[Notice]Doomsday Conquest Shocking News

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In the wasteland where there is war everyday.

After a short silence there will be a storm.

The Doomsday conquest S2 season is here. The new season is even more shocking!

[State match changes]

-Based on the performance of the S1 season, the S2 season will be open to 1-80 states.

-Ranking depends on strength, but also depends on efforts.


[Rally point changes]

More refined appearance changes, the rally point is advanced to the front line position.

More flexible strategic adjustments, the Rally points can be “demolition” after construction.

A more stimulating offensive and defensive strategy, the Rally point can be stationed by ally, and can be attacked by the enemy.


[Alliance Battle changes]

Fair and square- every time both team will start with 0 War Declaration points.

More time to prepare – During Prep phase, occupy enemy territory, destroy enemy honor structures and alliance centers no longer get War Declaration points.

Simpler Rules-During the Battle phase, the War Declaration points can only be obtained by occupying the enemy’s Territory, destroying the enemy’s honor structures and the Alliance Center, and canceling the setting of double points in another state.

Center is important- The presence of the Alliance Center will give bonus effect on the War Declaration points.


[Territory changes]

S2 season territory difficulty increase.

The rewards are even better(Season 3 heroes are here).


[Honor Structure changes]

Orderly construction – Honor structures can only be built near the corresponding alliance center. For example, Alliance Center 1 can build 2 honor, and Alliance Center 2 can build 1 of each honor structure.

Easy to operate –When in another state still able to upgrade, repair, etc, to honor structures.

The above changes are all notices, the actual changes are subject to the notifications in the game.


81 and later state are about to have Doomsday conquest soon, so stay tuned

Don’t waste your talent,

Bravely express your opinion!

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  1. Сделайте пожалуйста на русском языке.

    1. چرا من همیشه اتصالم از دست میدم ومجبورم از فیلترشکن استفاده کنم

    2. they change everything no free reset for the specialty points it’s harder this is so unfair to the gamers only thinking about money not the game

  2. There are 80 States to join this coming doomsday event. It would be logical to give rewards to at least Top 80 or Top 100 alliances not only on Top 50 as what was done on the last season. The number of joining states should be also the number of rewards.

  3. 先合併吧搞那麼多區,有些區都廢了,你不如先整合,這樣打起來才刺激啊

  4. สนุกคับได้ไรมากกว่าที่คุนคิดแน่นอน

  5. Fix the Facebook login issues. Spending thousands of dollars on my account and now I can’t access or play my account t

  6. My 3 day shield was replaced with an 8 hour shield and has not been returned. It’s been two weeks already and the contact me chat seems worthless. Staff hasn’t done anything except ask for screenshots which I have uploaded a dozen times.

    1. These fuckers won’t contact you back. They are too busy trying to figure out other ways to screw us

  7. The one thing I despise in this game is that stupid night time effect that happens in the city. I can’t see shit when it’s dark on my phone. I just put my phone down and wait for the bullshit to be over.

  8. Je crois réellement que la durée de l’événement devrait être plus court. Le dernier était vraiment trop long

  9. so honor structures can still be destroyd during prep time but wont give any points?
    are you for real?????
    why dont you just just it to “not able to attack honors structures during prep time” would make ddw fair
    cause they way it was S1 and will be S2 is fcked up if you get war declared on by an ally which is 6-8 hours outside your time zone you are fcked before you even can prepare for war

  10. Yeah, state war starting time should rotate through the worlds time zones. 4am in europe sucks.

  11. Why are not you having the troop training event any more?

    Por que não está mais tendo o treino de tropas?!

  12. Why don’t you guys focusing on adding an option to kill unwanted troops inside our city ? When will this option come tired of waiting for this 😬

  13. Cela me semble compliquer d’avoir les 4 centres pour avoir nos bâtiments et les tenir. Cela va rendre le jeu moins amusant car trop de perte et trop cher à la reconstruction.

  14. Version 91 didnt let me use the Facebook account.
    So other suggestions.
    How about bubbling up the players that cant get in

  15. Ребята, сердечно Вас прошу уменьшить максимальный расход еды и топлива на содержание войск до максимально возможного производства полями и нефтевышками соответствующих уровню базы!!!

  16. Reduce stone costs! T9 players can tear through structures and alliance centres too easily.

  17. Please Dev can you increase the benefit we can get when killing zombies to make sense killing them

  18. Сделайте возможность перевода на Русский язык!!!!!!!!!

  19. Game of: krish
    State : 14
    I select hero : A
    Reason: the art work looks really epic and the skills are unique and interesting which I would like to try it in the game.

  20. Só não estou muito satisfeito, devido ao jogo ter sido atualizado e ficou parte em português e parte em inglês, antes eram todas em português…

  21. El juego en sí es buenísimo y muy adictivo pero me gustaría q arreglarán el problemita con el reclutamiento de heroes y q los de servicio técnico dieran respuesta a todos no solo a los q ponen plata en el juego

  22. Hi friends i have a problem in the war of the end of the world i can not build honor buildings can not redistribute points there should be a gift to redistribute the points because you have been building the honor of the first season and i can not shipping my own does not have visa card

  23. What will happen if the alliance center was destroyed and i already reset the specialty points from Blue to red or green. Do I have to reset again the specialty points to build again the structures? Thanks

  24. Could you please start lowering the prices of bundles. 99 dollars is a bit much. You need to make things a little cheaper. You really charge alot to upgrade but these dollars you want people to spend are ridiculous. Second when are you going to start putting some decent heros out there. It’s getting a little old seeing the same ones all the time.

  25. Queria saber o porquê a minha base principal ,não pega esses heróis ,na verdade nem heróis laranjas comum , sabemos que esse recrutamento não se trata de sorte mas sim de uma controle de liberação da parte de vocês.muito obrigado pela atenção

  26. Eu não recebi meu prêmio dd dessa temporada, erro do jogo, fui prejudicado por erro do jogo..
    I not received my dd reward!!!!!

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