[Battle] Champion Duel Top fighters

❗❗❗Survivors are welcome to leave a message below❗❗❗

The is a place for the best warriors

All these battle just to find out who is the strongest

Last week there is a strong survivor got a perfect score in the Champion duel

Let’s see what he is made of

  • Battle record


  • Formation


  • Battle analyst

Against 「dler.昨日小築」First formation is three fighter formation

  1. Viscount’s 7th and 8th Skill are not unlocked
  2. Viscount’s kill is almost same as Dragon’s Rage
  3. The Courageous 7th skill is not unlocked

Against 「Inflagranti」First formation is Fighter Vehicle Shooter formation

  1. The Arsenal Lost 20k and kill almost 5k troops
  2. War boss’s 7th skill in not unlocked
  3. Shoota man kill almost 17k troops


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    1. Sim. É muito incoveniente para quem não fala inglês estar traduzindo essas mensagens.

    1. Yes I have the same problem sometimes I have to turn off my wifi clear everything that’s running in my background then load it back up off wifi.

  1. Yes, game chat IS messed up, AGAIN !!! It doesn’t accept what I type half the time, and I am not being rude or vulgar. We shouldn’t have to clear the cache of the game in order to communicate. The game should clear cache files for us automatically. Please fix this bug, PLEASE !

  2. Hi guys, i love cat and zombie also. So i hope i can pet some zombies in my home and let her play with my lonely cat 😃
    Ps. My cat want some girl zombies, i know what he mean 😋😆😉😉

  3. The only reason some of them are so strong is because they are untouchable to a big portion of their state and they just continuously feed off of their supplies.

    1. Dler does not “feed off” off our state! He supports and fights for us all, and is a very nice guy. State 16 loves dler!

      1. That’s right. Dler is a great person. Helpful in every matter. For example he has supported us with our fight in state 3 against the high cash gamer GG, who is only interested in destroying and looting because he can do it. And everyone needs to see and to accept that.

    2. Absolutely. This game is fixed. All of the updates, enhancements & ” New” rules, etc. Are made for the high power/ level player’s. And they keep hitting the lower level player’s who can’t fight back because these cowards take everything you worked hard for. They won’t attack anyone higher (their own level) because they might lose. Do you ever see anything that might help the lower level player’s. Nothing is “explained”. You know, “Instructions”. They tell us there’s a new fighter, shooter or vehiclez(s). Problem is that they don’t explain how to go about obtaining and/or using them. It’s rediculous. If they tell you what anything is, their explanations are usually contradictive & make no sense.

      1. Je suis totalement d’accord avec Boss dog,

        Je rajoute aussi les ” traductions ” Anglais -> Français pas très explicites.

  4. Players dont appreciate it when their [hard worked] secret formations are revealed. I hope you posted this with consent from both.

  5. Make it easier to get Develop Hero’s and created new troops to use in battle. Also, let Players cities go up to level 50 or 100. Then give a fourth APC when a Player reach level 50 or 100.

  6. دائما أخسر المعركة الثنائية ولم أفهم بعد لماذا؟ المرجو إرسال بعض المعطيات التي تمكنني من الفوز تحياتي

  7. Yes. Dler is a helpful player. He supports us against the high cash gamer GG in state 3, who is trying to destroy everyone, just to show that he is the untouchable and the greatest of all fighters.

  8. This prove how mixed APC is so weak after the updates ,inflagranti a beast ,but that Dler even better , drop that cash if you want make sometingh in ke 😂😂

  9. Ну когда же по-русски начнут писать эти долбанные новости

  10. Im in state 127 and think that the president does not have enough control he should be able to remove alliance teams from the state that dont follow his rule and banish them to a state of hell where it is ruthless all states should should have this option for the term of the presidency

  11. Please fix the login screen that says earen instead of earn it’s kinda tacky for a company to have misspelled words on the login

  12. I like champion duel. However with the broken chat, it is very hard to teach our new players how to play. Chat and messages are broken. Huge gaps in communication during kill event left alliance in shambles. We have to use discord to chat because in game chat cannot be trusted to work. ☹️

    1. What is discord? I’m not trying to be a smart ass. I’m fairly new to the game and unless you belong to an alliance & are able to communicate with anyone. There is absolutely nothing that explains how to play or what anything is.

  13. გაძნელდეს და შეიზღუდოსს ფერმების რაოდენობა ვისაც არ შეუძლია 1 2 ფერმის შექმნა ემაილით

  14. Podrian traducirlo al español.de una vez por todas.no solo el idioma ingles esta en este juego.gracias.

  15. Useless event, meant only to milk money and diamond from players on order to use shields. Or event state has 2x on all scores each day, they are far more evolved with way bigger basses. Why this stupid setup? Put a 2 months old state Vs a 6 months old…

  16. Why are bases on the world stage being pair in war with bases way stronger , I mean the strongest guy we have in our world is 5 million and that’s like average for there’s. The strongest I have seen is 23 million what the point it’s a complete slaughter. It’s a game and if it’s made to keep us enjoying it then this tactic will cause many to leave and find something more fair, especially if you have paid a lot of real money just to get zeroed. Any comments , I’m from 137 and 61 is busy wiping is off the map

  17. Интересная игра разработчикам огромное спасибо

  18. I still learning the game, I like it so far , only be cause I don’t play often I haven’t get far enough but I hope I keep fighting and hope the best , cheers guys for this game 🙂

  19. ارجو منكم زيادة انتاج الموارد وتقليص الاستهلاك

  20. Ta de brincadeira vocês so querem ganha dinheiro e os que não pode gastar com isso so se ferra por causa desses eventos que vocês ponha cinceramente vocês de via muda isso e ajuda um pouco mais que novato faz essas porra de evento pra acaba fazendo os novato se fuder melhora isso se nao os novato nao vai pra frente

  21. もうかれこれ10日くらい前から寄付ができなくなってる。 ダイヤでしかできない。 アプリを再インストールしてもダメ。

    そして今日は加速アイテムを使ったら、短縮されたはずの時間がまた元に戻ってしまった。 アイテムは無くなったまま。 5時間分くらいのアイテムが無駄になった。

    誰か見てるか? ゴミみたいな使えないチャットにサポートを任せてないで、人間が対応しろ。

  22. If you do not have time to make other accounts to have farms cities, there is just no way to grow past a certain point without farming other cities. With state wide alliances formed to encourage state growth I have found myself stuck in one place unable to build up resources in a reasonable
    Time to get these massive upgrades. I spent stone to build resources stations on the world map and when I wasn’t on them the map refreshed and took them away. That is messed up lol. They need to make it possible to grow in a reasonable time without having to destroy everyone else around you

  23. Pretty Sure KnifeGunBlue888 from State 83 has never lost a Champion Duel battle.
    State 83 is coming

  24. YOUR SVS MATCHING IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! How in the world can you match states 80-120 levels higher for example 130 vs 30 how stupid can you be? Entire state will just shield fuck off tou breedy fucks

  25. it appears to me through recent contact that missiles can get through the protective peace Shield..can anyone elaborate on that.or is the peace Shield just a piece

  26. Shields are only good if you can afford them and dont last long then they are right back to attcking you

  27. all of a sudden I can’t use my apc they are stuck at my base. if u try do something (catch zombie, gather or attack) it says unknown error has occurred. i have not been able to participate and help my state this gathering coz, tried restarting phone and game already. such a joke

  28. This is the shits , I’m trying to grow up and update my base but I getting attack after one and another one, like this I never grow , so I’m thinking if it worth keep playing or fuck it I’m getting tired loosing games

  29. The developers are just fucking useless, so many bugs it unbelievable, I won’t be putting any more money into this game. What a bunch of assholes!

  30. Fix the Facebook login issues. Spending thousands of dollars on my account and now I can’t access or play my account

  31. Game ID : BehzatZo
    State : 137
    Hero : A

    It looks so cool , thanks a lot ! I hope i win…

  32. Bonjour j’en trouve ça scandaleux de payer pourboire des cartes de super recrutement et n avoir qu’en des héros bleu . A cela s ajoute des bug pour revenir dans notre état après une guerre . Il va falloir faire quelque chose. On va voir si vous allez répondre , ce sont je doute

  33. Olá bom dia a todos 😁 teria aposibilidade de ter um tradutor também nesta página obrigado 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  34. so does this mean that 3 row fighter will do best in defensive position? against raider with 3 row vehicle?

  35. Здравствуйте, пожалуйста помогите мне имигрировать

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