1. Is weak put states with stronger states knowing there is not a lot of people in a state and bigger states with strong bases really so sad

    1. Es una porquería de dd, en las reglas dice que solo te saquearan los recursos de dd y es mentira te quitan todos tus recursos es el peor dd

    2. Yes, grouping really need to look into this, by the overall power of a state and players😰😰

    3. Don’t waist time messaging the game. They don’t care about what you have to say they only want your money. And if your state doesn’t pay enough they will have a SVS match with a state 10x that of you. Don’t waist any money on this game.

  2. Es una porquería de dd, en las reglas dice que solo te saquearan los recursos de dd y es mentira te quitan todos tus recursos es el peor dd

  3. An event that only favors stronger players who invest in the game! Event bullshit! Players who do not invest money in the game do not waste time!

    1. Dd trop de la merde saison x = carte bleu
      Les développeurs au tuée les DD en plus les DOn alliances reste bloqué à 5.000.000 impossible de faire de don

      1. all this is big shit. one of the strongest states is put in the same group as the weaker ones. they control everything and others can’t even talk because they are protected behind walls. it’s like being on top of a building and hitting people walking.hahahhah big shit all!!!!

    2. DD now is a game where the BULLIES Win. Stronger alliances sending members out to clear weaker alliances. Just zeroing for fun. They completely ruined DD. And have made it clear they don’t care about smaller alliances. Want us to go away. Reminds me if what Game of War did. Terrible

  4. Game need be just and fair. With who pay, and people not pay. Wheres the developers ? A fair game 👋

    1. There is no where free service in this world….definately developers also have to survive so for that needs money..

  5. Why so many people complaining here, they spent money is for sure stronger than you guys, stop crying, they spent time and money, you guys only spent time in it, understood?

      1. dont put whales with free players, its not fair, fix this and reset this DD remaking groups

      2. What you want to play for free? Operate your own server. This game has employees that will die from starvation if they dont receive salary. Think.

    1. I have spent over $200 since joining game and cannot keep up. Getting left behind by the big spenders. Worst DD so far. I will not spend any more to try to keep up

    2. You’re a idiot. Spenders and non spenders are just as important. You realize this game is 100 people per alliance working together to make teams. Spending doesn’t make you a knowledgeable leader. Spending only makes you strong, but you can still be a strong idiot. Like yourself for example. I have R4s who play and are level 25s with great hero’s and they use farms for resources. They don’t spend but they’re just as important. It’s not quantity it’s quality. I’d take a non spender who works with the team helping and planning over a spender who doesn’t do anything anyday.

  6. Last season they said we would keep our composite materials and virus samples but they only give us composite materials. Lots of time lost making those samples.

    Not enough tiles for everyone either only high investors can get to the high level tiles as they get them all on map and area for their alliance.

    Runty event.

  7. C’est officiel le Dd nouvel Eden c’est de la merde
    -les grosse alliances mettent 3 bases devant la porte et bloqué le passage aux autres
    – certaines.bases ont le bouclier ou peuvent en remettre d’autre non
    -aucune trêves possible même quand tu quitte l’Eden pour dormir ( oui c’est un besoin physiologique désoler) du coup le matin hooo surprise t’a plus rien

    Enfin bref je sais que les développeurs ne tiennent pas comptes de.nosnavis mais rendez nous notre ancien Dd ou les petites alliances pouvaient contrer les gros payeurs avec un peu de stratégie

  8. 烂系统请给我真的一个合理的解释不然我会每天上网站投诉你们解决问题的方法

    1. This event is horrible. Starts with uneven placement then when sheild drops and your zeroed in minutes. There is no way to protect yourself against the maxed players. If you have Rss spend them or they will be gone. This is KE with no shields and should not be an event like DD.

      1. You want infinite shield? No thrill anymore. Play none online games and play it your own way.

  9. L’eden a complètement déstabiliser le fragile équilibre qu’il y’avais entre les joueurs qui payent et ceux qui jouent normalement. L’écart entre ceux-ci fait une bien trop grosse différence. Ne serait-ce que pour pouvoir teleporter sa base, ils sont indetronable. Des le premier jour se faire bloquer par des joueurs avec des héros S5 maxés.. Comment dire..

  10. Están cambiando las reglas, no te podían atacar si no estabas conectado, no te saqueaban recursos, no se morían soldados, es una maldita mierda este evento

  11. Event is interesting, but the devs need to do something about gate cooldown. 24h is insane, we’re just sitting around.
    Event window should be tweaked, not showing CoZ and daily complete status while in DD.
    P.s. I’m a free player and I fight, so if you won’t spend money, spend time and you’ll be at the top. Don’t complain when you’re too lazy and cheap for this game, there’s always farmville for you.

  12. This is the worst event ever. Nobody can play 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 45 days. This is so stupid. Too many states in each group. The best part is that hardly anyone will get a reward. No way to keep up with the healing required. Super states will have nobody left to compete against after this event because many are quitting.

  13. DD only for Superstates. For all others only frustrating. Bad Game Design with a lot of bugs.
    DD 24/7 on speed.

  14. It is pretty obvious that devs are posting in here. “Do you want their families to starve??” what a crock. They make tons of money on this game and its not too much to ask to group states with the high rollers together and the others in a different group.

  15. Eden is horse crap…what a way to balance the game out. Favour the already strong and populated states….And the prize distribution is a joke.so in Eden if a big state is your group and they are nasty and unreasonable. They can over take every single capital and city and gate and centre…and keep them through fear and intimidation then when we finishes in 50+ days…..there are 10 states in a group let’s say each state has 1 alliance in each that 1000 players…if the biggest team decides to screw everyone over then 100 players get a reward and the other 900 people spend 50 days in Eden for nothing…..how is this possible? It is an absolute travesty and needs addressing this is by far the worst update this game has ever had. And I can imagine many many NORMAL mid level players giving up at the first hurdle as soon as groups are announced. The no sheild feature is pathetic aswell so if a team sees anyone that could be a threat to there greedy ambitions they can make path to the guy/girl and absolutely waste this person depending on how much power he/she has depends how long they are out of action for after being beaten down…10m power over a day healing in virus labs..not to mention in Eden players suffer fallen troops…They die and never returned or healed complete and utter disgrace anyone who disagrees with this post is actually a member of a big state like myself except I see the human element of the game wrecked and greed and temptation over takes. Please at least think about these updates for more than a week before you destroy our game we love.

    1. 100% Agree. Developers are losing money on Eden. Even though I spend a lot playing I have alliance members who don’t. Ow I’m fighting for every player in my alliance. Do you want players like myself to quit? Sure looks as if you’re forcing non spenders out of the game. Making them quit which will be a dominos effect. Most of us that spend moved to a state with friends to play. If my friends quit,I’m quitting too. Make it fair for everyone and when I get to a certain point I’m maxed. The only thing I can buy is hero’s which I have maxed. So how does it benefit developers? Developers need to listen to us the people who play and create the game play off what our interest are. Not create some BS Eden that’s making everyone want to quit.

      1. Already i have had 10 long serving members who have been on last shelter from day 1 like myself over 3 years of loyalty to the app……after 4 days in eden…..gone!!! Uninstalled and completly gone not sold accounts…not given to others to carry on with it but just gone….in there words not mine….”with these many bugs with the faulty teleport bases and putting up with being a 24/7 farm why wouod anyone want to play like this?” And even worse…..i small dude migrate from young state above 200 to experience the “NEW AND IMPROVED DD” Base 21…works hard in svs earns his resources to grow to base 22 finally leave eden opens boxes to build on building day and when he tries to build realises all his resources are gone comes to chat to see if anyone can help with what has just happened and realises all the chat was shouting him but nothing he could do apart from be raped and all these resources stolen from under his nose….disgracful and not fair…..whe n we leave eden we should not remain vunerable….we do supposedly time travel…i guess the devs never seen back to the future before because once marty mcfly leaves l the past HE LEAVES. His presence does not stay there in ghost form and his hard earned valuables get stolen and the flux capacitor trashed and the delorian left on bricks with no tires 😅😅😅 this is a flawed update in all its essence and needs fixing.

  16. This DD is totaly crap. Like RL said you‘re zeroed from maxed players after the shield drops.
    I can smell the subtext: spend more money. Thats not happen you greedy b…

  17. Muchas personas dejarán de jugar por culpa de un evento tan desilusionante. Muchas personas que podrían y deberían ser tratados como buenos clientes, gasten poco, mucho o nada, ya que aportan al juego desde muchos otros lugares, dejarán de jugar por esto. Están perdiendo plata desarrolladores!!!!

  18. This format is foul. The amount of glitches and bugs we are seeing is ridiculous.
    2 days in and I don’t want to play anymore

  19. Developers prepare to see how this DD will make you lose a lot of money. You can’t favor only strong players, the other players (most) we have tired and we have endorsed in less than two hours.
    Worst of all is that the rules put some things and the game does others… Why can they loot us normal resources if the rules say that only DD resources will be?
    Here one less player who leaves the event.
    Congratulations developers

  20. Tremenda mierda esta temporada uno gasta más de lo que ganas te saquean los recursos y te matan las tropas aunque estes en tu estado original muy mala organización de ustedes

  21. Players buy there whole state spots so others can not come in and spy or attack for SVS. When you mail the game they don’t respond. Certain states have a lot of bots and a lot of them spend 1000’s to make a lvl 20plus in less than 3 days. The game response back with you can’t buy a state. Than explain why during SVS it says you can’t teleport to other state? Seems to be very one sided

  22. Es la peor temporada de todas muy mal diseñado y sin más lo peor del juego me decepcionan

  23. Si querían hacer algo pésimo con este DD, lo lograron, esta lleno de problemas con los escudos , te saquean todos los recursos aún sin estar activo en edén, en fin un mierda de evento, que solo significa que los usuarios gasten y gasten

  24. This stupid and buggy event kill the game.
    No answer from support
    Don’t play this event until they fix the problems

  25. This stupid and buggy event kill the game.
    No answer from support
    Don’t play this event until they fix the problems

  26. У меня сегодня были списаны денежные средства с карты в сумме 1990 рублей, хотя я не совершала этот платёж. Праздничный подарок за 389 покупала я, и я его получила. А платёж 1990 рублей я не делала и ничего за эти деньги в моем аккаунте нет

  27. Прошу решить мою проблему и вернуть деньги так как я не совершала эту покупку

  28. We go straight to EDEN? Its unfair with the OLD state getting 5DD before going to EDEN. Then we have only 4DD. Also fix your bracketing system cause it really suck! If you based your bracketing on last performance, you should put all rank 1 at the same bracket. Why put a dead state mix with rank 1?

  29. 我聽說在狀態341中有一位偉大的球員叫做Papa,一個LSS怪物。

  30. The Eden Doomsday event is bs. I say let the stronger alliances play , fight amongst themselves..dont waste your time, troops, resources and especially REAL MONEY! Let the developers hear from you by hitting them in their pockets if they can’t make the game more fair. Just don’t participate in this event.

  31. Donate resources to yur alliance to buy sheilds – u get points in DD for collecting stones by hitting tiles,how’s that costing u anything? U only need to spend if u want to do things a little quicker otherwise a free but same outcome just takes bit longer Stop complaining ppl it’s a game Enjoy it!

  32. Dont you all know.. that dev make an impossible evem just to entertain the old state… Lool. And the winner only get reward lime the ordinary dd. But this event is much more consuming then the original dd. So basically. The dev want to destroy u all…

    And why not everyone work together… Do you really want to be sheep ?? Just work together to rolling the gate. And dont war. Thats theyl why the dev will be out..

    Lool.. this game template and copycat game from war of game 2013 still around with no much new idea.

  33. DD Eden is full of bugs and bad game design. This Event only supports SuperStates, all others are lost.
    Bad customer support, they don’t know their own game.
    Game works different to written Rules.

  34. They should review the groupings by the power, coz it will never be a balance fight if you just pick numbers to create a 10 state bracket.

  35. Regalale todo albestado con dinero es un asco el DD hiciste el peor evento de todos felicitaciones se cae el. Escudo antes de tiempo y ellos mataron a todos no le entregues tanta información al estado 66

  36. They should have separated alliances so they couldn’t band together. Eden is a glorified state vs state. Not alliance vs alliances like doomsday is suppose to be.
    Seriously trashed an event.

  37. Why is it that when I perches something in game it is so Expensive and i live in the USA, When my buddy perches the same thing it is cheaper and gets even better deals and he lives in China?????

  38. Be careful certain states like 497 are using game hacks and cheating. When you message the game and give them proof there response is we are working on a fix. However they continue to cheat and destroy our city.the game is funded for Chinese to take your money and than destroy you in SvS

  39. This game is unbalanced in total, pure living racism and fraud.
    – Korean players pay just a minimal amount of money for packages. Considering pay2win, a Korean player having invested 100$ can beat other country players having invested more than 5k$
    – support did admit eden season to be unbalanced, considering to cancel it but does not refund bought packages
    – reported cheaters misusing game bugs do not get banned
    Actually, it is time to report game developers to the play store to get it out of the games list, so, at least, more people don’t get fooled and betrayed

  40. This is the worst event yet!!!!!!
    You take the world centre but you don’t get any rewards
    It’s becoming to boring to play

  41. I play this game for over a year until this eden event was interesting with prevented dd wars we have a lot of fun but now I saw ppl boring end stop play the game, players with lvl 25 bases give up the game also only me I know many players want to quit if the next dd was like this.I don’t want to talk about spenders I just want developers to take a look at dying servers we lost players every day.thx

  42. I play this game for over a year until this eden event was interesting with prevented dd wars we have a lot of fun but now I saw ppl boring end stop play the game, players with lvl 25 bases give up the game also only me I know many players want to quit if the next dd was like this.I don’t want to talk about spenders I just want developers to take a look at dying servers we lost players every day.thx

  43. i hate this eden season idea. What a stupid thing dev done. This is insane. NO idea what to do. Small players are like goats in eden. All big players around. You even cant take a big tile. I love the old dd. This Eden idea is worst. Noone likes it. Shut it down and give us our old DD.

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