The First Issue of the particle reconstruction system | The new Hopeness laboratory on stage!

Eucerin Lancaster, the Hopkins laboratory director and the talented girl of IQ160, opened the Hopeness laboratory when she was 20 years old. Hopkins’s full name is particle reconstruction magnetic field amplifier.

The particle reconstruction magnetic field amplifier is a large magnetic field amplifier. After the equipment is started, the cabin will be filled with electromagnetic fields. The radioactive particles produced by the Polymer Crystal reaction will enter the human body and quickly strengthen the human body’s function.

The Ark is an AI system and the key to particle reconstruction. After collecting the subjects’ information, the Ark will formulate one or more reconstruction schemes to choose the issues.

Particle Reconstruction is a unique experimental project provided by Hopeness Laboratory, which improves the hero’s body function quickly significantly. This experiment will destroy and recombine part of the subjects’ gene chain to achieve the purpose of rewriting the gene chain and causing changes in body function.

A laboratory founded and run by Eucerin. The laboratory is named after the giant equipment that occupies half of the space, Hopeness, also known as the “place of hope”.

Building: Hopeness Laboratory

Particle reconstruction aims to improve the hero’s body function significantly in a short time and breakthrough his ability limit.

Click Hopness lab to start the particle reconstruction experiment;

Select the subjects (Heroes) who accept the particle reconstruction;

Particle Reconstruction

Free Particle Reconstruction Times

All players have a certain number of free particle reconstruction times every day. When the free times are used up, the particle reconstruction props will be consumed. Improving the building level of Hopeness laboratory can increase the number of free particle reconstruction times per day. Commonly, the higher the building level, the more free times per day. The number of free times per day will be reset at 0:00 in-game time and will not be added to the next day.

This is the end of the first issue of particle reconstruction. The next issue will be released soon. Please look forward to it.

The commanders have seen the first issue of the report. Do they have any ideas about particle reconstruction? You are welcome to leave a message in the comments area to post your questions or opinions on particle reconstruction.

Notice of the second issue of particle reconstruction system:

Decay Energy can increase the probability of rare ability. In addition to the decay energy obtained by particle reconstruction, the decay energy can also be obtained by consuming the Legendary Hero Medal.

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    1. Тебе ответили? Если да то напиши и мне как построить

  1. While I welcome any new mechanics to the game. No one with an IQ 160 would not name the lab hopeness as this is not an actual word in English.

    1. As a comparably high IQ is required to understand what a neologism is, I’m not surprised by your comment. Furthermore, one should be careful when attempting to use double negatives, especially at lower IQ levels. It’s very easy to get confused while using them, conveying the exact opposite of the meaning one would like to, making a fool out of oneself in the process.

      1. One should be careful about refering to oneself as one. This may portray oneself as extremely pompous. ;-p

      2. Thank you for your comment, clearly this word is more mainstream in the country you live than mine. You kind of missed the irony in my comment.
        i think it’s more likely the devs were not trying to coin a new word, rather this is more an artefact within the translation. I’m pleased the devs are asking for more community support to help with this.

      3. As long as the lab makes and serves beer 🍺 and wine 🍷 I really don’t care what they call it 😂

  2. Yay, new stuff for whales to spend $ on. Imagine starting this game as a new player. Lol.

  3. Quisiera saber si devolverán el total de lo que gaste para construir la base pequeña , que al venir al estado pionero esa base no funciona , entonces ahora agregan un edificio en el que hay que gastar pero no sabremos si será algo que realmente perdure

  4. Poder utilizar las medallas repetidas de los héroes para el laboratorio de partículas.

  5. А можно мне в реальную жизнь такую лабораторию с такой хозяйкой и такими возможностями. 😂

  6. Bueno espero que no sea algo como t10 en el que para tenerlo hay que meter mucho dinero,buen juego👍

    1. Если ты открыл эту лабораторию то подскажи как

  7. Artık turuncu kahramanlar dan elde edemiyorum ve benim fikrimce üssün içinde yeşil alan olsun ve çeşme tarzı bişey olsun petrol elde edebilmek için ve biraz daha canlılık katmak için ileri seviye olarak savaşma esnasında yakınlık gösterilsin

  8. Я так понимаю что ни кто не хочет помочь или подсказать как построить эту лабораторию

  9. When?i’m still waiting for another building to build that was annunced one year ago…

  10. Bonjour,
    Quelles sont les conditions et exigences pour déverrouiller ce bâtiment?

  11. It sounds great!! It hope it is applied to the game sometime soon, just as a regular free building.

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