Guide – Doomsday conquest: Scientific ways to defend

When you are out there killing enemies don’t forget to pertect your base.

Effectively defending the city will not only reduce casualty but also let the survivors taste the sweetness of defensive victory.

[Flexible defence]

Manually adjust the defending location, and manually adjust the troops that will participate in the defense battle.

*Facing the enemies that are coming, set up to 4 formations to defend the base.

The defending troops go to battle according to the order of their positions.


*When facing an enemy that is impossible to beat, you can set up an empty city defense.

Empty city defense only result in few troops going to the hospital.


*When facing a weak enemy, just set up a defense and defeat them easy.

One strong formation is good enough to defend the city.


Best defense is a good offense!

Survivors continue to study new scientific defense tactic every day !

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