News – Base Landscape Wasteland Building

In the Doomsday wasteland, the materials are worth more than gold.

Survivors always dream of a little bit of luck in their life, such as making a wish for a copper plate in a fountain or lying under an artificial tree.

Living in a nice place with beautiful structures is the same as killing enemies and being unstoppable, Living like a king is another way to show off your wealth and power.


「Tree sights」

The desert needs some other color to look better, putting some artificial tree wont do much but at least look like a nice place to chill.


Each survivor is different. There are currently two types to choose from, depending on the construction situation and personal taste, choose your favorite style and add a little style to the doomsday environment.


「Water sights」

If you can dig a well in wasteland, there can be a lake.

If such beautiful landscaping can appear on every survivor’s base, it must be icing on the cake.


After going through the hands of the survivor this is the finished product, this might not look the same but it is still cute.



Heroes want to be remembered. building a staue will surely be remembered by everyone.


「Base modeling」

With the increasing numbers of refugees, the original refugges became a base, to be unique among the bases It should be constantly refurbished, who doesn’t like gold shiny things that’s another way to show off your wealth and power.


Survivors have all the landscape in the School of Architecture, let us use leisure time to green this place up!

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