[Guide] Trailblazer Efficient gather

Every time when people come out from the base they are dancing with the devil.

How to gather resources faster is very important in the wasteland.

With the rapid development of the technology, the Trailblazer is an indispensable survival tool.

Key enhancement One [Gather Speed]

Trailblazer ability is focused on enhancing the gathering speed of the resources.
Food, Fuel, Lumber, Iron, diamond total of five resources.
Up to 150% gathering speed per resource.

It takes about 1 day 6 hours and 41 minutes to Gather Lvl. 7 Farm
With the Trailblazer’s 150% gathering speed enhancement, it only takes 12.5 hours!


Key enhancement Two [Additional Resources]

Its shocking that trailblazer has more gahtering effect

The ability to acquire additional resources allows the APC to obtain resources out of thin air at the moment they return to base
The Trailblazer can get up to 50% additional resources!

What it means is:
Lvl. 7 farm can gather up to 1,200,000 Food. When the APC is fully loaded, the survivor can get 1,800,000 food, that’s 600,000 additional food!


    1. Vc só muda se tiver a medalha de classe ou se subir o nível da base. 13, 16,19 vc consegue escolher a classe.

  1. Upgrading parts factory is very expensive, producing materials for combining them takes forever. I calculated it. To get all 4 different parts combined each into 1 orange part would take 123 days without tech upgrades. Not worth the effort and resources at all.

    1. Yes, ‘give us more money’.. Usellfull ať low lvls.. Gathering was nerffed 2 months ago, to release ‘new perfect gath. Tech’

  2. Doesn’t tell you how to get this, waste of a read. Very poor descriptions and references in this game making it hard to understand what to do.

  3. Добрый вечер позавчера у меня пропали 7000 алмазов ….

  4. O jogo me deixou com 60k negativo em diamantes , diz em um e-mail do sistema que solicitei reembolso de uma compra que usei , más nunca fiz isto , alguém pode e ajudar ?

  5. This is bogus another way for them to make $$$$$$ resources are too precious and hard to come by unless you buy your way in then it’s simple I’m disabled and have very little to no income they just make it harder & harder to without throwing away money

  6. Seriously how greedy can you fucks be? It takes wayyyy to long to build anything useful at such high price it’s not worth it.. money is so limited, change this and look at the game from a gamers prospective for once and not only what’s the best and easiest way to make a buck!

  7. This isn’t a great idea, but it’s just too expensive and takes too long to reach the higher levels. Both the amount of resources and time necessary to research should be reduced.

  8. Fix the Facebook login issues. Spending thousands of dollars on my account and now I can’t access or play my account

  9. i’ll admit, I don’t have a clue of either what I’m doing OR what I’m *supposed* to be doing. I have 2 manufare slots open and no idea how to get more? I’ve upgraded it to lv5 atm but still only 2 slots so is there any more info for newbies anywhere on this please? newbies to this building I mean, not the game. lol

  10. This game is a scam, they are parasites, there is zero customer service which shows zero respect for the people that play and also contribute a lot of money

  11. Why the only option to combibe in the parts factory is sensor cant select the other parts to combibe damn it fix this bug already

  12. After upgrade new version today, all material in depot missing. WHY?
    But when I go to combine site, i found them.
    Please fix this bug asap.

  13. Beyond misleading!
    I spent 20 million on technology and countless hours making materials with no guide on what to do. You have to keep combining until at a level of bonus percentage worth equipping to APC. But if you craft you use the core energy which costs 250k per 200 cores which it’s 3000 cores for a mod bonus craft. You need to make 100s or parts for each part and x4 parts then combine and it’s taking a month to build one part and I’m still not able to build part yet. So your blog is full of crap and misleading is an understatement!

  14. Crafting not working “error unknown…” updated, reinstal… what’s happened that’s game?

  15. After completing the engine build and using all the resources it was never placed in my inventory after it was crafted!

  16. Please fix the problem, I have got the stuff but when I send for a lorry to make the parts, it keeps saying error something went wrong, so please fix this problem in the next update thanks.

  17. Those who suffer from a problem in manufacturing the engine did not appear on the screen….?

  18. Les pido por favor se pueda incluir en el juego una opcion de que las bases granjas puedan pasarle recursos a la base principal sin necesidad de atacarla. Saludos

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