[guide]How to become a millionaire

Hello, Survivor!

Today we will talk about earning money. Who wants to become a millionaire?

Development of your base constantly needs money. A lot of money. Let us remind you all the ways how to have them always in your pocket.

1) Producing money on your base.

Build and upgrade banks to increase amount of money production per hour. It also depends from your population, so make sure you have houses upgraded too and there are food and water in Rotation Truck (Cafe).

*Ration Truck

To increase effect from bank, station there heroes – Accountant, Resistance Leader and Marketeer. Unlock and upgrade their skills for best effect. Markeeter will also let you make Rapid money production.

2) Commercial Hub.

Build and upgrade Helicopter, which will let you sell you resources for money. Each upgrade will increase it’s Payload.

Each time helicopter arrives, different resourses have different sale price. You better check each type to sell most expensive one and get more money.

Also, there are heroes, who can be stationed in helicopter – Organizer, Industrialist and Esquire. Unlocking and upgrading their skills will reduce arriving time and increase payload.

3) Stereo.

Don’t forget to tap Stereo near your base. It will give you some amount of money from 500 to 250.000, depends on your luck. If you have Arms Supply subscription, this amount will be doubled.

4) Zombies.

Kill Rebel camps on map to get some money. On early levels it gives more money, then attacking other players, but costs 10 durability.

5) Attacking other players.

If you play Raider class, you can steal money attacking bases of other players with your class APC. Remember, that vehicles has largest capacity, so can bring more money with 1 attack, than fighters or shooters. Also, you will steal more money from trader class players, than from farmers and raiders.

6) World Bosses.

There are different Bosses on the map, like Wendell, Voracious, Adjudicator etc. Kill them and you will get rewards. Leader of rally will get best reward. Also, always try to kill highest possible level of Boss, to get better rewards.

7) Zombie Siege Event

Participate in event twice a week, try to climb highest rank and get both individual and alliance rewards.

8) Dooms Day Event

Participate in event, take plots to increase own ranking and get money each 8 hours during DD period.

9) Donate to your Alliance’s Technology

Top-3 players with best weekly donations will get rewards. 1st and 2nd rewards contain money!

10) Complete daily tasks.

Everyday you can complete different activities, which will bring you score, up to 500 points. Complete it and get money in few chests.

11) Daily challenge (Hourly tasks)

Each hour you have special activity, which also give you score. There are just 3 chests. Chest #1 and #3 contain money. It might be hard to take 3 chests each hour, but at least try to get 1st chest each hour.

12) Main tasks.

There are different tasks about base development. Many of them contain money, so try make your development according these tasks.

13) Clash of Zones rewards.

Complete CoZ event actions and earn score. Score will open chests with great rewards, including money. You can get up to 9 chests every day, depending from your Zone Commemoration science. When you get that science maxed, you will get each reward doubled.

Stay tuned to learn and participate in all upcoming event to get even more rewards!

The blog is brought to you by (GRU) Paukan of State 21, He got some good stuff!

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  1. Buna am o problema la recuperarea task day . Aveti in program o eroare cu codul: DF-DFERH-01

    1. No se puede vender los recursos como antes, no hay como llamar al helicóptero cuando se lo necesita, deberían activar nuevamente está opción, gracias

  2. რა უნდა გავაკეთო უკეთესად რომ გამოვიმუშაო ახალი ოქროს გმირები???

      1. Hi! I don’t think i like the new hub. Its harder to get cash there. Normally i sell only water and electricity there. They are overflowing, ,now i cant coz the choices are limited. I have also many call tickets, now i cant use them. If the sell choice be returned there again, then it would be cooler👌

  3. If i have 2 or 3 Heroes for Money increase, the skills work from everyone or only from the best one?

  4. Как тут производить поставки оружия? Кто знает

  5. Bonjour, il y a un problème aux tâches quotidiennes pas moien de toucher les récompenses et à la fin du temps tous est perdu et sa depuis las dernière mise à jour plus d’autres problèmes, merci di remédier

  6. А по русски нельзя новости писать ?или я должен учить английский язык чтоб прочесть .деньги имеете с игроков а нанять переводчика сложно?

  7. Unless your in a top 20 guild this game is unplayable. For days now I have logged into a burning town. Zero recourse. I have been attacked over and over and over and over and over again by the same two players. Why encourage griefing???? What bone head came up with the idea to have an event where the strong are encouraged and rewarded for exterminating players who can’t even defend themselves?

  8. Разработчики неужели трудно сделать выбор языка сообщения , и функционал перевода комментариев ?

  9. I would like to make a suggestion. Any of these style of games Ive played, I have never once seen this done, and I think it would help everyone tremendously. Could you design and program where it would allow people to research more than 1 item at a time like maybe 2 or 3? Instead of just 1. It takes forever when your base lvl is high even lower lvls take time. Think about it please. 🙂

  10. hi why is there some phones including mine that doesnt give the dailycrates pls anyone reply i reinstall it 2 times now but no change

  11. Что там вообще написано ? Неруси , я по вашему читать не умею.

  12. O game é bom, mas deveria poder mudar de lugar onde fazemos as coletas, tipo, água petróleo etc… Também poderia ter ficado no modo antigo, onde vinha com a grade de ferro derrubada, você teria que evoluir ela para ficar melhor e mais fortes, melhorar o som do clic muito chato, deveria continuar como no começo sempre o motorista das contribuições reclamando kkkk deveria melhorar também a parte da guerra deveríamos ver o combate dentro da cidade do inimigo a ser atacado, o game é bom super legal viciante mas se desenvolver ele para melhor nem durmo mais

  13. Обновление с багами,нельзя взять награду за выполнение задач,не прогружается мир

  14. Я в чат войти не могу игра сразу вылетает,что делать?

  15. There is problem i can not collect daily rewards plus some of game has i glitch can not see all rrs on map plus research can not see if you can fix this i would like that very much

  16. Hello,,since the last update,,i cant get my daily rewards,,and in research ins.,i cant choose wat i waant to upgrade,,,,,,is this a bug,..nid ur help dev.

  17. Hello,,since the last update,,i cant get my daily rewards,,and in research ins.,i cant choose wat i waant to upgrade,,,,,,is this a bug,..nid ur help dev.

  18. thank you for your info. sadly this is one of the worst and most badly designed games ever in history, this company has no clue, they dint even have customer support, but they do like to rob players.

  19. Thanks guys any info is welcome.because this is a complex game with very little tutorials



  21. لدي مشاكل في العبه لا تفتح بشكل جيد ومركز البحث لا يعمل

  22. Ваша игра с лагами я брасаю вашу игру она кончиная кто понял ?

  23. Подскажите, где взять ” сброс специальности” если потратил те что были…

  24. Cuando daran el cambio de especialidad?
    Este juego cada vez pide mas dinero, muchos de mis amigos han dejado de jugar porque si no pagas no logras crecer, la mayoria en mi alianza estamos estancados en hegemonia porque no todos pueden parar el cambio de especialidad y no podemos colocar mas edificios.

  25. You should fix the money income! Since i went from level 21 to 25 on all my banks and houses the hourly increase has been no greater than 0.5k/h, what the hell is that about? I even keep feeding my ration truck to remain at the max population. Instead i earn less than a level 18 trader account, which makes no sense even with their 50% buff and the -30% buff raiders have. The money income does not change when upgrading buildings or banks

  26. Hola ! Me pueden decir como hago para traducir todo lo que dice ? Porque no veo opción ! Ya que estamos podrían bajar los precios de los paquetes ? En Argentina es muy caro 100 dólares y en el super reclutamiento de héroes naranjas de 30 sólo sale 1 o 2 héroes con mucha suerte , al ser tan caro podrían permitir que por lo menos salgan entre 5 o 10 héroes

  27. Al estar en la vista del mundo cuando el localizador de la base se sobrepone con los menús laterales no marca el regreso a la base entra los menús

  28. Vocês poderiam fundir estados com população raro, pois se tem um mais forte que todos em um estado com população raro ele destrói o servidor, pois ninguém pode detelo e o estado não evolui, por favor façam fusão de estado ou libera a migração gratuita por tempo limitado.

  29. Hello Team,
    I want to buy the project hero pack, but I am not able to understand why is there a price difference within the same country and same state. For me it’s 1950 and others it’s 1700. Please let me know

  30. You do all these, but alot of these tasks require money and resources you dont always have, like obtaining the chests in hourly and coz events. Yeah sure they help a bit, but most definitely don’t make you a millionaire?

  31. Money production is not working. Leave game for 8 hours, producing 60k per hour, come back with total of 20k.

  32. Hi! I don’t think i like the new hub. Its harder to get cash there. Normally i sell only water and electricity there. They are overflowing, ,now i cant coz the choices are limited. I have also many call tickets, now i cant use them. If the sell choice be returned there again, then it would be cooler👌

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