[News] Doomsday Hero Season One

With the end of Doomsday conquest season one brand new heroes are here!

The of three new heroes in season one is bound to bring unprecedented combat style to the wasteland.

*Light of the Past: Klause

Klauze, who is good at leading the fighters, can invigorate the whole army in the battlefield, bring bonus damage to the formation, reduce enemy damage and greatly improve the survival rate of the fighters.

*The Cincinnatus: Barnes

In the wasteland, there are many excellent shooter leaders, Barnes is one of them. At the beginning of each battle, the soldiers will gain unique buff under his leadership.

*The Flash: Jax

The Lightning War is the consistent style of the vehicle, just as everyone calls Jax The Flash is generally appropriate. Even if you fight fast, you can still assist wounded teammates in the process to maximize your combat effectiveness.

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