[News] Check your privilege!

VIP shop is coming!

Are you a VIP or just a P?

This is no ordinary shop!

Tons of weird and interesting stuff is being sold here!

[Auto Gathering Vehicle]:

Why send your boys out, when you can just send this bad boi out!?

[Buff Units]:

What’s better than buffs? MORE BUFFS!


No more broken wrists from clicking all the speed-ups!


This time, for all kind of stuff, training speed, gathering speed, you name it!

[Bragging Rights]:

Your own chat room? VIP name tag? Showcase your power!

[Privilege Merchandise]:

Buy better, buy Cheaper!

Unlock Procedure:

  • Build the vip shop (New Building)
  • Remember to build the gathering station to enjoy the Automatic Gathering Vehicle

  • VIP points can be purchased via the shop
  • Shop level exp is gained through purchases
  • Only lvl 1-3 are unlocked

Be here or be square!

#News #Wasteland #CheckYourPrivilege

      1. Boa sorte na sua boca de leão xiii são as que não tem problema não foi feito com a Camila que eu não consigo acessar o link para a sua disposição e aguardo o retorno da minha mãe é que não tem

    1. مرحبا هذا الضغط على العزاء غير منطقى لاتنسو وضع الطعام فى صناعة الجيش وغيره . اصبح الامر تعجيز زيد عن الحد

    2. This is shit they mislead people to buy points with diamonds but you have to buy tickets before points very misleading I’m reporting it to Apple and google

    1. Stupid immigration is killing the game….comms are heated in most states…..lotta peeps leaving the game….jeez get your shit straight……give the prez of the state the right to kick (rogues) from state

    1. You are 100% correct. They about to ruin the game!!! they’re going to lose a bunch of players that are willing to put $5 on a week. The keep the few players that are going to put 100 or more every week on the game.

      1. please give us the chat back! the new one looks like a mistake in graphics! more complicated to handle! dont change runnings things to crap!

      2. As someone that does spend a lot in this game, I have to agree with you. This is absolutely ridiculous the amount of money they want us to spend. Between retraining troops after ke, buying shields so you can try to keep your troops, now the conquest crap… it’s all just s pain in the ass. I had no problem spending a few hundred dollars a month on the game, now I’m just kicking myself for not realizing that the game is quickly going to shit.

      1. Yeah I’ve spent about $40 and way too much time. Going back to Xbox pretty soon. 1st app I spent $ on. Now I know why. Last game I spend $ on.

  1. Hallo Zusammen,Betrifft DoomsDayIch glaube zwar Ihr habt schon Zuschriften über dieses Thema zur genüge bekommen, aber hier ist noch eine.Es gibt in diesem Spiel auch Allianzen welche aus Farmern und Pazifisten bestehen, ebenso kleine Allianzen welche es sowieso schon schwer haben zu wachsen. (Wegen eurer Regeln zur ungleichen Bevorzugung der Stärkeren). Viele Allianzen mit denen Ich gesprochen habe finden Eure jetztige Lösung des DD nicht gelungen. Meine Allianz hat beschlossen den DD (so wie er jetzt ist) zu boykottieren. Ich kenne andere Allianzen, bei denen es zu gleichen Entschlüssen kam. Da ich hier aber nur für meine Allianz spreche nenne ich keine Namen. Der mittlerweile angestaute Unmut geht bis zur kompletten Aufgabe des Spiels.

    1. Du sprichst leider nur für eine Allianz. Selbst wenn alle Member mit dem Spiel aufhören, wird es sie nicht interessiere.. Leider..

  2. תגיד ,

    מה ניסגר ?

    כל אחד יכול לרשום פה באיזו שפה שהוא רוצה ?

  3. You need to work on the current game play issues before adding more stuff. Like being able to have more control over your APCs. The “occupy” feature on the world map is pointless. You need to be able to command APCs more. Rather than just sending them to a location to attack, gather or occupy and recall. Make it so you can have your APCs go directly from one place to another, without having to return to base first. Like going from one resource station to another. And being able to go from an occupied location to somewhere besides only being able to recall the APC. And sending a rally once all troops are rallied. It’s pointless to have to wait out the remaining rally time, if all troops are rallied. Make an option for the team leader to choose to send the rally once all slots are filled and all troops are rallied, before the rally time is expired.

    1. Already sent developers message about the rally. So stupid that you have to wait a simple attack now button on battle screen will send out truck immediately will be huge help

  4. That just messes the game up.
    Fuck that shit!

    Just a game for the rich kids anymore…

  5. I mean I’ve really enjoyed this game, spent little to nothing on it. Still waiting for a reply to the support ticket I submitted (lost over 10 k diamonds and never got them back) but this is pay to win to the max. Essentially no matter what I do, if I dont pay money my troops will be weaker, my resources slower, and my apc’s slower. Horrible decision guys. Truly horrible.

  6. Teraz jak będzie można ulepszać jednostki za pieniądze to zwykli gracze nie mają żadnych szans w starciu z Pro graczami bo zawsze będą przegrywać…

  7. When you allow higher lvl players too farm and decimate lower lvl players wether its a war game or not makes other potential players too leave anybody that attacks a lower lvl player is not a good player they pay too be higher then anyone else all buildings should be free for all players you should not have too buy them and if someone that is 8 too 2 lvls higher should be penalize for the attack on the lower lvl player by loseing 75 percent of thier troops because if not you are just promoting bullying in your game because you know as well as i do at higher lvls thier soldiers are far tougher then lets say a lvl 14 vs lvl 16 they have more power then the four teen.by 20 too thirty percent or more depending up grades for buildings cost too much needs too be adjusted as well so a very unbalanced game and we wont get on alliance costd too upgrade skills rediculasly high even if you have 88 member alliance wich i have been in so you need too make some type of adjustment for alliances farming other alliances for thier resources they have collected too raise thier lvl up too grow

  8. Great game though if you expect people to pay for so much why not give us more game content more base upgrades after 25 more tech more buildings etc

  9. Is this VIP stuff just going to be bought with real money because if so im not going anywhere near it.

  10. Stop making this game to where you need to purchase everything. And make the amount of money we generate better. Or make the amount of money it takes to research and build less. Please and thank you

  11. This game would be so much better if people would just stop paying for all this shit that is an obvious cash cow for the devs. Would force them to actually mKe a better game.

  12. You guys are killing the game its bad enough now with all the charge card warriors this game has. Lets just make it worse for the guys and gals. That just spend a little bit to increase the game experience.

  13. Solo dinero!!!!! Están dejando de lado al juego real! Tomen en cuenta los comentarios de todos los que escribimos

  14. This game is oriented with real cash, if u buy item u will be the best , i think dev of this game must be think twice, that my opinion good luck

  15. All you complain, if it’s so bad here quit. Money is why they created it. Seriously you think it’s because your special, get over it and stop complaining or quit, that simple. I like the extra stuff more to do.

  16. Здравствуйте, не работает чат государства и чат альянса, что делать? Помогите, пожалуйста. Спасибо.

  17. Seriously? Wtf we don’t need more crap. Just fix the stuff that is not working. And for crying out loud please put a counter slide bar on the speedups. So we can decide how much we want to use a once. Clicking the damn button constantly is tiresome.

  18. Hell im a paying player and it’s getting too damn expencive these fucking chinese put states again’t one another during presidency. Pretty fucking stupid idea same with this vip shit.

  19. Hell im a paying player and it’s getting too damn expencive these ignorent chinese put states (more then 10 ranks appart) again’t one another during presidency. Pretty stupid idea same with this vip crap

  20. All of these additions so quickly makes this game more complicated and harder for people to be able to play without spending an arm and a leg. Having purchasable things on games is normal. But by adding so much purchasable items makes it almost impossible for the average player to succeed in this game. They can’t keep up. There’s so many glitches, too frequent updates and game play that I’m afraid this game is losing my interest.

  21. Stop ruin the game with to much pay2win features.. plz dpend mote free items or items that we must farm to get it… it would be much better for other players who dont spend hundreds of dollars for the game…..

  22. You are 100% correct. They about to ruin the game!!! they’re going to lose a bunch of players that are willing to put $5 on a week. The keep the few players that are going to put 100 or more every week on the game.

  23. Fuck you, you greedy piles of fuck. This game was already too hardcore on the pay to win, but now, you are just offering more bullshit paths to victory for the people can afford it. The people who cant? They will just quit, become farms, or be forced to continue dealing with the bullshit tech/building/mechanics/hero ticket prices, when some asshole with $1000 can bypass in 10 seconds, ruining the game for everyone else. Fuck this game, and fuck all of you ok with this shit. A good game ruined.

  24. hahaha.. and the fall of this game is near.. i saw this coming.. just like all the pay to win games.. haha.. the near is end.. they just want to collect more salary..before the game closes..🤣🤣🤣

  25. Fix the thousands you scammed on last coz before another shitty update. Game cant even add to 13, let alone handle another p2w update.

  26. ผมจ่ายเงินซื้อปมแผนการ(เลี้ยงฮีโร่)ทุกเดือนแต่ทำไมผมไม่ได้รับฮีโร่สีส้ม แต่คนที่ไม่จ่ายเงินเลยยังได้ดีกว่าและบ่อยกว่า

  27. Terrible idea. Your pay to win model is a scam unless people pay hundreds or thousands. You should be ashamed. I’m uninstalling this along with my entire alliance.

  28. Очень круто ! Пошли нахуй бомжи. Это игра для взрослых богатых дядек ) Нечего тут ныть что все для доната. Спасибо вам ) Игра крутая.

  29. Honestly I think one should only be able to buy an X amount extras period. I thought this was a strategy game not a pit you throw money in and whoever fills their hole up first will obviously win.

  30. Parem de ficar fazendo estados pois os Estados antigos estão sem jogadores novos, usem a cabeça e parem para pensar

  31. Maybe add a button that does auto radio? On all buildings , make base and buildings upgrades cheaper 30m is ridiculous when you can only get 100k and hour

  32. Привет я тож играю очень классная игра респект авторам

  33. PLEASE BUGGGGG !!!! My oil storage are lv 10 55 m most be storaged but only apears 45m so im locked on level 20 😤😤😤😤😤 anyone on developers time please fix that

  34. Y bue mA y la d su casa para ver si hago alguna changuita p su respuesta saludos cordiales a su destinatario y contiene en sí mismo como un viejo amigo que está totalmente prohibida cualquier cosa que necesites a las personas que no le digas a qué horas puedo pasar por temas laborales y de las personas que no me borro el a ver qué te lo pasé Bity xq terminaba en la d hoy a la d su

  35. Less pay to win is the only thing keeping this game from being like other games. This will ruin it.

  36. The game is getting out of hand. Fair enough paying to progress faster but it’s wanting you to pay for everything now. Made me stop spending anymore used to spend around 20 – 30 a week.

  37. Hope the admin see the comment, why u make this game is all about money , have cash will be the winer of this game , please consider the player who want to play with loyalty not with the money

  38. Привет вы чё нибуть будете делать без донатов ? как дастала ваша политика высасывания денег Карейцы савсем ах сами расти нехочят столко людей покинулп штат

  39. 要先花NT3200開特權? 之後花2500鑽就能買12M食物12M燃油,這根本壓縮無課玩家的空間,還是這遊戲只適合課長玩,有點想棄坑了

  40. There is absolutely no reason this VIP shop should cost money to unlock. Enable some sort of in-game grind or risk alienating a large percentage of your player base.

  41. سلام من در ایران زندگی میکنم
    به خاطر تحریم های امریکا علیه دولت ایران من نمیتوانم با کارت بانک خودم خرید کنم لطفا موارد مجانی بازی را بیشتر کنید
    SalarAxl from state #107 HKE Alliance

  42. We paying for their Christmas bonus. That’s the only reason I can see for this shameful events and vip garbage. Will cut my spending wat down as I can’t compete with major perks given to high spenders. Farmsville game.

  43. Купил в магазине подарков в разделе : другое – VIP очки . Алмазы списало и получил VIP очки в сбережениях . Но для расблокирован VIP магазина требуется VIP балы , которые возможно приобрести только затратив деньги . Если не расблокирован VIP магазин , блокируйте покупки вип очков . Верните пожалуйста затраченное , если в игре что-то не работает это не моя вина . Всё что связано с платным контентом должно быть информированно или предоставьте возможность заработать в игре требующиеся для расблокировки магазина VIP балы . Спасибо Вам за игру , но адоптируйте всё для комфортного использования .

  44. Thankyou for all the hard work expanding the game adding many new buggy features, and continuing to expand with money features without fixing some very costly bugs. Devs are crocks, they bugs are costing ppl real money and they do not fix or give rewards as compensation to those their major bugs stolen thousands of dollars of. Only one work crocks they are stealing fromthere customers. They need to sort bugs out and get a stable platform before adding more money features.
    This game is now a joke.

  45. So bad you are obligated to buy a legendary pack of 109 euro in order just to use exp points… you need 10 000 badges … that is crazy… 100 euro??? Serious are you Guys nuts…??????
    I spended 20 000 diamonds just to get exp points. But i can not use t Because i did not by the legendary pack? Shame on you last shelter survivor

  46. Must have a department just devoted to new ways of screwing money out of you for more unobtainable bollocks ..well done guys

  47. The person who runs marketing in this company is an idiot. To give an unmatched advantage at any SvS or DD event to people who have to spend $100 to even begin using the VIP shop is retarded. The game was pretty shit before, not it completely became about $$$. I hope you are repared to start losing players in bulks.

  48. Im confused in this game. Every state I start over in is korean ran or Vietnamese and they’re so strong, I pay $600 in 4 weeks and I’m not even close. How is this possible? Anyone else have this issue? People are quitting

  49. The mail says that VIP points will be able to be gained from alliance salary if above level 18 or higher but im not seeing any, also the VIP shop is level 20 to unlock. I think you made a mistake.

  50. Please fix the problem with the chat . We have to keep logging off and back on to go 2 state chat to alince chat?????????? Why?????

  51. This game is a scam. After making several purchases and playing honestly I did not understand how these were invented in diamond counting that they say that there was a hacking and do not give an opportunity to define the situation in order to allow me to continue playing. I am over the 50th place in the standings, I progressed playing every day correctly and for 5 days I have been prevented from playing and having a contact.

  52. Yeah I’ve spent about $40 and way too much time. Going back to Xbox pretty soon. 1st app I spent $ on. Now I know why. Last game I spend $ on.

  53. Вымогательства денег этот VIP магазин что бы его построить к игре пропадает интерес.

  54. Wtf…..you put something in the game want that people spend money for it and not just less and then ur customer service sucks like hell they never answer or just close the ticket and mark it as solved when it’s not. Then you add things to the vip shop where you Can’t find any explanation for it! I am still wonder Wtf is the meaning of sticky favorite?????

  55. Is there any way to get those vip badges besides buying because this building is not worth what you are charging. £92 to unlock one stupid building. Are you joking. How do you expect people to buy that. Id pay about the same amount as an arms supply. Put in another way to get those badges

  56. My VIP store doesn’t track the amount of VIP Badges that I’ve used to unlock the store…my account still registers 0/10000. I’ll never get this store open with this issue.

  57. Очень дорого для России. Средний доход в России 20.000 т.р

  58. It’s stupid….it will make only OP players more OP,because smaller players can’t afford as bigger players can….and there is no protection mechanic for small players

  59. How do I increase my defence’s against attacker’s??? I have paid alot of money and I keep getting twated !

  60. Greedy Greedy Greedy Greedy Greedy Greedy Greedy…………………Dropped the Mic 🎤

  61. The fact you have to buy and cant earn … 😢The game is quiclky going to 💩

  62. Lost the ability to collect daily rewards, cant open research boxes, cant equip vehicles with parts sitting in the centre, no reply from support team on fixing issues. Money, its all about making money……

  63. Upgrade the game to buy the Vip Unlocking Badge from daimond. Every person can not give 8100 money, take some measures, so that VIP can take the badge and unlock the VIP Shop.

  64. I believe to unlock the VIP ticket store is way to expensive.. $50 maybe but $100 not worth it.. I do have it built but it sits out of site in a corner where I don’t see it

  65. Oi Senhores(as) bom dia. Deveria ter em Português brasileiro e em outras linguagens, ficaria muito mais fácil a compreensão.
    Desde já grato.

  66. Skill is overpowered by money in this game. Such a shame that they messed it up big time

  67. Hay alguna otra manera de poder desbloquear suministro de armas sin tener que hacerlo con dinero real.
    Estaré estancada por siempre si no invierto dinero en el juego?

  68. Has anyone got the vip level 4 bulk bank option? If so could someone help me on how to use this? I have no idea and don’t see a function for this? Any help would be deeply appreciated, thank you

  69. Mepueden ayudar cumo ago para desblo quiar latienda de vlp no tengo denero para usa ay.? al gotra forma que pueda pofabor megus ta el juego y salo nese sito saber si puedo agarar esos pontos de otra forma grasias

  70. but it take too much cash in every thing . it just not only in open it but include this there is main buying system inside this . and this is to much cost than unlock it and over all its need all cash first then we get it . i know everything in this world have price but .. it too much complicated system …….in this.

  71. I purchased the gifting and gifting display case in level 2 . I can not figure out how to activate it or use in. There are no instruction/manuals in game that cover this. Please tell us. It was tons of VIP points to buy each of those and feel it is a waste when I can’t use it.

  72. Merhaba yetkili kişi bu oyunu oynuyorum ama bazen sıkılıyorum bu oyundan şu VIP marketi açma elmas ile açılsın ya artık buna bı çözüm getirin lütfen

  73. Buenos días a todos, alguien sabe como y donde conseguir los obsequios para mostrar, del privilegio de la tienda vip, ya los desbloquear pero solo me dice no hay regalos para mostrar

  74. When your alliance help you while you build or research, what’s the benefit.??????
    I find myself just pressing the help button but how am I help them

  75. how do i get Vip badge without spending money or otherwise how to un lock vip shop after spending lot of time and effort to get lv 20….

  76. For everything that it offers there should be a way to get it with in-game currency, it may be expensive but it should be doable with in-game currency(rss, money or diamonds). Locking out players that do not want to spend a fortune on a game like this is just dumb.

  77. Last shelter can you please lower the price on the VIP shop it cause 5k are you shittr

  78. I am struggling to recruit s1 and s2 season heros. I’m at b24 and upgrading to b25 soon. Feeling sad

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