Breaking News – Train your dudes!

Who would’ve thought, training is useful!

Once you got enough territories, there’s now more to do!

Special training, might just be the thing for you!

Special training is used for occupied territories

Normal Training

Basically give the APC and your dudes something to do

Send your dudes out to train with the bored territory guardians, and get some exp as well as honor!

Super trianing

The name implies it!

Use training order, to get even more exp and honor!

Don’t be clueless, train!

martial your forces, for the battle that matters!

News #Training #Mobilize

    1. why til know i have no orange hiro unfeir this is a game so that we can sp3nd money to buy orange hiro

    2. why til know i have no orange hiro unfeir this is a game so that we can sp3nd money to buy orange hiro

    1. I dont know why i cant play, i can see my city but i cant do anything, i cant see anyone else in the map, is it hacked or what, who can help?

  1. You have a glitch in your game that is costing 1500 donation points, plz go into the donation rankings and see that my daily donations don’t match my weekly donations. They should since this is the first day since the reset. Plz make this right

  2. No entendo nada ,por favor criarem página de noticia em português tambem pra jogadores do brasil.

  3. Em português por favor ,pois não entendo nada .sou do Brasil aqui não fala português.

  4. Yeah great I needed money and 💥
    Xoxo 😘 more
    Trying to grow up.just like
    Bad boy
    He don’t take no shit…….

  5. Hii my older class is farmer and I have changed the class to farmer to raider my base food capacity is low what can I do

  6. E gradita spiegazione in Italiano evitando inutili malintesi da parte dei giocatori che spendono dei soldi quotidianamente,

  7. I recommend a very good

  8. Stop allowing other states to hit DD buildings when no war is going on. Stop allowing other states to hit gatherers in a completely different CoZ bracket screwing up players rewards. If you haven the noticed people are quitting your game in droves because of this crap.

  9. Olá irmão boa noite,esse jogo e top,só seria bom se fosse,mudar foto perfil grátis.

  10. Wish you fix the playable features of dd first before you upgrade putting silver ranked states against gold is a joke

  11. Ya training troops are useful for all fight in our team happening. , The update is very useful.

  12. I do not have the special training button, although I have updated the game. How many territories required in order to start the special training?

  13. Seeing a lot of type errors throughout the game also super training is misspelled above just odd

  14. Сделайте нормальный баланс, а то топы играть и развиваться НЕ ДАЮТ!!!!!

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  16. Join GRX in 272 building a alliance now not new to these games at all and great entertainment. Join and build now looking for as many players as possible. We have plans for power and know how to achieve it. Come now…

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  19. รัฐ #317 ระบบมีปัญหานเข้าเกมส์แต่เล่นไม่ได้

  20. Após o nível 15 .
    O jogo se torna ruim difícil de subir nível quase obrigando a vc a gastar dinheiro para Consequir coisas básicas para seu exército.
    Então estou saindo do jogo .

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  26. I don’t see the benefits of higher hero levels. Higher skill levels yes. Higher hero levels no.

  27. Olá boa noite,eu não sei muito bem ao certo ,mais talvez minha base esteja com algum bug relacionados a heróis S1,S2,S3,S4 pois já tenho mais de (1)um ano no jogo last shelter e não consegui recrutar esses heróis citados

  28. please give me Orange hero
    I enjoy game a lot play 20/24 in 7 day
    Almost 3 month around now … I never got the good hero…. Blood hell for me..

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