Upcoming X’mas Events

X’mas is a day of family union and celebration. On the special day, people would decorate the X’mas tree together to add to the fun of the holiday.On the X’mas tree, there are lights, flowers, toys, stars and various gifts! As the night falls, people would sing and dance together around the tree and have fun.On the special occasion, we’d like to invite you to join us in various X’mas events and win great rewards!

Please check out the info below for details.


Dec 22 – 28

7-Day Login

About the Event

Log in every day during the event to get rewards.


Speed-up items, Super Recruitment Tickets and Gene Fragments.

Daily Tasks

About the Event

Complete tasks every day during the event to get rewards.


Resource items, VIP points, Blueprints, Advanced Recruitment Tickets, Christmas Ribbons, etc.

Santa’s Gift

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

About the Event

During the event, Santa will randomly appear on the world map. Find him to receive a Christmas present!

Each Santa only carries a limited amount of presents, so be sure to get there fast!

Only one present can be claimed from each Santa.

All rewards will be distributed via mail!


Advanced Teleport and decors for X’mas tree (including Christmas Branches, Christmas Stockings, Christmas Candies and Christmas Ribbons).

The decors for X’mas tree are used to raise State points.

You may claim as many as 20 X’mas gifts per day.

Christmas Tree

1. Get decors for the X’mas tree in Daily Tasks and Santa’s Gift during the event.

2. Personal Point: You may submit some decors to decorate the X’mas tree every day. You’ll get some personal points randomly when submitting a decor. The personal points will be reset every day at 0:00 (Game Time).

3. State Point: You’ll also get State points when submitting decors. The higher the State points and the level of X’mas tree are, the more rewards you’ll get.

You may submit for 40 times max per day.

4. The decors not submitted will be recalled at 0:00 (Game Time) the following day.

5. You may request for help from other Commanders during the event, asking them to send you a certain decor.

Of course, it’s also a good chance to help others!

6. The rewards not claimed in time for State and personal points will be delivered to you via mail during the event.

7. After the event ends, every Commander will receive a X’mas tree as a permanent ornament.

A variety of rewards are offered for the X’mas events. Don’t miss out! The rewards include the Christmas Lodge (7 days), Name Tag: X’mas Night (Permanent), Super Recruitment Ticket *6, Buttons, Super Energy Cores, War Badges and tons of Diamonds and rare items.

    1. This celebration makes us great. Great because I’m feeling childess again. Wow…

  1. Hello….. as my raindeer collected presents from Santa and mission was complete. The Christmas tree was not available so I enter Eden and all my presents turned in RSS….now I can not use the presents for the tree. Are you going to fix this bug….

  2. Ummm I’m not super religious but it’s Christmas, after the birth of Christ. I have never heard of anyone dancing around the tree. Perhaps you are confusing may day / may pole and Christmas / north pole

    1. In northern EU it’s tradition to walk around the Christmas tree hand in hand while singing various Christmas songs.

  3. Same issue as gun runner above. It’s not cool that events don’t start at reset. I get as much done right after reset as I can. Now I have to do daily tasks twice to get Christmas rewards. Also did the 20 Santa gifts which turned to some other items when you started the event. Now I don’t have any items for the tree and can’t get any until reset. Please fix and give those of us that did the Santa’s gift early our presents back.

  4. Why would you developers take away the personal Christmas tree tasks and turn it into a state tree with a maximum amount that can be contributed daily?!! Now the states who don’t have a ton of active players will get screwed because they don’t have enough people to fill the tree. You totally broke something in an effort to “fix” something that wasn’t broken in the first place.

      1. True this season sucked no base decor on fences and no personal goodies. Just the same stuff from daily activity. The state tree was full the second day, no upgrade like the previous personal trees. With everything going on globally more festivities would be better along with no New Years stuff?! I better the Chinese New Year year at the end of January will be weeks of festivals and good stuff.

  5. You messed up the event. You didn’t tell us about losing our items if we go to Eden. That’s a shame. Also the rewards are poor. Unless you have reserved a great gift for Christmas, This event is not really good when it comes to rewards.

    1. So this event only for States with lots of players? If you don’t have lots of active players in your State, you cannot complete this event. Personal Christmas tree is way better than this one.

  6. 😎I think you did another great job last shelter team! Great event and rewards! As usual 😉. And have a great Christmas 🎄

  7. I’ve got no Christmas event 😭 on my screen either AND I am still unable to purchase ANYTHING in-game in spite of asking for help numerous times over the last two weeks

  8. I got nothing but the santa gifts and no where to use them. No tree no daily tasks. Any one else get the shaft for Christmas?

  9. How do you get into this event? What do I do with the rewards I cannot use because I can not get in?

  10. Our stste is at thd bottom in every week and close to dead but our tree is upgraded to top level second day with tpnothing to do but collect rewards each day, should make more levels, top level top prizes were ok, but i guess they dont want to give too much free stuff and make people buy it

  11. Too bad only the state / zone president can upgrade the tree, ours is quitting the game and this is his last week

  12. Yeah, I had this available for about 5 minutes, now I can see the tree but nothing else associated with the events to do my tasks or anything. 🙁

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