Eden: Dissidia | Season Techs

In the next season “Eden: Dissidia,” two new elements will be added: Guild skills and season techs. We discussed Guild skills in the last post. Today, we’ll be looking at season techs.

Where Are Season Techs?

Go to Eden. Tap “Institute” to see season techs.

When Effective?

They are only effective for Commanders in Eden during the season. If exiting Eden, you will not be able to have the buffs of season techs. Upon the end of the season, season techs will disappear.


Rare-Earth Elements and other resources are required to upgrade season techs.

The Rare-Earth Elements can be obtained in the Doomsday Shop, quests and packs.

Season Techs

There’re 34 season techs in total, with 10 for combat and 24 for development.

They can be used to increase the Might of Fighter, Shooter and Vehicle, resource production rate, Processing Speed and territory cap. Use season techs smartly to gain an edge in the battle.

Some Techs and Their Effects

Rare Earth Research

Reducing the Rare-Earth Elements required to upgrade season techs (Effective in season only)

Capture & Expand

Increasing the max amount of Territories that can be occupied (Effective in season only)

Best Deployment

Increasing the share of soldiers with minor injuries in territory battles (Effective in season only)

Elite Troop

Increasing all troops’ Damage

First Aid Kit

Reducing the resources and time required to heal T10 soldiers (Effective in season only)

Reserve Force

Able to build an extra Barrack (Effective in season only)

Recommended Combo (Personal suggestion only)

Major Branch

Sprint Forward → Last Stand → Open Recruitment → Full Support

Sub Branch

Pollution Solution → Rare Earth Purification → Capacity Optimization → Rare Earth Exploration (to boost the output of Rare-Earth Elements and resources, and the Processing Plant’s output)

Solid Defense → Heavy Blow (to boost the Siege Defender Might and Resistance)

Academic Breakthrough → Rare Earth Research (to reduce the cost of resources and Rare-Earth Elements in season tech researches)

Starting from “Full Support,” it’s further divided into 3 branches:

Smart Treatment → Targeted Treatment → First Aid Kit (to reduce the resources needed in soldier healing)

Landlord → Unbreakable → Additional Troops → Elite Troop (to increase territory cap, Base Durability, max soldiers deployable and Might)

Rare Earth Exploration → Rare Earth Refining → Highly Efficient (to increase the production rate and Processing Speed of Rare-Earth Elements)

Although season techs will be cleared upon the tally phase of the season, they can offer you some Doomsday Silver. It can be exchanged for many useful stuffs at the Doomsday Shop.

There will be more goods in the Doomsday Shop for you to exchange.

Please note that all season techs are only effective in season States, and are NOT effective in your original State, Operation: Oblivion or Champion Duel.

Wish you good luck in the next season and have satisfactory performance!

(*Please refer to the in-game content for final info.)

    1. Season tech that dissappear at end of season, we paid for it, we should be able to keep for all seasons. All devs have to do is keep adding tech

  1. Now let have real fight not bs negotiatied rankings and and luck of the draw landing sites fsctions

  2. i thought this was the last eden? why add all of this now for the pay to pay players. You will make it even harder for new players

  3. This tech never ends, and devs are so greedy theyre gonna make you spend more and more. No wonder a lot of players quit this game.

  4. I want all may farm back like others and iam sorry if ihad A mestick. Thankyou last shielter.

  5. Iwant all my farm back. You last shielter took it all my farm why others have manny farm to avoid hiating other players?

  6. If the tech disappears just don’t spend any money. I already have 40G resources I will never use so enjoy

  7. It is getting a bit ridiculous here. So you want us to spend money on tech that we can’t keep? Seriously? Yeah not happening

  8. You can only learn the technology while in Eden. How frustrating. I am in state national quest and cannot even earn speedup hourly.

  9. I agree after the last eden spending a ton on statues an the eden of maxing the little base which in both cases were taken away I will not spend anything in the new eden tech its simply not woth it rewards are to little to spend so much

  10. A stronger part should be created than the baneblade part. Doing so will give the game even more momentum

  11. We should be able to keep this tech for the next seasons etc moving forward this tech shouldn’t be taken away from us at all. If so they should make it that we use normal resources to complete tech but giving devs are only wanting money that won’t happen

  12. This season tech is worst! Only benifits spenders, average players cant even scratch spenders apc 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  13. Need more source for rare earth matterials.
    You can do add base productive items like chips & core.
    You need to open a extra building in base for rare earth matterials.
    You can do add rare earth matterials in allince store like stones.

  14. Academic breakthrough doesn’t work toward my other techs. They still cost the same. Also, sometime today, all the tech broke. It’s shown msg some bit count or something

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