Operation: Oblivion Escort Gameplay

Located at the very center of the Operation: Oblivion battleground is the Spaceport, and contained within it is a crucial gameplay element: the Aerospace Key.

One could say it is the “key” to victory in Operation: Oblivion


The Alliance that successfully escorts the Aerospace Key to its destination will be one step closer to achieving total victory.

How to seize the Aerospace Key

How to escort the Aerospace Key and prevent enemy attacks

We’ll be explaining these gameplay elements regarding the Aerospace Key next

Seizing the Key:

The Spaceport will become available 15 minutes after the battleground begins.

Once available, Commanders can deploy APCs to the Spaceport, and the first APC to arrive will seize the Aerospace Key for their Alliance

Upon seizing the Aerospace Key, the APC will automatically begin escorting the key to an allied Relay.

Note: The APC in possession of the Aerospace Key will have massively reduced Marching Speed, and a Key Symbol will appear on top of the APC (visible to both allies and enemies)

APC Marching

Aerospace Key Escort:

Once the APC with the key arrives at the first Relay, they will stop there, and the Relay will start a timer countdown (visibile to both enemies and allies).

When the timer completes its countdown, the APC in possession of the Aerospace Key will automatically begin traveling towards the second Relay. The APC will stop there upon arriving, and another countdown will begin, with the countdown being longer than the first Relay.

Relay Countdown Timer

The APC escorting the Aerospace Key must stay at the Relay until the timer completes its countdown. If they are defeated during the countdown, then the Escort Mission will fail.

The only requirements for a successful Escort Mission is to safely escort the Aerospace Key to two Relays and complete their respective countdowns.

After a completing an Escort Mission, the successful Alliance will gain a large amount of Alliance points, and the Commander that escorted the key in their APC will gain a large amount of Personal points.

About the Aerospace Key:

Once a key has been successfully escorted, a certain period of time must pass by before the Spaceport will generate a new one.

If the APC in possession of the Aerospace Key is defeated during the escort, the key will return to the Spaceport instantly and become available for Commanders from both sides to try seizing once again.

The key to a successful Escort Mission is largely dependent on two factors: an APC with the highest speed possible in charge of seizing and escorting the Aerospace Key, and reliable allies to safeguard said APC from enemy attacks at the Relays

These are some basic information regarding the Aerospace Key Escort gameplay. We hope Commanders can utilize the info to formulate their own strategies and tactics in the battleground.

Operation: Oblivion is about to be released, so please stay tuned for any official announcements!

Experience the art of war in the brand-new operation. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

  1. You have increased the packages prices massively. The increase percentage was about 40%.

    How can we perform in oblivion and other events, with these prices?

  2. Gracias por hacer todas las explicaciones en inglés y no dar opción a traducir a nuestros idiomas. Eso demuestra lo mucho que os interesamos los jugadores de habla no inglesa.😡😡😡

  3. Me gustaria saber mas de lo que proponen con la base aeroespacial, gracias

  4. La verdad querría opinar y gracias por dejarme hacerlo pero al estar solo en inglés y no contar con traductor no puedo hacerlo,pequeño detalle a solucionar.


  5. Ist zwar alles nicht schlecht aber kann ES nicht lesen , weil es leider nicht in Deutsch ist. Schade

  6. My game is not working properly,, contact us not working,,avatar is also not changing

  7. I think it is unfair that we are stuck in an ever shrinking state. We just played a state with 2 bases. Combine the small states.

  8. Nice game 👊 i would like at least 3 good active members to join me i knowbi can be a good leader i learn the hard way lol

  9. Nice game 👊 i would like at least 3 good active members to join me i know I can be a good leader i learn the hard way lol

  10. Nice game 👊 i would like at least 3 good active members to join me i know I can be a good leader i learn the hard way lol

  11. This could be fun. Lets try and do it first and we will know. Complain after trying.😁

  12. you could send the instructions in the language of each country, because you can’t translate here

  13. 1. The DD shop disappear after migrate to join the test and we cannot find how many dd coins now or get from the event
    2. It is a test version but we have to pay to return to go back the original state. It is unfair as it is not stated clearly when invited too join

  14. So this event is for the pay to play people with only the strongest and fastest about to score like anyone with less then maxed x heros can do anything but die

  15. Will be best if alliances can only get so many keys, leaving chance for others to get some keys coz big alliances will just monopolise the game to hold all the keys and also no splitting up the alliances so they have chances of all top rewards as some did in Eden

  16. The event won’t let my alliance enter the battleground, and it started 15 minutes ago. 🤦‍♂️

  17. We miss somethings and we can’t put more than one player, also the ally we face have some problem

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  19. Hey das klingt spannend, wann wird es denn ins spiel integriert? Im welchen modi wird es erscheinen? Eden oder Doomsday? Oder neuer modus?

  20. Hello friends, my game has a problem and I can not place the buildings next to the center, please help

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