[Preview] We are Legion

And we are here!

*Save the lazy!

If you’re lazy (or busy)
Give your troops to Legion Masters to participate in the Total War of Doomsday Conquest

*Be the Man (or Woman)

Scratch that, Be the PERSON
If you’re the legion master, find the right moment, rally the troops, mobilize your people, and crush your enemies!
What’s that saying again? with great power…

Rally troops to alliance center>Move them to Rally Point or Garrison base> and send them out!
With each march, focusing the Legion Master’s target territory as center, troops can be sent to capture the territories 7×7 tiles within it
Aim for where it hurts!

*The Bridge
Adjust your troops with the next big thing! The Garrison Base
place it in the right place, and adjust to the right things!

Kiss your Legion Master

Preview #Doomsday Conquest #Legion March #Hold the Door

      1. Скажите идёт вторая неделя Судного дня, как получать героев S1-4? Также хочу обратить Ваше внимание – отсутствует возможность вносить камни на центр альянса у игроков R1-3.

      2. By using speciality points use them on blue and go downwards.every time you get to a junction you unlock dd buildings for ac2 etc

    1. После обновления интнрфеис стал ужасен. Глаза сильно напрягают я. Верните как было.

      1. Добрый вечер дорогие разрабочики почему оранжевый герой не выпадает

      2. Agreed. Is there somewhere we can get useful information on how to operate and use this game.

      3. No funciona la tienda cuando vas a canjear las astillas de energía y siempre te dice que están reponiendo el stock de la tienda pero llevan reponiendo lo desde hace 2 meses y no hay manera de que pueda canjear mis mil astillas de energía. Me gustaría una solución.

  1. Can you write down a clear post with what this update means/do for once? Stop goofing and inform!

    1. Решили как то проблему с пожертвованием камней на строительство центра альянса у членов R1 R2 и R3? Или это так и должно быть?😮😮😮

      1. Строить ЦА можно только когда начнется глава судный день. До этого момента только р4, 5 могут вносить камни

  2. I think… you’ll be able to lend your troops to someone if you can’t play… we all know by now ls won’t ever give too much info… 🤷‍♀️

    1. I took from this post that you can assign someone to send your troops to march when you are offline during DD wars. I’m unsure about the Garrison Base? Maybe this is where we are supposed to rally troops for the Legion Master to use.

      1. The Garrison base is a staging point for the legion master to store troops and he can send them on marches there.

    1. Prison building is unlocked at base LV 31. Have you not been noticing the overhaul for the update over the last several weeks?

  3. Please hire someone that can actually write a clear and concise post that actually provides answers rather than create confusion, thank you.

  4. Prison building you will be able to capture zombies and use them in attack. If you dont want to actively participate you can send troops to the center and any attacks the master dose you get pounts as well because he is using your troops. Check empire z its running on same platform.

  5. Non riesco ad entrare in un account forse per errore ne ho creato un altro con la stessa mail.
    Cosa devo fare?
    Chi devo contattare?

  6. Bjr le jeux et bien mais se qui et dommage s ait que les gros niveau attaque les petits pour prendre tes ressource alors toi tu peut pas monté ton niveau

  7. Il gioco non è male difficile alzare il livello della base perché c’è troppo inpegno di risorse qualche aiuto non sarebbe male e ci fossero meno attacchi sui più piccoli

  8. You guys really can’t write informative posts.
    As said before – hire someone that can!

  9. So… why dont tou just give rank 1 from DD to the people that spend most money in your shit game? Lol

  10. Instead of making resource pictures in helicopter 3D, which adds nothing, spend time on these descriptions!!!

  11. Les traductions en français ne sont pas exactes ce qui nuit à la compréhension du jeu

  12. Looks like it’s essentially a rally that can be controlled by the person that is appointed the league master for that alliance center. The Troops in the alliance center can be used to occupy/attack territories within a 7×7 grid. Whether that grid is around the alliance center/rally point or around a flagged plot is unspecified

  13. Looks like it’s essentially a rally that can be controlled by the person that is appointed the league master for that alliance center. The Troops in the alliance center can be used to occupy/attack territories within a 7×7 grid. Whether that grid is around the alliance center/rally point or around a flagged plot is unspecified

  14. If you will read carefully the post you will understand that:
    1.Offline players or lazy ones can send their apc to Alliance center to be at legion master service.
    2.Legion master can move that army between Rally point and Garrison base to use them how he see fit.
    3.You can send that army only 7×7 around those buildings.

  15. 检查过可放置联盟建築的地点没有高级 wendell及 zombies,是荒无之地。会员都不愿去。

  16. I did not understand your description. I have to say that this game is a lot of complications. Please do not make it more complicated to keep playing and do not let it go. Meanwon

  17. Does this mean to pull everyone to an alliance building and attack from there whoever or whatever is going to be pilfered or ravaged by the clan or clans how many clans can come together as a whole legion?

  18. Just send all post to me first. I’ll proof read it. I will also put coming soon before each post, because they announce new add ons months before they actually incorporate it into the game.

  19. Your post does not explain. Do not try to be funny. Just explain more in detail. I read your post and I do not know what the benefit is or what it is for

  20. I’m from #137. We joined the legend division. Not fair for us when old state have many s3 s4 hero. And the reward from silver division same the reward legend division. No one in us want join legend division. We only want join silver. Please fix that system about reward for winner coz

  21. How about you come out with the new base levels to 31 and stop messing around with DD. The fact that you allow alliances you’re not at war with to hit honor buildings is ridiculous. Fix the things that affect 99% of players and not tweak crap that only 1% will ever use. -The Chop

  22. My resources have been disappearing after about 36 hours after I place them out in the world and if my troops are still gathering they either set up a base camp in the same location or completely disappear and the only way I can return them home is on the top left

  23. Okay so hmmmm!!! We can send troops to someone while we are asleep or at work? Then they can use our troops? So confused by this.

  24. Typical no explanation of the mechanics as usual so lots of figuring out to do, but at least a heads up is helpful

  25. Срочно ПОМОЩЬ, купил набор за 389рублей и не получил его, а деньги с карты списали!? Что делать?

  26. Sûrement si c’était en Français ça serait beaucoup mieux car je ne comprends rien !!! Merci de nous mettre une traduction !!!! ( Ça serait sympa) 😩🤣
    Je tiens à dire que le jeu n’est pas facile à comprendre !!! Il est très complexe !!! 😋😜

  27. شكرا لك هناك اقتراح اتمنا ان تكون هناك جوائز لانني متصل بل انترنت كثيرا فقط حتى العب ليس من العدل ان الذي يشترون المسرعات هم المسيطرين انا اتعب كثيرا وانا على اتصال دائم في الانترنت حتى احاول البقاء في اللعبة

  28. I think the Developers goal is to make this that we can’t understand and then laugh while we all scramble to figure the crap out. This game would be so much more enjoyable if they would freaking explain stuff

  29. Please fix the Fuking issues you have this dd season before you start with more flawed features

  30. Uh what? Your post have zero explanation on HOW to actually use this stuff. As many others have pointed out, please be more clear. These post just cause more problems and many different interpretations which in return causes more issues.

  31. Hegemonía lo convirtieron en un mega juego dentro de last Shelter.
    Es más complicado de jugar que el mismo juego. Ya me fastidie y no entiendo nada de hegemonía. Ya no juagare más hegemonía .

  32. This thing is completely useless. We tried using it in war but the only thing it can be used for is taking territories and it’s slow as hell compared to just doing so with people.. stupid idea

  33. is not giving to donate stones after the past updates need to improve ta difficult in coming to doomsday without being able to doomsday

  34. Покупая житоны для найма героя s. Выпали одни зелёные герои.. Обман, вранье.!!!Потраченные деньги ушли в карман разработчиков.

  35. И самое главное прошу от всех игроков из штат 189.сделайте продвынутий телепорт не по 2000.а по 500..будем очень блогодарен вас..я думаю все этого хотятт)

  36. Maybe you can provide video link how can we execute that instead. This game was my scape route from rl but somehow this game been more stressful as the your updates keeps coming.

  37. You stopped electricity buy in hub it’s very bad move, so many are left game because of this,
    Request you to re update to buy electricity in hub.

  38. Syftfhchchvl

  39. Hola. Necesito ayuda y no se a donde dirigirme.
    Hice una apuesta y me jugador de la alianza Jyp gano, pero no recibi recompensa. La apuesta me fue cobrada con diamantes.

  40. Buenas noches. No funciona el.boton de salir X cuando reclutas un nuevo héroe. Gracias

  41. Game ist Schrott geworden mit dumme update mann kann nicht mehr strom kaufen strom fehlt immer ihr sind nur geld gierige firma 👎👎👎👎

  42. لماذا لا تتم نشر منشوراتكم بلغة العربية لما فقط الغات الاخرى

  43. I am so confused. They come out with all thse new options and 0 instructions. I will be deleting this crap off my phone today if I cant fig out anything.

  44. I want to change my im30 e-mail adress, is this posible ? İf posible please return to this e-mail. Thank you

  45. Hell this game!!! So STINGY giving us hero, until now i only have violet, and most are blue and green!!! While I’m so freaking jealous with my friend having orange hero!.. Damn it!

  46. This dd conquest sucks
    No opportunity for any of us unless you have alot of money.
    10k contribution points makes it almost impossible unless you have money. In short lss developers got greedy for money!
    No many people are quiting do to the lack of actual fun in events. I will never spend another dime in my 10 accts. Dumb move developers

  47. Hai apa kabar gimana kabarmu kurasa baik-2 aja aku juga oya gimana si ceritanya last shelter:survival gue ngak gerti kalau kamu gerti ceritain ya gue tunggu ? Dah sampai jumpa di cerita selanjutnya!wassallam dari bugel……

  48. How can I play well in my games and update the soldiers who are in games, how to update bindings and how to protect my own interest

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