[News] The Phantom is Here

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A new breakthrough is here!

The Phantom is ready for action!

and it is unstoppable!

Set Design: Vehicle Enhancement

Parts: Increase Vehicle Attributes

Set Bonus:

More amazing effects

The crafted parts can still become sets, and brings great power to the vehicles

4 Set: +20% Vehicle Resistance against fighters
6 Set: Vehicle Damage +10%! And when all squads are vehicles, an active skill will be unlocked!


Effective on the next siege, when all squads are vehicles, each turn a random row of vehicles attack an extra time, this attack will also deal basic attack damage to all 3 rows of enemies

Vehicles are fast, but can they be better?

Tip: All screen shots are testing statistics, the actual in-game data may change

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      1. How to open the next vehicle ,what should we need to produce or give to achieve the next production of parts

      2. How to open the next vehicle ,what should we need to produce or give to achieve the next production of parts

  1. You make all these new things but you have to be a higher level base to get them which is not fair to those base’s that aren’t up to the level to get the new stuff you put in the game

      1. Привет я кровавый надеюсь ты росиянин. Hi i krovavuy you russianin.

    1. The parts can be purchased and put on right away no matter the level.
      Don’t forget it’s a progressive game not jump in at lev 25

  2. Looks cool… And basically no one will ever get it outside of Asia since their packages are much cheaper than the rest of the world. Most people don’t even try to get gold parts for trailblazer anymore since it takes an eternity…
    And this coming from someone who’s literally been producing sensors continuously since day one and spent about 400k in diamonds on quality trailblazer parts… And I only have 6 gold items…. I have 1 gold sensor now and that takes about a month to produce.
    That and it doesn’t matter for gathering day anyway since VIP points are somehow “gathering”, so anyone having a lot of VIP points can simply outscore any good gatherers in svs.

    1. It’s all about money. Spend more move up. Don’t spend and you stagnate. Instead of these game companies making packs cheaper which would encourage more players to play and to stay, they are just greedy for your cash.

      1. 100% true. Basically all this stuff costs nothing… just useless shit… the entrance to game will became for cash soon😂 Devs are fAkn greedy 😝

      2. I just read your blog and I agree with you 100% using diamonds to get packages for parts is crazy, and if you want to go kill zombies to try to get parts for a PC they only allow you to get the blue diamonds once in awhile it is a sham. But I can’t help it I am addicted I have been playing this game 4 a long time in state 360 so you know where the states are now so you know it’s been a long time at least seven eight months. Okay hopefully you will read this have a good one

    2. Привет я кровавый надеюсь ты росиянин. Hi i krovavuy you russianin.

  3. it says 20% resistance four vehicles against Fighters don’t Vehicles just run right over Fighters it should have been 20% resistance to shooters not Fighters…

    1. This is one of the few intelligent comments in here and it’s 100% right it should be vs shooters not fighters…

      1. They did the same thing with shooters and with the buff against vehicles…which they are strong against

  4. Rum gioco molto lavorato e ti da molto impegnino solo un problema non ci capisco un tubo

  5. ㅁ물론 그냥 내가 너무 좋아하는 사람 만나서 서로 잘 만나고 헤어지고 나서 다시 만나게 된다 그래서

  6. ㅁ물론 그냥 내가 너무 좋아하는 사람 만나서 서로 잘 만나고 헤어지고 나서 다시 만나게 된다 그래서

  7. saya suka game ini, sangat responsif dan juga tidak terlalu berat karena petunjuknya jelas dan gamblang, mudah dipahami, dan serunya pertempuran dengan tingkatan zombie serta perolehan hadiah, hanya saja terlalu mahal harganya….tolong donk diturunkan harganya pasti akan banyak yang menggunakan.

  8. Why are you always introducing add on packs to make players purchase the packs when the packs are not priced similar in all countries? America is cheaper to buy packs than Britain. Europe is cheaper than America and Asia is the cheapest to buy these packs which are all the same. There should be no difference is pricing for the same packs purchased. Why is this game so much controlled by pay to win?

  9. Игра интересная только в в логе почти все на английском можно на русском спасибо!

  10. I’ve messaged customer service 20 times about an issue with my Doomsday production centers not working and I have never heard back from anyone. I spend a good deal of money in the game but I can’t continue to if I can’t get a single response from customer service.

  11. I think that’s a great thing to make the vehicles go faster and to buy parts in bulk

  12. Not fair for the lower base, coz they can not reach that.. Actualy it just about spend a lot money….so the lower base that don’t have a lot money, get ready for boring game and uninstal.. That’s it. Just make it cheaper..

  13. All looks good. Would be nice if we can teleport to out alliance without any cost. Just a suggestion

  14. Como puedo comprar accesorios para mis vehículos?

    Solo puedo de pionero pero de mayor nivel no se cómo
    Alguien puede ayudarme???

  15. Why i don’t receive rewards on my two lev15 accounts everytime we win the Coz??the other accounts received it but those two is not and i participate it everyday in Coz earning more than 3k points!

  16. Another game which is so designed that the devs are money-craving scavengers which just copying the game modus but not even leave a proper way to get things you clearly need to stand your ground without paying the shit like hell. So happy fuck you for being greedy scumbags. 😀

  17. Game Id : Udhaya
    State : 273
    Still didn’t get any orange heroes…Reached base 16….But others at lower base having 1 or 2 orange…..

  18. Just for those who have cash for it…you guys do not think good.in the end only 10 players play this game and i can tell you who. And they will play whit false base make by this company.hahahahhh

  19. I have this type of games before but it’s seems it is very different from other games and it is interesting game, just play this game and have fun , and it’s​ a endless game.

  20. Долго делать детали. У нас в штат хаос, так что не до этого

  21. Asus.comgoogleplaystorezte10031800

  22. Developer just wan money.
    They made shitty event altering the doomsday rules. Just make the war daily. Other state can anytime jump into your state and hits you.

  23. سلام چرا من با این همه فعالیت و امتیاز الماس دریافت نمیکنم

  24. Grhhrhhhegyy gghjjjhffdggfgghffhhfhbfcghhghcfghnnfbgfhhg g dfgffhgfhfhn vfddg fghff fczdgfffgjgd Gregg Williams and development group of people who have the process Hugh the process of research the Hindu the process Hugh and about to leave the subject to a new study by the process Hugh the Hindu the subject to change without prior permission. o ok so you know how

  25. Complete waste of $300.00. Developers are deceptive with the advertising. There is a 22 hour cool down period after activating the skill and using it just once. Do not buy any parts. Make your own.

  26. Je suis très déçu car les traductions ne sont pas fait ont Français et pour nous ce pénalisant car ce difficile de suivre les événements

  27. To produce this game they might spend 100.000 dollar. Now they squeeze out on money what they can and when its become old and less players they drop the price till they shut down the sever over night or sell it to another company

  28. Put vehicle’s parts boxes in vip shop too!!! Then players much often start buy vip.points and spend them real money as you want.

  29. انها لعبه ولاكن القواعد ليست كما يتمنى الواحد أن تكون فيها موارد أكثر

  30. Please i dont have digital card for buying,
    I’m also in Ghana,
    Please can you create a way of payment plan which can include mobile money?
    For that Reason, those of us who does not have digital cards can buy from the game platform.

  31. I would love to have something good to say about this game,but beings that those who with the highest level of bases enforce their agendas which promotes bullying I can’t say anything good about this game. State 662 promotes losing and if your not onboard with that,they will farm your bases and zero them.

  32. Takes to long to process materials and really expensive to buy packs in mexico it takes for ever to get a gold part.

  33. Se era possibile ai nuovi giocatori di inserire automaticamente nelle alleanze che sono rimasti in pochi così da poter continuare a giocare e a fare le varie missioni 😁

  34. I paid for the project here three times. I haven’t even recieved it once. And I should trust you to develope something new. You can’t even get the simple things right

  35. 10 pieces of white material @3hrs and 13 minutes in 6hrs and 26 minutes is the same rate as 5 pieces of green materials in 6hrs and 27 minutes resulting in 1 blue and 1 green material make the rate of production 10 pieces of green material in 6hrs and 27 minutes

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