【Doomsday conquest】– New Season

Conservative is for old timers brand new event Doomsday conquest has begin!

Tired of old occupying land and upgrading honor structures?Even if you are still grinding in the S1 season from the low-level land to the high-level land. the wasteland still needs a refreshing changes!


The contest is the passion!

S2 New play style Doomsday conquest alliance battle ready to be released

More competitive changes:

1. Multiple zones compete for the top

10 zones as 1 group the strongest survives.

The season’s leaderboards are displayed based on the alliance seasonal points for all zones in the group.

2. Declare war, fight for power

Brand new battle mechanism: Declare war on opponents – move to the enemy state – occupy enemy territory – destroy the enemy’s building / alliance center – receive declaration points – get the final victory.


The rewards just get bigger and bigger every day:

1. Power ranking, come win your rewards

The top 50 alliance can get the final season reward.

Individual damage ranking reward is now upgraded to alliance seasonal ranking reward.

2. Must have brand new heroes

New S2 legendary hero reward: Andre, Jorge, Nigel and more waiting to be collected through event!Pic01

Newly added massive hero recruitment ticket to help you recruit your favorite orange hero.

Significantly increased the number of diamonds, money and resources.Pic02

For the legendary S2 heroes! This wasteland will surely have new stronger warriors!