Ability Adjusted in Reconstructions

Dear Commander,
Good news! Considering the worsening environment in the wasteland, scientists made further researches into particle reconstructions and finally made it to greatly boost the following special abilities:

Fast Gather: Hero’s Formation +25% Gathering Speed, originally +10%;

Strike Combo: Starting from the fourth round, when the Hero’s squad is in action, there is a 25% chance that the number of normal attacks +1 (no more than 3 times per round), originally 15%;

Unyielding: When the Hero’s squad takes the Disarm effect, there is a 30% chance to be immune. Effective for 3 times max in each battle, originally 15% chance and 2 times.

Noisy: When the Hero’s squad takes the Silence effect, there is a 30% chance to be immune. Effective for 3 times max in each battle, originally 15% chance and 2 times.

Steadfast: When the Hero’s squad takes the Confuse effect, there is a 30% chance to be immune. Effective for 3 times max in each battle, originally 15% chance and 2 times.

Insight: When the Hero’s squad takes the Control effect, there is a 30% chance to be immune. Effective for 3 times max in each battle, originally 5% chance and 2 times.

Enhanced Counterattack: When the Hero’s squad uses the skill, deals +25% damage, originally +15%;

Enhanced Splash Damage: When the Hero’s squad uses the skill, deals +30% damage, originally +15%;

Self-Defense Instinct: When the Hero’s squad is in Disarm, Silence, Confuse or Suppress state, the damage taken -50%. Effective for 3 times max in each battle, originally -15%;

One Hit, One Hit: When the Hero’s squad deals damage, 45% chance to ignore the Dodge effect, originally 30%;

Fire Punch: After the hero’s squad normally attacks, 30% chance to cause the target to enter the Burning State (each round takes 100% damage for 1 round), originally 15%;

Poison Mist: After the hero’s squad attacked normally, 30% chance to cause the target to enter a poisonous state (inflicted 100% damage per round for 1 round), originally 15%;

Hour-Glass: When the Hero’s squad uses a skill that requires prepping, 50% chance to skip 1 turn of prepping. Effective for 2 times max in each battle, originally 25%;

Come Prepared: The Hero’s squad gains +15% Evasion Rate, originally +10%;

Potential Unleashed: When the Hero’s troops fall below 50% of the original amount, gains 100% additional Might and Resistance, originally 50%.

Share the good news with your allies now! Wish all Commanders can get what you want in particle reconstructions. Good luck!
Feel free to leave a comment for us for any issues or proposals. Looking forward to your feedback!

    1. This is designed to help the players spending a ton of cash in the game. This is not for us free to play players. As if the players spending money didn’t already have an enormous advantage over the rest of us. It’s just the latest money grab.

      1. Free players generally have more time than pay players.. it evens out. The first part of the game saw the free players leading pay players with an advantage quite often.

    2. The reconstruction is a free f3ature. It can be over used by Whales. But if you have a maxed hero. Thats on the list. It easy to use. Just becareful of the Smart Feature, it will eat up some polymer crystals. If you have a skill you wanna keep. Click on it and then lock it.

  1. THAT’S AWESOME! I’m SOOOO happy to be getting notified of these adjustments for features that aren’t even available in my state (649) yet!! Keep up the great work, Devs! 😒

    1. Got to agree with you, what’s the point of telling us something we can’t have.
      How about you release it to all states then worry about buffing hero’s, you are making it bias towards earlier states that people have migrated from. So if and when we meet them in CoZ it’s not a level playing field.

        1. All these people funny Lol save your tickets dont spend them 800+ you might get xHero. Or they can buy tissue or cheese for that whine. 😂😂😂😂😂. LOVE THIS GAME you rock LSS

          1. 100 tickets = 1 sX hero. Not 800+. Saving up to 800 is so you can maybe Max an X hero. Your wording can confuse people and could discourage some if they they they need 800 just for 1 copy of the hero.

          2. Do you even have any idea how much time it takes to save 800 tickets?? Instead of sensely commenting here. Try to understand the situation of those who don’t spend in this game.

      1. All these people complaining. SNOWFLAKES Get your facts straight. funny af save your tickets DUH..dont spend them SAVE atleast 800+ you might get S1 to S4 X Hero. Or you Better chance at winning a can Of worms. or buy tissue or even some cheese for that whine. 😂😂😂😂😂. Either way youll be kicked and zeroed and become my or someone elses farm. Lol farm. Theres a game for ya FARMVILLE. Lets go LOVE THIS GAME you rock LSS oct.2017

  2. Like 90% of the players will be able to use that feature 1 time or at all. 5SX medals you gotta be kidding me.

      1. He is right I play actively for years. Mostly for free and I simply don’t have 5 SX medals (could be called luck that I haven’t until now useless dupes). This is another functionality for pay2win players. Most normal players will be able use this like 1x per year 🤦

    1. Yeah the 5 sX was steep. Specially for newer states like 700s. And 800s when its released for them. So the change to 1 made better. Now i have a bunch of s4 blanks and sx blanks lol

  3. Don’t worry if you don’t have this feature yet because I do and can’t even use it lol.

    1. Nah its setup for everyone. Dont judge it by the cover. And after the changes they made it made it even easier.

  4. I only get common gold heroes..I never once got hero above basic gold to this day. We the players also called cannon meat dont have benefit from this upgrade .We only die faster and with more pain

  5. So I need to trade in some S heros that I haven’t leveled up to focus on level up the particle research right?

    1. If all women are called Nancy and all men called George, then what color is the car?

  6. If all women are called Nancy and all men called George, then what color is the car?

  7. Thank you for another upgrade that will lead to a faster death of this game. Greddy AF. If only you could understand that people play to be togheter and that non spenders are essential to a game survival. Slow down your greed.

    1. I have to disagree. From what I can see, the slow release of multiple seasons of S heroes, then x heroes, then the release of this reconstruction bldg and the way it works over the time it was released, it sure seems like it’s all part of a design that had to be planned out over at least as much time. With that there’s nothing I can see that needs to be slowed. It’s been slow enough.

  8. All i want is you put back my base decors i spend my money to buy that base decors until now im waiting for that…….

  9. Retur to me my base decors i want my base decors i spend my money to by that decors….

  10. Im still waiting for your responds about my concern i want only my base decors i spend my money to buy that decors until now nothing .

  11. Functionality which most players cannot even use, you are making worse and worse functionalities lol maybe look at number of players you have and check first how many have even SX medals to perform one or more reconstructions. But I guess it does not matter to you. You just came with new toy for whales so they can meassure who spent more.

  12. This game is all about extracting more money from players. Devs don’t give a fuck about any of the feedback we give. I call this new feature the HopeLess lab. It is only meant for rich people who will spend more on getting 5 dupes to unlock reconstruction on all their heroes, and then on top of that will be able to waste even more money for red gems to gamble on what abilities their heroes get.

  13. Nothing new.Spend mony or do not say enything.🤷Spenders are in first row of this game and all things are made for them.We can not expect to get something for free.I need to spend 100 tickets to get one card for S hero.Thank you for giv it to me this card after 100 tickets.🙏

  14. I’m a free player and don’t spent money like thd other guys. But by luck I managed to get most of the strong heroes and even beating those guys with bane parts. I unfortunately don’t have much SX heroes or S heroes. So it’s another long journey. I just want devs to give us more war badges, super cores and recruitment tickets. Let those free players at least grow. Give us more challenges to get these items

  15. A new feature for the top 5% of players. Continuing to ruin the game for most. Good luck.

  16. I want orange heroes please. Why i am so unlucky in this game. I want orange heroes in my bases in state 1071 and this base too.

  17. I’VE BEEN PLAYING FOR WELL OVER A YEAR… NONE of your changes make any meaningful difference to me except to discourage me from continuing… When you read through your comments it looks like your change was a poor choice. Why not make a better illustrated explanation of features to the game and contests. You lose most of your players from lack of understanding with these events.

  18. Yep another pile of whale masturbation lotion shoveled out by the devs. Theyll be the only ones playing soon.

  19. Today I spent 300 gold tickets and only thing i got is 7 times war hound trash and one Patriot x card..From 300 tickets. Developers rigged this game. Shame on you developers. You are soon playing this game alone.

    1. Lol rookies 300 not even close. you have to save atleast 800. Orange tickets to get X hero

  20. I just finished doomsday conquest. Had 26000 personal achievement points and they said I only had 10750 points. What should I do? I have snap shots of everything

  21. The mail claimed that I had 4 universal season hero medals returned but I never received them🤷‍♂️

  22. What’s the point of the hopeless lab all the upgrades I have gotten are not working on many heroes. BB parts are not getting me any extra kills either. Fix it !!

  23. Hello and not tired, thanks for your favorite game, just make a thought for poor states, we also enjoy the game, and all the good from here, we can not move because we do not have a good income, if it is possible to merge. Poor states to use the excitement and pleasure of the game, thanks

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