Code: Spec Op!

Alert! Alert!

Enemy spy located, awaiting orders!

Send out the Gene Hounds!

[The Commandos are here]

The commandos are born to deal with tricky situations.

Build the Commando Hall to unlock them.

Thugs, Spies, and Gene hounds can be unlocked for training and usage after their activation in the tactic system.

These new comers can deal with all kind of situations with their unique attributes for their commanders.

The thugs, for example, can sacrifice themselves to deal massive damage to the enemies.

The commandos sure will soon become the main characters of the battlefield.

Briefing complete.

Combat Base, coming soon!

    1. That’s a good question I’m still waiting for the tactical base to appear I haven’t seen none of that stuff and the app it’s some kind of event in the game that keeps jamming my game and I can’t play because of locks up the screen and you can’t even switch out of it you know the puzzle that you put the piece in to get the prize yeah that one really need some work especially when your shield goes down and you can’t get to your base in order to put it back on and when you get back on you have nothing left how’s that for a comment

      1. #1Y cuando saquen las nuevas tropas también deben sacar un paquete donde te den automáticamente las t9 sería lo ideal de lo contrario muchos jugadores se retirarán va ser difícil para alcanzar nuevas tropas
        #2 los héroes son difíciles de obtener por mas ganas y esfuerzo que pongas no te los dan. Sin estas 2 cosas es inútil el juego siempre serás granja para los jugadores grandes

    1. Need to sort out migration first. Crap I can no longer migrate to newer states, let alone it now costs too much to actually migrate anywhere.

    1. Бедные новички.И так игра наворочена,а тут ещё и это 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Current migration rules are good, it help to prevent bullies to come and ruin the state.

  1. Release new base levels and fix your migration rules instead of releasing irrelevant updates.

  2. Developers are only trying to fill there pockets they do not pay attention to what we need.

  3. Sounds cool, but…Too Bad they won’t fix the immigration rules as apparently greed is still their ultimate goal.

    When is the tactical building going to be available? They could really use some sort of calendar to let players know when they can anticipate the different features becoming available

  4. Estáis hundiendo el juego con las nuevas reglas de migración.
    Tarde o temprano todos abandonaremos el juego a medida que los estados exploten.

  5. Why don’t you merge all the dead states that’s new immigration rules are killing our plyers they are leaving not intruste left the game.

  6. Let’s all quit the game since dev is not answering any of our question. And now you want to come out with a commando?

  7. The migration rules have to be changed because they are unfair for most that contribute to the game

  8. Looks really good as long as it dose not cost anything to purchase the new buildings. Please hurray up and get them started the game needed new content

  9. They ruined game with stupid migration update and now announcing some shit that even doesn’t implemented!
    This is how IM30 work. I will definitely start look other game to spend my money and time

  10. Another coming soon that will never happen until the end.

    I recon focus on T10 before updating another thing to the game 😆😆😆😆

    1. Face it there to stupid to be able to develop t10 or b30 so they throw in things that are useless due to the dwindling population and dead states. Another thing there to jet lagged to fix

  11. I’ll quit this game if you don’t change the migration rules.
    I am not spending a single dime till you sort the migration issue.

  12. New migration rule suck. Too many tickets needed. I lost my interest to continue playing this game

  13. And when will it be availlible? We get updates non stop about it… bit in the meantime no extra building and new migration rules… 🤔

  14. When will the migration supposed to happen…?
    21 week after the state was open?
    But at what cost?

  15. We are unable to migrate from 294 to 297, it says that the target zone is too powerful.. Half of my alliance is still stuck in 294.. Can you please fix this

  16. Fix migration this is no use to me there are barely any people left servers are dieing off. Look at lords mobile you can migrate to any state after protection period prices are also cheaper there for things even though im a lvl 25 you think i wanna spend 100$ pershot everytime for so few things and your sales suck.

  17. Looks like this will be a Pay to win game very soon 🤣🤣 this will cost sum good money

  18. Abandoned new migration rule and allow everyone to go in state of migration started with current combat power. Otherwise people will leave game in few days. You doesn’t have more time. Because so many already left.

  19. Theres alot of 300 states that are empty also. Also fix the coz brackets whe your at lege dary states shouldnt be able to drop to silver.

  20. So lame, instead of posting for 2 months about an update with the combat buildingz release it already. You just annoy us with these posts. Worst marketing ever.

  21. Yes fix issue with chat , migration , this is a distraction that you will want to charge for , this is sure to everyone.

  22. Fuck you and fuck this game.. Our best players are leaving this game… And now we still have less of a chance to actually win

  23. Не зачем делать новость, если даже приблизительно не можете оценить дату ее исполнения.

  24. Too many will leave the game for sure if you don’t fix the migration rules!!!!!

  25. I understand this is to make money but I don’t feel like I’m getting my moneys worth. Everytime I stop buying or stop playing, I’m under attack. Lol
    I’ve been scammed before

  26. Wow a new building let me guess 100 dollars to open it and then millions in diamonds or thousands of dollars in packs so you can use the damn thing. I’ve seen it written before in the comments when are the first set of buildings we were promised????? Hell when is base 30 coming out way to many maxed out bases and only heavy spenders have decent hero’s lol soon they will have more ways to bully lmao 😂 devs and top brass in this corporation obviously want it to fail after the release of how much you make in a day I’d be for listening to the people who are paying..

  27. Что за отстой они хотят добавить…Просто нет слов…Лучшебы новые уровни базы добавили,и новых героев.А не это,не понятно что.Три вида юнита в одном доме это перебор.Один вид юнитов в одном доме.

  28. Me dieron mi premio de eden y tenía que recibir 2 tikets de elite y uno de héroe x pero el de héroe x no lo recibí.

  29. Вы понимаете что такое 38900 за 1000 алмазов???? Это средняя заработанная плата в месяц по России!!!! Вернитесь на землю

  30. I costi della migrazione fanno schifo sono molto cari in più non posso spostare oltre 160 you fuck

  31. I’m curious how new functions are roll-out to different states in this game, cause those newer states already get new buildings and functions that are not available in older states… but the question would be, why are those updates not applicable on all states, and worse still, why would GM not informing any plans / details of those new features to players in older states…?

  32. Estoy muy desepcionado con el fatal error del traductor de idiomas . No puedo creer que se alla discriminado de esa forma el derecho a la información , y comunicación entre humanos. Digo esto por que realmente no se a quien le escribo… Lástima Shelter dejo de ser algo importante para mí… Su nueva actualización de egemonia empeora cada vez más y es enfocado solamente a progresar solamente te con dinero, que bien no?…

  33. Они новых героев вводят!!! Вы со старыми разберитесь!!! Полтора года одни и те же герои выпадают!!! Фиолетовые я не говорю про золотых нещасная гробовщика никак не выпадет!!! Сделайте что нибудь с генератором случайных чисел!!! Спасибо!!!

  34. Is there a date when we can expect this, almost finished with building al building to max lvl 🤨

  35. I want to buy a level 30 player with all the soldiers is it possible? So how much will it cost?

  36. Ok.My technology only give’s 100 point’s for alliance and 100 point’s it’s supposed to be 800 for Alliance and 800 for me.It’s been like that for about 5 months can you fix like soon? I’ve posted umit in state chat & the other State’s know.can i get the point’s to buy all the this in my part or the store?My trucks got back from gathering. With 300,000 storage was full & i got lost in rss.Now with the storage beeing full the pumps are filling .full.can we get that overflow put in boxes to not loss rss?

  37. Season 2 doomsday just ended here at state 761…seems too many have not received the cash price…probably a bug in the program…

  38. Hi Team ,
    I would like to change my email address on im30, let me know how can I do that .


  39. Can i please speak to a developer, i relly want to keep playing this game but man u guys need to just act like we matter and u dont just want this money i spend to much of it on u.

  40. Please get back to me i spent over 1000 in less then 60 days, i dont want to just walk away.

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