center battles where bases are jumping around attacking and countering.

  166. The first vigil we had for a player that passed away a few years ago.

  167. Not sure why tge candles are still giving points, when the rewards don’t update.

  168. First KE in game i still remember that day. We were just advised to use shield. 😁

  169. We had a crazy COZ bracket. We were the only 11* state against all 10* states. Of course one of them came for our LC. We only had Legenday and they had bane blades. I lasted whole 2 minutes. That was fun

  170. Getting my first MVP and making many new friends during the rubbish lockdown year

  171. Getting my 1st set of Baneblade. Since then I have now got 3 with 4th about 2 weeks away.

  172. Oopse wrong question. Correction answer for this question, seeing the bikini outfit on hummingbirdvthe first time after a fellow member was oggling!

  173. Dear L.s.s dev’s …. thank you for this event…it helped us all 🙏🏻💝 stay safe in real life. 🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂 big huggs.

  174. When I had my first “orange hero” (Iron Teeth) completely maxed. One second was reaching lvl25 and unlocking lvl9 recruiting.

  175. Hi why you pepole reduced the all the zone rewards into half….already its very tough to get alll….you pepole reduced all zone coz rewards into half within a week…gamers anybody note it

  176. Game is good but the orrange hero not come easyly , the point is need hero easyly or given lots of orrange ticket or the regular player who play regularly give then some more hero or ticket.

  177. I think my most memorable days are when I buy multiple packs for a base skin and get nothing but a few k diamonds and 7 super recruit tickets. When I proceed to talk with the devs, they just give a lame excuse with no answers and send me on my way. Hundreds of dollars spent, no base skins. Something isn’t right…

  178. The moment I took mvp for the first time but I was not first place in the all states 🥲

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