Battleground Preview P2

The horns of war from various factions are sounding across the land.

If Commanders are wondering on how they can gain an initiative in this upcoming war, use their advantages to defeat enemies, or just plain and simple, how to achieve victory in this battleground, then hopefully this detailed explanation will put those questions to rest.

In Operation: Oblivion, the key to victory comes down to Alliance points, which Commanders can acquire by occupying various strongholds.

Intro to Strongholds

Outposts: The most basic strongholds; occupying an Outpost will provide the Alliance with a small but steady stream of Alliance points.

Command Centers: Vital strongholds that can provide Teleports. Teleporting does not consume items during Battlegrounds, but will deduct from the number of Teleports. Teleports are shared amongst the entire Alliance, so depleting Teleports will result in members being unable to Teleport. Occupying a Command Center will reward Teleports immediately, as well as additional Teleports periodically. Commander Centers will also provide Alliance points continuously

Armories: Occupy to provide a medium amount of Alliance Points continuously. In addition, while the Armory is occupied, all Allied members gain a 50% bonus in Might and Resistance

Hospitals: Occupy to provide a medium amount of Alliance Points continuously. In addition, while the Hospital is occupied, all Allied members gain a 100% bonus in Injured Troop recovery speed

Rocket Repair Shops: Occupy to provide a large amount of Alliance Points continuously

Spaceport: A core stronghold involved in the Key Escort mission. Specific details will be announced at a later date.

Craters: A special gathering plot in the Battleground. Gathering here will yield the special “Meteorite” resource, required in constructing Watchtowers.

Above are the various strongholds that will be appearing in the new Operation: Oblivion

Each Battleground stronghold has their own unique attributes and effects. The key to victory lies in an Alliance’s ability to adjust strategies based on their situation, and utilizing strongholds to gain advantages over enemies.

Experience the art of war in the brand-new operation. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

Last Shelter: Survival Studio

      1. Deben publicar también en otros idiomas por ejemplo Español pues muchos jugadores son hispano parlantes

      2. 我只希望这个游戏。能在被踢出就联盟加入鑫联盟的时候再给一个联盟迁城。希望能看到,谢谢。

    1. Existe app google translate, voce so copia e texto e ele traduz na hora. Bem facil de usar

    1. Las misiones de temporada no están activas, uno hace entrenamientos de guerreros y cura de soldados pero las misiones dentro de su temporada no está activado, y cada ves que actualizan el juego, se hace más lento, y eso aburre, arreglen esa parte, sería muy triste dejarlo, ya que no es muy entretenido el juego muy lento

  1. 对于守望黎明这款游戏体验中,让我感受到了友情真真实实,在建筑过程都是非常合理的时间发展,我将会一直支持

      1. Yeah I agree. It’s a joke. We are in last week of Dd season 10 or 11 and we had s1in there for the first few days and then development heroes ever since. Load of rubbish

  2. Игра захватывающая но что бы продвигаться и развиваться быстро нужно вкидывать деньги

  3. Первым делом нужно развить ферму нефть лишь и воду с электричеством. Параллельно банки это важно, что бы к вам не сорвались соседи нужно поднимать , продвигать и прокачивать армию…. Без мощного войска Вас разграбят.

  4. А ещё, нужно завести кучу ферм, чтобы их грабить и быстрее качаться😂

    1. А как завести ферму? Для этого надо с новой симки новую игру начать или можно с одной симки сделать несколько?

      1. Hola mi nombre es Claudio juego hace ya 3 meses creo lo único de malo es que los precios son en dólares y en Argentina el dólar está bastante elevado ejemplo desbloquear la tienda vip cuesta 10 dólares traducido a peso argentino son $1350 el dólar blue al oficial son $1000 lo cual un sueldo básico es de $30.000 o sea que para desbloquear la tienda tengo que trabajar 2 días sin contar los gastos normales diarios espero que puedan bajar un poco desde ya muchas gracias

      2. True that! If you don’t spend money, it takes SO long to build up. Only if you spend money will you become powerful and successful. I hate that!

  5. Ya play the game then the ban your farms and give you no reason even if you spend money in the game and unbelievably poor support for game problems like this

  6. Estaba actualizando mi fábrica de coches a nivel 18 y quedaba un día, y resulta se que actualiza el juega y pierdo mi actualización y mis recursos.

  7. In doomsday you should not be able to go to war with the same weaker alliance over and over, no more than 2 times is fair , and again he token shop how about some real heros , s3 or s4 long overdue

  8. Hola, tengo un problema. Cuando trato de poner el edificio de alianzas se me congela el juego y lo tengo que cerrar y volver a abrir.

  9. great ! another stupid event , hey developers how about you actually fix all the glitches in the game first ,before you start adding more stuff to go wrong🤭

  10. Por favor publicar en español también o con opción de traducción de idioma. Gracias

  11. C’est joli, ça change.
    Il reste à résoudre les problèmes de connexion depuis que le jeu prend en charge l’ipv6.
    Et bien sur, des nouveaux joueurs dans les anciens états !!!
    C’est prévu un jour, ou on attend la mort des états?…

  12. Hello
    Base Jasm73
    State 676

    About a month ago I bought the package where you can change the photo of the avarar, I put a photo of a muscular man and he disappeared 3 days ago and if I want to put another photo or put mine or take a photo at that moment he tells me that the photo is illegal can you help me please

  13. Your game is garbage. Fix this BS and stop the crap updates. Biggest Scam next to time shares.

  14. Cuando hay que comprar algo, aparece en todos los idiomas.
    Cuando explican… solo en inglés?
    No es importante el español? O cualquier otro idioma?

  15. Why was my thin blue line flag taken off my account without my permission? Is this game anit-police? And why i tried to download back onto my avatar, it said it’s an illegal avatar. Sounds like this company is anti-police!!!!

  16. 希望不要又是一个拖泥带水的玩法,打完一场结算一场。否则大家没那么多精力陪你玩了

  17. Awesome more interesting events 😈🤟🏻Thanks for Great Idea’s Developer’s

  18. 말세 게임방식 바꿀 생각 없냐? 졸라 짜증나는 운영방식이라 생각 안 하냐?

  19. Can you separate the „states/allis“ who always teaming up, in every dd or eden season, in a special bracket so they can bully themselfs. Otherwise its a good idea 👍🏻

  20. ❤❤😘😘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  21. Estou com problemas em formar as ruas, onde posso colocar asfalto apenas um por vez

  22. Me podrían ayudar con los diamantes tengo problemas en ves de sumar me lo están restando donde sale los diamantes yo tenía 2,439 me an regalado 200 diamantes que viene a ser 2,639 pero hay un problema en ves de salirme la cantidad de arriba me sale esta cantidad -53,394 diamantes y cada ves que me dan diamantes me lo esta restando gracias y espero que me solucionen

  23. Nekwjwkamwks!s

  24. I am looking forward!
    On class manual, I have worked hard to increase its level for under a year and gain various card, but recently for some reason most of its level dropped and lost most of the cards which is a bit disappointing.
    A small issue to look into which I personally been affected by.
    Other than that love the interaction.

  25. Onde estão os heróis de combate na loja de ouro??? Já faz meses que só disponibilizam heróis de guarnições

  26. Not sure why you would need to exchange Wisdom medals for Basic wisdom medals but there should also be an option to exchange basic medals for Wisdom medals also. Idk seems ideal to get rid of those unused Basic medals if you ask me.

  27. This game is so fucking rigged. Can’t even finish the new green healing fragments but start a new wisdom medal exchange… and that’s stupid 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Keep going devs you will ruin this game soon enough

  28. Lol they could do that easy but then the super states would cry because there whole state couldn’t get the top rewards the devs obviously play I’m those states so they make sure they take care of the big babies and the rest of us are ignored and kept from being able to get decent heros rewards nor a chance to be competitive

  29. 不是很明白,如何占领土地,有没有更详细介绍或者视频光看,不然越来越没趣

  30. Please change the new medal because it is a wrong system and make it difficult when developing champions. Please take the comment into account, otherwise many players will leave the game

  31. 你先告诉我二十张金卡抽不中一个传奇英雄你给我解释解释,坑跌是吧

  32. Tengan en cuenta a los hispano parlantes en sus posts. Deberian hacer publicaciones en múltiples idiomas o dar opción a traducir el texto, al igual que en el juego.

  33. Meu nome é Reis já não lembro a quanto tempo eu jogo esse jogo eu tive que aprender a jogar na marra o dinheiro é curto vou crscendo aos trancos e barrancos ainda assim o LAST SHELTER SURVIVAL é o melhor jogo que ja joguei

  34. 6 times now the strongest alliance in our group has picked us and beat us easily, I mean really devs not fair at all, and oh yeah s heros in the token shop ???????

  35. Todas as notificações do jogo tem que esta disponível pra todo os indioma sou brasileiro

  36. Ci sono seri problemi con la fase di reclutamento si aceta e non vengono aggiunti .vengono rifiutati e il sistema li ripropone sempre come se stessero in attesa ma non funziona per favore risolvete

  37. There is a problem with accepting members into our alliance. It shows that they applied, but doesn’t allow us to accept the members. Please fix this

  38. В инвентаре альянса обнулили все бабки!!! А в техподдержку и обратиться нельзя! Нет такой функции в принципе!
    То есть, вы платИте-платИте бабло, а мы его чик – и спишем.

  39. 同盟、一人じゃいくら寄付しても建物建ちません😭何でウチだけボッチやねん😭おすすめ載せんかいクレームも入れられへん(`へ´*)ノ

  40. احسن لعبه على الاطل. اق. ♥️❤️✔️🌹💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🌺🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🤗🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼✋🌼🌼🌼👋🌼🌼👍🌼👈🌼🌼👉🌼🌼😍😍😍😍😍🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋👉👍👈🌼💯™️™️™️™️™️™️🔱🔱🔱🔱🈯🈯🈯🈯🈯🈯🈯🈯🈯🈯

  41. 為什麼,廢土。排行榜第9.。885州。可以。宣戰。排行榜20的。919州。

  42. 為什麼,廢土。排行榜第9.。885州。可以。宣戰。排行榜20的。919州。

  43. просто не играть в это дерьмо 🙂 и не тратить себе нервы

  44. Every dd war the same strong alliances pick the weak ones , the game is getting really stupid , should be a limit on how many times you can pick the same alliance for war

  45. Ah, quit ya gripping. We all knew what we signed up for with this type of game. You don’t really have to spend, or spend MUCH. Hope the new mode is interesting and works well. Good luck.

  46. Hola,
    Tenía eni inventario una medalla del héroe S2 Capitán Asimov y me ha desaparecido. Me gustaría saber qué ha pasado y si me podéis dar respuesta.
    Muchas gracias

  47. Can u change the timing of leaving any clan sometimes need to wait 24 hours why the hell is that and try to make the vip mark free that’s unfair make is at least free for this year only

  48. Maybe it’s time to do somethink with cheaters they used unnormal hacks and nobody see that. Today one of chinese kids destroy all of my bases by missile attacks when my bases have active 3d shiled. How he do that? simple he used cheat. Start watching whats happend on states bcs that game falling down.

  49. Porque no abren migración gratis a otros estados menos poblados y así no quede muerto ,

  50. Has support EVER made anything right with anyone when it comes to in game errors?
    Not with me or anyone i know of. Makes me scared to invest money I’d have otherwise spent.

  51. Fun game I enjoy the strategy.
    We do need more ways to earn points in the hourly challenges and also lower the points to recieve the 2nd and thitlrd chest its almost impossible to get enough points. Also make it easier to earn diamonds for us poor folks who can’t afford to buy them lol.

  52. Is it impossible to give the people that can’t compete with the pay to play players some PvE content? This game is beyond unbalanced, and it would be nice to get some a PvE type battleground’s. Eden was completely unplayable for casual players, 1 or 2 guilds ruled the map, and the rest just wasted time and resources. Come up with something better, this is another waste of content and has to be a joke that the developers keep coming up with such crap. And give us our resource stations back, those alliance ones are worthless.

  53. Make cloning fragments available in gatheringnoe get rid of the cloning center. It is a waste of time if there is no way to use it

  54. Необезательно вкидывать деньги. Тут можно и без доната играть. Ферм побольше зарешай и все тебе и кач

  55. Всем привет эта игра очень хорошая я вам советую играть 😊😊

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