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Aug 28 [Topic of the Day] If you are to design a Hero, what skills will the Hero have?

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  1. If I made a hero I would give them a skill that allows them to make the enemy squad skip a turn.

    1. Skill for critical damage x2 with stack up damage increase possiblity percentage on every turn.

      1. My hero would have a small chance of inflicting damage to the unstoppable combo apcs like pan Anna ivan, or three sisters, or even a bane set up

        1. The hero can inflict damage to parts instead of enemy heroes. Then the enemies baneblade won’t have full power anymore.

          1. Now this would be a skill worth considering! I’d probably be shooting myself in the foot there also mind, especially against those with 5 bb sets 😬

      2. A hero with ability to poison the enemy hero and will reduce the damage and and hero squad hp..

      1. Heros that synergize with other heros with specific skills is very fun. Longevity of a hero is important and this has been done well in LSS for a number of heros… it is unfortunate when a hero just becomes obsolete because a new release hero is the same, but just stonger.
        A few ideas
        1) Round 7 or 8 charge/burst heal to synergize wuth Hunk skills 8. Damage
        2) A hero that grants entire formation CC against enemy if dodge is triggered. Try to get our man Wanderer some love;)
        3) A hero that gets buffed in some way after it passes consecutive APCs in a well fortified defence. Ie +5% skill chance granted after each APC defeated in a seige.

    2. I would make a skill that steals a % of troops healed from the enemy units and gives them to self squad

      1. That would be a game changer. Imagine if you had that hero you mentioned with a hero who could absorb “silencing” and then inflict that damage that was “silenced” to the suppressioning hero. That doesn’t read well but it makes sense in my head.

        1. My hero will heal the formation. Apply confuse and silent to the enemy formation and will produce high damage. 🙂

      2. Any healing skills will be nice. Or something get to heal self squad for every enemy healed.

        1. Hahaha, and a hero have a skill to scout without the enemy of who’s doing the scout

    3. leech hp dealt to enemy and add as % to self squad as heal
      e.g 30% of damage dealt will heal troops as Hp

    4. A vehicle hero that can dealt against any shooter heroes 🤣 the one that can heal 500%, than can steal skills and that is immune to a skills that comes from the hopeness lab 🤣

    5. My Hero locking one random squad & divent 100% incoming damage to that squad& heal friendly squad
      2 locking
      5 healing
      8 divert
      6 +300 distraction

    6. 🤔 the gave builds in a lot of events +rewards but it requires a lot of speed up to take

    7. A hero with ability to poison the enemy hero and will reduce the damage and and hero squad hp..

    8. I haven’t seen this one but I might create a skill where an enemy casts a skill (example heal), you can steal that skill for your friendly squad.

    9. I would create a fighter hero that does actual decent damage, but is otherwise limited

    10. Oh, I like that! Call the skill Intimidate, make it Range 1 so the hero has to be front row, and then beef up the squad’s resistance and HP with skills 3, 4, and 7. Add a healing skill to keep this hero in the fight longer.

    11. The heroes that i design should have a great counter/ supportive/ or offensive skills

    12. A skill that gives a damage shield for a set number of points with increasing the the skill increases the number of points shielded.

    13. I would like a hero who has an ultimate unlock for combat when it is grouped with in its Trio .1 that was food in both fighters and vehicles

    14. If i were to customize a hero. I would be putting buffed skills to fighters for more effectivity in battle.

    15. Spell reflect. Doesn’t just reflect damage, bounces the skill back at them whatever it is..

    16. Hero that guarantees 100% chance of pulling season x hero during super recruitment

    17. a hero with skills effecting other heros skills, to make combos more attractive and versatile.
      some one close to preditor

  2. chance to make friendly squad ivisible
    chance to copy enemy skills or steal skills
    deal damage everyturn with chance to suppress

    1. If I made a hero I would give a skill that make them(enemy squad) fight among themselves.

  3. Counter All enemy skill damage first 3 round
    After that attack the enemy by copying the enemy’s skill.

  4. Multiplying counter attacking hero that can either apply splash damage to total apc or counter poison

  5. What I want to create is to be able to heal troop and recover troop for defense and full skill damage for offensive

  6. “Shuffle”. A skill that would move the hero and their troops into different positions in the apc every turn or a certain percentage of times within a battle.

  7. How about we introduce another status: bleeding

    This will cause enemy lose troops like poison BUT make them unable to recover 100%. E.g. first round of Bleeding they will only recover 80% of original heal rate and every turn it will reduce till it gets to 0%/unable to heal.

    1. Hero that kills zombies and converts each one into a guaranteed gold super ticket

  8. A Shooter can deal huge damage to Weaken status troop with a very low trigger chance.

  9. Skill – 2 : Remove all healing block debuffs
    Skill – 5 : Block healing for all enemy squads
    Skill – 8 : Immune to confusion

  10. My hero would have spawning abilities. Luke smaller units would be spawned as the battle progresses.

  11. Make a skill that add a randomly hero from Enemy formation to my formation make it 4 heros VS 2 heros 😎

  12. A hero with decent damage and reducing partially or completely the healing effect of opponents heroes

  13. Healing, buffs the friendly squads to deal additional damage, and damage dealer working with all troop types

  14. I would design a hero that can pair with Patriot or Wanderer….. they are useless otherwise…. com,q oplement the skills of these heroes…. and make them a top meta combo

  15. A skill that allows to put a state on the next siege.
    E.g. after the last turn, refuce all enemy attributes by %, effective on the next siege

  16. Damage increase or partially removing healing skills of enemy’s strongest healer in formsation.

  17. Hero that will have 100% status effect on an enemy and 100% healing on all friendly squad

  18. Why lss devs why it’s not fair no luck and now we already lost Oblivion coz of that messy matching of yours

  19. If I made a hero, they would build a percent chance of steeling the opposing squad’s heroes healing.

  20. A specialized hero that uses aerial attacks against enemy’s, and is immune to direct land attacks from vehicles.

  21. All squads will have 100% chance to perform skill2 skill5 and skill8 with another skill of 100% chance to heal all squads with 20% health

  22. Hero who can heal at a 100 percent probability self and one friend at 115 percent .and give them 35 percent chance to evade every turn.

  23. A hero named Orator. Hi will be able 20% chance to make enemy squad to surrender and join your team.

  24. Just give me hummingbird but only 1 round prep instead of 2. Also remove prep time on wings healing skill and then make deus heal skill effective all 8 rounds

  25. Lightning skill. Targets a random squad and silence them with a chance to damage the other 2 and prevent them from healing for 1 turn.

  26. Hi my hero would have stealth weak until attacked the more you attack the stronger he gets

  27. Steal enemy skills and steal enemy troops to replace own troops lost during the battle.

  28. Make enemy squads unable to heal troops for 4 rounds and increase skill damage every turn

  29. I will make Hero named WarMonger: Rell
    Skill 2 should be confusion
    Skill 3 and 4 is DD might nad resistance +10%
    Skill 5 should be counter attack
    Skill 6 should be DD might and resistance +5% and destruction power +100
    Skill 7 DD might +15%
    Skill 8 Energy Harness: 1 turn prep. deal ⁴⁰⁰ damage at 100% to reinforced tiles in DD/Eden

    This hero shouldbe only for Eden/DD use

  30. A hero that has kamikaze skills combined with death riders one plus the destruction power from DR.

  31. My hero’s name would be called Xerox!

    Skill 1 – Copy 8th skill of enemy hero in the last row.
    Skill 2 – Copy 5th skill of enemy hero in the first row.
    Skill 3 – On the last 2 rounds clone one random enemy hero and place cloned hero in the 4th row in your apc.

  32. Hero name: Red Razor
    2nd skill: heal both enemy and ally troops when hero is taking damage
    5th skill: remove all enemy buff
    8th skill: increase all skill damage by 80%

  33. Would love a fighter hero who could increase defense each round. If the apc is with all fighters it would increase x2

  34. A sort of kami, with some good heal, some counterattack and some damage reduction for the enemy squads

  35. A hero that resist poisoning from tile taking for 100% and adds a lot of destruction to vehicles like Death Rider

  36. A question that can’t be answered… because first thing I will never get this hero maxed. Just like death rider, even if I use all reward tickets from several seasons to get him… second… even if I would get him maxed, it will be 2 years after the big cash players… because paying what I pay is obviously to less to earn a further copy of death rider… third thing… as Long as the t10 tec and baneblade sets are That unreachable for „normal players“ even the mightiest hero doesn’t make any sense at all

  37. A Hero that can absorb 100% damage on one turn and turn it into 50% heal for all squads would be good or an attack hero that has a chance to take out 1 hole enemy line in 1 hit 🔥🔥😂

  38. Mutiny – enemy squad turns on one of its own rows for a turn and attacks with full skill damage attack

  39. A hero that can be flexible with any hero that you can put him in. And I’ll put a multiple layer of buffs like extra skills or extra auto attack to friendly squad.

  40. If i made a new hero his skills would be
    Reflection, when enemy uses kills he reflects the skills right back at the enemy squad. Then his other skill wouldnbe to learn and adapt all the times

  41. I will design hero all his combat skill is to give kills for on base troops, like when attack un garrison base, his skills will creat loose for on basee troopss

  42. Skill which i would love to have or imagine is to increasing the troops count more than 325k😁 like it should be 650k🙊🙈

  43. I’d like to make specific hero for siege or defend or tiling ( special bonus might , resistance, skill rate or bonus skill ….)

  44. I will design a hero who kills specific troops in every turn with super massive damage.

  45. I would give it skills that damages all three rows of enemy troops for a few turns, a 50% healing ability when it get attacks and a skill that increases tactical damage

  46. More damage Abilities for more setup options, depending on who you pair them with.

  47. A hero that can learn other enemy hero skills and use skills learnt to counterattack

  48. It will have points that will increase their items from coz , increase points %

  49. I would design a support shooter hero.
    We don’t have a good healing shooter anymore.( Deus Ex last one)
    Need better healing abilities for heros in squad and a counter skill.
    Some Damage increase would be nice also.

  50. I would create a hero with very low attacking capability but with a growing (each turn) probably to make one enemy hero our own ally, meaning it would start attacking troops of enemy APC

  51. I would design a Hero that has different skills evert turn. Example Turn 1 – 20% chance to suppress, Turn 2 – 30% chance to silence, Turn 3 – 40% chance to heal own squad, Turn 4 – 50% chance to Evade, Turn 5 – 60% chance to Reflect

  52. I would design a hero that Transforms. Called the Transformer, 1st Turn -10% chance to transform to DR, 2nd Turn – 20% chance to transform to HR, 3rd Turn – 30% chance to transform to The Nomad.

  53. I would like a hero that is compatible to all troops. With suppression and poison ability. With high HP and 50% chance of healing ability. 🥺🥺🥺

  54. I would call the hero The Wild Joker. Special skills, 25% chance of transforming the enemy APC hero in the last row to either the Wanderer, the Patriot, or the Lone Wolf.

  55. Healing. Targetting weakest. Stealing enemy attack. But most of all, get rid of the rock paper scissors for troop type. ” Fighters are good at protecting other troops?”. No they are not, when facing vehicles. This is one of your advice popups. Your idea obviously changed

  56. Could have… Free Land developer skill in Eden, additional attacker power against buildings in Eden, etc

  57. i would like to see a hero steal the healing troops percentage and heal fot self squad

  58. I would make a hippy hero that would stop all enemy troops stop attacking and heal all owner troops lost in battle

  59. Skill – sleeper agent – random enemy squad becomes friendly hero for 3 turns. Any damage is dealt to enemy squads any healing applied to friendly etc

  60. If I were to design a hero, I would have given him a skill that could suppress & break the immunity of death rider.. it is partial to put a hero who is 100% immune to suppression & confusion

  61. A hero who can make his squad immune to poison from tile guardians. Basically a God of Tiles 😁

  62. a skill to accumulate damage taken and turn in into healing for other squads.

  63. Higher win ratio against the Baneblade and better counter capabilities against the best formations like three sisters.

  64. A shooter hero can deal damage per round and can turn the killings to her/her amount of troops , or share to support hero troop counts, the looks should be a male or female classic sniper

  65. prep skill..
    curse 2 random enemy squads within range, reduce their skill range by 1 and skill chance by 10%

  66. A hero like invoker from dota 2, basically configuring the hero before you send him out to battle. You have a choice of picking from 3 orbs: red, blue, yellow. You can pick up to a max of 3 orbs. Each orb gives some stat boost. Combination of different orbs can give didferent skills for the hero

  67. An alternativ for deathrider with extra destruction.
    Also more versatile heroes like retro and Anastasia

  68. Ability to freeze (% chance) an enemy squad stopping basic attack and hero skills.

  69. Very important to build a hero that can kill much. So I would build a hero that his 2nd skill : at turn 3,5 and 7. Increase troops by 10000.
    5th skill : at turn 2, 4 and 6 increase the hero might by 250 %. Plus increase skill damage each turn by 40% chance.
    8th skill : if hero in 3rd position, give the first and 2nd row heros extra 50% defense + immune to poision for the first 3 turns. If the hero in 1st row, have 50% extra defense and 50% chance to evade poision.

    It will be a good hero against scorpion.

    1. I would agree with same hero, that’s a very good hero with skills that encounter scorpion. Good work mate 💪💪

    2. love your hero mate, great job balance between might, increase troops number and evade poision

    3. I like the hero, hope the devs can build design hero like this. Good job commander

  70. I would make Mike Tyson that one hitter quitter. Like knock out the enemy in the first turn.

  71. I’d really would like second demolition hero.
    But in the big picture… I wish for a little more balance. Heroes should make a difference, not always this ‘All or Nothing’.

  72. High damage and virus resistance would be nice.
    And maybe something like a handbook with some more information on the skills.

  73. Chuck Norris and his only ability ” roundhouse kick” 100% chance to activate when the hero acts and stun all enemy squads for the rest of the battle

  74. How about a development hero that just do one thing… protecting the troops in the base or made them fight. Just loosing them is my most hated thing in this game.
    There’s always someone better and you can only so often start again. Don’t let the gap become too big.

  75. I guess the more we ask a hero to have more skills, the more difficult the challenge would be. You have covered most of the skills for the current heros, and the only skill you don’t have is for a hero to have more troops than others.

  76. Hero that cannot hurt own sex…but has devastating hits against opposite…would probably make scouting popular again 🤣

  77. A hero that can turn the heroes on the opposite side!
    The enemy would be attacked by their own hero

  78. A development hero that would generate rare ressources like super cores, war badges and crystals.

  79. A hero that can steal a skill casted to him and cast that stolen skill back to the enemy with similar or more damage.

  80. status skill.
    when friendly squads cast combat skill, 30% chance to increase damage dealt by 30%.

  81. I would create a hero that has a % of curing nearby zombies who replace losses in all 3 squads of apc for the duration of the battle but the cure will have deadly side effect of some sort or is only temporary.

  82. A support hero who could provide a certain level of immunity. Say, up to 300 immunity points.

  83. I will Design X hero as an All Rounder. Who reduce enemy hero skills to 50% and observe those skills to distribute friendly hero.

  84. I would like to Design a X hero as an All Rounder. Who stack enemy hero skills and observe those skills to distribute all 3 friendly hero.

  85. Skill for critical damage x2 with stack up damage increase possiblity percentage on every turn.

  86. he would have the ability to take 50% of the attacking opponent’s power from him and use it against him. or doubles the return path.

  87. I would design another hero specifically for tiling, to lower troop loss and increase the ability to force tiles

  88. Hero skill that can increase 100% might and 100% resistance for all arounds of all friendly squads. 😉

  89. If I will be able to design a hero, I want him to be able to copy his opponent’s skills like at a certain percentage. Also another hero like retrograder who can be with any troop

  90. Skill for critical damage x2 with stack up damage increase possiblity percentage on every turn.

  91. I would design a hero which can block enemy hero skills. Like scorpion cast just too many skills which is brutal

  92. I would make a hero who can be with anyformation and who can be a beast with tilling and hiden counter attack

  93. I think a skill that completely froze opponent for 1 round would be interesting

  94. Combination skill that can heal 100% its squad and prevent enemy squad from healing

  95. I would prefer my hero with a good healing capacity with a combat skill while attacking the other

  96. A vehicle hero that can dealt against any shooter heroes the one that can heal 500%, than can steal skills and that is immune to a skills that comes from the hopeness lab 

  97. I would make a hero with two high output damage skills and a skill that debuffs at least 2 parts both being resistant or might parts never separate

  98. I would make a hero with a skills that enable to heal all ally reinforce heroes ❤️

  99. I would try to add some special skills like :
    – Cancel enemy prep / status skills
    – Counter wrath reflecting armor
    – Block healing entirely

    Having 2 new heroes with some of the above skills could be to reduce the gap between top ranked meta formations

  100. My hero would be able to retain any skill used against them at the power level it was used at and be able to increase the skill. Be able to resurrect their squad. Be able to heal the squad before having to resurrect them.

  101. I think there is way too many heroes now with different skills so is quite difficult to set a formation that would resist to everyone.

  102. I would design a hero that would change his skills randomly in reaction to skills used against his formation.

  103. – Durability recovery skill.. Makes the APC the hero is in regain durability and energy faster by 20%… Activate it to regain 100% durability instantly with 20 hour cool down.
    – +80 demolition power. HP +15%.
    – Anti-counter skill… 50% chance to negate damage from reflection of attacks and confuse by enemy squad.
    – Deal 300% damage to all enemy squad and 30% chance to destroy 10 durability of enemy APC.

    And please fix wanderers skills.. they do t work at all.

  104. Skill2: prep skill, 100% chance to deal 200%damage to all 3 enemy squad and block enemy healing.
    Skill5: prep skill, 70% chance to heal minimum 50% self squad , stackable 4 times.
    Skill6: +30% Hp to all self squad, +30% might and resistance,250% dictator skill.
    Skill7: +50% might
    Skill8: Combat skill, 65% chance to deal 314% damage if all self squad has combat skill active, confuse enemy squads to block skill attack 1 round.


  105. I will design a hero with infection skill which will skip enemy skill damage for 1 turn and stop giving buffs to his squad.

  106. A hero skill with 100% chance to all heroes skills can be used at the first round.

  107. If I can make any (heroe 1)I want Heroe should have same defence &.. same have high Damage (heroe 2) should be have all SAUD healing ❤️‍🩹 ability.. & same have reduced healing enemy all SAUD.

  108. I will design a SUPPORT hero that will have the ability to heal itself and other squads, confuse enemy attacks and active combat skills of other heroes.

  109. A hero that increases cast chance. Would have minus damage done and received in its 4th skill, and have cc and a other buffs for 5 and 8th

  110. Support hero which pushes healing abilities and debuff antihealing abilities like from wrath

  111. I like destruction power that death rider has for taking tiles or marching speed.

  112. Currently scorpion is op. Its essential to develop hero who can counter poison of him. And secondly skill like hero can electrifying⚡ the enemy will be good skill. Seriously consider it.

  113. My hero skills are to heal all squads massively each turn, increase my hero damage and suppressed and silence enemy squads

  114. I would make a hero that can convince a % of enemy troops to betray and come to our side to fight for me

  115. Skill 1 – stop all enemy squads from healing
    Skill 2 – heal all friendly squads
    Skill 3 – increase 60% damage rate every turn

  116. i would create a hero with general attributes, stackable attack and healing.silence and disarm all enamy

  117. I would like to design the hero that has skill to imitate same skill and cast skill twice damage than the original one. It could be the best hero ever created

  118. My hero creation would be a hero that can heal the other squad 100% and the more it received damage it’ll return triple damage to the enemy 😁

  119. we need eden heroes. like hero we can use for force tiles, or hero for increase imunity.

  120. A hero that is used for eden such as lowering the poison percentage or increasing immunity

    1. I’m with you on this idea 🤣🤣 was just thinking the same thing. Maybe it’s a leprechaun that gives out rewards for successful hits

  121. I would imagine that any hero that I would create should be able to capture the opposing Heroes and/or their skills or at the very least imitate them so as to cause maximum damage.

  122. I’d make a skill with a life steal buff. Causes heros to gain treatment when they do damage

  123. A hero that randomly disables another hero’s skill
    Or a hero that has a 3 turn attack that deals 2000% damage

  124. Skill for critical damage x2 with stack up damage increase possiblity percentage on every turn .

  125. I’d suggest a defense specialist that increased it’s effect based on the difference in level between attacker and defender. So, a level 25 attacking a lvl 20 is likely to lose the attack. (This would help with rogues and makes strategy in KE more interesting)

  126. I would create a beautiful gothic woman who had a manipulative power to influence rivals and who gathers food.

  127. Hero that can cast a skill to turn the enemy squad into friendly squad. Low chance but if success. That turned squad will become friend and help attack enemy.

  128. If I design a hero I will put damage, CC, and healing. It would be a mix between Death Rider Canones and Heavens Redemption.

  129. My hero would absorb enemys skill and be imune to it and strike back with absorbed skill that enemy used it so basicly enemy skill that he uses would be used againts him and not me.my hero would booat gold sets so it could compete to bb sets.

  130. A hero skill to buff useless other heroes like commissar and wanderer and juggernaut or other heroes to be on par with great hero and make them useful. Silence healing. Confusion.

  131. A fighter hero has auto 80-100% marching speed without the need of activation the skill.

  132. A hero with a skill the turn the enemy hero an ally wich Will hit their own troops

  133. If i designed a hero, i would give them a charm ability. Penetrating deep into enemy actions, charm would cause skills to attack randomly

  134. My hero would have death riders dictator 6th skill, and a combination of heavens redemption, scorpion, and tech priestess across all other skills.. The 8th being an absurd damage 800%+ that throws troop heal block and suppressed. (

  135. Same Scorpion skills, block healing and inflict a lot of damage trough poison, just adding Death Rider 8th skill, immunity to cc

  136. skill that will increase friend damage and reduce damage, and then increase friend skill chance, and have a heal skill.

  137. Mine would be more of an alteration to a skill that already exists. Instead of a hero like Predator having +1 auto attacks for the back row squad, have an option for the user to select which row the extra auto attack applies to when setting up the formation.

  138. A hero with skills to make the enemy hero unable to attack for 1st 3 rounds, and able to block the effects of enemy’s baneblade parts.

  139. That skill would make that hero invisible for 1 round at random and all attacks from enemies will be nullified.

  140. A hero who is aleready all lvl 50, all skills 10, no prep times needed, and who causes all his squad vehicle parts to be full and all golden 😉

  141. Production heroes to increase RSS and other various components needed within the game.

  142. Hero with a skill that will cancel all other skills to enemy heroes and his own squad…..

  143. I will add 3 skills
    Skill 2 have healing heros heals more and enemy reduce heals
    Skill 5 have more damage to enemy and reduce damage of heros
    Skill 8 have poison

  144. Hero like retro with all rounder apc. Or hero that is good in taking tiles and battle

  145. A hero like Medusa with the ability to cause the enemy to become a statue for a few turns. Also would need to boost the skills of the heroes that nobody can use like Patriot and Wanderer

  146. Target specific troops. For example, always attack the weakest line of troops based on susceptibility to my troops. Shooter attacks vehicle, vehicle attacks fighter, fighter attacks shooter.

  147. A hero with skill that cause damage to a random enemy row by the equivalent amount of damage it receives on the 4th and 8th turn.

  148. Skills:

    – Stealth skills for frontline shooter. All damages are taken in 2nd row instead. Might and damage greatly increases. 1 random enemy.
    – Nerve gas rockets back row vehicles. Effects all enemy troops. As this is not a spell, effects cannot be negated or disabled. Disable all troops attacks affected for x turns and defense will be vunerable.
    – Biosuits. Enhanced Exo-suits for frontline fighters. Double massive damage and doubles the defense. APC speed will be reduced.
    – Seige Mode. Vehicles in seige mode does powerful damage with large artillery cannon. 2 round prep. Targets middle and back row squads.
    – Squad Leader. When the all the front rows of each APC is leading fighters and the two back rows are equip with shooters, all APCs gain large amount of might, resistance and HP bonuses.
    – Recon. All troops leading vehicles gain 200% in speed. Might is reduce but resistance is gained.

  149. An any troop type hero that has resistance skills, can suppress skills and buffs, can heal troops at all turns and release hero skills from being silenced.

  150. We need annoying kid’s father.
    > Call him Annoying dad
    > Active Skill to drink beer and throw up over the enemies first hero, rendering him out the battle cause he needs to shower at home.
    > Skill to burp, deal poison damage.
    > Syncing him with Annoying kid gets his mojo back, +200% might.

    16+ game and annoying kid doesnt even has his father here 🙁

  151. A hero that was designed to help with tiles, immune to poison and gives extra defence when attacked garisoning a tile

  152. I would have a hero with a skill that has a 100% chance to absorb damage the first 5 turns. All damage absorbed will be distributed between the 3 squads and on turn 5 it will be returned to 3 enemy squads.

  153. Prep skill with healing for a minimum of 2 squads with 80-90% probability
    Cc skill, suppression would be great, with high probability ofc
    Something like damage reduction for enemy squads, or maybe specific to opposing troops like prophet
    Dream support hero right there 🥰

  154. I would make a hero with a DD skill that tank deffence tiles and has strong offence on reinforced tiles

  155. I would design a ranged SX hero that could be utilized with any troop formation.

  156. More x heros where you can use any type of troop. And more healers (self and other hero troops in apc)

  157. Mirror skill that would allow not just block an attack but can counter and actually make damage to the enemy. Like a self-inflicting damage to the attacker,

  158. If I were to design a hero ,the hero would be called invoker. A mage with years of wisdom ,he would have skills to deal damage over time as the battle drags on longer ,he will has an advantage . Also, skills like reflection of spells cast back to the enemy. Increase destruction power and might as it’s lacking in the game with only DR having it.last spell would be casting heavy damage spell to the enemy maybe 200-300%.

  159. I would focus on getting the weaker (not as used) a x heroes used by creating new ones that synergize well with them.

  160. 100% chance to heal him/herself every round. Deal 800% damage to all enemies within range (range 5). Immune to silence, confusion, Crowd control, and poison.

  161. You need more detailed tech to specialize attacks. Also the current way battles need to take in account of your troop count

  162. I would create a hero called Lucifer that he will have a healing skill but when his team is dead n army ready to flee will give them the hell blessing resurrecting their souls to fight again (probably in a 35 45% percentage to make it strong but not super unfair) plus his healing would be from absorving life from enemy (meaning causing damage) so he won’t be a support hero but a Melle one making him the first attacking healing hero of the game.

  163. I would call it the ‘money grabber’ skill and all t10 and hopeless skills didn’t count for opponents entire squad

  164. Give the new hero skills to make the x heroes that are less useful now, become more useful.

  165. I would focus on designing a skill to make irrelevant heroes relevant again. Someone like Wanderer, Lone Wolf, Commissar, or even Prophet, Shadow, or Hunk.
    Another idea is to bring back the scientist development hero.

  166. Skill 2: Damage over time
    Skill 5: Silence
    Skill 8: If both affects are applied then massive damage

  167. Detonate bomb in enemy squad causing massive damage and damage over time preventing enemy heals. Whole formation gains 10 times might on bomb detonation.

  168. Akill that has 20-30% chance to steal or tuen enemy skill against enemy squad, or steal a certain amount of % of the heal

  169. I like active skills 7th Cool down skills of some s1 heroes (war boss, professional, dragon rage etc). So something similar to that. Plus the marching speed is a sweet extra buff.
    Also skill that would allow to bypass reinforcements (like in combat base).
    Or offensive skills that stack up and/or are linked like: chain lightening or anti buff ( lowering skills on multiple targets) to increase synergy with other heroes.

  170. Surprise attack, which would give you the chance to attack the enemy with their defenses down for the first turn.

  171. A hero that can drop your durability 1 point a hit from a skill 8 attack.
    Next skill could be a grenade that can have some sort of stack 10% damage each round goes up or every time its triggered it goes up.

  172. A hero that boost group tactical might or resistance not including the bonus from the hopeness lab

  173. A hero that increases movement speed of apcs that is strong. A fighter or shooter hero that increases that apc speed to vehicles

  174. Oblivion is the best even ever!
    Eden is good, but unfair, too many players and alliances at the same map. Few rewards, event long time… more than 40 days… too much..

  175. If i were to design hero skill, i will give my hero a skill to paralyze critical skill of an enemy.

  176. I would make a real kamikaze, that dies in the first attack but has 100% chance to kill an enemy hero.

  177. A Hero that has 100% chance to super-charge normal attacks and maybe 50% chance to super-charge skill attacks while negating Hopeness reconstruction upgrades.

  178. If I could create a Hero it will be a shooter based – Shooter abilities :will be a double arrow from their above their wrists. Main skill -40 buff on enemies. And also Awaken skill back row damage Melting Arrow Barrage .. +40 damage

  179. hero that has anti heal, and suicide 100% chance 100% damage 1 turn and the damage taken will reflect that to enemy squad

  180. A fighter hero with below skills,
    2nd skill – max 60 % troops recovery each turn for all friendly squads 100% guaranteed.
    5th skill – 40 % suppression to all enemy squad maximum 3 times in a battle with increasing 30 %might & resistance for 2 friendly squad.
    8th skill – 40 %chance to suppress / disarm combat skills for 2 random enemy squads

  181. A hero that increases the skills of normal and s1 to s4 heroes in the same apc to be at par with the sx one

  182. A hero that shields all heroes in the apc causing no damage received from the opponent

  183. I like to design a hero with super tank ability to stand in front row against any powerful formation.

  184. I would make his skill be he is easy to obtain. The difficulty of obtaining heros via draw is discouraging 😞 without spending alot of money.

  185. a hero with 100% no prep required first 3 turns and has anti heal..8th skill would be ability to take damage stack and when it reach full it will return that damage to the enemy. Probably a fighter type hero.

  186. I’d make a hero which can amplify an s1 or s2 heroes skills to make them a match for x heroes in the right combination

    1. Hero that has small percentage chance to disassemble vehicle parts rendering them useless for one turn.

  187. Hero that’s has small percentage chance to disassemble vehicle parts for one turn rendering them useless.

  188. Suppress the attack all three enemy squad.and reflect the attack with some %of resistance.messive damage to last row.

  189. In my opinion we should have a hero with one skill witch can disable the bane blade bonus.

  190. Give the hero the state of invisibility: for three turns he will not suffer damage or any negative effects but, at the same time, he himself will not be able to inflict damage.
    Or accumulator effect: For three turns the hero accumulates the damage dealt by opposing teams and then releases it increased by 370%

  191. My hero would have skills that immobilize the enemy hero so that they would have to replace them for a period of time.

  192. I’d design a Hero who can give speed buffs like the three S1’s but it will be permanent. I think it would be a game changer but will not be too OP.

  193. I’d design a hero who can “steal” the skill of a random opposing hero during combat. The hero who’s skill has been stolen cannot use the skill for the remainder of the game.

  194. Disable random enemy combat skill for 1 turn. 30% chance to negate healing and instead apply half damage of the total healing percentage. Block debuff for all squads for 1 turn

  195. My hero will heal the formation. Apply confuse and silent to the enemy formation and will produce high damage.

  196. Skill for critical damage x2 with stack up damage increase possiblity percentage on every turn.

  197. My hero will heal the formation. Apply confuse and silent to the enemy formation and will produce high damage.

  198. “Intercept” the hero could catch a skill aimed towards another hero and negate it or use it as its own.
    = cancel damage vs a friendly hero or steal a enemy buff skill

  199. I like to design a hero ability to stand in front row against any powerful formation.

  200. If I crate a hero it will be a hero that’s haves:
    – constriction. hero cast the spel on enemy hero. Every time the hero uses a normal attack 20% off the damage gets returned. Plus combat speed off the constricted heros gets lowered bye 50%

  201. Poison reduction
    Hero search in APC for next recruitment using single ticket
    Random double of last row item in commercial hub
    Random bring item during gathering or zombie fighting
    Ability to burn or.freeze enemys
    Granadę thtat attacks target row neighbour rows with X % of damage
    Mental attack that equals attributes of random single rows of both opponents.
    Swapping heroes for this battle at the same row (defender with attacker).

  202. Front line deflection – example huge damage done to front row and be deflected to enemy front row

  203. A skill that when it is enemy turn, they all burn that turn and skip that attack turn. And call the hero ” The Phoenix”. Rhe phoenix also has the ability same as Sven to attack one more turn after being killed

  204. A chance to steal an enemy opponents best skill for one turn or counter pre-prep skill

  205. A skill that counts all damage taken and fires that total damage on the 8th turn on a certain row of the enemy. Opponent will have to kill the APC before the last round otherwhise instant knockout of the certain row

  206. I would like to hive them accuracy skill mean increase damage for other skills that they have. accuracy skill can be stack

  207. It’s got to be the ability to cause massive damage really, though of course I’d also like my hero to be able to resist damage too!

  208. a skill that can make 1 row of opposing heroes attack another line of his hero formation

  209. I think we need a hero that will block or at least counter some of the pre battle effects and skills. We currently have nothing like that in the game.

  210. My hero skill would, after 2 turns, take a percentage of troops from the opponent and take them hostage.

  211. I will have only 1 mega skills, which gets unlocked usin 3 copies, and it can counter any attack from any other hero

  212. I was late posting as reading many comments I was going to say stun the other opponent so you can finish the attack and win. 😁

  213. a support role’s heroes that can steal/drain enemy’s might and skills and buff the other heroes in formation

  214. I will make my own hero who can convert their damage as Their heal power 😅

  215. I would create a vehicle hero named after me who’s fifth skill would have him take the best ability from enemy and reverse it on the 400%

  216. Hero that negates other hero’s skills and/or reflective hero that steals opponent hero’s powers

  217. Siphoning skills on many attributes. High damage, and CC attribute like confusion, suppress, etc. A skill something like reflect and the enemies damage heals 100% from the reflection back to the hero’s squad.

  218. I think more all around hero’s are needed and more to counter the healing effects of the self healing hero’s and or with might and resistance buffs for the 7th skills

  219. Need to fix some S heroes and SX heroes that people rarely use to make them more useful.

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