New building-Clone Center

Living in this chaotic world, comfortable does not exist!

Only innovation can help you survive!

The courageous survivors found a new building in the ruins, within they found a hidden secret!


Then the survivors have started a closer interaction and now this new building is called the clone center:

Every Week as a cycle, dead soldiers can be clone back to life again:

“Every Monday Tuesday and Wednesday alliance member can request resource donation(able to request for the resource donation after joining for 7 days or over) you can ask the ally for resource donation or donate your self, more resource you have the more soldiers can be clone back to life”

Evert Wednesday and Thursday before daybreak, can clone dead soilders in the clone center.

Cloning soldiers do not require a waiting time it is an instant resurrection, the overdue soldiers who didn’t get clone will disappear forever:

Clone order is depended on the soldiers Lvl, it is from low to high.

Cannot perform this action during cross-state battle.

Doomsday does not have absolute life or death, only the cycle of life.survivors who know about the clone center secret, let it be your Insurance on the road to survival!

There are more unknown secrets ahead waiting to be revealed!