[News] Christmas News

Christmas? In the Wasteland?

Oh but don’t worry, the base is decorated! World may have ended, but Christmas doesn’t have to!

Event 1: Gingerbread Man’s Stuff

Lil dude came, and he dropped all hist stuff! Let’s get them before he realizes!

During the event, log in for treasures, lasting 7 days!

The treasures contain rewards.


Treasure of the day lasts 24 hours, and will expire after the time passes

If you missed your treasure of the day, purchasing special packages will also yield the ways to make-up the treasures!

Event 2: Santa’s Present

Santa’s Stuff got dropped everywhere!

During the event, Santa Claus will show up everywhere on the map, find them and jack their stuff!


  1. Each Santa has limited stuff, be sure to get em quick!
  2. You can only get one gift ffrom each Santa!
  3. Rewards will be given via mail

Event 3: Christmas Bonus

Alliance Chat will be randomly getting Bonus Diamonds! Pick em up!

Event 4: Gingerbread Boi

During the event, beat up zombies and gathering resources can yield the stuffs that the Gingerbread Man lost, combine all 4 to make a Gingerbread Man, and use him for rewards!!!!

Limited Value Bundles will also go online!

Be Prepared!


  1. Un joyeux Noël à toute l’équipe. Passez un bon réveillon et un grand Merci pour la créativité de votre jeu, qui donne un réel plaisir de jouer. Encore Merci.

  2. Questo gioco è una truffa. Dopo avere fatto diversi acquisti e avere giocato onestamente non ho capito come questi qui si sono inventati in conteggio di diamanti per cui dicono che c è stato un hackeraggio e non danno possibilità di definire situazione in modo da permettermi di continuare a giocare. Sono oltre il 50esimo posto in classifica, sono progredito giocando ogni giorno in modo corretto e da 5 giorni mi viene impedito di giocare e di avere un contatto.

  3. This game is a scam. After making several purchases and playing honestly I did not understand how these were invented in diamond counting that they say that there was a hacking and do not give an opportunity to define the situation in order to allow me to continue playing. I am over the 50th place in the standings, I progressed playing every day correctly and for 5 days I have been prevented from playing and having a contact.

  4. Os eventos até estão bons mas é cada bug que atrapalha de mais nosso desenvolvimento no jogo.
    Hoje perdi muitos eventos porque não consegui entrar no jogo. Sem falar que não fechou as fronteiras as 00h e muitos foram prejudicados.
    Por favor, corrijam isso.

  5. I purchased a Christmas Package, paid but did NOT receive it, asked for a refund and now my diamonds are ijn the negative…to the sum of 11081.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  6. Recuperação de conta preciso fazer uma recuperação de conta do iCloud para o Android como faço

  7. Le jeu se développe bien 😋 si seulement la société se donnait les moyens d’avoir un service support, cela serait plus respectueux de ses clients, les joueurs.

  8. ช่วยกู้เมืองเดิมคืนให้หน่อยชื่อไรอันกิกส์1983รัฐ229เลเวล10 ครับ

  9. Olá, estou muito decepcionado com essa última atualização pois não consigo mais visualizar o limite dos armazéns, dificultando assim a melhoria dos upgrade.

  10. Particularly the first time Shawn pretends to be psychic.
    Doing well . the UFC would ought to implement it and cash to
    spot. Rachelle’s voice was created for the pure listening pleasure.

  11. Just wonder why there are no black female heroes? Would be nice to have one or two!

  12. Маловато алмазиков даете подарите пожалуйста тысяч на десять.

  13. Gaste dinero en tarjetas para dar un héroe naranja en varias dos ocaciones y nada
    ¡¡¡¡no vuelvo a gastar en esta porquería de juego !!!!

  14. I cannot get the Christmas presents from the tree and I cannot upgrade the tree what can I do about it help me with this problem merry Christmas

  15. I cannot get the Christmas presents from the tree and I cannot upgrade the tree what can I do about it help me with this problem merry Christmas

  16. I just have a question. What buildings to I have to have upgraded before I can put up the Christmas tree?


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