[Doomsday Conquest] Playstyle Details Doomsday Survival Guide

The virus broke out, the doomsday is here. The survivors all face this one issue: To barely survive, or fight on!?

Play Style Description

Doomsday Conquest’s Base play style is compete for territories in the world, and collect all sorts of resources, build honor structures, level up specialties, and win rewards based on Season Rankings.

Start your journey now!

Territory Occupation

[Resources and Occupation]

Click the world map to enter the Doomsday Conquest interface, when it begins, there will be the following special territories.

The commanders need to dispatch their troops to occupy the territories and obtain corresponding resources.

Beware, you can only occupy territories adjacent to friendly territories.

Higher level the territories, higher its production, in the territory interface, special resources can be obtained via the territory interface.

[Infection Intensity and Immunity]

The territories have their own infection intensity, higher the level, higher the infection intensity.

When the troops have insufficient immunity, they will suffer damage each turn of the battle, higher the difference between immunity and intensity, higher the damage taken.

How to increase the troops immunity? and how to turn those special resources in to good stuff? check out: Honor structures.

Honor Structure

After the event starts, commanders can build honor structures near the alliance center, which provides powerful bonuses for the battles.

[Category Function]

Processing Plant: process raw materials into vaulable resources, upgrade the building to increase processing speed.

Virus Research Facility: used to heal wounded units from the territory battles, upgrade this building to increase troop immunity, which is key for getting high level territories.

Special Operation Command: Can increase field battle might, which includes territory battle and honor structure battles.

Guardian Fortress: Greatly increase field battle resistance, which includes territory battle and honor structure battles.

[Build Rules]

1. Honor structures can be built when the event starts

2. Honor structures need to be built near the alliance center

3. Honor structure, can be found in the build menu on the bottom right, at the same time each building has its own building conditions.

[Durability, Repair and Garrison]

Just like regular buildings, honor structures have their own durability, and will be on fire once not enough, they won’t work once on fire, 0 durability buildings will be recalled, but can be rebuilt in the building menu.

Troops can be sent to garrison the honor buildings, when they’re attacked, the troops will defend them.

Building durability can be repaired with troops. Different troops have different repair speed, stronger the troops, faster the repairs.


[Specialty Types]

1. Click the Doomsday Laboratory to access specialties

2. There are 3 types: Resources, Buildings, and combat, which have different functions.

3. Learn specialties to unlock active skills

[Honor Level and Specialty points]

Occupy territories, build honor structures, and complete missions to gain honor, reach a certain points to obtain honor level.

Spend specialty points to learn specialties, each specialty has its own tech tree.

Spend your points wisely

  1. Arreglen la mierda de actualización que no me da los premios de zona de batalla más fuerte. Hace 3 días que no me dan nada….. No tengo ni una tarjeta para héroe avanzado

    1. Server create impossible group! Alliance with 4 billions of power and always 1 or 2 on ranking of other dd wars against state that have with all the alliances 2 billions of power. How it is possible fight against them? You are killing a lot of state!

      1. complete waste of time. unless your in a top alliance you have no chance.save your stone resources and troops and avoid eden

      2. Absolutely crap! I hate Eden! After being attacked 26 times in 24 hrs I’ve stopped even doing DD this season. Rewards are not worth the fight! Bring back the old DD format and better brackets! So many states dying JUST because of this Eden mess! FIX IT DEVS!!😡😡

      3. agreed. unless you pay to play and can contest with the rest of the uber players of this game, eden is only for the p2p players. if you dont have T9 enhanced and max out S3+ you may as well offer your base for a farm and quit

      4. I agree, you let strong states in with weaker states. This never comes out well for the weaker states. So the weaker states can’t get the good heros to help them grow.
        It also causes players to quit, because of being bullied.

    2. im.having a hard time entering the new eden season. cant find the enter button..instead allience ranking is always appearing and not the right interpace

      1. It’s bad challenge
        Just doing for utranbig alliances states
        The Asian player have more avantage
        Not same price for box, traduction for their
        Bad for européen horaire, price, coordination, its impossible to have one city
        The DEvS kill the game and motivation
        Who are happy?

      1. you still have not fix the issue of bullying, top alliances can still destroy opponents even after ddwars, you are just milking us with our money

    3. Amigo limpiaste el cache del juego … Fijate en las opciones del juego .aveces no deja recibir premios por que esta lleno .

  2. Почему квесты не обновились? Прошу обновить квесты 257 штат zLuckeR. Очень прошу обновить квесты судного дня

    1. I dont think eden is a bad event just it needa way more progress than this we habe also trouble with our group alliance with power off 2.6m and 3m power we cannot compete with any off them and they are obviously bullying us so that thing should be fixed devs habe the data off the game they should make easier gates,cities,capitals and world center for diferent states and alliances with power, my personal opinion weaker with weak alliances and string with strong alliances its not the fault off weaker alliances that they didnt develop already or they just started a new game or else it should be equal to be interesting lile this its just anoying frustrating and lot off us wants to quit not just eden, game also,rewards not worth at all i personally spent loada off rsses to make new troops as the virus labs cannot heal that fast the troops 1 more fact that needs to be fixed 🙂 in all in all as a small player not strong i mean i had loada off fun in eden 🙂 made fallen bases and i was fallen pulled myself up went forward thats the part off the game 🙂

  3. Os habéis cargado el juego y las ilusiones de muchos jugadores. El nuevo hegemonía es basura

    1. 1.กติกา
      2.ต้องอธิบายกติกาทุกๆอย่างให้ชัดเจนกว่านี้..ครอบครองเมืองต้องถือตลอดทั้งสงครามรึป่าว..ถ้าใช่แล้วเมืองต่างๆจะพอรึ มีตั้งหลายกิลด์ แต่ถ้าเปลี่ยนมือได้ก็ต้องบอกให้ชัดเจน
      3.คะแนนของแต่ละบุคคลที่ต้องทำให้ถึง 10k ได้มาจากอะไรบ้างนอกจากบริจาคหิน (เพราะลองตีศัตรู,ที่ดิน,ฯลฯ แล้วไม่ขึ้นเลย)
      ..เอาแค่นี้ก่อน ยังมีอีกเยอะ

  4. Es ist Diskriminierung das man keine neuen dd Aufgaben bekommt wenn man in eine andere Session einandert. Macht überhaupt keinen Sinn! Das muss geändert werden. Schon am ersten Tag fehlen einem über 10 Felder

    1. The game play of eden is flawed. Is just a game for the strong paid players .
      No point playing, i am quitting.

    1. Eden is like an arena, it is build for strong states only, and thus keeping the gates shut for a weaker states, making the game exclusive to them only…

      Its a worst gaming experience, especially for those players with lesser money to spend… and still here comes eden…

      Weeks have gone, and here we are, still out of the map…

      1. Thats agree for that. This eden really suck. Error grouping, weak base cannot hitting gate or city because T9 inside. This is really annoying. Even that reward is not benefit

  5. You have made eden impossible for smaller alliance’s you honestly gave no thought to this makes me wonder if you really want to make a good gaming experience

    1. Eden was obviously suggested by the paying players to gain additional stats as they have nothing left to play game states equal playing field yet creates a world where people are being bullied to the point off quitting or kicking players from alliance which is against terms and conditions off the game and all the app stores

      1. Bullying??? Your kidding right. This is a war game not the SIMS. Grow up. If you can’t handle it migrate to a different state.

      2. Pueden eliminar o por lo menos disminuir el tiempo de espera para poder entrar a una alianza cuando sales de otra??

        Es un fastidio tener que esperar 1 día, hay cosas que hacer y no puedo por este periodo de espera

  6. Delete this game and
    Lets play ‘Last of kingdoms’

    More strategy less money 💰
    Less stress
    No amateur dev
    Last shelter is shit

  7. La peggior stagione del DD mai vista!!! Squilibrata sotto tutti i punti di vista. Da annullarla e rifarla da zero più equilibrata in modo che tutte le basi di tutti i livelli possono partecipare altrimenti è fatta solo per basi di 25 e con truppe T9!!!

  8. Again complete horse crap….now i fing out that if a player has not reached the tier 9 troops they cannot do any damage whatsoever to citys and capitals even if there immunity is high enough to beat it…they do not gain contribution points the same as T9 troops…this is disgracful and enforces the lazy approach of donating stone to achieve the 10k minimum required…complete bullshit. And not fair to smaller guys and just another ploy to make people spend real money buying composite materials..DD was better when no money was involved….this makes it a level playing field and i am sure emmigration the already expensive packs and constant reminders to buy arms deals and class changes generate enough money for you poor devs to feed your families stop being greedy make it fair for all not just the strongest of people. MY ADVICE TO ANYONE WITHOUT T9 TROOPS……DO NOT JOIN EDEN AT ALL….NO OFFENCE BUT YOU ARE USELESS AND COMPLETLY WASTE YOUR TIME AND EFFORT. unless you are happy to plod through the event helping bigger people get to where they need to be but remember without 100k stone/10 million alliance points you WILL NOT GAIN A PRIZE!!!! Peace out and good luck…you will need it as eden is more like hell than the paradise we read about in genisis.

    1. Well said , aggreed with u. Eden is crap. Did u test play urself before rolling out?
      I am done for DD as i am not strong to complete.

    2. About that t9 its not great… you right bro….
      You have to spend allot of money.
      Its not funny anymore thats why i quite with the game of war…every weeks you buy packs its not funny anymore. Waisting of money for a game.
      Shelter in the beginning was great but now everything its money again.
      Its a great game but the money let allot of people quite its sad.

  9. So in the last update all of my unused DD resources and stone are gone! How does this get fixed?

    1. So for doomsday I cannot conquer any land I have written to the powers to be and still no answers not even a response

  10. Bait and switch, misrepresentations, poorly translated instructions & glitchy rushed updates. lol. Good luck surviving you sheep, learn and adapt fast, it’s an apocalypse. It’s not going to be easy, that’s why it’s fun. 😁👍

  11. Eden is the worst. Thanks for giving a format to the credit card warriors to keep smashing the smaller players even more.
    This game runs like a turd sandwich on top of it.
    Fix the bugs, fix the scoring, and make sure anyone you tortured with this horrible event gets a prize

  12. Those information is dated.
    In new heaven the situation is dire, only big guys can survive there and need numbers too, pluss maxed season heroes. Not a doomsday for everyone.
    You should rebuild the city defeat system : a defeat city must port out to ally starting zone, and that zone should be protected.
    For tge rest unlock city 30 and t10 should help many people.

  13. Just now I am not interesting with dd session, make me borring, confuse and down before fighting.
    Dead state because migrations, meet big alliance with powerfull heroes, and silent svs.
    Cant concentration about what will do first.

  14. Eden is a joke. Place a low ranking gold state and several silver states with legendary states. No shield use no teleports nothing to protect anyone. 24/7 attacks. I’ve been zeroed twice in the last 12 hours. It’s crap. Unless you have everything possible maxed then don’t waste your time.

  15. This new DD sucks… got 26mln power, 2 good apc, can do shit in eden.. only 25th bases with S heroes, no way to do anything and this 30 min cooldown, I mean what the f uk? Is this duck Hunting? Worst dd so far…

  16. Don’t even try to do Eden I went in and was unable to exit , a message came up saying update game so by the time I had done that I had been hit multiple times and had lost 5 mill in power due to wounded troops

    Total waste of time

  17. El Edén no es bonito.. solo las alianzas más fuertes ganarán y las otras nada

  18. This is craziest event ever idlk the old dd

    I think dd eden is for spender only

  19. 為什麼末日今天開始,但我的末日任務沒有重置…直接接續上一季的任務

  20. Guys, reset card requisites… They were changed without a notice and nos the ones who used the reset were damaged compared to the ones who did not…

  21. Al entrar en la temporada de hegemonía no se reiniciaron las misiones, pero nos dejaron con 20 terrenos siendo que antes tenía 97 terrenos y como no hay misiones de terrenos bajos para obtener el ticket de más terrenos es complicado hacer hegemonia

  22. A pior atualização de TODOS tempos,esse DD, ficou totalmente inviável,os desenvolvedores do jogo está acabando com ele,somente jogadores poderosos estão sendo favorecidos,ficou ridículo, perdendo a graça de jogar,novas regras estúpidas,o pessoal que está indo,está servindo de farm pros grandes,decepcionada com esse DD, desculpe a palavra, mas esse DD é um lixo

  23. A pior atualização de TODOS tempos,esse DD, ficou totalmente inviável,os desenvolvedores do jogo está acabando com ele,somente jogadores poderosos estão sendo favorecidos,ficou ridículo, perdendo a graça de jogar,novas regras estúpidas,o pessoal que está indo,está servindo de farm pros grandes,decepcionada com esse DD, desculpe a palavra, mas esse DD é um lixo

  24. New Eden Doomsday is not on equal terms for all who compete. B25s and T9s dominate New Eden making the game play unfair.
    You destroy this game with your greed for money and forcing people to spend money.
    Many will not play or compete in New Eden so you will lose on money being spent. Well done for another screw up Devs!

  25. Lo peor del juego, la nueva hegemonía, las alianzas con menos jugadores, no tienen ninguna posibilidad de participar, ya que las alianzas más grandes no lo permiten, sin mencionar que no puedes dejar tu base descuidada, ya que te dejan en cero, pésimo evento

  26. eden is a load of crap!what about us that dont have enough power to defeat a bunch of bullies!ypu say your proud with your new season bit it’s a deep shit!

  27. The Devs that came up with this concept are idiots. For 58 Days Alliances have to sit around and trade tiles and for what? So that only two Alliances can get into the Main Capital? There were no instructions given at the start, the instructions finally provided are worthless, smaller alliances cannot compete, it’s basically a first come first serve format which is. Whine stupid. If an alliance puts one base in front of the gate, that gate is effectively closed for the rest of the season if the prior alliance doesn’t move it. At every turn these 8th rate Devs figure puts a new way to ruin the game while adding ways to get money from players.
    Players need to wise up and boycott this game until they fix the format and get smarter Devs.

  28. New eden map needs twice the gates and a overhaul of rewards . as it is one alliance in our group is going to get so much of map half the rewards will never get claimed. New eden needed a LOT more playtesting….,its garbage as is

  29. The Eden event is based for money players and is way too off balanced… You have alot of work to do on this event… You should revert to the old style until you can balance the event…

  30. Это дд сделали только для топ альянсов и тех кто реально много тратит деньги на покупку героев и детали для БТР

  31. Почему вы сделали событие судного дня только для топ альянсов с нашего штата только два альянса могут участвовать, остальные могут только наблюдать или захватывать территории 1уровня и максимально 4

  32. Wir hatten uns für DD gut vorbereitet, wollten das erste mal teilnehmen. Wir sind auch eine kleinere Allianz. Doch am ersten Tag stellten wir fest, das wir 0 Chancen haben. Wir sind frustriert. So macht es keinen Spaß. Kleinere Allianzen werden nicht mehr berücksichtigt. So können Staaten nicht wachsen. Es werden viele aufhören.

  33. I like the layout and thought behind New Eden, however after being in Eden for less than 15mins I have over 3 day healing of troops from not being able to shield 😡 It’s completely put me off wanting to participate in DD, which leaves the point, what’s the point in playing this game now!!!

  34. そんな事より課金アイテム届かない不具合対応しろよ!問い合わせを無視するな!

  35. Anyone know why I can’t build a power plant? I’m level 13 but power plants are not an option in my list?? It says I have 4 building opportunities but when I open the power building menu there’s nothing there but storage facilities (which are locked) windmill and solar panel? What the heck – so frustrating.

    1. My guess based upon the fact that you asked this in a completely unrelated forum is that you are not reading the requirements for the construction properly.

  36. U only.get contribution pound by donating stone only witch is a joke 100 points for every thousand stone and u need 10 thousand points to get rewards this event is huge money grab for sure

  37. This is a horrible example of Dooms Day….can’t get any points whatsoever. Throw all the rules out and change them. Only the strong and paying players will gain rewards here. If this is the way DD will be from now on then I won’t be participating….not worth the hassle or bull. Getting zeroed constantly…not worth the resources to even heal. You have made it impossible for smaller players and alliances to even have a chance at getting rewards. This Dooms Day sucks. Too much time involved. It is no longer fun…I hate it.

  38. Eden really horrible. Eden only for spender. There is no chance to low level base to join. No shield, can’t moving before have 2×2 tiles, no protecting from higher base. This is bullies. Even that reward really not benefit for the effort. I would like old DD than this sht.

  39. Eden is impossible to enjoy. If you are lucky enough to get in it will be a constant war with others and you will have no troops because they will be in your virus centers for 20 days. (This is just fighting for one day to get into the gate). You’ll spend an enormous amount of rss making troops to fight daily just to have you power jump to a billion once your troops come out of the virus center a month later. Guess this was on purpose since new migration rules came out. If you are not lucky to get in on the first day just hop alliances like majority do to get inside the gates. At least they slightly modified the impossible rewards but I doubt that will help. Many will quit!

  40. Had been attacked in eden when I was not even there. Some kind of bug. I have more then plenty resources to heal my self but it’s greyed out. Reported this to last shelter. No one gets back to you. I’m unable to participate. Anyone else have this issue.

  41. Como cojones se activa el representante de alianza. Lo pide en el edificio de profesión.

  42. 有游,戏客,服在吗?看一下战争准备活动建筑时间不计算了😂好坑

  43. All I have to say is Eden is a complete waste of time, money, and durability. The costs of healing and taking tiles, and bridging to a gate you can’t even open is absurd. Super states control EVERYTHING! You have people with full on maxed heroes compared to some who never even got the full on opportunity in the same playing field. It’s crowded, it’s a huge unwanted orgy, and we don’t appreciate all the glitches.

  44. Gracias por la información me sera muy útil para cambiar mi estrategia. Gracias.

  45. It’s amazing how the devs make a blog and the idiots don’t even read it. If they did they would shit this joke of a Doomsday down and start over. To me it seems like they want to see this games Doomsday….Developers everyone else is reading these post wake up and fix the issues and save the game that pays your salary before your looking for a new job.. Makes sense to fix it and make it right for the people who play it

    1. I definitely agree with what you wrote they just don’t care if everyone quits obviously there not good enough programers or business men/women to keep the people playing and paying interested in the game and base 30that is in all of the area for the game is a myth due to the developers having zero clue how to do there job it is sad especially for those who have maxed out bases the only thing that separates the players are the heroes and you have to spend a fortune to be able to be competitive due to the drawing being manipulated by developers don’t believe me send in a complaint and watch yourself start drawing either crap heroes or none at all 120 good tickets drew zero s5 heroes because of a complaint I sent in about dd

  46. Das neue DD ist ein ist nur noch ein Kampf wo die Starken gewinnen. Das alte DD war viel besser und hat mehr Spaß gemacht. Garten Eden ist einfach nur schlecht 👎🏻

  47. Eden is rubbish. It is for players who spend lots of money only.
    You need to keep the lesser players happy too, otherwise they will leave and the big layers will have no one to fight against, meaning they will eventually leave too.
    Very bad change to the game.

  48. Is there anyway to get customer support to respond. I’ve been waiting through 2 server resets with no response. Can someone please help

  49. Is there anyway to get customer support to respond. I’ve been waiting through 2 server resets with no response. Can someone please help. Thanks

  50. You have removed strategy from DD completely. It is now purely a game of power. Where once smaller alliances could use defence and strategy to hold off bigger ones now it is just a matter of time. With no shields and no breaks in attack the event will always go to the bigger alliance, not the smarter. Once your base is defeated in Eden there is nothing you can do to recover troops and get back in the fight. You can’t sleep as you can still be hit over and over again, even if you leave eden, you may not lose RSS but your troops are still decimated.

  51. Saquen esta porqueria de Eden, le robaron lo mejor al juego, lo unico que van a lograr es que la gente deje el juego. EDEN SUCKS

  52. No hay derecho a lo que habéis hecho. Esto solo sirve para los muy poderosos o para que vosotros ganéis dinero que es el único motivo que se me ocurre. Perdonad por la palabra pero es una mierda. Muchos, entre los que me incluyo, lo único que haremos es conseguir los puntos suficientes y pasar del juego

  53. Yeah $100 to get a reset for dd, are you serious, last dd was $10 so now you dont get any of my money doesn’t make sense to me

    1. It’s kinda funny if you think about it they took the 999 DD pack out which basically throws away 50 dollars in revenue throughout the season and replaced it with the stupid quest that costs 1999 then made it almost impossible to be able to finish all of the quests so no one in there right mind would want to purchase it then they piss off the rest of the players by dropping them in Eden with the super states that block everything and everyone from making it out of the sand… Gotta say the business model is completely screwed up and targeted to close out the game due to everyone getting tired of there b.s.

  54. Estou me preparando para este dia alimentado minhas tropas e reforçando meu imperio!!

  55. This f***g support does answer to someone? I tried to reached out a whole week but no one answered!

  56. Stupidity at its best. The DD group you made where you placed Nepal & Bhutan in same group of USA & Russia. Top gold server with Silver lowers server. Their farm alliance is bigger than our top alliance. From whose brain the grouping algorithm came out?

  57. Eden must’ve been created for only b23 and above. It is frustrating and pointless for anyone below that level. I sincerely wish I’d never started playing this game, wasting countless hours and quite a bit of money.

  58. El nuevo Edén es un asco, malísima experiencia de juego, dirigido solo a jugadores con más poder. En el antiguo evento Doomsday agrupaban a las alianzas en un mismo nivel de poder, asi había oportunidad de avanzar y crecer a las alianzas más pequeñas o jugadores nuevos. Last Shelter va de mal en peor.

  59. Boa tarde horrível este dd pois os desenvolvedores não queriam que bases fortes domInase o evento. Mas aconteceu pois as alianças fortes não dão chances as pequenas, concordo com algumas mudanças como usar os herois da temporada a migração isto tá certo. Mas o dd poderia ficar do geito antigo minha opinião agradeço

  60. Lol. Bibliothèque de tel site internet pour le où je viens te dire bonjour et toi pk tu viens me voir demain je vais aller me chercher un truc

  61. The overwhelming message here is that the Eden DD sucks for any alliance that isn’t stacked with maxxed out B25s. For those of you that pour hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars into this game, by all means enjoy DD. For the rest of us, this DD season can’t end soon enough.

  62. It basically comes down to the groupings are not done right hence they say bullying but it’s really cause putting weak states against super states is outrageous how do you expect weaker states to get stronger when locked out of prizes for such a massive event not to mention the ones who have paid for elite prizes in this event have a great chance of never achieving when locked out from half the map by elite super states. Great idea poor execution on selecting state groups . Plus let’s make it better only allow one alliance per state per map to stop all this assisting other alliances by changing tags all the time to overload one area and allow them access to higher areas without even taking on a gate . 10 states in one group while only benifit two maybe three so 7/10 states have not a hope in hell of prizes or being competitive. I can understand super strong states living eden cause they are pitted against less developed states. At least doomsday was more strategic where eden is only build for powered states.

  63. This new Eden is stupid. What can you do when an entire alliance decides to destroy your hole alliance while everyone is sleeping? Old DD was already hard enough with a few choices for timezones, now it’s 24h of war. I’d slap the face of the genius who had this idea.

  64. Doomsday should give extra reward for thus individual on top 10 or top 20 influence points every state,,,

  65. This is waste of time…
    unless your in a top alliance you have no chance.
    Save your resources and troops and avoid eden.
    P.s Game is soo boring now…

  66. They should fix the match up of competing states. What can you do if your only one alliance in a state against a state with 4-5 competing alliance. Poorly manage game

  67. The worst dd ever and u developer created a bunch of bullies…u get good reviews only from bullies..why not try play in eden so u know what the eden did to 80%of player who play eden x…no more fun.and selfish and egoistic players given the advantage..lots been complaining but nothing been solve..

  68. Stop the eden and make it fair to all..dont give satisfactions those took cities and capital..dont give them rewards..that could be fair to all

  69. 1.กติกา
    2.ต้องอธิบายกติกาทุกๆอย่างให้ชัดเจนกว่านี้..ครอบครองเมืองต้องถือตลอดทั้งสงครามรึป่าว..ถ้าใช่แล้วเมืองต่างๆจะพอรึ มีตั้งหลายกิลด์ แต่ถ้าเปลี่ยนมือได้ก็ต้องบอกให้ชัดเจน
    3.คะแนนของแต่ละบุคคลที่ต้องทำให้ถึง 10k ได้มาจากอะไรบ้างนอกจากบริจาคหิน (เพราะลองตีศัตรู,ที่ดิน,ฯลฯ แล้วไม่ขึ้นเลย)
    ..เอาแค่นี้ก่อน ยังมีอีกเยอะ

  70. The NEW eden is not balanced. The old dd was great. The new one sucks. We must fight against alliances with more than 4 billions of power. That’s not fair.

  71. Realmente malísimo el evento Dd “x”. Esta nueva Dd “x” . Esta creada solo para súper alianzas. Muy mala idea de los desarrolladores del juego en haber cambiado tanto el evento hegemonía.

  72. 我希望可以设立末日战投降机制,很不公平,为什么第三名可以打我们排在第十三名,我们的实力太相差太大了,希望你们可以跟进,谢谢你们。

  73. This has been the worst season by far. Do you plan to continue forward with this playing style?

  74. Este jogo é uma piada, guerra dd com alianças em 5° lugar declarando uma que está em 18°?

  75. sooner we will be lack of players playing this game. eden is overpopulated. too small for all states in a group to war on like a fighting cockfit n arena. Even there are additional capitals are not enough. It is more enjoyable the previous season 4 than this season X. hoping next season will same as previous season. Season X really sucks. Im sorry but this is what i felt about this season.

  76. All good, all fine, nice, bla bla bla… TIME FOR DOOMSDAY WARS IT’S THE ONLY PROBLEM! WE CAN’T BE FIRED FROM OUR WORK TO PLAY THAT GAME! MAKE POSSIBLE FOR US HAVE WAR FROM 16.00 TO 24.00 TIME GAME and not beinh attacked the previous 8+8 hours. THANKS!

  77. Esse vosso novo míssil de DD é algo que vai estragar esse evento, estou perdendo vontade de participar nos duelos por causa disso.

  78. You really think that with 4 cities more… change something? Bullies are however. Really ridiculous.

  79. لماذا لا أستطيع قتل الزومبي الذين يدخلون إلى التكنة رغم أنني أضغط عليهم لكن دون جدوى

  80. Now after struggling.
    I have a question.
    Without t9 your nothing.
    I have build virus 17 13 10 10 and still can’t attack nothing because i need the t9….thats what they say to me.
    Only the big guys get points….
    I am more online fighting for block or make a way but 0 point…
    Its no need to play like that.
    The big guys just attack citys and capital and get points🤔🤔 not good.
    In all de i get my rewards this time not i gues..have to fix this its not funny anymore

  81. About that t9 its not great… you right bro….
    You have to spend allot of money.
    Its not funny anymore thats why i quite with the game of war…every weeks you buy packs its not funny anymore. Waisting of money for a game.
    Shelter in the beginning was great but now everything its money again.
    Its a great game but the money let allot of people quite its sad.

  82. 1 thing more i can but tickets but some players can’t but those tickets.
    Its allot of money for them.
    They stay behind, great players…but they quite because they stay in a dead state allone behind.
    I hope to save those that want to play you merge the smal states so they can get some life again.
    The states whit minimum bases automatisch merge with another state whit minimum bases.
    Its a option for the small states.
    Some kids don’t have the money for that.
    Sorry if i have say something wrong..

  83. Eden to jest porażka na całej linii. Ja z wojskiem level T8 nie mam żadnych szans z starciu z kimkolwiek z T9+ Mapa zrobiona dla bogaczy – gra jak się podobała to coraz gorzej z nią – reguły,
    zasady są coraz gorsze.

  84. Eden is crap. Play only to get your specialty points increased. If you are grouped with a super state then you have no chance and will spend 6 weeks in the desert or level 8 plots at best. Do not purchase the investment package unless if you are grouped with a super state as it will be wasted.

  85. Small players, are not only struggling, the only way for them to make points, is to donate stone. They are better to not even go to Eden, and just make donations. As far as the comment goes about the sims, get a grip bud. I’m pretty sure your English dictates that you are not in the alliance who had Maxed S5’s b fore the gates to Eden even opened…

  86. Our alliance just quit playing this eden shit .well done devs. DD isnt just fair . You either spend or quit

  87. For me I run an alliance of players between base 18 and 25, these guys are the future of the game if they are able to keep growing and be able to participate in the events, however the sheer greed from the Devs in many areas makes it nearly impossible to compete. I’m not a fan of season heroes because it is so incredibly difficult to gain even one of them while those with mega bucks spending get everything and you just cannot compete at all against that. In my opinion it would be better to give each player at least one season hero and then hide fragments of season heroes within the dd tiles so on occupying a tile you get rewarded with a fragment towards another season hero which in turn would encourage dd participation from more people which in turn would increase the likelihood of selling the doomsday investment pack each week to more people. The dd season rewards are so poor it is not worth bothering with for alliances that are full of players still growing . There are many ways in which this game could be improved for everyone and still retain the level of income and even increase it by listening to the people playing. By making it so difficult to compete or to gain season heroes you are simply encouraging people to not bother at all.
    There are so many changes that i could list it would fill a book but making season heroes more available to all in the way I suggested would be a good start, it’s all about encouraging people to keep playing and to take part in events, at the moment all dd does is stops the growth of newer players for very little or no reward at all for taking part and that is absolutely dumb.

  88. This game is teaching how to bully the weak player.
    Money is everything, you can buy a lot of pack and get the power to bully the weak player.

  89. If grouped with a super state don’t waste your money unless you are in that super state. Rewards are trash.

  90. Implementing New DD missiles makes DD even more nuke festival forcing people to waste even more Diamonds and money. Throw away 100 k Diamonds for structures upgrades, 200 m cash for nukes to get 20k Diamonds in return plus some s2 ticket. After implementing New missiles any defence tactics has no influence. Number of nukes Will decide who Will win. DD has no sense anymore. You invest much more than you get in return.

  91. Que mierda hicieron ahira con su caga de actualización, que cresta es eso de misil destructor, además, se supone que es un juego de estrategia dejen de ser babosos y no le hagan caso a llorones de mierda que en sus estados no trabajan en conjunto para lograr un objetivo.

  92. What are the virtue medals used for? I have a slue of them but have no clue what they’re used for. Thanks in advance!

    1. Got to the news building there’s a tab on it for the virtue shop you can get overpriced buffs there

  93. Тупое дд зделали скоро 77 штат будет продавати города за деньги смисл игри

  94. Eden is shit. Most incompetent failure by games developers yet. Complete waste of time and money.

  95. In regards to Eden package that replaced the old . Can i re-gift this ? it’s my buds birthday and well Eden is so boring i don’t need to use this.

  96. I wasted so much time and energy I have t8 and took a city tile. Took me long time. Fighting t9’s and all the bs. Then I couldn’t get the 10k points cause devs added the new point system later. So now im watching people that did not go threw the shiit that I went threw to get my members at least the lowest prize. So now im left wirh my dik in my hand. Fkn shit.

  97. You guys talk about Eden but ones without Eden are having trouble also. DD is seriously flawed allowing pre war time attacks on honour structures and alliance centre. This has been adapted as part of game play now by some states (329). Because of this we have had zero fair fights this DD same as last season allowing the “cheaters” to have top rewards yet again. Is it not possible to not allow destruction of AC outside of war ? Tiling is a fair part but then crippling and bullying before war is making people quit the game. If this continues many will leave and rightfully so we need a game with fair rules not ones flawed and ladden with loopholes.

  98. Gostaria de saber se pra receber os prêmios do novo jardim do eden basta ocupar as cidades ou tem que manter ocupada?

  99. Здравствуйте! Скажите пожалуйста дату следующего DD?

  100. De alguna manera las tierras aumentaron el poder ahora me infectan las tropas y tengo que curarlas con mucho tiempo aun teniendo el edificio de virus actualizado y las letras en verde con 0% de infección, o díganme de qué manera puedo mejorar que mis tropas disminuyan infección?

  101. เซิฟ 3D ต้องบริจาคหินเท่าไหร่คะ ถึงจะตั้งศูนย์​กิ​ลด​์ได้ ตอนนี้บริจาคไป50, 000แล้ว ก็ยังฟม่ขึ้นปุ่มวางให้เลย

  102. 末日积分太麻烦了,要放弃土地再打才有。应该应该以势力值来做分数比较好吧!

  103. Para las recompensas que aparecen por atacar edificios de honor, como se pueden adquirir en Edén, si ahí no están físicamente los edificios???

    For the rewards that appear for attacking buildings of honor, as they can be acquired in Eden, if the buildings are not physically there ???

  104. しかし、最初にやり方を説明しないR4とR5, 私は他のステートだけど、不具合の連続で、ダイヤモンド4000個を吸い取られた。それで終末争覇を無視することにした。それよりも通常のキルイベントに向けて資金使った方が良くないか?

  105. Es tan frustrante que mi estado recién es nivel oro y en DD nos toca competir con estados de liga legendaria como el estado 1, tienen ventaja sobre nosotros; más poder, mejores héroes, base de combate.

  106. 这个游戏,我想我也完了7个月了。s2快结束了,我就一个一个s1,还没发觉醒。说实话,想汽油了,这游戏英雄概率太低了。我们区已经没多少人了。氪金玩家和平民玩家都需要吧。如果非要氪金才给英雄,那大不了不玩了。

  107. เข้าเกม์ ไม่ได้ ต้องทำไงครับ ปมไปลบข้อมูลความจำ แล้วเกมให้ใส่พิมพ์โคช ก็จำไม่ได้ ใส่อีเมล์ ก็ไม่ได้

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