New Mode “Clash of Factions: Conquer”

The world of apocalypse is always filled with opportunities and challenges. To better survive, the commanders have founded four factions in their own areas.

For the goal of acquiring more resources and honor, they will clash in fierce battle in the world of apocalypse!

[Clash of Factions: Conquest] Basic rules:

  1. Adjusted the guild max member up to 100. Guild upgrade will not increase the guild max member.
  2. After an Alliance registers, they will be fairly assigned to the four factions for battle. Each Faction has its own Spawning Sector.
  3. The commanders of each faction will be guaranteed to respawn in the Spawning Sector of the faction. The Sectors are not adjacent to each other and can not be invaded by others.
  4. On the 7th day of the season, the Checkpoints of the outer Sectors will be available. The commanders can fight each other by breaking through the Checkpoints.
  5. On the 16th day of the season, the Checkpoints of the contention Sectors will be available. You can enter the contention Sectors by breaking through the Checkpoints.
  6. On the 25th day of the season, the Checkpoints of the central Sectors will be available. All the four factions can enter the central Sectors by breaking through the Checkpoints of contention Sectors, and capture the capital.
  7. On the 32th day of the season, the central areas will be available. All the four factions need to contend for the world center.

About Merits

  1. Added “Merit” for the commanders. You can gain the “Merit” by completing the “Faction Missions” or battle loot.
  2. “Guild Merit” is the total number of the merits of all commanders in the guild. “Faction Merit” is the total number of the merits of all commanders in the faction.
  3. You can gain the season faction rewards from the Guild Merit Ranking and Faction Merit Ranking.

How to Get Merits

  1. Merits can be obtained by completing Faction Missions.
  2. Capture cities in Eden to gain merits.

i. Small city and large city: All members of the guild that captures them first will gain some merits at one time.

ii. Capital: All members of the guild that captures it first will gain some merits. They will also get the merits automatically from the Capital at 23:59:59 (Game Time) every day.

iii. Center: The guild that captures it first will gain the first-capture merits; its faction will get a lot of extra merits in the tally phase.

Plundering Merits

  1. When commanders from different factions engage in battle, the winner will loot the loser’s merit for each Battle. The merit can not be looted if it reaches 0.

(Each battle refers to the combat result of each Formation, e.g. if a Formation defeated four Formations, it can loot the merit for four times.)

  1. Commanders from the same faction can’t loot each other’s merits.
        1. Hi i’m noor and so L♡VE your name is very important. And Thanks for you Mrs. Elena

    1. will see, this DD season sucked because consumed so much troops. ans return all froze troops as well.

  1. Looks awesome, just reduce the number of days in any season. Be generous in giving away the rewards. And add some certainty to the pkg purchase so that the buyer gets to the item he wishes.

    1. They won’t be generous, now is BB technology leaves a bigger gap for the average player that was already struggling to keep up.

  2. Please adjust the groups fairly, what chance we have against 45g allience when we have 12g power.. thank..

      1. Omg here we go with another Eden knockoff I hate Eden it’s too long and boring, and not matched correctly, as one guy already said you got 1 guild with 45 g power going against guilds with 12g power, not fair at all. Think I will join farm alliance and sit this one out.

        1. You do realize that Eden and Total War are both 7 weeks long aka 49 Days. Eden is not longer. The 8th week of eden is match making week. So saying its longer makes 0 sense. Now saying the match making is broken. That statement is correct.

        2. I agree and two alliances worth 25 g each doesn’t make up against an alliance of 50 G, if you put a alliance of 40 G in one section then ensure to put the same kind of alliance in each faction

  3. I predict the big behemoth players having ALL the merit and the ‘normal’ people will struggle over spare change. Sounds terrible.

    1. Agreed. Each map will have one favored by the devs mega alliance and they will just poop on everyone else on the map. Since we all know LSS can’t matchmake.

    2. Our faction had the least power and we won.. all 3 other factions surrendered. Don’t give up… This one is much more fair divide and conquer. My guild was only 20g after others joined us and we finished 3rd in my faction. Top 2 were 30g each they beat far larger factions.

  4. Just another thing for money players to get more rewards.. how about you increase the level cap to 30

    1. Every map they set its never fair. There is no equal system. Its never ever fair to players.

    2. Why so the top players can be level 30 on day one.. and all the smaller players take months to reach. Adding a bigger gap in the game play. Guess you didnt think that out.

  5. Always unfair gameplay for spenders, They never gave opportunities to free developers nothing is cheap, make the comparison of 0.1/10, Spenders have maxed SX heroes and BB suits, while free developers will be able to get one BB after 2 or 105 year’s , Immigration tickets are also costly , I hope this new Eden goes well , Spenders in rewards giving also discriminate with free and spenders

    1. Actually if you play correctly. 1 BB set is 1.5 years. There are 6 Seasons per year. 90k dd cojns for 45k red cores. X 6 is 180k per year. 270k for 1.5 years. Then 350 per day with the helicopter. After 400 days is 170k. 1 wendell a day is 70 x 500 is 35k . Thats 475k of the 576k you need. Now add in the other events they do throughout the year. Like Dawn Mission, Ruin Adventure, Clash of Alliances and other holiday events. You might get done in less then 1.5 years. But keep blaming the development team for you not playing and trying .

      1. 🤣🤣 stick it too em, I will take a screen shot of your advice, when I get lost in the depth of all the things going on, I’ll refer to your words, as I was on a bit of a roll to get full gold suit, two parts gold and four orange (because I’m impatient and gambled), seems I lost my way 🤦‍♂️🙈✌️cheers MD49 Scooby 👌

    1. This is a lie. Cause my Alternates have better luck then my main account. Spenders tend to put in extra time cause they can. Playing and doing several hourly challenges per day increases diamonds , rss and speeds . They use these to build massive amounts of materials and troops. They play he game and not complain. Thats why they are strong.

      1. You people who defend this pay 2 win game make me cringe. I’ve been playing for 3.5 years for free. I’m disabled and don’t work so I’m on this game way more than the so called “strong” players. They are strong because they send 100s or thousands a week, period.

        At 200m power with 1 bb set, 3/6 of another bb set, and a good mix of s and x heroes maxed. I still get shit on by people with maxed t10 tech AND all the obnoxious new heroes who are broken, they have day 1. I still have many heroes not finished or usable let alone get every new heroaxed on day 1. There is no way for me to get to 400m power unless I refuse to play the actual game (aka base hits defending LC in my dead state) and Amy troop loss is hard to remake.

        While it’s true dedicated free players can get as strong as someone like me (I destroy those who play casually) and most money spenders get huge power and more diamonds than casuals because they play more so they get strong… But more diamonds means more free gold tickets and other things you whales can get in the via shop that us Free players can’t. This game is pay 2 win. Period. I’ve recently spent 150ish on the game and regret it (Eden elite pass x 4 and quite a few daily trade deals $5) because it didn’t help me against you whales at all lmao 😂

        Now they introduce merits which makes Eden feel even more pointless because I’m losing my guild merits and my personal merits.

        Fuck I hate the people who took over this game around the bane blade release. Before that, you could catch up to whales after a year but now they keep releasing nothing but p2w content and more and more skins with buffs us Free players can’t get. Fuck these people for ruining a solid game.

  6. why don’t you spend your time fixing all the stupid bugs in the game from previous updates instead of wasting it on new events or more stupid base skins every 2 days..

  7. Here comes another season of uneven gameplay. Always some stupid alliance that is WAY stronger than us. Developers just don’t have the necessary tools to even out the playing field. We are always grouped with alliances that are two to three times our power. Fair gameplay? Never with these guys.

    1. Thus is a lie. They had Allstars. Top31 alliances. They have the means to make it even. They just refuse to and everyone keeps playing so why fix it.

      Stop playing these offsided events and do a actual strike. And they might fix it. Everyone is gullible and keeps playing

  8. Unfair game always put 12g power alliance grouping with some 40g or 50g ,this is totally unfair for person as well as for game,it will not attract other people to play this game it will be your loss developers.

    1. So stage a dttile. Have everyone sit out and not play the season at sll. Else the developers have 0 need to fix it.

  9. I don’t want to fight against maxed bases when I’m not even close to their level. I have been hitting a tile reinforced by a max player and lost most of my durability

    1. This makes 0 sense. You dont lose durabilty in eden unless your base is attacked. Hitting a reinforced tile just loses troops. And the 10 energy you used . Continuing to hit it instead of going around it is your choice.

  10. This will only work if alliance power is grouped equal.
    We are a 9g alliance but are never grouped with others around 5g to 12g, it is always with 20g to 50g alliances.
    We stand no chance of claiming a,world center or fair fighting

    1. So stage a strike. Get everyone to sit out and no play the season. Then the development team makes the fix else they see a successful season.

  11. This looks fine but how about fixing the time out bug that makes me start a new game 7 times a day…so people who have the same issues as myself can actually enjoy and play the game. Your last update was just terrible.

  12. Why putting something that can be looted??? There are so much difference in power and that way you give the strong players even more advantage :/ it sounds horrible! At least put some rules to it. Like so much difference in kills number can’t attack the lower ones or something like that

  13. “Fairly assigned” they say…. Let’s see…. Promises promises. This game lack on fairness

  14. Matchmaking still terible, they will put alliance with 40g vs alliance with 5g power.

      1. Can you just STFU? You aren’t the gatekeeper. You replied to several post like you know everything.

        1. He’s a whale or a dev who’s butt hurt at the truth. Strong players are all whales, devs, or cheaters.

  15. I love this game. I always like learning the new games and how to work them. I do agree your version of fairness is not always real fairness. The alliances with 40g power against 10g power for instance is not fair. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future. When 40g bases go into eden they decide who gets what by the first week and their friends get the best rewards.

  16. Another waste! There is no such thing as even matching, i.e. 40g against 12g alliances. How about fixing all the issues within the game to even out free players and pay players. The credit card commandos will just buy their way to the top in this also. If I shield can I opt out of this crap and be protected? Life under a dome again.

  17. Terrible once again benefit the rich and powerful no one stands a chance anymore this game not worth playing anymore

  18. Just about enough of thus uneven play for me. I can use my little cash someplace elce.

    1. Our phones are trying to take over the world with their false messages 😂😂😂

  19. It sounds good, but….please pair the groups fairly by power strength and longevity (time) playing the game over the past 4 years. State migration has both voluntary and with forced mergers unbalanced the fairness of Eden and DD events. Our State has 4 active alliances which choose not to combine into one Super Alliance to keep the game competitive and fair for all. You really need to keep the pairing equitable, or risk more of us players leaving this game.

  20. i have big doubts on this statement: “After an Alliance registers, they will be fairly assigned to the four factions for battle.”
    …it never happend.

  21. Having a problem with the connection. It gets lost and keeps lagging and searching

  22. The matchmaking is big problem in DDs and Eden. I really wouldn’t care about that if the larger guilds were required to work with the smaller guilds. For instance, one guild can only attack up to 70% of the gates points. The rest would have to be done by other guilds from that guilds assigned region. There is no incentive or requirement to be inclusive of all players. Then you can make the rewards even for everyone in that sector because everyone is working towards a common goal. The current hierarchy structure promotes nepotism even if someone out performs others, rewards are still chosen by whoever is in charge.

  23. So now that lots of members leaving the game I wonder if more better rewards will be given to the ones that stay. The gaming experience have been very low

  24. The total war concept is not fair and the map is too small. The map don’t have tiles to take for all alliances. The map is too small.

  25. This season will be exactly like last season, if you didn’t like New Crisis, then your not gonna like Clash of Factions either. Nothing will be different and the favorite big spenders will get all the rewards.

  26. No no no.. Do not bring back
    Eden faction.. players play for 3 weeks then jump alliances and hope to get top2 faction winning rewards.. Fark! This shyt.. I won’t be playing.. and New Crises sucked dogs balls.. JUST NO…

  27. Just now I did payment for 30 tickets where it is? It’s showing me funds deducted😡

  28. Bad games , I am playing 1 and half year No any hero are my account totally time wasting.

  29. Same garbage, different season.
    As always the group matching is unfair and the seasons are too long. More and more players can’t be bothered with this rehash of the same issues

  30. You should be able to invade another region this will stop people from just hiding behind there walls and making the season dull

  31. Hey your last four Eden was garbage. You lack courage and foresight. You will never match make the top alliances against each other. It is the same garbage the strong always beat up the weak. Cowards.

  32. Idea was good but IT was like 2pac: me againts the world. Byatches made agreements again And eden died in the beginin, 7 guilds againts 2. Do somethin with IT, Its a war game not polotician game. Thank you, peace ✌️

  33. I am slowly losing interest in the game, because in every DD I encounter a guild that simply cannot be defeated. Strength ratio 10:40. My whole guild loses the will to play, because it’s not interesting to fight at all when you have no chance 😔

  34. Maybe I love this game. I’ll try to d best I can. My dear friends what’s yours. Wish more lucks to all the game fanatilcs……..😅❤️😅💕😿😿😿😿

    1. Not able to contact developer..
      after I clicked on contact us, it is not opening another chat window

  35. Not able to contact developer..
    after I clicked on contact us, it is not opening another chat window

  36. All of the new Edens are crap. Journey of Perils is boring, New Crisis sucks and is boring unless you have a monster size base and Regions can eat a bag of dicks. None of them are any fun and the developers should stick to the original Eden or the north v south.

  37. Guys we are from 1217 hpg alliance and their r5 is attacking every other alliance and saying leave game or leave state he’s attacking and not letting us play 😔😔😔 developers are not helping us

  38. My main account has been stolen can you urgently assist.
    Zacson29 in state 461
    id SETNARF9

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