Ample preparation is the key to victory! Operation: Oblivion Registration Rules

Operation: Oblivion is about to begin its testing phase.

Before heading to the battleground, Commanders should have a good understanding of the rules, as it will be the foundation for achieving victory.

  • How to register for Operation: Oblivion?
  • How does matchmaking work in Operation: Oblivion?
  • What are the requirements for Operation: Oblivion rewards?

We’ll be explaining the rules for these 3 questions next!

Participation Conditions

States: All States can participate

Alliances: Top 20 Alliances of their State (must be more than 7 days since their establishment)

Sign-up: Alliance Leaders and R4 members can sign-up for their Alliance

After signing up, the Alliance Leader and R4 members can select up to 20 members for the operation, and an additional 10 members as backup.

Note: Alliance members must be in the Alliance for more than 24 hours, or their Base must be higher than Lv.16 to be eligible for the operation.

Event Sign-up Interface


After the sign-up phase ends, the system will calculate the Alliance’s MMR (Matchmaking Rating) based on the 30 chosen Alliance members and backups, then match them against an Alliance with similar MMR from any state

Mobilization Management Interface

Reward Requirements

After the battle ends, rewards will be issued to Commanders by mail

Operation: Oblivion rewards will be divided into 3 types: [Alliance Reward], [Mobilization Reward], and [Score Reward]

Alliance Reward: All members of the Alliance will receive this reward. Contents of the reward will be based on the Alliance’s outcome in the battleground.

Mobilization Reward: Only for members who participated in the battleground. Contents of the reward will be based on the Alliance’s outcome in the battleground.

Score Reward: Only for members who participated in the battleground. Different grades of rewards will be based on personal score. The higher the personal score, the better the rewards. The outcome of the Alliance in the battleground will also affect the contents of the reward.

Reward Mail

That’s all for rules and info regarding the registration, matchmaking, and rewards of Operation: Oblivion

We hope Commanders can read through and understand the basics in preparation for the start of the event. Victory cannot be achieved if Commanders aren’t in the competition to begin with, so please be sure to understand the rules!

Experience the art of war in the brand-new operation. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

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    1. Ma’am with all due respect this game is for adults. I myself I’m an adult and the mentality and stupidity of people now and days is very uncomfortable. I suggest not to let your minor son play in this game. I also had encountered idiots who had insulted me, but I dont allow immaturity get to me.

    2. WOW
      I am sorry to hear there are cowards like that on this game. I wish the best fir you and your son. Stay safe.

    3. You shouldn’t allow your son to play the game, the game in nature is violent and aggressive, is not for a kid of that age or in these conditions

    4. Sorry to say but if your minor can’t handle how people are acting online(people are very cruel) he should’t be allowed on the internet

      And FYI this isn’t the report section either this is a comment for players none of us can do anything about your issue….

    5. I would hope if you tell the people in your state chat in the game, that they would help put a stop to this. Make whoever did that to your son , public enemy #1.
      Also if more people knew your sons game play situation, they might adjust and not attack him as much.
      If he was in my state 140 or 203, we would see if he wanted to join one of our farm alliances. It would help for base protection and base growth. If I cant help in any way please feel free to message me. I have 9 bases in state 140 and 3 bases in state 203. Our alliances are leaders in both states.
      Hope you get that fixed and he can have a more enjoyable game playing experience.

      Matt Olsen ….. Slick22

      1. Yup yup..he’d be treated like a king in our alliance and the all the players of 966 would love him.

    1. Your competitions are t worth the time, trouble and resources because you give crap rewards. DD has too many battles in a week. We have a life, jobs, families etc and the timing is crap. Who wants to get up at 4 am to fight a dear? You really need to overhaul your system.

      1. I completely agree with you on this. The rewards are a joke I guess we are all doing this for the love of the game.

      2. I agree with you, is like garbage the rewards of DD, if you are with the rest of 90 players ….. so why make all the fight in bad hours …..
        and i have to said, the buff like president is a shit, in the pass was very desire … now X player could be ….. zzzzzz is the apocalypse of the game . But lets keep playing until born another …. 😜

    1. So only the strong base and high spender can enjoy this event,,, of course if you dont spend,you are weak, so why your team choose you to be a part of the 30members, 😂 nice devs,, you creating more money again huh, .

      1. Non spender is like spices for money spender where they enjoy looting and killing troops of weak bases. This game is totally unbalanced game

  2. Why is limited to 30 members ,you should put more member inthe team at least mininum of 70,cause 30 is so few that will cause conflict in the alliance,and more players can experience and enjoy the games,specially old state with a lot of higher bases,30 players is like your diiscrriminating some players to play,pls dont limit the people to enjoy this game ,hope you reconsider the numbers of players to experience your new program or else in the end the no. Of player will play will be less because of your limiting player to play thank you and god bless

    1. Players choose which alliances they want to play with. No one is forced into an alliance. As described, the top 20 alliances can participate – that’s 600 players in a state, more than ample opportunity for players to play.

      If you have 70 active players in a DD duel, I understand your concern, but down here in the majority of groupings, most duels have 25-50 participants per alliance. I like the balance of 30 players, preventing superstates from making it impossible for strong but active smaller alliances, in smaller states, to compete.

    2. We are in alliance’s, and should be able to all fight together.. why keep splitting us into smaller groups.. majority of reason I make base powerful is to help protect bases that are learning the game and building their’s up…within or family of alliances.. This is going to separate the players, and instead of bridging the Gap it will make it wider.. less seasoned players to help beginners..

    1. Lipa 🙁 nie rozumiem tego ograniczenia 🙁 my may duzo aktywnych graczy i 30 to zdecydowanie za malo

    1. So what do the other 70 players in the alliance do?? Fucking jackoff in the corner??

      1. Why not just make LSS download price like 10k USD and only have the players you actually want in the game? This oblivion is a silly silly idea… 🤦‍♀️

  3. I agree 30 is not right… Maybe have matching based also on number like a 30 group, 40 group, 50 group etc

  4. Is that like Eden – 24/7 war possible? Seems like this question is still open, if I’m right.

  5. Just make free zone immigration and make cooldown to migrate again to another state or put diamonds to migrates. It is just bullshit that some has to left the game bec they cant spent money and state is dead. This fucking game is just wasting hard work and time given in this game ,bases and farms in water. Just fucking put free migration to state. Let the non spender enjoy the game at max

    1. Totally agree say 50k diamonds and 30 day cool off period to migrate, the Current mechanism for migration sucks big time. Dead states ruin the game

  6. Bonsoir à tous . Je comprend les règles , mais je voudrais avoir une précision . Le but du jeu sera-t-il de ce battre contre d’autre base ou autre chose . Merci pour vos réponse . 😉

  7. Should give good rewards..not like DD loss a lot of rss diamonds and efforts then give a fckng few rewards..main rewards should remove…lots of people arguing on core rewards

  8. When will the testing of Operation: Oblivion begin ?? It looks fun, but the MMR should be fair to generate the opponent.

  9. I agree that 30 is a very low number, for example my alliance is of 97 people, very active gamers are around 70, and the very quiet around 10 tat we are taking out, reconsider the number to participate at least 70 people, also for the core rewards in dd war, we had problems with tie gamers that have similar performance, most of our gamers pass the 25 thousand points, perhaps if the core awards can be distributed with people that reached 25k points would be more fair.

  10. I’m a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, spend about 90% of my time in bed, unable to stand or walk anymore since 2012..I spend most of my painting or playing Survival ZOMBIE and 5 other games, to keep my mind active…!!! I wish that things would change, anyone in Portland Oregon area, that knows of a home for sale, I’m looking…

  11. Mínimo la información la entregaran en español. Se gasta harto dinero en el juego.

  12. Why you want to use battle power to search oponents, its totaly wrong, because only heroes matter in this game

  13. Well, great, but what about 70 players because they’re just fans. They have to clap and watch what happens. Don’t you think that’s ridiculous and an insult to the rest of the players?

  14. We hope that we will get a good reward because the players who spend the money are the ones who win all seasons and activities. The game is only for the rich. You must do justice to the players.

  15. 야 시발련들아 듣기는하냐?
    어녕 시벌 니미 보지들아 니들이 보긴하겟다

  16. I suggest to all, take screenshots of people making threats or verbal abuse and send it to the developers. I’m sure they will get kicked off the game losing all they have and invested. This is not only an adult game.

  17. Game makers! For once please think about your player! Not only how much money you can Robb out of your gamers! Please! 30? Are you serious? What do you have in your heads? Brains or shit?

  18. This is crap alliance matchmaking on combat power is based on troops only it should be hero based and tech power

    useless idea what other left out 70 people will do just watch
    So it’s useless

  19. What the hell 30 members only can participate in this??? How about the other 70??! Should they just do nothing and watch ?

  20. You really need to adjust the number of players participating in the war if players get board in the game they will just continue to quit the game good luck with number 30 decision

    1. You can simply create another alliance with 30 players to participate….. 20 alliances in a state = 600 players….

  21. Great idea to expand gameplay but these new events must be inclusive of players at all levels. We encourage growth and development within the alliance but I fear that by only including 30 players will make the game accessible to the wealthy or those like me who have been around for a number of years.

  22. Should be all members of an alliance. It’s really unfair to have to select only 30 if you have a very active alliance. Coming out of Eden where we couldn’t all be in the same guild, we were finally looking forward to working as an alliance again. This is disappointing.

  23. The whole state play with your ideas of game for me its better what wil the others will do gathering for the whole season?

  24. Let the whole state play with your ideas of game for me its better what wil the others will do gathering for the whole season?

  25. No funciona la opción de investigar tecnologías, solo se queda en blanco la pantalla y no aparece ninguna tecnología

  26. ฉันต้องการปรับเปลี่ยน บ่อขุดสามารถสร้างขึ้นมาได้ โดยใช้หิน เช่นเดิมมากกว่า

  27. If your kid is handicapped then why they not playing like candy crush or pokemon go. This game is for adults, to get away from their busy lives for 20mins away from family friends work. Its a war game. Its not cruel, its the way its played. There again if he cant handle it obviously he shouldn’t be playing it!!

  28. Only 30 members from one alliance? Disappointing coming out of Eden where we weren’t all able to be in the same guild. What’s the point of having an alliance if these events keep forcing members to be left out and not able to work together as a team? Was really looking forward to regular DD where our alliance could finally work together again.

  29. this is exactly like Ark of Osiris in Rise of Civilisations… just the shorter version of Eden..

  30. It seems like a good event, people in off dd season could use something like this
    Please bring this event as soon as possible.

  31. Preparation is key , what crazy talk .
    Where do they even attempt to explain what the event is about.
    And yes rewards that add up to nothing . stupid shiny tickets that only give a chance to win another lame hero and mostly just fail .

    But let’s see what’s happening I am curious but not optimistic

  32. Warum kann man das nicht auch einmal in Deutsch schreiben. Damit man das lesen kann

  33. Warum kann man das nicht auch einmal in Deutsch schreiben. Damit man das lesen kann

  34. Make cloning useful. Make lots offragments available in gathering or get rid of cloning.

  35. السلام عليكم اريد الهجرة من دولة لدولة وشتريت بطاقة لا تتم العملية ارجو شرح الهجرة بتفاصيل وكل ما حولة الانتقال يقولون لا تستطيع يوم الهيمنة

  36. The rewards in previous dd and eden are worthless to play for , this game ain’t encouraging, loads of guys left this game just because it ain’t giving back the effort they do in dd or eden u less he or she spend bundles of money to spend, developer of this game should encourage weak players with good rewards so they don’t get dishearten

  37. Hoy actualice a la versión más reciente y me saca del juego duro como máximo dos minutos y se cierra es pero resuelvan esa gran falla

  38. Good day.
    Today, September 8, 2020, our UAH alliance in 251 states received an invitation for free migration, four states were available 2901,2902,2903,2904. We started migrating in 2904 states with the whole alliance, but the migration closed. I think it’s unfair, you ruined our alliance, those who remained in 251 will not be able to play fully. This will cause players to simply stop playing. Please allow the whole alliance to migrate.

  39. Good day.
    Today, September 8, 2020, our UAH alliance in 251 states received an invitation for free migration, four states were available 2901,2902,2903,2904. We started migrating in 2904 states with the whole alliance, but the migration closed. I think it’s unfair, you ruined our alliance, those who remained in 251 will not be able to play fully. This will cause players to simply stop playing. Please allow the whole alliance to migrate.

  40. Developers must thing to expand the new adventures to all, not only to a few ones this is Pure discrimination ,more than the half off the commanders in the states going to be out ,not fair, after all everyone did expend some money on this game ,just makes people quit this game ,is that you want 🤔🤔🤔

  41. Why admin the game is not fair…if ob,ivion rewards only for those 30 how about others who wants rewards as well.
    Why not everyone within the alliance who wants to participate.why not help everyone?

  42. Developer think of fair games that everyone enjoy..not only 30 peoplewake up!30 people to join is not fair at all..with all thisnrw event people getting bored.

  43. Done oblivion twice now, first time we were matched against a team of 4 players, we had 20, and obviously won. The second it was the other way around and we were put against far stronger team and most players just gave up after 10 mins. This matching mechanism needs some more work I think

  44. My Game Developers I respect all your efforts thanks for improving the quality of the game but I cannot build honor structures because I moved into another alliance what’s the problem

  45. Eden harika bir savaş etkinliği kendi gücümüzü zararsızca test edebiliyoruz

  46. Ассалаумалекум всем очень понравилось все круто

  47. Hello sir my ID 6Y6WABET
    Pls u give me unlimited Diamond for strong my base plz help me

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