[Preview] New Season!

Are ya ready kid!?

A new season of Doomsday Conquest is coming, Legion March will also be tested in State: 81-160

Check out the Grouping info:

S4 Grouping(1-80):

S3 Grouping(81-160):

S2 Grouping(161-240):

New Journey, Get Ready

    1. Played this game about a month, my point of view, the game too complicated. Too much hero, hit and run, this game suit for big spender. And I still don’t understand how to run this game, sorry

      1. I am in the same boat.. too complicated to easily grasp. Been playing many similar games but this one is activity overload

      2. Look for a nice alliance in your state
        They will help you to understand the basic rules as well as how to develop properly
        Believe me there is a lot of fun

  1. Asking what is grouping about.its a alliance or state because my state is not stated thier at grouping,will excited new era of war game

    1. Guys… the group of Doomsday is with 10 state and in every season there are 8 group. The table has to be read in vertical.
      Enjoy your Doomsday

    2. This opinion to game design group, the changes you did on helicopter you did not give an option to spend money. I have know 39 million currency and no way to spend it. Please make a change.

    3. This opinion to game design group, the changes you did on helicopter you did not give an option to spend money. I have know 39 million currency and no way to spend it. Please make a change.

      1. ㄹ렬ㄷㄹㅎ7ㅇ소ㅕㅓ뇨7ㅌㄷㄹ8ㅕㄹ료ㅑㅎㄹㅎㅎㅎㄱㄹㅇ노ㅗ하ㅕㅗㅎㄹㅎ포호효ㅠㅜㅕㅓㄹㅇㄹㅊㅋㅁㅂㅈㄱ샤ㅐㅐㅔㅔㅣㅏㅏㅓㅓㅗㅎㅎㄹㅇㄴㅁㅁㅋㅋㅋㅊㅊ퓨ㅠㅠㅓㅏㅏㅣㅡㅜㅠㅋㅂㅈㄷㄱ쇼ㅕㅑㅐㅔㅐㅑㅕㅛㅅ

    1. This opinion to game design group, the changes you did on helicopter you did not give an option to spend money. I have know 39 million currency and no way to spend it. Please make a change.

  2. When are you gonna make old Season Heroes available again for recruitment in older states? Or some S2 in the token shop would be be nice.

    1. Eselente juego pero sigue teniendo fallas por ejemplo no estoy pasado de soldado y me quita los recursos

  3. 233分組太不公平了 都面對老州怎麼玩 不處理的話要發動華人玩家退坑

    1. What happened to my diamonds? From 12k or 14k to 4k diamonds? I didnt spend anything… Wtf.

  4. 刚结束了三天末日,又要开始 而且是对到160 那根本是逼我们玩家自杀吗。 他们休息了那么久才开始末日2 我们才休息三天又要我们开始。 这游戏一点公平都没有, 当玩家是傻的吗。那我们继续充值来干嘛

  5. 何時開呢?201-240才剛結束,可否讓我們多休息幾個星期?很累的

  6. It’s amazing how people can ask a question, before they bother to read the above statements.

  7. Yo, what the fuck. I bought a 3 day shield and got tile hit anyways? This game sucks.

  8. 233 is a new state but you give group with much older state
    All 233 member unhappy. Very bad grouping chamge it.

  9. Where shall we start with the mess of this?

    Production centres not even working, even after following advice of your mail.

    New specialities being so badly worded and for some its the same for all 3 levels that you have to put points in?

    The Doomsday conquest tasks not being reset and the same as last season???

    MY suggestion is you delete DD, wait and bring it back once you have fully tested everything and have it working correctly, instead of you using your paying customers as your live testing environment….

  10. Исправьте пожалуйста, мигрировал в другую лигу,задания не обнулились

  11. This new DD specialty set up is awful. Please roll it back. It is completely nonintuitive. I am definitely not buying the DD booster pack now

  12. S1 s2 kahramanlar da adalet olmadığını düşünüyorum bu gidişte oynu bırakacağız

  13. Worst update every. I have no idea what these retarded devs are thinking. DD conquest is completely fucked up now. If it isn’t fixed I won’t be playing. I have better things to do, not wasting my time trying to figure out all the new mechanics.

  14. You took something decent and fucked it right in the ass without lube. Nice job destroying the 1 good event you have

  15. Não é admissível isso!!!!!!
    Essa atualização do doomsday foi a pior coisa que já vi nesse jogo, mandem a pessoa que programou essa atualização para o olho da rua e devolvam a graça de jogar o doomsday, está muito ruin!!!!

  16. Doomsday has been ruined with this new season.. there was no need to mess with something that was already great the way it was..

  17. Please put Doomsday back to how it was before… This is just a mess that’s boring and annoying to do… Before it was time consuming, but it was at least fun. right now if you haven’t cashed you won’t make it off the sands in the next 2-4 days.

  18. The DD changes are terrible…. ‘Ooow wait the devs don’t care about the feedback of their customers.

  19. I dont know why you changed Doomsday Day so much but it is considerably less fun to play with the new tweaks… the skill points are ridiculously arranged and it takes WAY too many to do anything. And with the way the processing center is set up now, it is very difficult to get materials to upgrade. You have taken one of the best parts of this game (DD War) and made it very unenjoyable.

  20. bonjour
    je n ai pas acces a la transformation des matérieaux l usine ne fonctionne pas et tant que je ne transforme pas je ne peux pas améliorer
    pas accès aussi au schéma d évolution c est bloqué

  21. The new DD season is a total mess. You just made it harder. I can collect more resources from gathering with a single APC, then from maximum lvl production center. You killed my enthusiasm for this event.

  22. Je trouvais le jeu plaisant mais la, le jeu commence à m agacer sérieusement, abandonner le concept de la conquête apocalypse, ç est nul, pas moyen de construire les bâtiments, obligation de prendre les cases limitrophes pour progresser dans les niveaux, impossible, les cases étant déjà prises donc ça vous laisse un gros fourtout,l équipe Last Shalder doit y remédier et vite😠👎

  23. I would be best for everyone to stop leaving comments here in the land of Devs dont give a shit and start posting where you DL the app. P.S. dont forget the 0 star raiting.

  24. I’m hatting this event right now, the production takes longer, putting the honor buildings in the other ACs gives nothing, helps nothing, if you have 3 production buildings, why you only can produce in one the other two are usefull, same as virus building

  25. Yet again changing things that weren’t broken. What a mess you’ve made of dd. As well as other changes you make to the game. Anything to make us spend more. Greedy

  26. Не работают заводы по переработке ресурсов,кто знает почему?

  27. Добавьте значок смены профиля в магазин альянса

  28. Horrible update to DD from the building placement and the way they function.

    Good update to stop dd cities from becoming unbreakable.

  29. The changes made to doomsday are such that most of us in my alliance aren’t even participating! They need to be changed back!

  30. Sumiu 25 M de alimento da minha conta.
    Gostaria de saber como terei de volta.

  31. Судный день не доделаный и очень много ошибок

  32. When production queue will be available? Why you start the event without all functionalities?

  33. What a fucking mess you made out of DD. Waiting for weeks to play the only enjoyable event of the game and you idiots totally spoiled it. Get st least the bugs straight asap!

  34. Specialty Points bot working, yet the rise the weeakly deals, so pretty much they can come up with a million ways on how to increase prices but not fix thier own game, graphics are trash compare to the old ones, the grass outside it’s pretty much a lame green screen. Very nice work developers lets see whats your next move to make more money and whats else you brake or dont fix in game. I mail them and no responds before, seems like they only respond back to high paying people as they are more important to them. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  35. The processing ques are not showing up on my I Pads. They show up on my I phone. Latest updates and versions. I’ve cleared my cache. Is there a place I can report these issues?

  36. 我不明白,宣戰打完的對方為何不強迫傳送回去,可以繼續騷擾對方,佔地,打採集車,這樣豈不是失去所謂休戰的設定

  37. Ich brauche hilfe.. kann meine Basis nicht nach 320 versetzen bin in 407 gefangen und habe Geld für einen Porter ausgegeben.

  38. This game is getting old. I cant so much as keep any troops or resources, levels 20s and up can hit all the bases below it and all but my little 10 base is like a punching bag. I can even scout the guys who hit me. There has got to be a buffer for that or somthing it’s getting old as hell.

  39. El soporte funciona? Mandé ticket hace 2 días y aún no responden! Tengo problemas para fusionar mi alianza y nadie responde

  40. عندي إقتراح ،،
    يرجى منع إستهلاك السيارات و الجنود للوقود و الطعام .. وشكرا 🤗

  41. The worst season ever. They made groups when for example we are only Silver and rest legendary and Gold. So have ac destroyed and buildings every day by legendary even when we dont have war. No one here have s1 or s2 completed apc but we fight with s3 and s4 maxed. Just waitting to finish this shit.

  42. Вы лучьше сделайте продвынути телепорт на 400 или 200..ато ща все бросим донатит.

  43. Devs, you have done it once again, for the thirst of money 🤦🏻‍♂️, this new update in which you are not allow to buy electricity from helicopters anymore, but only from VIP shop its ridiculous, clearly you guys don’t think about the community at all, but only about clever ways to make a lot more money. 👏🏻👏🏻, have you guys stop to think on what is the point of creating farm bases? How are farm bases supposed to work, if you can not buy electricity unless u pay $100 for a VIP shop or spend millions of resources filling up the electricity buildings? Whats then point of farm bases if you will need to spend all the Oil farm produces others to fill up electricity buildings over and over again. 🤔👏🏻👏🏻 Very smart, i guess u expect everyone to spend a stupid amount of money on something barely usefully which is the VIP shop, specially in farms, its ridiculous if thats what u expect other to do, and at the end of the game don’t do shit about your broken game never end up fixing any bugs and after every single update you guys always brake something and along with that it will always be a shitty update also because it will all be based on spending money while a new bug or problems comes along with it. This is the exact same copy of “Game oF War “ only difference is , you guys abuse of the Community Love for the game to Much. 👏🏻👏🏻 Keep it up , u doing grate for being sum brainless fucks, lets see what update we get next and how much fucked up does the game gets, 😁😁

  44. A nova atualização do helicóptero está uma porcaria. Não dá mais para pegar energia. Odiei

  45. Developers why do you continue to make this game worse , what an earth were you thinking when you decided to change helicopter ?? Why is it no longer possible to buy rss, but we can exchange one rss for a different one, if we wanted different rss we would farm them rss in the first place . Return the helicopter back to how it was. Stop ruining the game

  46. This new helicopter trade is not good. Please bring it back to the old one. This one is no good unless you’re already an extremely high level and even then I dont want to spend 10 million resources on any trades.

  47. Pésima actualización del centro comercial, ya no puedes comprar recursos eso está dejando muchos jugadores inctivos

  48. La ultima actualizacion cambio la compra de recursos. Regresen la compra de recursos en el helicoptero.

  49. I’m having a problem with my acc right, please fix it as soon as you can. The glitch is so bad i cant occupy my reward in daily and i cant see the gathering tiles

  50. Higher levels that are able to continuously attack lower levels is a bit too much. How is one suppose to even grow then ya lose a huge part of what was built. I agree with alot it’s just too complicated to understand in a short amount of time. I’ll take my money elsewhere.

  51. Spend 100 fucking dollars on S1 recruitment tickets and don’t get shit for it…. What a rip off

  52. I am trying to start a new acct in zone 191, but can’t seem to do it. Can i move my noob acct there somehow?

  53. Dun believe in the so call 10 or 20 super recruiting ticket.its a scam to dupe to spend more and more .you will get none .unless you spend till they satisfied .total scam! Might as well put 1 super recruiting instead of 20.since you get rubbish for 20

  54. Seriously, how the hell do i get an s2 or s3 or even an s4 hero( ive only seen maybe 3 players with s4s)..ive bought and used over 50 s2 recruit tickets and have gotten 0. Meanwhile other players have apc with nothing buy s3 or s2s..make this shit fair, i wont fall to my knees and suck anybody off like others obviously must have done.

  55. Working to get everything to level 5 before upgrading the base beyond 5 so we don’t have to worry about invasions

  56. Vnç bn.ç, n’héksite,n,z,,,çjçj) bluff fbb bloqué cv t ivb. Gnb c c v#klç c-à-d n?h bb gç,nn.bb ,, n

  57. I have my concern….
    where to find my last action of spending my diamonds?
    I have 12k to 14k diamonds and now its only 4k diamonds. And i didnt used it or spend it what happen with my lost diamonds ???

  58. I really cool idea would be State teleports that can be used to go to a different state to raid resources.

  59. Hi

    Small issue.

    My bank refunded all the purchases I had made in the game. Long story. Involved fraudulent charges and the bank refunded a bunch of things. They refunded the game purchases by mistake.
    I had the bank reverse the refund. So all money has been given back to Last Shelter or IM30.

    When the refund happened, my diamond amount went to negative 1.2 million.

    When the refund was reversed and all the money was returned, my diamond amount did not change from 1.2 million.

    I’ve written in game tickets and they tell me to contact the developers. Which is IM30.

    I’ve written emails to IM30 and they tell me to send tickets in-game. Which I’ve done and did again. No response.

    I’m currently around 780k still in the negative. Which means I should be around 500k diamonds to the good if they fix my account.

    I am in State 309. Sucks trying to play with a negative diamond balance.

    Anyone know of another way to contact IM30? Phone number? We’re talking around $1800 worth of purchases.


  60. These dd wars should be made fair on each power of states… so the powerful states dont bully the weak states….

  61. Olá, estavamos em uma guerra domsday e outras alianças vieram nos atrapalhar. Gostaria de saber se isso não tem regras.

  62. Hello, may i ask why my account autum10 in state 665 was ban for 12 days and there is no reason stated ..

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