[Tutorial] Clash of Zones Farm Champ

How to be the number one farmer? Stand out on the boring Mondays? Stay Tuned>>

Hello, Survivour!
Let’s talk about resourses and gathering event.
Every Monday during Clash of Zones states have competition who will gather more.
There is some useful information, how to collect with maximum effect.

1. Troops load.

Each type and level of your troops has own load attribute – amount of resourses which it can take. Vehnicles have best load attribute – even T1 cars can bring more resourses, than T9 fighters or shooters.

2. Gathering buffs.
There are two ways to get best gathering effect – increase gathering speed or increase ammount of collected resourses.

To increase speed use “Gathering bonus” item in your Alliance Store – it will give you 50% bonus.

Before sending troops on tiles, ask your President for Secretary of Finance buff, it will give you additional +20% speed.

Before you recall troops from tiles, ask your President for First Lady buff, it will give you +10% ammount of collected resourses.

If your APC is too small and can’t collect many resourses in one time, station Survivour hero and gather fuel. His 1st skill will give you additional +35% APC payload on level 50, when you gather fuel.

Craft details of Trailblazer and equip all of your APCs to increase both speed and payload.

3. What resourse to gather?

Of course, you can choose resourse which you need most of all. But there are some reasons to think about wood or fuel.
During CoZ Gathering Event, each resourse will give you score.
Food +2 points
Fuel +2 points
Wood +3 points
Iron +4 points.
If you can collect the whole plot (for example, when you start pre-gathering since Saturday) it is better to collect wood:
2,500,000*2=5,000,000 points
1,700,000*3=5,100,000 points
1,250,000*4=5,000,000 points

If your APC is small, use Green hero Survivour and collect fuel.

4. Timing and APC payload

It is very comfortable to control gathering when all your APC need about same time to finish their.

The blog is brought to you by (GRU) Paukan of State 21, He got some good stuff!

You’re also welcome to send us your awesome blog posts!


  1. This was more helpful than most blog posts. I do have a question though: How are can you “pre-gather” during kill event?

    1. You wait until the last 2-5 minutes of the kill event. At that time there will be far less people hunting. You will have 3-4 hours of free farming before gathering starts.

      1. i’m just sending troops far from every base, sometimes someone hitting them, but if no APC can gather 1 day or 2 days

    2. I was try that, with accuracy timing finish gather 2 hours from start event gathering. But when I sleep, all troops attacked.. Lol

    3. It has some ways , this one is a general solution : send your troops seperate from each other in long distance , like this you can gather , most of ppl finished they duribility near coz end

      1. Deberia de haber un imtercambio de heroes entre bases de la misma alianza en vez de destruirlos cambiarlos con los compañeros claro el que solicite se le descuenten diamantes para poderlo cambiar o recibir sin nada acambio claro segun el heroe sea el costo de diamantes (gracias)

  2. Where is the heading from Paukan about having your state use bots in the farming event? The developers need to stop giving 21 preferential treatment to 21.

  3. Buenas juego podría poner algún apoyo a traducción de la página para diferentes idiomas y poder entender mejor las actuaciones del juego

  4. Исправте игру. Невозможно забрать награду в индивидуальной гонке вооружения.

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  6. Es ilógico que los de nivel más alto puedan atacar a los de nivel más bajo no te dejan avanzar por qué no poner un rango de nivel al los que puedan atacar

  7. Ayudarme con mi juego no puedo llenar mis camiones de tropas me aparece operación inválida y necesito ayuda ya lo reinicie ya lo actualice y ya lo habrí desde otro celular y nada me deja arreglarlo ayuda por favor

  8. You made a CD for President freight after this article. Cheap to make a adjust when you learn a trick but as a president in grateful also.

  9. Boa noite galera criadora eu como um dos bilões de jogador estou super orgulhoso de todos vcs parabéns por cada dia que vcs se dedicaram a melhorar este jogo estou orgulhoso de vcs boas festas e obrigado gosto muito deste jogo tamos juntos 👊🏿

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