[Cutting Edge] New Content Exposure|New Tech “In-Depth Study
“, Sneak Peek on Many Specialty Effects.

Big news today! After receiving your opinions and suggestions on [Cutting Edge] and Tech Specialty, we considered seriously and decided to adjust the above 2 features.

In this adjustment, we added a new tech for [Cutting Edge]: “In-Depth Study”; we also adjusted the route of Tech Specialty to a great extent and added a various of Specialty effects.

I. Optimized the Specialty routes

There are three routes in the new version: Left, Middle, Right

The middle one is the base route. The easy Specialty effects on the economy in the prior have been moved into this route;

The left one is the Lv. 10 soldier enhancement route. The hard Specialty effects on level 10 soldiers in the prior have been moved into this route;

The right one is the overall attribute enhancement route. The new Specialty effects added this time are in this route.

The middle route can be researched at the initial stage; the left and right route can be researched after the research of “The Ultimate Load” in the middle tier of the middle route. For the adjusted Specialty route, the left and right routes are easier to be researched.

For the commander, the adjusted “Cutting Edge” tech Specialty has two major characteristics:

  1. The optimized powerful Specialty effects are easier to be researched
  2. Added important techs and more Specialty effects

II. Increased the tech Specialty max level

The technology specialty MAX level is increased from Lv. 228 to Lv. 280 as more Specialties are added

Technology Specialty Level(Now)
Technology Specialty Level(Past)

III. New Tech: In-Depth Study

Time cost for each research on [Cutting Edge] is reduced

Notes: Compared to the Cutting Edge, the reset cooldown time for the In-Depth study will be reduced to a great extent

This tech can enable the commander to research the “Cutting Edge” rapidly; it can also help upgrade the Technology Specialty rapidly.

IV. Added the following Technology Specialty effects

Wild Attack

When defeated, some of the enemy soldiers will be crippled, who cannot be healed in the battle.

My personal tips: Wild Attack has great affect on the lineups that focus on recovery effects. It has fine counter effects on lineups such as Flare, Scarlet Siren and Dawn.

Mental Training

A certain chance to be immune from 4 effects (Suppress/Disarm/Silence/Confuse).

Bridging the Gap (Fighter)

Fighter base attack increase

Bridging the Gap (Shooter)

Shooter base HP increase

Bridging the Gap (Vehicle)

Vehicle base resistance increase

Better Physique

Normal attack damage increases in battle

Note: Applies to All lineups

Enhanced Skills

Hero skill damage increases in battle

Note: Applies to All lineups

Seasoned Soldier

The chance to cast combat and passive skills increases

Note: Applies to All lineups

That’s the main content for the adjustment of [Cutting Edge] and its Tech Specialty

The above content will be released in the Frontier States first, then launched on the formal States gradually. We believe that this optimization will help you get a better performance in disadvantageous battles!

If any of you have opinions and suggestions on this optimization, please leave them in the comment area!

Note: Please update to version 2.0.2 to experience all the content in this optimization.

(*Please refer to the in-game content for final info.)

  1. I remembered this comment section used to very long with many people posting here. It seems recent new things introduced, people got tired of posting because they know devs haven’t done anything to change the game play and fixes things. This is a sign that this game is going down hill.

  2. Closing in on the day the server are shut to other $ games, better to buy a game for $50 outright, at least you have a box and CD at the end and can replay if you want 10 years later. No GOG for online games haha

  3. Pointless tech being at the bottom as you already maxed everything by then 🤷🏻‍♂️

    better to say how much will cost to unlock the entire crap?

  5. Again the benefits is for the money spender not for normal guys. This also total a another waste one.

  6. I know what let’s make to gap between big spenders and normal spenders even bigger… that way we will lose even more players… hats off to the bright spark that came up with that idea 💡🤣🤣🤣

    1. Ya I won’t be spending anymore on this game. There is no way to keep up with the big spenders.

  7. The middle tree, why rss reduction first instead of time? Who f*ing cares about rss when we have a lot of them?😡🤬

  8. Oh let’s see what the devs are going to give us for Christmas this year! 🤭 same as last year 💩.

    Just killing the game like usual!

  9. We need reset for cutting edge tech no way to switch points around and yes they took points when they added now tech

  10. From Korea and Chinese and USA to many comments complaining 👌👍👍

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