Doomsday Conquest: New Crisis

Couple of days ago, we mentioned that in January, State 1-800 and 1021-1060 would be able to access the new season “New Crisis.” Today, we’ll be discussing more about the rules of the new season.

It’s been quite a while since we had the last full-scale Alliance Duel. People seemed to forget the smell of gunfire. As the fragile agreement among Alliances is no longer binding, a new war is looming on the horizon.


Similar to the Doomsday Conquest: Alliance Duel, the Doomsday Conquest: New Crisis is an upgraded version of the event with even more challenges.

How to Sign Up

  1. During the registration phase, participants need to sign up in the form of Alliances and will be allotted to groups through matchmaking.
  2. The battles will not occur in the original States, but in the season States of the groups Alliances belong to.
  3. Members of the Alliances not signing up in time or failing to sign up will be able to participate in the season as individual players.


  1. Alliance members ≥ 30
  2. Average Power of top 10 Commanders in the Alliance ≥ 5 million
  3. Average daily active members in the past 7 days ≥ 15


After the registration, Alliances will be allotted to season States through matchmaking, based on their Alliance score, original State and break time.

A season State is generally composed of 6 to 8 Alliances, all from different servers. If the break time is set by Alliances, the Alliances with the same break time will be allotted to the same season State in matchmaking.

(With the break time set, Commanders could get a good rest after enjoying the game time, to have a better gaming experience.)

The season States in the same group could launch cross-State battles and declare wars against each other. Upon the end of the season, the rewards will be calculated based on the Alliance ranking in the group.

Break Time for Alliance

The break time of Alliances will partly affect the matchmaking in the New Crisis season. The Alliances with the same break time will more likely to be allotted to the same season State.

You’ll need to set the break time before the registration, or it will be invalid.

States in the Same Group

In each group, there will be 6 to 8 season States, each of which is composed of multiple random Alliances.

After the new season starts, Alliances may declare wars against those in other season States (Alliances in the same season State shall NOT DECLARE WAR against each other).

Yet the Alliances in the same season State may LAUNCH ATTACKS against each other. Please remember to turn on the Peace Shield if necessary.

Upon the end of the season, the State that the Alliance ranking first is in will be the Winning State, in which all the Alliances could get a reward.

Based on the Alliance score, Alliances will be allocated to elite or common States.

Elite State: Composed of 6 Alliances

Common State: Composed of numerous Alliances

Alliance Battles

Like the “Alliance Duel” season, the “New Crisis” season allows R4/R5 members of an Alliance to build the Alliance Rally Point near the enemy Alliance Center in the enemy State. Each member has a chance to teleport to the Alliance Rally Point for free. Through building the Alliance Rally Point and teleporting to enemy State in a flash, you may raid on the enemies when they are least prepared.

Remember to choose a proper route to attack the enemy. The more routes you arrange, the more chance you’ll have to win!

Lets’ break the blockade and destroy the core buildings of the enemy to secure the final victory!

Development Reward – Winning State

Upon the end of the season, the State that the Alliance ranking first is in will get the reward. All Commanders in the same season State could share the reward. It will be auto delivered via mail.

Development Reward – Personal Achievement

Reach specific goals as of the tally phase to get the reward, which will be auto delivered via mail.

When you reach several goals, you may only get the reward of the highest tier.

Personal Achievement Points can be obtained in season quests, and will be cleared upon the end of the season.

War Declaration Between States

The war declaration mode is based on the gameplay of the Doomsday Conquest: New Crisis. There will be a reminder in the Event Center before the event starts.

When the war declaration between STATES is on, the war declaration between ALLIANCES on Sunday of the same week will be suspended.

Last Shelter Survival Studio

  1. Hello, my friend I’m trying to get back to kingdom 1189 my tablet got hacked and I had to start over there my name is sirlawrence I was a lvl 17 I was in the third ranked Alliance there my bind was can you help me get back there

  2. Hello. I have been hacked almost continuously on many emails and gaming trademe fb ect and I did a bind for my game and suddenly a different emails appearing lotiestgolf or something. I wonder if the person that is responsible for your problems is the same person who I had problems with. I hope you got justice with tablet

  3. Very disappointed with the heroes in the first week and 2nd. Starburst in week 1 and 2. Glow blade and collector are supposed to be 1 or 2. Please change this as it’s totally bizarre

  4. “ Elite State: Composed of 6 Alliances

    Common State: Composed of numerous Alliance“
    Did I read this right????? Does it mean there will be elite state which has 6 strong alliances and then there will be common states that have a lot of not-very-strong alliances? Does it mean in the very first day, all the alliances get in elite state = the season winners?

  5. I have teleported at different state from my alliance in doomsday event. How am i supposed to play or place honor structures

  6. Well seeing we can’t use battery’s why have them in the shop? Replace them with wrenches that we can use.. you take 20 tiles and you durability is depleted.. then can’t do anything in home state.. you need to fix this or give every 500 wrenches to use to start the season

  7. My base was put in state 2671. My alliance is in 2607. Dont know what happen is there a way to fix this?
    In this state i cant move, get tiles or place anything

  8. I have a problem I’m in state 2665 my alliance is not here. I can not place honor structures so I can not get any tiles. Also can’t join an alliance in 2665. What’s a player to do.

    1. We are having the same problem. I’m in the state it put me in after going to doomsday and I cannot build the alliance structure.

  9. Worst DD, farm state vs super states.
    Developers are stupid. They destroying the game

  10. I was placed in state 2674 I’m TM_61 from state 561 can’t do anything here 😒 please help 🙏

  11. New DD Idea is great bu tthere is only one flaw and that is durabilty .So do one of there options
    1.Descrease the durability time to restore during DD .
    2.Or Make it seprate dura for DD like Eden
    that will be great to currrenlty game time less wating for dura resotre

  12. Again Again Sign up match making is shit one state have 5 strong allience on the other hand one state full of farms with one Strong allience .I dont know why are you not fixing this its a long since this problem not solved

  13. Please bring the eden structure of honor buildings over to new crisis. The ability to see your materials and the quick access to upgrade buildings. Also bring back the ability to see everyone’s contributions like in eden. Seems like we went backwards from all the input we have already done

  14. The grouping is totally unbalanced. Many state are doomed to be merely farm state for others

  15. This is just as bad as dd with regular states the matchmaking is horrible. How is it fair an alliance with 35g power to be with 10g power. I am not playing, just doing my quest.

  16. Well I thought I was doing great in the game was building had resources built My City up really well then all of a sudden my APC had a pothole now it needs a wrench to fix it can’t buy one can’t find one what do I do now uninstall

  17. Well I thought I was doing great in the game was building had resources built My City up really well then all of a sudden my APC had a pothole now it needs a wrench to fix it can’t buy one can’t find one what do I do now uninstall??? Very unhappy 😭

  18. Please give free sheild for doomsday without any diamonds for each member protection

  19. Each season DD gets worse and this is the worst yet, New Crisis is all about the game developers rewarding the alliances with big spenders and nothing to do with making a fair and balanced playing field for everyone that participates in this game. It feels like they are actively trying to make people leave this app.

  20. This event is absolute garbanzo. Joining up in a guild with a bunch of other people from different states in Eden was like the best thing this game had going for it. It was literally the one time I had value as a mediocre power base, because I could add value by being active and tiling. Now there’s really no reason for me to log in. Well at least I’ll save my 20 bucks this season


  21. So as a individual player, I can’t do anything. Can’t join anyone. Can’t build my honor buildings. So why even log into Last Shelter. I’ve been playing for years and this is the worst doomsday addition. Guess I will save my 100 bucks I usually spend during the first week of doomsday.

  22. New Crisis is crap, the developers should just give the rewards to their favorite big spenders and end this terrible season of Doomsday now.

  23. My alliance is in 36 place. 🤣 Whats the point when the other alliance’s in my group are triple the power of us. One base has 4g kills and 1g power thereself. If this dd stays, I will find an other game to spend on. Here that an other game to spend on.

  24. Do something about the lack of wrenches needed for war.. This DD sucks balls! 1000 DD coins for 10 wrenches isn’t enough.. You need to:
    1. Increase the amount of wrenches to 200 for 1000 DD coins
    2. Put wrenches in the alliance store to purchase with alliance points
    3. Remove the cumulative amount needed for each use.. atm it’s 10, 20, 40, 60 etc etc.. leave it as 10 Only each use

  25. Gigguhfkdd6fiyfyxtxtcykckyckycyclu


  26. This event was trash. You put in a join individual button to not able to join another alliance in that state or build or do anything. Customer service are useless at not fixing the situation. Greedy developers are plain greedy.

  27. this new DD . is a pain in. the a…. i hope we can brin f our farms for added protectionn

  28. This is the worst Doomsday yet, New Crisis sucks. I compare this season to eating a shit sandwich with no bread. It was like the developers were looking for something to put us all through so they could get people to leave this game, if that was the goal then it worked,plenty of players are leaving.

  29. Why dev 120 package open to get a skin still none 😭 I’m not to much spend this game i just want to get this new skin release but didnt gave me😭

  30. The season’s powerhouse rewards didn’t get me it is sent it the guild master but it I didn’t get that

  31. Why is it that when you spend money to buy something in this game you need luck to get it.when i goto a store i tell them what i want and thats what i get but not in this game you get what they want you to have for real money

  32. It even says you can join as an individual but then when you go to the event you cant do anything

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